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Instagram Marketing Tips by Top E-commerce Entrepreneurs

Instagram Marketing Tips by Top E-commerce Entrepreneurs

InstaBF is a reliable provider of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers. But besides this, we are also your true guide to such a huge and powerful world like Instagram. Beyond any doubts, in this blog, you have already found answers to a hundred questions bothering you whether you are an ordinary Gram user or run a business on this social network. If you belong to the last category of Insta users, surely, working marketing tips should always interest you. And now we have prepared several amazing Instagram tips by five eCommerce entrepreneurs who have achieved great success. We are sure, expert advice from the network’s leading brands are always of a great benefit to any starter!


Focus on Engaging Content

According to Matt Hayes from Leesa, the first component of a successfully run Instagram marketing campaign is the effective content. Here this popular Instagram brand brings about several tips. Let’s check them out together:

  • Don’t neglect the power of behind the scenes content. Livestream any important or interesting office happenings and events on your Insta account as they are a true tool for humanizing your brand in the eyes of your followers.
  • You’d better be sparingly transaction on Gram.
  • Pick up like-minded brands to partner with and extend your reach. It’s a perfectly working tip!
  • Always integrate cultural holidays into your brand’s messages in a clever way. But don’t overdo with holidays!
  • To give your posts a more organic feel, make use of Insta’s native tools for creating and enhancing posts.



Add a Bit of Soul to Your Posts

If you are a mature man who loves his beard, most probably you are familiar with Beardbrand and the unique approach this brand has toward its Instagram posts. According to the Creative Director of this brand, Eric Bandholz, a bit of soul added to your feed and you will create a strong presence on this social network! Instead of falling into the trap of following the crowd as the majority of brands do (and eventually are a failure), invest in a new look to stand out.



Mix It All Up

The Co-Owner of Twin Six brand Ryan Carlson separates several tips for running a successful marketing campaign on Instagram. Among the latter, we ought to mention staying engaged, integrating sales tools, and mixing it all up when the matter concerns the feed. This brand loves to mix all its ideas and show the results on their IG account. This can be new product announcements, some flash sale posts, results of collaboration with other brands or participation in certain projects. So, the advice is as such – don’t forget about appearing diverse to your audience.



Keeping the Stuff Organic and Authentic

JM&Sons brand is a great success on Instagram. This brand sells handcrafted wood products and has already attracted quite an impressive number of followers on IG. And the Mackenzie Duncan’s advice (the founder and partner of the company) is to stay organic and authentic regardless of the situation. This way people will feel more attached to you, while all those staged and inauthentic accounts will lose their charm very quickly.



Experiment with Remarketing Advertisements

If you have got a certain budget dedicated to the media advertising of your brand, it’s worth experimenting with remarketing ads. Such ads are usually based on carousel images and videos that promote your top products. It’s also wise to use your real customers’ images (with their permission) in such ads to appear more familiar to your fans. Just take an example from Frank Body, Meepo Board, and Rothys brands.

Tips for Upping Your Insta Game

Tips for Upping Your Insta Game

Perhaps every girl feels the same jealousy when scrolling through another more famous girl’s Instagram feed filled with super catching photos. Whether it’s an image of a girl basking in the sun on the beach with golden sand or one when she is sipping a fancy freakshake in a cafe, you can’t but start thinking about getting up out of your bed and creating some Instagram-worthy images of your own. Surely, traveling a lot and leading a luxury lifestyle sounds great, but it’s far not realistic in most girls’ lives especially when they are on a college budget. Nevertheless, if you have determined to create some awesome pictures to up your Instagram game, InstaBF is here to support you. First of all, it offers to order as many Instagram likes, comments and followers (also for IGTV accounts) as you may need. Seeing what a huge number of followers keeps an eye on your feed will make other users get attracted. And secondly, InstaBF would like to share some really working tips to help you make your Instagram account look like you have a chic life. So, eyes wide open and pens ready to make notes, we head on:



Photo editing apps

Remember to never post a photo without editing it beforehand. Otherwise, your feed will look untidy and unprofessional. For instance, VSCO Cam is an essential tool in creating some marvelous images for an Instagram account. It features numerous filters with the help of which you can transform a photo. Once you dig in the miraculous world of VSCO features, most probably you will become a fan of photo editing.



Fancy food pictures

Perhaps you have already noticed what great popularity food has on Instagram. You have certainly admired the appetizing looks of the meals pictured, yet can’t be certain in the good taste, can you? Hence, even if you are having a simple breakfast, arrange your plate artistically, place a flower in a glass near it, take a photo and post it on your feed. Become the person you can’t eat a meal without snapping an image for Gram beforehand.



Feet are in

Even if you think your feet aren’t the most photogenic part of your body, Instagram will think otherwise. Such images as you can see above can document all the places you have been in a creative way. Besides, this way the surrounding around doesn’t have to be a world-known destination.

P.S. Make sure your nails are painted or your boots aren’t thorn.



Use Candids for unique images

Duck-lip selfies are already a past. Today pictures showcasing real emotions like laughter, a sincere smile or a dreamy condition will score you higher points. Go for that instead of stereotyped selfies.



