In our pursuit of getting more leads on Instagram, we discussed four simple yet grandiose ways in our previous topic. Today, InstaBF would like to complete the list and bring your attention to several other tips. But before that, if you are interested in boosting acquiring Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, followers, or views at surprisingly affordable prices, you are welcome to InstaBF! Just go to the main page and get acquainted with our profitable offers. 

So, let’s go one with the fifth tip:



Generating Leads with Instagram Stories “Swipe Up” Feature


This feature, which appears greatly beneficial for Business owners, can be used by those having more than 10k followers. In fact, one-third of the most-viewed Instagram Stories are particularly from brands. Besides this, such Stories have such a high completion rate as 85%. 

Today Instagram Stories have huge power over users and can be more effective than a link in the bio since it takes only a swipe to pass to the brand’s website. And that swipe is always performed on an impulse. Here again, it’s worth reminding you to create a good landing page so that your viewers don’t regret swiping. 



Tailoring Creative Based on Your Aim


Perhaps the best push for generating leads on Instagram is having a strong call-to-action. A simple CTA composed only of a couple of words (shop now, swipe up, click the link, etc.) in the pair with the right content can actually pack much punch. Remember that the visuals you post must always work together with the CTA or the latter won’t work. The same refers to the link and caption. You can as well use an appropriate emoji to draw attention to the CTA. Anyway, make certain your creative doesn’t overcrowd the “See More” icon. 



Creating Shoppable Content


When you tag an item on Instagram, its primary purpose is to increase your sales. However, even if by tapping it a viewer doesn’t buy it, he automatically brings you a lead. See that over 130 million Instagram users tap tagged products every day. Creating shoppable content you can see particularly what type of products interest your target audience most of all. Additionally, shopping posts as ads are a wonderful means of collecting new leads from window-shopping consumers. 



Partnering with Influencers


Another way of boosting Instagram lead generation is by collaborating with influencers. The perfect candidate for this can be the influencer who has a strong brand affinity yet a partial follower overlap. Only this way you can be sure the new cooperation will lead to new prospective followers and leads, respectively. Surely, the influencer should be credible, too. 



Running a Contest


Using a promotion, sale or a contest, you can collect leads on Gram. Important components for winning a prize will be asking users to comment on a post or complete a survey, as well as tagging a friend. To generate even more leads, you can cooperate with an influencer around the same contest. Remember, that the more people you prompt, the more leads you will gather. 



Featuring Trendy Products Frequently


And finally, our last tip for generating leads is featuring popular products. And this tip comes right from Instagram. As statistics show, people seldom buy a product right from the first time they see it on Instagram. Instead, they are more inclined to get it after meeting several times on the network. Therefore, check your insights to find out the posts of which products perform the best. And then post them regularly keeping your followers’ eyes on the items more often.