If you look at Google’s search results, you will see over 3000 monthly searches of the “What to post on Instagram” kind. The growth of social media channels leads to the increase of people’s requirements, hence not all platforms “survive” in this harsh competition. Instagram however, has proven to stand the test of time and fashion. Actually, it’s currently the fastest-growing social channel out there in the network. It has also become a major platform for growing a business. Instagram allows to promote a brand, reach a broader audience, boost sales and increase the revenue at last. However, for bringing all this to life, it’s important to be highly engaging. And if you have faced the same problem related to content creating as thousands of other people, you are welcome to InstaBF, a popular IG and IGTV provider. We are going to share some truly effective content marketing tactics to use and shine on Instagram! Be certain, the following working tips will help you grab users’ attention. 



Photos/Videos of High Quality


This social media channel has always been all about visual impression. For companies, the creative representation of a brand is a must. Only by posting visually appealing content consistently, you can keep your audience engaged. If you fail once, another brand may attract your followers and you will lose them. But using images and videos of high quality will make your post go a long way and reach new audiences. Ideally, an Instagram image must have at least 1080 px and aspect ration 1.91:1 and 4:5. Videos, meanwhile, must have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 at least. And remember that Instagram crops all images to squares before posting them. Hence, when posting, make sure your images will still be visually pleasing when cropped. 



Make Everything Creatively


Instagram is first of all for connecting with the target audience and not hard selling them your products. You should use this platform to compel them to follow your brand. According to the statistics, over 50% of users on Instagram use this social media channel to research products. Moreover, a user’s brand engagement on Insta is 10 times more than in any other platform. So, with this said, you need to be utmost creative in whatever you do on Instagram! And don’t forget about shoppable images – tag your products so that your followers can learn more information about them. 



Tutorials and Demonstrations


As researches show, people are fond of how-to videos. Why not incorporate them into your Instagram marketing strategy then? Such content is a fantastic way to capture people’s attention, share info about your brand and increase user engagement. 

If you receive multiple questions in the “how-to” format, you can answer all of them in several videos. Tutorial posts significantly improve customers’ experience and draw them to use your products. 



Capture Various Moods 


To combine quality and creative images in one, you can post moody pictures. Capture various moments from your customers or employees to both engage your audience and reveal your brand values. One of the most successful examples of this strategy belongs to Starbucks. When the brand launched a new drink it was about Easter. In marketing purposes, the company had some employees dress like a bunny. It was a small on-the-spot fun that captured the high mood around the product while increasing post engagement and traffic.