Images from the back

Images taken from behind are really stunning. This is a great way to highlight not only your outfit but also where you are. Take the pose that best fits the surrounding: you can throw your hands in the air and your head to the sky, pose as if you are running or take V gesture with your hands.



Use the nature around you

Have you noticed that nature has a magic power of appearing grandiose in any photo even if you don’t? Hence, even if you have no opportunity to head to some remarkable destination, use the local forest, park or even the drops of rain on your window to take some attractive images. Be sure, there is no one who wouldn’t appreciate nature-inspired images.



Set up is a game changer

Who said you can’t take some nice pics right at your place? Just pick up a theme and find respective items around your house. Place the items in a lovely mess on the floor in the bathroom and take the so-popular flatlays! Or you can put on some lovely socks, switch on your laptop, grab a glass of tea and take a photo. Such an image will warm up your followers on winter cold evenings.

Tips to Become a Successful Instagram Travel Influencer

Tips to Become a Successful Instagram Travel Influencer


Everything about Instagram influencers seems to attract people nowadays. It really thrills how they spend their time posing for the camera and getting not only much appreciation and love by thousands, if not millions of people on the web but also quite not a bad profit. The diversity of Instagram influencer types is conditioned under their profession, passion and what they turn to be especially good at. Surely, some are much cooler than others. It all depends on the personality and his followers. For instance, more women would like to be fashion influencers to dress well and get clothes by famous brands as gifts, than fitness influencers who have to spend their days in the gym and get free protein powders by sponsors. Anyway, regardless of the influencer type, one has to work hard and devote much time to their craft to create the necessary reputation. And unlike fashion or lifestyle influencers, who organize their activities right from the comfort of their homes (well, at least their cities) travel influencers have to show the best in them and the places they visit. And be sure, they travel a lot! At the same time, this work of an influencer seems to be the most exciting and memorable one. And as one of the most searched queries on Google of 2017 was “how to become a successful travel blogger”, InstaBF, the Instagram and IGTV provider you can always trust, is going to address to the matter right now!

So, if you are passionate toward traveling and are sure you can be the Instagram travel influencer to inspire thousands of users, here are several tips to get started with.


Accept it as a Full-Time Job


If you’re planning to become a really famous travel influencer who gets big payments for visiting this or that resort, it’s crucial to accept it as a full-time job. Traveling once or twice a year is not an option. The whole world becomes your home. It’s really very scary. Just count: you have no job – respectively no salary to get, you have to spend on every trip from your credit card and expect no revenue in the nearest future. An immense leap of faith is a necessity to step into the life of a traveler. Take it as an investment in your new business as Instagram influencing is a real business!


Love It

Be prepared that it will take some time before you get to the point when your traveling will bring you profits. Do it for the right reason – you simply love traveling! If you really have the passion to explore the world and share your adventures, it won’t be so difficult to wait until you get your first free stay in a hotel. Without loving what you do, it will be impossible to prosper it.


Invest in Your Craft


To make money you need to spend money. With this said, you need to invest in your craft before you start off. This can be purchasing good quality cameras, GoPro’s or drones, as well as attending Photoshop, video editing, and photography classes. You can also pay for advertisements on Instagram. To have your first posts sponsored, invest some money.


Find Your Style

Every successful Instagram travel influencer has a unique voice that can be noticed in every photo/video. This can be the aesthetics, photos taken only outdoors, the glamorous, adventurous, funny or any other style, etc. Everything in their feeds is consistent. So, the same is expected of you. Get your own style, your niche that will make your photos stand out among the millions of others and never imitate other travelers.


Do a Research


Do some sort of research to find out what works better in the art of travel photography. For this, have a look at the photos of your favorite traveler influencers yet paying close attention to the engagement each post brought.


Step out of Your Comfort Zone

What do you think, why people love to follow travelers on Instagram? Yes, that’s right, to escape from their day-to-day routine. Taking this into account, avoid posting many photos in your hotel rooms. Do what you wouldn’t do before (bungee jumping, jungle strolling, diving, etc.). Even if you started in your hometown, look at it as a tourist. Make sure that whatever you do is interesting, sensational, thought-provoking, and, of course, challenging.


Set Up a Website


If you think the best Instagram influencers get along with merely their Instagram accounts, you are wrong. Most of them have blogs, Facebook pages, YouTube channels, and websites. Instagram captions are, as a rule, too short to share all the expressions you got when traveling. Hence, teasing your followers with a charming photo and a caption with a link to your blog/website to read the whole story is a sure way of presenting yourself as a professional traveler.


Street Photography on Instagram: The Best Artists and Tips to Follow

Street Photography on Instagram: The Best Artists and Tips to Follow

What can go better with the dramatic tones and the candid style of street photography than the raw, instant nature, as well as the square format of Instagram?! Street photography is an art, a talent of a photographer to see much behind the ordinary life scenes and his ability to transfer it through light, timing, and perspective. Instagram can be acquired as a huge world living its own life and having all the wonders of a real world including amazing street photographers. They keep on capturing portraits with not only cityscapes but also the raw emotions of passersby creating visual stories from the urban lifestyle for around 800 million Instagram users. Feel attracted to find the best Instagram street photographers to follow? Or perhaps you already feel tempted to try this art yourself? In both cases, InstaBF one of the most outstanding providers of Instagram likes, comments, and followers, will satisfy you.


