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Integrate Shopping Posts into Your Instagram Feed Like a Pro

Multiple brands and businesses on Instagram actively use this social media platform for showcasing their products or services thus driving more purchases. In fact, Instagram shopping posts are tapped over 90 million times on a monthly basis. And you too can use Gram...

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How You Can Research Your Instagram Competitors

Instagram has evolved from a simple platform for interaction with friends to a real profitable marketplace for businesses that can offer as many products and services as there are! In fact, Instagram is the leader in that entire ecosystem with 10% higher engagement...

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5 Grandiose Ideas of Using Instagram Stories Polls

It’s always a great fun to find ways of engaging with your Instagram audience and grabbing their attention, isn’t it? Especially when all that brings impressive results via a risen engagement rate, more popularity, and bigger sales. And if you agree with...

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How You Can Customize Fonts to Upgrade Your Instagram Games

Instagram font options are so rich. When creating an Instagram Story, you have up to five options to choose from. But when it refers to making comments, writing captions or your bio, there is unluckily only one font to get along by. Would you like to change this? What...

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How Brands Use Instagram Highlights

Nearly all new features Instagram introduces to its users are a great success and this refers to Instagram highlights, too. Though they were created less than a year ago, the influence they have had on businesses is tremendous! These are amazingly versatile tools that...

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Instagram Live Videos as a Game Changer for Marketers

One of the most interactive ways of grabbing consumers’ attention and delivering your brand’s message is using video marketing on Instagram. Perhaps the most influential part of video marketing is the live video which is sure to be a trend on Instagram in...

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