Strategies to Sell Out Your Event on Instagram

Strategies to Sell Out Your Event on Instagram

Instagram is broadly used by people around the world to discover brands and businesses. The multi-million Insta profiles of businesses active on a daily basis make the platform a grandiose one for developing. Just the same way, any event organized and promoted well on this social media gets the opportunity to grow their audience only adhering to a few steps. These are:

  • Post content that can draw the attention of target users;
  • Make it straightforward for users to get more information about the event and the purchase of tickets;
  • Encourage Insta users to use your tags and post at your event thus driving more people to check on your event.


This is the “flywheel” of every successful event discovery. However, to put it into motion, it’s necessary to first engage event goers on Gram so that they do their part in the cycle. How? InstaBF, a credible IGTV and IG provider, is going to reveal it right away!



Engage People to Grow Your Audience


Most Instagrammers get inspired by the content posted by businesses. According to the statistics, one-third of most-viewed IG Stories are posted by particularly businesses. And events here even have an advantage over businesses – live experiences are significantly more photogenic! Hence, if you are promoting an event, make certain you post lots of engrossing content. Make every part of your event vivid through IG live and recorded videos, images, Stories. Once users realize they can get a colorful glimpse at the action, they will yearn to get more.

Start teasing your audience weeks or even months beforehand. Build excitement and hint them about the exceptional experience your event promises them. By the way, the two-thirds of every business profile gets visits from non-followers. And an authentic and interesting content posted on a regular basis is a sure way to convert these visitors into followers.



Turn Followers into Ticket Buyers


Once Instagrammers following you engage with your content they will want to experience your event themselves. Unfortunately, interest doesn’t mean buying tickets. To achieve this, first of all, make buying tickets right from a smartphone an utmost easy process. For this:

  1. Insert a URL on your Insta profile that connects the profile to ticketing or registration. Make certain your followers won’t have to navigate all over your website homepage to find where to buy tickets.
  2. As Instagrammers come from mobile phones, it’s important to optimize the payment process so that it is displayed and operated well on mobile devices.
  3. Create a “Get Tickets” button right on your Insta profile.



Encourage Instagrammers to Share Their Experience


People love seeing others’ unique experiences on Instagram and other social media. And even one person’s post from a fantastic event can inspire several friends to learn more about it and follow the Instagram account of that event. In fact, around 48% of event visitors attend festivals and shows just to have content to share on Instagram knowing well it encourages others for a discovery, too. This is a unique flywheel on its own. So, with this said, there are four steps (some need investments) that will help you engage your Insta following. These are:

  1. Contests drawing users to post their own images from your events and tag new friends;
  2. Collaborations with influencers, vendors, speakers and sponsors to post about your event;
  3. Creating photogenic scenes at your venue to encourage Instagrammers to take photos and post them;
  4. Creating hashtags that your followers and Instagrammers interested in your event can use to post about your festival or event.  


The more followers talk about your event, the faster your promotion flywheel will spin, thus growing the interest and attendance to your event!

How You Can Make Instagram Fit Into Your PR Strategy: Part 2

How You Can Make Instagram Fit Into Your PR Strategy: Part 2

In our last post, we started such an important topic for any Instagram brand as the significance of making this social platform a part of their brand’s PR strategy. InstaBF, one of the most popular providers of likes, comments, views and followers for your Insta and IGTV accounts, talked about the power of content for the PR strategy you have schemed. And now, it’s time to head on to the rest and complete the entire guide how you can fit Gram to your PR strategy.



Creating Dynamite Content


Another key to a great PR strategy on Instagram is creating amazing dynamic content that can show your brand’s voice. Surely, this is simply mind-blowing for photographers and those who have natural talent in taking great photo- and video shots. But, if you are neither of them, hiring a professional won’t come cheap. What to do then? Such a daunting task as executing your own photo-shoots or taking explaining videos can be facilitated with the help of several tools.

If you have noticed some brands and influencers posting fascinating images like they have come out of a Slim Aarons exhibition on their Instagram accounts, most probably they are “close acquaintances” with such a magic application as VSCO. The latter makes it possible for users to edit photos right on their smartphones. VSCO and other apps of the kind are usually very easy to use, don’t cost much and provide fabulous results.



Journalists on Instagram


It’s worth remembering that a certain percentage out of one billion Instagram active monthly users are journalists. They use this social media just as others to find the latest stories. What does this to do with your PR strategy? Just think yourself: the way your brand is showcased on Ista has a great impact on the opinion that the media gets about it. Besides, using Instagram you can connect to journalists and share any post (of course positive) they make about your brand. Don’t forget to tag the journalist, as showing you love a certain journalist will help you get the appreciation of others.

