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Three Instagram Advertising Tips to Uplevel Your Advertising Results

Three Instagram Advertising Tips to Uplevel Your Advertising Results

Brands have been using the Instagram social network to advertise their products and services almost from its creation. In recent years, this tendency has reached tremendous sizes and brought millions of businesses palpable results. And whether you have been using Instagram to advertise your brand for a long time or have just started the game, you need to be aware of the key tips that can make your advertisements effective. Today InstaBF, a popular provider of IG and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers, will speak about three crucial points to help you uplevel advertising results and set you up for success. Adhere to them and see them impact your brand’s popularity.



Lookalike Audiences


This term in advertising signifies a group of people with similar characteristics to those of your existing audience. To attract them with your ad, first, create a custom lookalike audience’s model. Build your lookalike audience based on the key characteristics of your existing one. These can be the age, gender, profession, preferences, marital and maternity status, as well as the demographics, and so forth. Surely, you can also experiment with many other options, yet your Instagram advertisement is most likely to work particularly on the lookalike audiences.



Get Creative Around Your Brand Format


To take the most from your Instagram ads, you need to scheme your creative (images, videos, copywriting, etc.) around particularly the format you use when advertising your business on Instagram. If you can’t make out what all this means, think of such Instagram advertising options as Single Image Ads, Single Video Ads, Carousel Ads, Stories advertising, etc. Let’s discuss the matter on the example of Stories. Organic Instagram Stories are short and snappy, funny and unique, presented with an audio or music aspect. So, your advertising Story shouldn’t yield in all this. In case you build a Story with no music but with a ton of text on the graphics and a terribly complicated CTA, it will be senseless to hope the ad will perform well. It will be boring, odd and simply out of place. You need to make sure your advertisement Story format suits that of your organic Stories so that your target audience does not cringe on it.



Keep the Call-to-Action Simple


What can be considered a complicated CTA in your opinion? If you have to jump through several hoops to complete the CTA from your IG advertisement, won’t that be one? Surely will! So that your Instagram ads bring you the best-anticipated results, the key tip is to make sure the call-to-action is kept maximally simple. Your potential customer should be able to complete it fast without managing to get bored or irritated. How can you simplify CTA? Here are a couple of working ways:

  • Set up a custom landing page for every advertisement that you run;
  • Set up a “Shop Instagram” page on your brand’s website and link your Instagram account to it;
  • Pick up a direct link to a product or online booking system.


If you try to simplify your call-to-action either through a booking system or a landing page, give them some testing before you push your add live. This way you will avoid any embarrassment about the system not working properly. Instagrammers face this quite often and never get back to that brand again. Hence, do everything not to become one of them.


Stick to these few helping tips if you are an Instagram marketer or a business owner and see your advertisements fulfill your expectations.

Get Your Instagram Content Formula

Get Your Instagram Content Formula

The purpose of every Instagram marketing campaign is getting a higher engagement rate, better brand awareness and increased sales. To get your efforts justified, we suggest discovering your Instagram content formula. With our help, you can create the winning content strategy to not only keep your target audience entertained, but also boost your brand awareness. But prior to that, let’s recall what InstaBF can offer you – unlimited liked, comments, views and followers for your Instagram and IGTV account on a profitable basis. So, let’s dive deeper.


What Is Instagram Content Formula?


If you wonder what Instagram content formula is, then imagine a unique recipe that will help you create constantly high-performing posts. Instead of posting content without being sure it will get your target audience’s attention for 100%, you’d better adhere to a precisely-defined content formula. This way you will be certain that your followers, as well as new Instagrammers, will love to engage with what you share.



Analyze the Top-Performing Posts


The first step of creating the best-working formula for your Instagram marketing campaign is analyzing what you have got. Do this through your Instagram analytics. Go there and pay close attention to the dashboard that reviews your top-performing Gram posts for the past several months. Juxtaposing the data with the lifetime of your Instagram account, you will have a precise look at particularly what type of content works best for your brand or simply account. Watch for such similarities as:

  • Image focus
  • Color and composition of images
  • Caption content
  • Whether it’s images or videos that perform the best



Clarify Your Content Strategy


Now, when you have a clear image of what type of content your target audience prefers the most, it’s already time to start creating your strategy. Be based on all the important conclusions you have come to, including the color and theme of images, the style of videos, the unique writing style you have created your captions in, etc. Don’t miss a thing to achieve the results you anticipate. Think about the upcoming holidays and how you can incorporate them into your strategy. And once you have got your strategy together, add it to your grid one by one. Work gradually to make the passing organic.  



