In our last post, we started such an important topic for any Instagram brand as the significance of making this social platform a part of their brand’s PR strategy. InstaBF, one of the most popular providers of likes, comments, views and followers for your Insta and IGTV accounts, talked about the power of content for the PR strategy you have schemed. And now, it’s time to head on to the rest and complete the entire guide how you can fit Gram to your PR strategy.



Creating Dynamite Content


Another key to a great PR strategy on Instagram is creating amazing dynamic content that can show your brand’s voice. Surely, this is simply mind-blowing for photographers and those who have natural talent in taking great photo- and video shots. But, if you are neither of them, hiring a professional won’t come cheap. What to do then? Such a daunting task as executing your own photo-shoots or taking explaining videos can be facilitated with the help of several tools.

If you have noticed some brands and influencers posting fascinating images like they have come out of a Slim Aarons exhibition on their Instagram accounts, most probably they are “close acquaintances” with such a magic application as VSCO. The latter makes it possible for users to edit photos right on their smartphones. VSCO and other apps of the kind are usually very easy to use, don’t cost much and provide fabulous results.



Journalists on Instagram


It’s worth remembering that a certain percentage out of one billion Instagram active monthly users are journalists. They use this social media just as others to find the latest stories. What does this to do with your PR strategy? Just think yourself: the way your brand is showcased on Ista has a great impact on the opinion that the media gets about it. Besides, using Instagram you can connect to journalists and share any post (of course positive) they make about your brand. Don’t forget to tag the journalist, as showing you love a certain journalist will help you get the appreciation of others.

Another way of implementing the presence of journalists on Instagram into your PR strategy is sharing a photo of your brand’s upcoming event and tagging a journalist. This is sure to bring a credibility for your brand, while if the journalist likes the idea of your forthcoming event, he may repost it thus bringing even more points to the success of your PR strategy. If Instagram sees users engage in your brand, your posts have all the chances of appearing in the top of posts made, which means a huge step in making your brand even more popular.



Bringing Influencers into Your PR Strategy


Most probably, you have heard hundreds of stories of successful collaborations between new brands and influencers as a result of which those brands got great popularity among their potential customers. And if you are considering to use the same tactics for increasing your brand awareness, you are a step closer to success. But you should remember that major Instagram influencers, who make living out of their posts won’t agree to a free shoutout. Hence, you’d better target those that have a similar reach to you while not forgetting to mention what you can offer in return.