Best Instagram Street Photographers


J.N. Silva (@jnsilva)

With around 316k followers on Instagram, this street photographer is popular for his unique representation of urban life. His pictures are full of colorful streets and people, original juxtapositions of cityscapes and nature.



David Alan Harvey (@davidalanharvey)

David is a real “veteran” of street photography, yet his mind-blowing works can also be categorized into fine art. The contrast, the brightness and the perfect playing with light and shadows make his works truly admirable! Each photo vividly tells a story you can’t but get attracted to.



Dave Krugman (@dave.krugman)

This Boston-based street photographer and social media expert with around 272k followers on Instagram presents to our attention moody street shots. Most of them are city pictures at night or architectural images.


Other highly talented street photographers your can follow on Instagram are Steven John Irby (@steavesweatpants), Eric Veloso (@ericveloso), Paola Franqui (@Monaris_), and others.



How You Can Approach Street Photography

Do you feel attracted or even obsessed with the idea of becoming a street photographer? Do you have your camera ready yet need a trigger to ease you into the fantastic world of this art? If yes, let’s go!

  1. Depending on the country you plan to photograph in, you may either need a proper model release form signed or not to use the photos of strangers you take.
  2. Shooting street photography on your own makes you more invisible. Yet, if you feel shy, take a friend with you for the first several “crawl outs”.
  3. Start street photographing in public busy places such as outdoor events, markets, etc. Pay attention to street performers, as they are always telling a story in their own way and are never against being photographed.
  4. Finding a stage especially in a foreign city is also important. Find an interesting place with an architectural or unique background, get a convening place for you near it and wait for your “right” people to walk through your frame.
  5. Picture easily-recognizable silhouettes in your photos. These can be people with umbrellas or cameras, lovers holding hands or kids playing with pets, etc.
  6. Remember that it’s all about emotions. If you photograph people, either their actions or expressions should tell a story. Elderly people, children, young couples in love appear like open books on photos. Make use of this fact!
  7. Trust your inner artist. If you want to bring a timeless quality to your photo, proceed it in black and white; yet if you find the photo looks especially attractive with colors, leave them original. Be the creator and the judge of your art yourself!


Dos and Don’ts on Instagram for Business Account Owners

Dos and Don’ts on Instagram for Business Account Owners

If you are running an Instagram account for promoting your business, then you should approach the task with great responsibility. Every step you make should be well considered and schemed. And if you wonder exactly what you should do and what not on Instagram, InstaBF is going to make everything vivid. Before that, we would like to remind you that whenever you need an extra “bunch” of new followers, you can apply to InstaBF. This is a leading service that provides Instagram likes, comments, and followers at a sensible price. All the accounts of this service are real-looking ones with active engagements.



Dos on Instagram


  1. The first “do” of Instagram is constantly checking the insights. The strategy you adopt for running a successful business Instagram account should be flexible enough to give you space for maneuvers. In fact, Instagram users are unpredictable and even the most accurately-schemed strategy may appear inefficient. Hence, it’s crucial to regularly check the data of your Instagram insights (website clicks, top posts, profile views, impressions etc.). The latter will show you which tactics work better and should be kept, and which are better to abandon.
  2. The next “do” is showing your human side. Statistics show that users are more attracted to those accounts which contain everyday life content and don’t look too artificial. For this, include behind-the-scenes content or posts related particularly to you and not merely your brand (even if it’s your business account).
  3. The third “Instagram do” is related to changing the link in the Bio. As you know, there can be no links in the captions, hence using your only chance is more than crucial. Change the link in your bio as needed for reflecting our current marketing efforts.
  4. And the last “do” we’ll recommend to our Instagram users, is devoting enough time to engaging with followers. Don’t deceive yourself with the thought you can get along with solely posting. Nurturing relationships with your followers, as well as current clients and potential followers is a must for leading a succeeded Instagram strategy.


Don’ts on Instagram


  1. The first advice not to do on Instagram is posting like there’s no tomorrow. Even if you have a huge stuff to share and communicate with your followers, don’t do it at once. Be certain, your followers won’t like their feeds spammed with only your posts. Instead, create a consistent post rate as a component of a long-term strategy. This will bring you more followers and a better engagement.
  2. Another “don’t” concerns posting photos which don’t satisfy you. The visual platform Instagram won’t forgive you even a single “not so good” photo posted. Wishy-washy, shaky or blurry images can only win you negative reactions. Hence, make sure every single post (exceptionally high quality) you make adheres to your brand’s aesthetics and cohesive style.
  3. And the final “don’t-do” advice for Instagram business account owners is not to be too promotional. Undoubtedly, the foremost purpose of your account is to promote your brand and boost your sales. Yet, pushing too hard on that purpose may lead you to lose your followers and potential customers. There are a place and a time for selling, stick to that and do never make pressure on your followers.