Organize the Content You Share on Instagram


Having an explicit Instagram content formula to adhere to, you will have customizable media collections significantly more effective than without it. This is especially helpful when you are to plan content for an upcoming couple of weeks quickly while you don’t have the time to stroll in the net to find images and videos to post. The moment you have completely mastered your unique content formula, you will register a rise of engagement and overall awareness of your Instagram brand. Pumping out quality captions will be so easy, while your audience will love to engage with the content they expect to see from you. Don’t miss any chance to shine on Gram!

Turn a Stranger into a Perfect Instagram Boyfriend

Turn a Stranger into a Perfect Instagram Boyfriend

Behind every girl’s perfect Instagram image, there is a usually unwilling boyfriend standing with the camera. Perhaps you have your own boyfriend taking your photos, or a friend willing to realize your presumed images. In such a case, it’s great for you! But what if there isn’t any Instagram boyfriend dedicated to capturing fabulous images of you? Can you trust a stranger such an important task as capturing your image once you find a fantastic background for an Instagram image? We doubt you can. Particularly for this reason, there is a funny Korean photo application that can solve such situations. It’s named SOVS (some one very special)! And today InstaBF will address this application as it is sure to be helpful for many Insta users. Before we pass to describing how the application works and what it offers, let us introduce you to some grandiose packages InstaBF has for its clients. We are a fast service who cares about its customers and is ready to provide Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers at amazingly affordable costs! All the followers we offer are HQ with real looking profiles. Hence, you can’t be ever blamed for using bots or automated services.



How SOVS Works

The concept of this application is quite straightforward. Here is what you are to do. Select your preferred pose from the menu of different white outlines, then pass the phone to someone nearby and ask him/her to superimpose the chosen avatar over you. There is a chance to select either a square ratio or 3:4 shot, customize the size of the outlines and move them the way you like. It’s up to you whether to use the pattern as a guide and let it disappear once the image is captured, or let the draft appear in the image.

It’s a pity but this application is yet available only for iOS devices. Instagram users with Android smartphones will have to wait, yet. Currently, there are two versions of this application – SOVS designed to take solo images (costs 99 cents), and SOVS2 created to take group photos in some fantastic poses (free app). Definitely, the developer included some in-application purchases that can make some grandiose changes to your photos. There are such packages of poses as Heartpack, Fourpack, Energypack, Twinpark, Kisspack, Basicpack, and many others. These are all paid apps (around $1) and they are getting refreshed from time to time. Just imagine what a funny picture you can take when gathered with friends and want to have all of you pictured! Or once you are in a romantic place, ask a passerby to take an image of you in an amorous pose. After posting it, all users will think you have a boyfriend ready to capture you with so much love!

The application was launched only a year ago and immediately was ranked as number 1 app for Instagram users in Korea. It’s still highly popular and widespread in the world.

Anyway, after you’ve taken the image in a new interesting pose with the help of this application, you can pass to any filters to edit.

Smart Ways to Help You Get Your Followers Back

Smart Ways to Help You Get Your Followers Back

The nature of Instagram is watching your list of followers go up and down. And how to recover followers after losing a whole bunch is something all Instagrammers would like to know. Additionally, there have been certain glitches and bugs that brought forward unexpected and unusual drops in the service’s user base. These are phenomena we can’t control, in fact. Yet, adopting the right strategy, there are real chances of getting your followers back. Moreover, you get all the chances to appear in a better position than before. So, if this interests you, InstaBF, a company that suggests buying likes, comments, followers and views for your Instagram or IGTV account on an affordable basis, can help you get back your lost followers. Here are the basic steps you should undertake to realize this.



