Instagram has been increasing its popularity during the past several years at an incredible speed. And even though this social network hasn’t managed to exceed the number of users that Facebook has, it is definitely ahead of as Facebook, so Twitter and any other remarkable social media in online retailing. Besides the tons of selfies, photos of cute pets or sports cars, this platform is fantastic for independent online store owners. Additionally, Instagram creates a huge army of tastemakers and influencers. The engagement rate that Instagram posts gather is simply mind-blowing! And right now, InstaBF is going to reveal the extent of Instagram’s power on online retailing! But prior to that, we would like to introduce the easiest and quickest way of increasing your Instagram account engagement and your number of followers. We are offering several packages of likes, comments, and followers at an affordable price. All the profiles are real-looking and won’t cause any doubts among your natural followers.

Now, let’s bring out the four main steps that will help you build your own Instagram Empire!

Advertising Products in Lifestyle

The first reason why Instagram retailing business is so effective is that all the products are shown as a part of one’s lifestyle. They look real and promise to bring the same emotions and colors to a customer’s life. So, if you are on your way of building your Instagram retailing empire, sell a lifestyle to sell a product! You needn’t explain what product you are offering, just show your possible customers how the product may affect their life!

Have you ever noticed how motivating Nike’s Instagram feed is? This brand shows its products in motion, worn by as sportsmen so ordinary people while training. That’s why both the photos and products look reliable and real!

Using Your Customer’s Photos

Another reason why Instagram retailers are so successful (so can become you) is that many of them post real pictures of real users. First of all, this is an effective means of saving the brand’s funds. Not all retailers, especially beginners, can afford to hire professional models. And then, this activity reacts with people. If a customer sees the product on another customer, he/she relies on the retailer more and will have an idea how the product will look on him/her.

The popular online Instagram store Nasty Gal, for instance, asks its customers share their photos with the bought product on. After collecting those photos (marked with a certain hashtag), these photos become highlighted on their website. Why not do the same?!

Using Sponsored Posts

We have referred to the efficacy of making use of Instagram influencers in our past posts, yet it’s worth reminding about it right here and right now, too. If you are a starting retailer, apply to less popular influencers with 100k followers who won’t charge thousands of dollars for a post. Be sure, shortly afterward, your online store will be “attacked” by customers wishing to look just like their favorite celebrities do.

Creating Fashion

If you are planning to take your Instagram online small store to another level, you need to turn from a simple seller into an effective tastemaker! Don’t offer your customers anything you can find around, but concentrate on the taste, style, and fashion. You can also post your own photos in wonderful and what is more important, your unique attire style. Help your customers get inspired by you, too!