Would you like to increase your engagement on Instagram Stories? Why not make use of such an amazing feature as Story polls?! They are a fabulous way to move an Instagram marketing strategy forward while keeping your followers interested and amused. Story polls can provide you with a higher level of engagement than any ordinary Story no matter how unique that might be. 

So, not neglecting the power of Instagram Story polls, InstaBF would like to address them in this blog post. But before that, you can pas to the main page of this website and learn how to order Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views on a profitable basis. 



Playing a Quick Round of Trivia 


The primary way you can use a Story poll is by asking engaging trivia questions. Trivia is simple yet quite engaging and flexible. You can ask questions about any current event, about your products, etc. It will be great to start with easy ones and then gradually increase their difficulty until you get the level that works the best for your audience. 



Building Interest Around New Products


This idea is great especially for small businesses that can carry only a limited amount of products. Suppose, you own a small boutique and can only offer one of the two models. Which to choose? The one you liked the most? Won’t it be more sensible to be based on the opinions of your possible buyers – your followers? Just ask the people you targeted when setting the business. The same can be done by restaurants, cafes, etc. Ask them whether or not they would buy this or that product, choose this or that color, style, etc.



Curating Content 


When you decide what content to post, it’s clear you should rely on your marketing strategy and your knowledge in your target audience. And the best way of learning whether your followers like what you post is asking them straight through Story polls. So, before you determine to post a new type of content you haven’t before, it will be sensible to throw a simple poll and ask your followers if they are interested in it. This way you won’t risk losing your followers because of unrelatable content. 



Keeping Up with Trends


Perhaps the easiest way of using an Instagram poll and entertaining your followers is by putting a poll related to what’s currently trendy. This might be a major sports event, a new TV show, a meal you’re trying for the first time, etc. The best thing about this idea is that it has huge flexibility and availability for personalization. You can try around different options to find what’s best for your unique audience. 



Building Suspense


Do you have a major upcoming announcement for your brand? A new product line or a new blog post? One of the easiest yet working ways of using Story polls is bringing attention to your new launches and hype the things up a bit. If you find you’re going to use this idea, consider to simply ask your followers if they are excited about the upcoming event, or even show how they can use a new product, etc. Use it in any way that aligns with your brand to create suspense around your brand and let your followers know something bit is coming!