Five Instagram Tests to Carry Out for Better Engagement

Five Instagram Tests to Carry Out for Better Engagement

Nothing ever stands still, progress rules our world. The same refers to Instagram. If a certain strategy tool was effective a month ago, it might be inefficient today. And here the necessity to try out some Instagram geeky experiments rises. Whether it’s high time for you to try something new or not, can be determined by several points. These are:

  • Your Instagram engagement is slipping;
  • The Insta grid style you have incorporated has got too repetitive;
  • The hashtags you use seem to be no longer attractive or exciting.

And now, InstaBF, the leading Instagram provider of likes, comments and followers, suggests carrying out some experiments to clarify your direction on this social media, uncover a couple of peculiar insights to detect what type of content your audience is especially interested in, and raise your Instagram engagement rate. So, get ready and let’s get to work!

Testing New Content Styles

The first and easiest experiment to undertake is switching up your content style. This can be done, for instance, by presenting your captions somewhat differently. If you used to be short in captions, try longer ones; if all your previous captions were about you, try asking questions to your followers; if you were always serious, try to tell funny stories or present captions in a humorous style. Additionally, if you keep on getting questions from your followers, you can answer the most common of them in your captions. Just the same way, you can share an exciting goal you currently have.

About a week later, have a look at your analytics to find out particularly which posts were the most engaging for your audience. For a certain period of time stick to it to raise your engagement.

Playing with the Color Palette

The next engagement is addressed to changing the overall appearance of your Instagram account by incorporating some new colors. For example, if you find the soft pink or sky blue hues you’ve been using are too repetitive, play around with totally new colors. For this, post from five to ten photos/videos with a different filtering during several days. After this, compare the reactions to the current and older posts.

New Hashtags

Do you think you’ve been using the same hashtags too much? Perhaps it’s time to rotate some new ones? It will be a good idea to look for a couple of lists of new hashtags and use them to tag your new posts. Again, after some time, you can look back and compare the engagement that your old posts brought with that of your new posts.

New Time for Posts

Most probably you have picked up a certain hour during the day to make your posts. Sometimes it becomes really irritating to make your posts at the same time everyday. So why not try something new? Catch your faithful followers by surprise and change your posting time for a dozen of days. After this, check you analytics and find out which time works best for you.

Getting Inspired by Other Accounts

And the final experiment we suggest you carry out is getting some inspiration from other accounts – those accounts that have a similar target, as well as aesthetics as you. You can peek to their best-performing hashtags, content, color palette, etc.

Instagram Hidden Hacks: Part 2

Instagram Hidden Hacks: Part 2

In our last post, we referred to several Instagram hacks and tricks that not all Instagram users may be aware of. And now, InstaBF, the leading service which provides Insta likes, comments, and followers on a reliable and affordable basis, wants to present to your attention the rest of these hacks. Ready? Let’s go!

Looking Through Insta Users’ Images Without Liking Them Accidentally

Are you suffering from the known “double-tap paranoia”? If you don’t know which this is, we’ll explain: the double-tap paranoia is when you are afraid of looking through an Instagram user’s photos and accidentally double tapping a picture, thus liking it. To avoid this, there is a quick cheat from InstaBF. Just wait till the posts are loaded, the switch on the airplane mode an watch the feed without the access to the internet. No internet – no accidentally liking a post. Surely, you will have to switch off the airplane mode to load other posts, and this may seem a bit burdensome, yet it’s worth the try if you are used to unintentionally like people’s posts on Instagram.

Hiding, Deleting and Disabling Comments Left under Your Posts

It’s natural, that you like not all comments left under the posts you make. And sometimes there is a necessity to control this, delete or hide certain comments that may spoil your post’s entire image.

First of all, it’s necessary to filter comments which contain inappropriate content. For this, go to “Options”, and choose “Comments”. Here you will find the “Hide Inappropriate Comments” and insert particularly which words should never be written in comments left under your posts.

However, if still, there is a comment you do not want to remain, you can delete it. To do this, click on the speech bubble that you can find below your comment. By swiping it slightly to the left, you can send it to the garbage can icon. This way you can delete not only others’, but also your comments.

Additionally, Instagram makes it possible to entirely turn off the capability of leaving comments under a certain post. For this, after you have made a post and it’s time to write a caption, tags, etc., go to the “Advanced Settings” and turn on the “Turn Off Commenting”.

