Instagram Stories are a grandiose way of boosting brand awareness and attracting new followers. The more interesting and unique your Stories are the higher your chances of success will be. And animated Instagram Stories appear just awesome. Such eye-catching content is on trend currently. Do you wonder how you can create them? By the way, you don’t have to own a professional camera or hurry a design team for creating animated Gram Stories. With your bright imagination and a proper application (there are multiple apps for creating Stories available), you will get your freshly animated Story within a few clicks. InstaBF, your unique means of raising Instagram and IGTV engagement, is ready to show you how you can create a fantastic Story animation. Flashy and eye-catching animated Stories are more likely to stop your followers to watch them. Fortunately, there are many applications available today that you can use. So, you can do that right from your smartphone. Just keep your excitement high and your eyes on this article. 



Life Lapse for Stop-Motion Stories


Life Lapse is a wonderful application you can use to create top quality stop motion videos just from your gadget. Besides, it has easy tutorials that guide through the entire process. In fact, the application allows creating videos ten times faster with a simple smartphone than a pro editing software or an expensive camera can! Additionally, the application also comes packed with filters, a diversity of speeds, stock music. The interval timer, meanwhile, helps to get the right timing for your videos. It’s available for iOS devices completely free.



Enlight Pixaloop Will Bring Motion to Your Images


Pixaloop, developed by Lightricks, can easily bring an element of surprise to any static image by adding movement. Using it is so easy, but if you feel uncertain, here is a brief guide:

  • Place arrows to designate the motion in the photo;
  • In order to eliminate the speed in the animated area, add anchors.


You see, there’s absolutely nothing difficult in using the application. It just requires some practice. Pixaloop is available on iOS devices. 



StoryBoost for Seamless Gram Stories


If you have a stock of images or footage and want to transform them into videos, StoryBoost is the application you need. It comes packed with a myriad of story page templates, as well as custom transitions that make sharing multiple short videos seamlessly. So, tapping forward, your followers will view a single and connected story. The application also has GIFs, stickers, and fonts that make image customization an easy thing. It’s available for iOS smartphones. 



Adobe Spark for Creating Animated Graphics


If you plan to create animated graphics without having any design experience, Adobe Spark can be handy. The app is packed with multiple stock images free of charge, filters, and fonts. Adobe Spark will help you add a touch of animation to a photo or even a text. It’s completely free and easy to use on both iOS and Android devices.