Another way of implementing the presence of journalists on Instagram into your PR strategy is sharing a photo of your brand’s upcoming event and tagging a journalist. This is sure to bring a credibility for your brand, while if the journalist likes the idea of your forthcoming event, he may repost it thus bringing even more points to the success of your PR strategy. If Instagram sees users engage in your brand, your posts have all the chances of appearing in the top of posts made, which means a huge step in making your brand even more popular.



Bringing Influencers into Your PR Strategy


Most probably, you have heard hundreds of stories of successful collaborations between new brands and influencers as a result of which those brands got great popularity among their potential customers. And if you are considering to use the same tactics for increasing your brand awareness, you are a step closer to success. But you should remember that major Instagram influencers, who make living out of their posts won’t agree to a free shoutout. Hence, you’d better target those that have a similar reach to you while not forgetting to mention what you can offer in return.

How You Can Make Instagram Fit Into Your PR Strategy: Part 1

How You Can Make Instagram Fit Into Your PR Strategy: Part 1

It’s 2018 outdoors with cars driving themselves and over one milliard Instagram users logging into this social media service every day to share hashtag selfies, connect with their friends and favorite brands. With all this said, making Instagram a part of a business owner’s PR strategy becomes significant. And if you wonder how this social platform can meet your PR strategy, InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider in the market, is going to give a thorough answer to that question.


Defining Your Objectives


So, after you decide to incorporate Instagram into your PR strategy, it’s important to define all the objectives. You’d better accept all of them as a starting point, as an answer to your WHY. This way you can learn what to post and what goals to set in-line with your business.

  • Raise brand awareness;
  • Drive and retain customer engagement;
  • Connect with influencers and media;
  • Increase sales;
  • Recruit new talent.



Content is the King


Instagram can be turned into a highly lucrative part of your PR strategy if you leverage the content power to tell your brand’s story and promote your products. Here are several ways you can use to inspire your strategy.


Announce new production line

Perhaps the best way of creating a hype around your new production line and letting your audience know what you have in stock is creating teaser posts beforehand. Besides being a great advertisement, this can also serve you as a market research tool to find out how much the new production line is expected and demanded by consumers.


Collaborating with other brands

Do some research to detect whether there are any brands living the same ethos as you do for establishing a collaboration with them. Together you can reach even better promotion by using each other’s reach.



By welcoming your consumers into the inner world of your business, you will be able to establish an even more personal connection with them. This can be a peep into the creative process of your products’ manufacturing, the life into your office or studio, etc. Such an Instagram PR step will make your brand more meaningful.


Recruitment posts

Instagram is the perfect platform for recruiting talents. Once you showcase your company and the staff that works for it, your followers will learn what you are all about, while your workers will feel more appreciated.



For leading a successful Instagram PR strategy, it’s crucial to use the latest trends. This will prove your followers that you are in-the-know and make your brand attractive. For this purpose, make certain your use the most discoverable and trendy hashtags.


Holiday Posts

For a smart Instagram PR manager, holidays can serve as a powerful tool. Hence, make sure you use all the significant holidays for advertising your products in a unique way. Be as creative as you can, start competitions, begin new collaborations with other brands right during a holiday. There is also much else that you can do for boosting your PR strategy during holidays.


So, now when you are informed of the power of Instagram content for your brand’s PR, we shall head on to such important aspects as creating dynamite content, using special applications and using influencers. But let’s leave that to the next post, shan’t we?

How to Create an Ideal Buyer Persona to Boost Your Instagram Marketing

How to Create an Ideal Buyer Persona to Boost Your Instagram Marketing


Every successful Instagram marketer should have the image of an ideal buyer. This is a sure way toward creating the right marketing strategy. How much can you tell about your buyer’s persona? The longer the answer to this question is, the easier it will be to achieve a success in your online business. In fact, understanding your potential clients’ (marketing personas’) feelings, needs and expectations will help you have more direct marketing efforts that will result in the improvement of your bottom sales.

So today, as you must have already guessed, InstaBF is going to speak about marketing personas, their significance, and their benefit. InstaBF is one of the most trustworthy Instagram providers on the market and is going to help you know what makes your customers cry, laugh, and … buy on Instagram!