Hiding Photos You Are Tagged In

You must have noticed that all the photos of other users you are tagged in appear in your profile under the section “Photos of You”. If there are some images you for some reason don’t wish to be included in your profile, you can hide them. For this, first, go to the photos you are tagged in (the person icon situated below your bio), click the three dots on the right top angle of the screen, and click on “Hide Photos”. After this, you can hide as many posts you are tagged in by simply choosing them and then tapping the “Hide Photos” at the very bottom of the screen. And the last step is clicking on the “Hide from Profile”. Once done, neither you nor other Instagram users will have an access to those photos from your profile, yet the pictures themselves will be saved in the original source.

Instagram Metrics You Should Know: Part 2

Instagram Metrics You Should Know: Part 2

Welcome back to the article devoted to Instagram metrics! Today, we’ll continue the previous list of metrics pursuing a goal to make it easier for you to scheme a strategy for enhancing your Instagram business, and watch its growth. And so, let’s get down to work!


Based on a certain date range picked up by the user, he/she can count the views a video post has gathered. This will be called “views”, and the view rate of a video post can be calculated by dividing the number of views by the impressions it got.

Branded Hashtag Tags

Once you create a hashtag in order to a arise a certain community around your brand, it will be named as a “branded hashtag”. And the number that very hashtag was used for posting media is referred to as “tags on hashtag”.


Not all Instagram users watch your stories up to the end. And once they leave it, it is counted to the Exits. The latter can happen in one of the following cases:

  • Closing Instagram while watching the Story
  • Taping the X button on the right up corner of the Story while watching it
  • Swiping down the whole media and getting back to the basic feed

By dividing these Exits by the number of impressions the story gets, you’ll find out its exit rate.

For instance, if your Instagram Story has collected 300 impressions, while the exits are 50, the exit rate will be equal to 6%.

Swipes Away

In the Insights of Instagram, you can also come across a metric named “swipe away”.  The latter signifies how many Instagram users swiped to the left or right your story without watching it, thus passing to others’ stories.

Taps Forward

This metric was added to the Insights of Instagram to show off how many taps were made to view your next photo/video in the Story. A great number of taps forward would indicate the story was either too long or not interesting, and this drew people to tap forward to get to its end. By the way, an improperly composed Story can also lead to a rise of taps forward. For example, if there is a sticker on the right side of your story, it may lead to this.

Taps Back

“Taps back” is the metric that shows how many times a part (a photo or video) of your story was tapped back for re-watching. If you have a high number of taps back in the insights of your Instagram, it will mean people really liked your previous story and wished to re-watch it over again. If you are judging the performance of your content, it is obviously better to get a higher number of taps back than taps forward.


The four previously-mentioned metrics (taps back, taps forward, exits and swipe aways) together form the Shortcuts. Before your serial Instagram story ends, the Shortcuts matter a lot.

Live Viewers

Perhaps the biggest trend on Instagram social network nowadays is going live. If you are fond of live posts, then you also need to check the number of live viewers. Every time an Instagram user joins your live broadcasting, he is counted to this rate. The number of your live viewers can be found on the screen’s top-left corner right after going live.

InstaBF, the leading supplier of Instagram likes, comments and followers in the industry, presented to your attention the basic metrics every business profile owner should be aware of. All these metrics, along with the Instagram ADS metrics (click-through rate; cots per click; average cost per click; clicks) will help to build up your business Instagram strategy.

Instagram Metrics You Should Know: Part 1

Instagram Metrics You Should Know: Part 1

Reach and impressions, taps back and taps forward, engagement rates … All these Instagram buzzwords may sound unfamiliar to you, yet you should start getting to know them better if you want to develop your Instagram business. With today’s wild competition among multiple brands and influencers, it will be simply impossible to achieve any success without understanding Instagram metrics and working out a good strategy. The latter is composed of three main parts and the absence of any will lead to a total collapse. These are a comprehensible goal, actionable tactics, and measurable performance metrics. So, in the upcoming two brief articles, InstaBF, one of the most reliable sources for ordering Instagram likes comments and followers, will try to present all the crucial Instagram metrics in the clearest way. Let’s get down to the Part 1 of Instagram metrics you should be aware of!


Reach is the exact number of Insta users who have seen the post you’ve made, while the reach rate is calculated by dividing the reach by the number of your followers. And if you can find the reach expressed in numbers, the reach rate is always presented in percentage.


