10 Instagram Comments

10 Instagram Comments


  • Delivery within 2 hours is guaranteed
  • Ability to split Comments between multiple publications
  • Common comments (“great!”, “wow”, emoji 😃, etc)
  • Absolutely safe

According to our experience, 10 comments under a post is the minimum number required to draw the attention of a user surfing the random Instagram account. The comments are generated in a random way, but they are 100% positive. So if you want to provoke a discussion among your followers just purchase 10 comments for a controversial post and stock up on popcorn. This may be a tiny step to a huge wave of hype around your personal account. As for professional SMM specialists, they may benefit from this package of comments if they want to boost the posts with new products or to neutralize tricksters or trolls. We recommend to use 10 comments for a single post but you have an opportunity to split them between several posts according to your needs.

What can be a more evident proof of your popularity than the number of comments under your posts on Instagram? Obviously, lots of users pay attention to the number of likes under your posts. Still, according to the latest psychological and marketing surveys, 67% of users looking through the comments and leaving their own under the posts on Instagram tend to be converted into leads/customers, while among of those who do not this number is only 54%.

Moreover, only 70% of the newcomers who like your posts on your Instagram account follow you after that. As for those who leave comments, they are more likely to subscribe (78% actually do).

That’s why buying Instagram comments may be a good investment if you want to boost your personal popularity or successfully promote your brand. It can also be useful as a good defensive tool against trolls and tricksters trying to mess with your account.

When you purchase Instagram comments from InstaBF you may be sure that you will get the best results fast and safely.

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