Instagram is a Social Network; Make Use of That


What does it mean to grow a following on a social network? Isn’t it all about creating great content and effectively engaging with other people that have not worse content than you? You, as an Instagram user who strives to increase his list of followers, should not limit yourself by simply liking a few of others’ posts. Go deeper and start a conversation with any Instagrammer you admire or approve the content of. Have fun with others online, laugh with them, sympathize if necessary and be yourself. According to some surveys made, one hundred likes you make on random photos can generate you around 22 likes and get you six more followers on average. You see, being active on this social network is really profitable.



Look Larger on Your Account


Have you taken notice of your Instagram grid design recently? Isn’t it possible that your grid has become predictable or even boring? Even if you find it quite attractive, there is still room to make it even better. Look at your grid from other users’ eyes, does it captivate you instantly? If not, work out a plan on how to add a fresh feel to it while preserving your unique voice. Use new filters, new tools. Among the top popular filters, we can name Early Bird, Normal, X-Proll, Hefe, and Mayfair.



Know Your Best Times


We could not but remind you how important it is to track the time when your followers are most active. Surely, the Instagram algorithm is hard to understand and accept, yet the likes and comments you both make and receive affect your engagement rate instantly. And that’s an undeniable benefit. Hence, get a deeper look at your analytics and find out the best time your target audience is active. We have referred to this point in one of our previous articles.



Use Relevant Keywords and Popular Hashtags


Instagram hashtags are primarily used to categorize content, yet they can give your photos or videos higher visibility and better chances to be found. Actually, the more popular the used hashtag is the higher your chances are to gain your followers back. Anyway, it’s also important to remember that millions of other users will be using the same popular hashtags as you and it may be hard to appear on the top of this pyramid. Among such hashtags are #food, #picoftheday, #colorful, etc.

And finally, using geotags is a must if you want to refill your list of followers. Geotagging can push content to automated pages of the mentioned specific locations.

Instagram Influencer Marketing Tips for Beginners

Instagram Influencer Marketing Tips for Beginners

Starting an Instagram influencer marketing can be a scary thing especially when you have vague ideas on that. However, once you have determined to go into that, you will need some recommendations. InstaBF, one of those services you can order likes, comments, views and followers for your IGTV or Instagram accounts any time of the day, will gladly present to your attention some critical aspects on the matter. So, let’s get started.



Preparations for Instagram Influencer Marketing


Before you get to contacting an Instagram influencer perforce, there are some points to pay special attention to. Here are them:


  • The influencer must be a good brand fit;


Once you have an influencer you consider collaborating with, go through their posts and then google search their name. Check if that influencer has been caught in any scandals that could affect your brand’s reputation.


  • The influencer must have a high engagement rate;


It’s also crucial to make certain the influencer has a high engagement rate. He/she might have plenty of followers, which might be not so interested in the posts made, though. With the help of certain scheduling tools, you can track an influencer’s engagement rate, his/her most active times during the day, most actively used hashtags, etc.


  • The influencer must have an audience that fits your brand’s demographics.


The last but not less important part is comparing the influencer’s demographics with yours. This requires some digging into details. To facilitate it, you can contact the influencer and ask for his/her media kit. As a rule, the latter includes a breakdown of their audience. If the person has no ready kit, you’d better avoid cooperating with him/her. Remember, that every self-respecting and professional Insta influencer has his kit ready for brands.



Influencer Marketing Insights


There are some truly awesome Instagram influencer insights that will interest you. Besides, they will drive you in the right direction in picking up the best influencer particularly for your brand’s promotions.

  • Around 70% of teens on Instagram (and they are the vast majority of Insta users) trust influencers more than celebrities;
  • The average count of Instagram influencer marketing revenue is $6.50 for every dollar spent;
  • More than half (around 57%) of beauty and fashion companies are engaged in Instagram influencer marketing.


So, most probably, you feel more confident about your upcoming Instagram influencer marketing campaign now. Therefore, it’s high time to map out it according to 2019’s demands. Here is what you should do.

Contact the Gram celebrity through their business email as that will look more professional. Be clear and brief not to arise any confusion. Scheme a contract that will ensure all the points are handled professionally.

The vast majority of influencers don’t accept gifts via the award of the collaboration. However, if your budget is limited or your brand is still new, you can offer free products and in exchange for exposure. If the influencer repels the offer, don’t insist, keep your dignity and choose another micro influencer (mega influencers won’t agree on gifts, anyway).