It’s 2018 outdoors with cars driving themselves and over one milliard Instagram users logging into this social media service every day to share hashtag selfies, connect with their friends and favorite brands. With all this said, making Instagram a part of a business owner’s PR strategy becomes significant. And if you wonder how this social platform can meet your PR strategy, InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider in the market, is going to give a thorough answer to that question.


Defining Your Objectives


So, after you decide to incorporate Instagram into your PR strategy, it’s important to define all the objectives. You’d better accept all of them as a starting point, as an answer to your WHY. This way you can learn what to post and what goals to set in-line with your business.

  • Raise brand awareness;
  • Drive and retain customer engagement;
  • Connect with influencers and media;
  • Increase sales;
  • Recruit new talent.



Content is the King


Instagram can be turned into a highly lucrative part of your PR strategy if you leverage the content power to tell your brand’s story and promote your products. Here are several ways you can use to inspire your strategy.


Announce new production line

Perhaps the best way of creating a hype around your new production line and letting your audience know what you have in stock is creating teaser posts beforehand. Besides being a great advertisement, this can also serve you as a market research tool to find out how much the new production line is expected and demanded by consumers.


Collaborating with other brands

Do some research to detect whether there are any brands living the same ethos as you do for establishing a collaboration with them. Together you can reach even better promotion by using each other’s reach.



By welcoming your consumers into the inner world of your business, you will be able to establish an even more personal connection with them. This can be a peep into the creative process of your products’ manufacturing, the life into your office or studio, etc. Such an Instagram PR step will make your brand more meaningful.


Recruitment posts

Instagram is the perfect platform for recruiting talents. Once you showcase your company and the staff that works for it, your followers will learn what you are all about, while your workers will feel more appreciated.



For leading a successful Instagram PR strategy, it’s crucial to use the latest trends. This will prove your followers that you are in-the-know and make your brand attractive. For this purpose, make certain your use the most discoverable and trendy hashtags.


Holiday Posts

For a smart Instagram PR manager, holidays can serve as a powerful tool. Hence, make sure you use all the significant holidays for advertising your products in a unique way. Be as creative as you can, start competitions, begin new collaborations with other brands right during a holiday. There is also much else that you can do for boosting your PR strategy during holidays.


So, now when you are informed of the power of Instagram content for your brand’s PR, we shall head on to such important aspects as creating dynamite content, using special applications and using influencers. But let’s leave that to the next post, shan’t we?