10000 Instagram Likes

10000 Instagram Likes


  • Instant delivery is guaranteed
  • Ability to split Likes between several pictures
  • HQ real looking profiles
  • 100% safe

If you buy 10,000 Instagram likes and direct them to a single post, this probably means that you are an experienced SMM specialist managing the account of a prosperous B-brand having about 50,000 followers. Pros whose audience is a little bit more modest can utilize this package for promotional campaigns of medium length. The same is right for top beauty bloggers and other popular Instagramers. Small and medium-sized communities can purchase this package of Instagram likes and split it among a considerable number of posts for long-term and massive campaigns for stable activity simulation.

InstaBF provides several packages of Instagram likes and though there are no strict rules of using this or that package in certain circumstances, one should keep in mind that basically there are two ways of applying the likes to your posts:

a) using the whole package for a single post;

b) dividing the package between several posts.

The first one is suitable posts with really outstanding content, the second one is more useful for long-term campaigns. The rule of a thumb is to purchase Instagram likes in smaller packages for single posts in smaller communities and larger packages for single posts in larger communities. The long-term campaigns can be supported with large packages of Instagram likes in small and medium-sized communities and so on.

Experiment and use the package that suits your actual purposes best.

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