Social media advertising is an integral part of a well-schemed strategy. And if you run it, good for you. And what about Instagram Story ads? With over 500 million people watching Stories daily, it definitely makes sense including this feature in your marketing campaign, doesn’t it? 

Being integrated between ordinary Stories, Story ads look normal. However, people tend to swipe through them. Hence, if the Story ad you make doesn’t grab attention at first sight, it won’t convert. How to get someone interested in your ad in just a few seconds? This sounds challenging, doesn’t it? InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider, is going to provide you with an ultimate guide right away. 



How You Can Create Instagram Story Ads


If you have made up your mind to start a new campaign for a Story ad, great! Here is how you can do that:

  1. Instagram Story ads are created through Ads Manager similar to Facebook ads. Get there and tap Campaign. Then click Create. 
  2. Now distinguish between several options depending on your objective: Brand Awareness, App Installs, Reach, Traffic, Conversions, Lead Generation. If you aren’t sure which is appropriate for your case, make use of the special link that serves as a guide in choosing the objective. Tapping on your objective, you will see another box appear. Name your campaign and switch on the Split test and Campaign Budget Optimization if you need it. Tap Continue.
  3. Now it’s turn to give a title to your ad set and select the audience. Here you can either use a saved audience or create a new one. To create the profile that best matches your ideal customer, set age, interests, locations, and gender. 
  4. Once the audience is set, pass to selecting the placement. For this, go to the Placement section and choose either Automatic or Edit Placements. In the first case, the ads will run on all platforms and Stories, as well. However, if you want your ad to run only as a Story ad, choose Edit placement and give the necessary settings. Mark the boxes you would like your ad to appear in. 
  5. The next section to check is the Budget & Schedule. Here you can set a cost control and set a precise budget on a per-click basis. If you plan to run your ads for a limited time (the ads are promotional, for instance), set the schedule. 
  6. After all the points are completed, you can create the ad. Give it a name and choose both Facebook and Instagram accounts it should run on. 
  7. Set the right format for your ads. Here you can choose a video format or a carousel post format. In the second case, mention whether you need a Native Stories Carousel that automatically displays three cards with full-screen creative (must be bought exceptionally as a standalone Gram Stories placement), or Expandable Stories Carousel displaying up to ten cards. 
  8. To track the performance of the Story ads, switch on the Facebook pixel. To give it a start, press Confirm and your ads will get to work! 


If you want your Instagram Story Ads to be effective, here are a few tips:

  • Try the video format; 
  • Keep the ad simple and short;
  • Make certain you have included the logo;
  • Incorporate a meaningful CTA;
  • Add sound and music; 
  • Draw eyes away from the word “Sponsored” on the top left corner.