During recent years, the number of brands that incorporate Instagram into their marketing strategy has significantly increased. And this is no wonder since over a billion active users use Instagram monthly. Moreover, this social media platform has around 850 million advertising audience. To take the most out of this network for your business, InstaBF, a leading IG and IGTV provider, will share several most important and handy tips with our faithful customers. 



Turn to a Business Profile


The first step, which is sure to be obvious, is turning to a business account. In case you don’t know yet, a business profile gives you access to Instagram insights, ads, shopping, as well as contact info and a CTA on the profile. 

It’s also worth considering a creator account just in case you are an artist, public figure or content producer. Otherwise, a business account is where it’s all at. 



Precise View of Your Goals


To use Instagram as a marketing tool, it’s crucial to have a clear image of what you are going to build. It is brand awareness, new leads, or growth of sales? Or perhaps you plan to establish your brands as a leader of the industry? So, determine where you want your Instagram strategy to take you and you will appear there (look for more details on this point in our previous posts).



Define the Audience


If you devote some time on preliminary research, you will figure it out who is your best target audience. This will be also handy when selecting the targeting options of advertisements. Take the following facts into consideration:

  • The most active users of this social network are young people between 18 and 29. 
  • The largest Instagram market in the US.
  • Urban residents are significantly more active on Instagram than suburban ones. 



Profile Optimization 


Your bio is your visiting card on Instagram. Therefore, in as few as in 150 characters, you must convey your business’s personality, convey people that following you will be beneficial for them, and make a great first impression. Other fields must be used wisely, too including your name and username, website, category of your business, contact information, and a CTA button. 



The Right Profile Image


As a rule, an Instagram brand chooses its logo as a profile photo. This way they can provide credibility and help visitors easily recognize your brand on social media. When choosing one remember that it will be cropped to a circle, hence make sure the most important part is seen (it’s also possible to zoom the image). 



Only Compelling Content 


Instagram is based on the visual concept. Accordingly, whatever you post must be visually compelling. This doesn’t mean you have to get professional equipment for photography (though this would be great). Taking sharp, well lit and composed, and focused images will be enough. Additionally, make sure every image you post can get viewers excited or tell them a small story. Great ideas are behind-the-scene images, text-based photos or quotes, UGC images, videos, etc. 



Create a Branded “Look”


After establishing your branded content type, it’s time to create a branded look. Remember that colors and the Instagram aesthetics you set have a great impact on not only brand recognition but also on customers’ buying decisions. 

It’s important to set such an Inst look that will be consistent across all the posts and help users recognize the content in their feeds. Among the most identifiable brand looks is that of mr.pokee – an Instagram account all images of which have a consistent look, color scheme and feel.