The core of scheming a successful marketing tactic is understanding how you can drive traffic from Instagram. In fact, this social network is packed with so many interesting features and useful tools that getting more mobile clicks and conversions won’t be difficult. InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider has introduced to you how you can use the platform for promoting your brand many times, yet with new features offered regularly, your strategy should constantly be developed.

So, here are several fresh strategic ways you can use to drive traffic to your brand from Instagram. 



Adding Links to IGTV Video Descriptions


IGTV posts, unlike Instagram feed posts, can actually contain clickable links. It’s designed so that to make it possible for viewers to click through the links and obtain products. 

According to experienced marketers, videos have a huge impact on consumers’ buying habits. So, if you implement the right video strategy, you can set a deep connection between your brand and your consumers. You don’t have to spend much on this, as simple direct-to-camera tutorials and videos are cheap to create yet feel genuine and authentic. Just remember to add a CTA to encourage your viewers to check the description to the video and click the link. 



Posting Actionable and Insightful Instagram Stories


Whether you have a large following or not, Instagram Stories can help you drive a serious amount of traffic. Due to this wonderful feature, brands can connect with their followers on a personal level thus building trust, raising engagement, and consequently increasing brand awareness. For this, you can create Stories with details of your products/services, add CTAs to encourage traffic to your site. 

As you know, only those Instagrammers which have more than 10k following can add a link in their Stories. If you don’t fall to this category, direct viewers to the link in your bio with an animated GIF. 



Showcasing Top-Converting Stories in Highlights


The only way to expand the life of an Instagram story is by adding it to the Highlights. Accordingly, you should use Instagram Stories Highlights strategically. You’d better prioritize those Stories which are more centered on your products/services and which can drive more conversions than other Stories. So, right at the start of your Highlights, you can keep one devoted to shopping at your online store. 



Investing in Instagram Advertisements


Perhaps the fastest way of driving more traffic from IG is by creating advertisements. Once you implement the right strategy, reaching more people through ads will be much easier. So that your Insta ads are maximally successful, choose one end goal and strive to get it since it will help you to define the budget, your target audience, creative requirements, etc. For instance, in case your goal is to drive more traffic to your site, a strong CTA encouraging clicks is what you need to create.   

It’s also important to find out particularly what type of content better converts to sales. For this, always track the iterating and performance of every ad you create.