1000 Instagram Likes

1000 Instagram Likes


  • Instant delivery is guaranteed
  • Ability to split Likes between several pictures
  • HQ real looking profiles
  • 100% safe

Buying 1,000 Instagram likes from InstaBF you enter the sphere where sophisticated SMM strategies and intellectual manipulations and maneuvers take place. This is the minimum amount you need to really boost a post in a medium or large community trying to recapture a certain hashtag from your rivals. It is highly advisable that one should get more likes if you are working with competitive hashtags and need a significantly prolonged effect. Surely, this package can be used not only by professional SMM managers but also by individual bloggers who tend to think strategically about their promotion or just want to use the package in portions for a long series of posts.

InstaBF provides several packages of Instagram likes and though there are no strict rules of using this or that package in certain circumstances, one should keep in mind that basically there are two ways of applying the likes to your posts:

a) using the whole package for a single post;

b) dividing the package between several posts.

The first one is suitable posts with really outstanding content, the second one is more useful for long-term campaigns. The rule of a thumb is to purchase Instagram likes in smaller packages for single posts in smaller communities and larger packages for single posts in larger communities. The long-term campaigns can be supported with large packages of Instagram likes in small and medium-sized communities and so on.

Experiment and use the package that suits your actual purposes best.

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