As a dedicated Instagram user, you must have noticed what a variety of new filters and effects for Story videos and photos are already available thanks to Instagram AR creators. But did you know that there are thousands of magnificent Instagram Stories filters hidden just inside Instagram? Once you learn how to find and use them, you will open a completely new world of color grades, tones and effects to select from for your on-brand Stories without even leaving the application. InstaBF, a known provider of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, and followers, will explain how to find and use the best hidden filters and enhance your Stories starting from today!


2019 brought such a crucial and Instagram history-changing feature as AR filters. Its success shows that the feature is sure to go even stronger and more used in the upcoming year. Once Spark AR Studio became open for all users, a new strong wave was activated on the platform. Numerous companies created and published their brand AR filters and boosted awareness. And if you had to use third-party applications such as Lightroom or VSCO to add tones, color grading and effects to your images and videos before posting them as Stories, now you needn’t leave Instagram to use them. And if you don’t know which filter is most appropriate for your content, make use of the new Effects Gallery introduced by the creator community. Sadly, this feature is massively under-utilized, yet.

So, suppose you are in a search for a new Story effect. For this, follow these steps:

  1. Visit a creator’s Instagram profile;
  2. Get to the new effects tab just above their feed;
  3. Browse all the AR effects the creator has introduced;
  4. Tap on the effect you liked and click on “Try it”;
  5. Once the Stories camera opens and you like the new effect, tap the “save” icon (find it in the lower corner to the right of the effect);
  6. The effect will be saved and you can use it whenever you wish just by opening the Stories camera and tapping on it.


If you want to enrich your filter gallery, tap Browse More Effects” to open the Effects Gallery. Here you will be able to find a myriad of custom AR effects sorted by topic or category. 

For instance, if you need filter-style effects, you can go straightly to the “Camera Styles” in Effects Gallery and then search for the “Colors and Light” channel. Here you will find various options including film filters, high-grain effects, retro-inspired color filters, etc. After saving whichever options you liked, they will be saved to your favorite filters and effects. Whenever you open your Stories camera, you will see them to the left of your capture button. 

Be aware, that Instagram Stories filters are only for those images and videos that you take on the spot. They can’t be applied to the existing content that you upload from the camera roll. Use them while shooting new footage. 

The next time you are to post an Instagram Story swipe to access them, choose a particular effect, start recording as you normally do, and post a new highly engaging Story!