Why You Should Create Buyer Personas


Before we guide you how to create the right marketing persona, it’s important to understand why you should do it. Having this precise image and knowing your clients really well is the shortest way towards creating the marketing content, as well as offering the services and products that will attract your target audience making them come for more. The more focused your approach to the potential buyers is the higher conversions you can expect.



Collecting the Necessary Information


If you wonder how you can collect the necessary information about your marketing personas, we’ll hint you a couple of quite ethical methods.

  1. Using such services as, for example, SurveyMonkey, you can carry out interviews and surveys. Besides, such services can assist in forming the right questions so that to get the useful answers.
  2. It’s worth having a look at your Instagram analytics. The latter can be found in the section Audience of an Instagram Business account. Particularly this section will give you the data on your most engaged fans (gender, age, location, etc.).
  3. Google Analytics and Facebook are great sources for crucial data, too. InstaBF advises having a glance at Geo, Interests, and Demographics.

Once you have the necessary data, you will notice the vision of your potential customer to form. From this, you need to create a template of a buyer persona. Give it a name – the one that perfectly matches your ideal customer, and start profiling him/her.



The Template to Use

The following points will help you in finalizing your perfect marketing persona:

  • The age, gender, marital status;
  • Whether the buyer persona uses mass transit; rents or has his/her own vehicle;
  • Preferences in the social media, as well as how the marketing persona accesses information;
  • Dreams and ambitions in both career and life;
  • What most common objectives the persona has during a sales process;
  • What challenges your potential buyers face and how your offers can help them in their solutions;
  • Precise examples how your services or products can integrate into your buyer’s life;
  • An idea (maybe a quote) that best describes your marketing persona;
  • A well-schemed speech of a marketing nature that appears specific to every marketing persona.


After incorporating all this information into one model, you will have an ideal marketing persona in front of you. Find out how you can use the information and the model you created for developing specific plans and strategies to increase the return on your investments.


Building Your Own Instagram Retailing Empire

Building Your Own Instagram Retailing Empire

Instagram has been increasing its popularity during the past several years at an incredible speed. And even though this social network hasn’t managed to exceed the number of users that Facebook has, it is definitely ahead of as Facebook, so Twitter and any other remarkable social media in online retailing. Besides the tons of selfies, photos of cute pets or sports cars, this platform is fantastic for independent online store owners. Additionally, Instagram creates a huge army of tastemakers and influencers. The engagement rate that Instagram posts gather is simply mind-blowing! And right now, InstaBF is going to reveal the extent of Instagram’s power on online retailing! But prior to that, we would like to introduce the easiest and quickest way of increasing your Instagram account engagement and your number of followers. We are offering several packages of likes, comments, and followers at an affordable price. All the profiles are real-looking and won’t cause any doubts among your natural followers.

Now, let’s bring out the four main steps that will help you build your own Instagram Empire!

Advertising Products in Lifestyle

The first reason why Instagram retailing business is so effective is that all the products are shown as a part of one’s lifestyle. They look real and promise to bring the same emotions and colors to a customer’s life. So, if you are on your way of building your Instagram retailing empire, sell a lifestyle to sell a product! You needn’t explain what product you are offering, just show your possible customers how the product may affect their life!

Have you ever noticed how motivating Nike’s Instagram feed is? This brand shows its products in motion, worn by as sportsmen so ordinary people while training. That’s why both the photos and products look reliable and real!

Using Your Customer’s Photos

Another reason why Instagram retailers are so successful (so can become you) is that many of them post real pictures of real users. First of all, this is an effective means of saving the brand’s funds. Not all retailers, especially beginners, can afford to hire professional models. And then, this activity reacts with people. If a customer sees the product on another customer, he/she relies on the retailer more and will have an idea how the product will look on him/her.

The popular online Instagram store Nasty Gal, for instance, asks its customers share their photos with the bought product on. After collecting those photos (marked with a certain hashtag), these photos become highlighted on their website. Why not do the same?!

Using Sponsored Posts

We have referred to the efficacy of making use of Instagram influencers in our past posts, yet it’s worth reminding about it right here and right now, too. If you are a starting retailer, apply to less popular influencers with 100k followers who won’t charge thousands of dollars for a post. Be sure, shortly afterward, your online store will be “attacked” by customers wishing to look just like their favorite celebrities do.

Creating Fashion

If you are planning to take your Instagram online small store to another level, you need to turn from a simple seller into an effective tastemaker! Don’t offer your customers anything you can find around, but concentrate on the taste, style, and fashion. You can also post your own photos in wonderful and what is more important, your unique attire style. Help your customers get inspired by you, too!