Instagram is broadly used by people around the world to discover brands and businesses. The multi-million Insta profiles of businesses active on a daily basis make the platform a grandiose one for developing. Just the same way, any event organized and promoted well on this social media gets the opportunity to grow their audience only adhering to a few steps. These are:

  • Post content that can draw the attention of target users;
  • Make it straightforward for users to get more information about the event and the purchase of tickets;
  • Encourage Insta users to use your tags and post at your event thus driving more people to check on your event.


This is the “flywheel” of every successful event discovery. However, to put it into motion, it’s necessary to first engage event goers on Gram so that they do their part in the cycle. How? InstaBF, a credible IGTV and IG provider, is going to reveal it right away!



Engage People to Grow Your Audience


Most Instagrammers get inspired by the content posted by businesses. According to the statistics, one-third of most-viewed IG Stories are posted by particularly businesses. And events here even have an advantage over businesses – live experiences are significantly more photogenic! Hence, if you are promoting an event, make certain you post lots of engrossing content. Make every part of your event vivid through IG live and recorded videos, images, Stories. Once users realize they can get a colorful glimpse at the action, they will yearn to get more.

Start teasing your audience weeks or even months beforehand. Build excitement and hint them about the exceptional experience your event promises them. By the way, the two-thirds of every business profile gets visits from non-followers. And an authentic and interesting content posted on a regular basis is a sure way to convert these visitors into followers.



Turn Followers into Ticket Buyers


Once Instagrammers following you engage with your content they will want to experience your event themselves. Unfortunately, interest doesn’t mean buying tickets. To achieve this, first of all, make buying tickets right from a smartphone an utmost easy process. For this:

  1. Insert a URL on your Insta profile that connects the profile to ticketing or registration. Make certain your followers won’t have to navigate all over your website homepage to find where to buy tickets.
  2. As Instagrammers come from mobile phones, it’s important to optimize the payment process so that it is displayed and operated well on mobile devices.
  3. Create a “Get Tickets” button right on your Insta profile.



Encourage Instagrammers to Share Their Experience


People love seeing others’ unique experiences on Instagram and other social media. And even one person’s post from a fantastic event can inspire several friends to learn more about it and follow the Instagram account of that event. In fact, around 48% of event visitors attend festivals and shows just to have content to share on Instagram knowing well it encourages others for a discovery, too. This is a unique flywheel on its own. So, with this said, there are four steps (some need investments) that will help you engage your Insta following. These are:

  1. Contests drawing users to post their own images from your events and tag new friends;
  2. Collaborations with influencers, vendors, speakers and sponsors to post about your event;
  3. Creating photogenic scenes at your venue to encourage Instagrammers to take photos and post them;
  4. Creating hashtags that your followers and Instagrammers interested in your event can use to post about your festival or event.  


The more followers talk about your event, the faster your promotion flywheel will spin, thus growing the interest and attendance to your event!