Instagram is always at a quick pace. You hardly manage to get used to one trend when another one starts booming on Insta. Yea Babe, this is Instagram! To always remain on top, there are some useful tips and InstaBF is ready to share them right away. In one of our previous posts, we spoke about great recommendations on how you can create timeless trendy posts to boost your brand on Instagram. Today we’re going to continue this theme and finish our tips. So, let’s get it started:



Posts Around Favorites


People speak about what they love and this is actual on Instagram, too. After making some research about your target audience, you will find out what to post to engage them. Their interests may refer to flavors, holidays, childhood memories, sports clothes, etc. And you can talk about your business from your followers’ interests. A great example was shown by Starbucks again. The brand doesn’t offer fruits and vegetables to its customers living healthy. Instead, it suggests purchasing healthy smoothies. 



Behind the Screen


Running a business means engaging in different happenings from testing new products to watching customer experiences. Irrespective of your business type, there’s sure to be behind the screen content of your work process, employees, or those events you organize. All these sources make great BTS content to share on Instagram. You can show your followers a scene footage of building up an event or a product. Or you can “steal” a photo of your employees while they are working. The key here is to make the post as natural and honest as possible. Authenticity is what Instagram users value the most when it comes to BTS content. 



Insta Advertisements Your Customers Like


According to the recent studies, more than 65% of people on Instagram want to engage with those posts which are enriched with colored visuals. This refers to paid advertisements, too. Hence, whenever you are working on advertising solutions, it’s not only the target audience that you should consider but also the graphic you use. Avoid shabby visuals that don’t make your brand stand out. Instead, select those which emphasize your brand’s advantages and make it more appealing to people’s eyes. 

Afterward, only relevant CTA should be used. You needn’t add a call to action in your every post. Choose those posts which you would like to people to interact and have conversations around. 



And Again Hashtags


Hashtags remain the most popular tagging means for both Instagram individuals and businesses. Hashtags make a post more visible for people in trending circles. So, one of your tasks when planning to make an Instagram post is to make research on relevant trendy hashtags. The hashtags must be included in the posts via keywords. 



Contests and Giveaways 


A man loves competing and getting rewarded even more. Hence, contests and giveaways must be inseparable from your Instagram strategy. Offer your followers a giveaway for posting original photos while tagging your business. Nowadays, almost all brands organize contests to boost their awareness and nearly all of them are a great success. 


These were only a few marketing ideas which are timeless actual. Once you have run out of ideas what to post, use these tips to get inspired.