Impressions are calculated by counting how many times your post/profile or story has been seen during a fixed time period. This number is not related to the reach, as one person can view your post, story or profile multiple times.


To calculate the engagement rate, it’s necessary to divide the number of all likes, saves and comments by the number of your followers at that particular time. Just the same way, by dividing the comments, and saves of a certain post likes by the same post’s reach, you will reveal the engagement on reach. By the way, the more followers there are, the less the engagement rate is. Even such a popular Instagram celebrity as Kim Kardashian, who has around 109 million, has to be content with only 1.97% engagement rate per post. These metrics can be found under every post’s insights, if your account is business, of course.

Growth of Followers

Followers growth is possibly the most obsessed-over metric. Actually, it’s a surplus of followers attracted over a certain time. If you find your current follower growth is not satisfying, or you are even experiencing a crazy loss of followers, then it’s worth considering to review the strategy you are currently adhering to.

Email Clicks

Every Instagram business profile has an email mentioned in the bio. The number of taps on this link is that very email click. To calculate its rate, it’s crucial to divide the number of email clicks by that of profile views. For instance, if your business profile was visited 50 000 times while your link was clicked 50 times, your email click rate will be 0.01%.

Just the same way, it’s possible to calculate the Website click rate and “get directions” click rate.


The number of saves a post gathers, forms the saves, while the average saves can be calculated by dividing the number of saves by the posts made during a fixed time period. As a rule, this time period is a month.

Instagram Safety Tips for Teenage Users

Instagram Safety Tips for Teenage Users

During the past several years, the world’s youth has “migrated” from Facebook to Instagram. This platform of visual content attracts more and more young people every day, yet it can’t be considered more or less safer than Facebook. Here, too teenage users need caution and protection to avoid any profanity or inappropriate content, while the risk of hate mail and cyberbullying can put a young Instagrammer into a series of troubles. To stay away from all these dangers while posting your daily life into everyone’s view, it’s crucial to demonstrate a high level of caution and adhere to several rules. And now InstaBF, the popular source to order Instagram likes, comments, and followers at a sensible price, is going to reveal five safety tips for teenage Instagrammers.

Privacy Settings

If most of the adults prefer having public profiles on Instagram, for teenage users it’s preferable to switch to private profiles. This way it becomes possible to supervise who sees your child’s photos and posts. Without your (if you have an access to your teen’s profile) or your child’s approval no Instagram user can become a follower or search the profile on the web.

The Appearance of Your Profile

Another important aspect to consider is the appearance if your teenage child’s profile. Did you know that having one’s photograph, along with first and last names, it’s possible to google that person and get such significant data as the address, the school or workplace, the family members, and even the current location? Accordingly, make sure your child’s profile is pictured with a fake picture and at least the first name. To state the last name will be an extreme step. Surely, the rest of your teenager’s profile photos should be real for his/her real friends to see. Yet, it’s definitely better to have a neutral profile picture (of the favorite celebrity, movie hero, toys, flowers, sports items, etc.).

Sharing Location

Sharing the locations of photos taken is a normal thing. Well, at least for adults. However, when the matter concerns teenage Instagrammers, who far not always can defend themselves, this becomes subject to question. Once you tag the location of your post made, it becomes seen to all your followers (for private profiles) or all Insta users (for public profiles). There seems nothing serious, doesn’t it? Yet, once the post is made, by clicking on the location mentioned, the application will show up a map to you with a dot signifying your exact location! Someone, searching your teenager, can easily find out where he/she is at the current moment! Too dangerous for children! Hence, just turn off the location setting on the Instagram application to ensure your child’s safety.

Picking Up Followers

Surely, Instagram is all about following other users and getting them following you back. But it’s mandatory to be highly attentive when letting someone you don’t know personally into your life, showing him/her your photos, or worse, contacting them through the chat. A teenage Instagram user ought to be very cautious, as you can’t be sure the fifteen-year-old girl you became friends with online is not a fifty-year-old man with abnormal thoughts.

Asking Help from Parents

Even though having your parents check up your Instagram account (i.e. your personal territory) may make you feel controlled, you, as a teenage social media user, ought to reach out to your mom or dad for help when needed. Be certain, they will help you understand and judge what you can post, and what should be kept for yourself.