100 IGTV Comments

100 IGTV Comments


  • Instant delivery is guaranteed
  • Ability to split TV Comments between several videos
  • Common comments (“great!”, “wow”, emoji 😃, etc)
  • 100% safe

Without any doubt, this package can be recommended to anyone who wants to become popular on IGTV. One can use it even on a channel with a single video and a few followers as it may bring you many views and followers and it will not arouse any suspicion. Still, it's a risky path to the world fame. We recommend to buy 100 IGTV comments and divide the package between several videos to make the activity look more natural. This package can also be used as a massive anti-troll weapon that can protect your public image with very comparatively low investments. InstaBF guarantees fast delivery of IGTV comments and absolute safety of your personal data.

The number of comments under the post is one of the key parameters defining the success of your social network account. Moreover, in most cases, people pay much more attention to the comments than to the number of likes or views. And in this sense, IGTV is not an exception.

InstaBF offers high-quality IGTV comments generated with the help of our special algorithms. This technology allows us to provide the most relevant comments for our clients’ videos. That’s why our IGTV comments tend to be significantly more efficient when it comes to engagement and conversion rates.

We have a great experience with Instagram and now we are glad to offer this service for IGTV as we have all reasons to believe that this platform is the future of video blogging.

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