Creative Ways of Using Instagram Carousel Posts

Creative Ways of Using Instagram Carousel Posts

Being an Instagram marketer means making use of all possible tools to achieve business goals. If you are one, you shouldn’t neglect carousel posts since they are quite powerful and versatile tools. If you use it wisely, you can raise your engagement level, boost your brand loyalty and eventually drive more sales. So, if you wonder how you can use Instagram carousel posts to your brand’s benefit, we shall reveal that right now. InstaBF, a known Instagram and IGTV provider, will show you several most practical ways of using carousel posts:



Promoting a New Product


Brands launching new products may find a single post not sufficient to transfer all the exciting sides. The latter may include color variations, sizes or other details. Right for such cases, Instagram carousel posts appear handy. They are perfect for sharing more pictures and close-ups so that the product appears in its whole glory. 



Before and After Images


People (especially those on Instagram) love transformations and makeovers, upcycling projects, home renovations, tattoo designs, etc. Instagram carousel posts deliver amazing swipeable reveal posts. Plenty of photo editing applications such as Lightroom presets, for instance, can show off their digital edits through carousel posts, too. Believe us, before ad after reveals of any type, let that be a digital makeover or a physical one, are sure to attract multiple scroll-throughs on a carousel post. 



Personalized Recommendations


If you plan to create content targeted to different audiences thus increasing your brand’s reach and engagement, carousel posts are a great option. This way you deliver super-localized advice and don’t alienate a wider audience. Most of all, through carousel posts Instagrammers make recommendations on age groups, skin types, personality types, etc. 



Sharing Brand Stories


Having a carefully curated feed you don’t want to disrupt while sharing personalized stories, make use of carousel posts. This can be anything important for your brand starting with your first office images and ending with newspaper headlines addressed to your brand. 



Getting into Details


To show up close-up shots and fine details to your audience Instagram carousel posts are irreplaceable. This technique is particularly widely used by style influencers. They deliver the way they style a look and show what they’re wearing through carousel posts. 



Customer Reviews


Customer reviews are capable of heavily influence a brand’s success. If your brand regularly receives positive reviews by customers, it makes sense of sharing them on carousel posts. This way you will increase your brand visibility, build trust on this social media platform, and generate interest in what you offer your customers. 



Sharing Outtakes


It has been a trend on Instagram in 2019 to share several different variants of the same shot in a carousel post. This seems to go into the new 2020 year, too. The concept of such posts is not tricky. This way Instagrammers just share a certain number of extra photos alongside a winning shot. In most cases, these are “Social media against reality” themed images.

What to Post on Instagram: Part Two

What to Post on Instagram: Part Two

Instagram is always at a quick pace. You hardly manage to get used to one trend when another one starts booming on Insta. Yea Babe, this is Instagram! To always remain on top, there are some useful tips and InstaBF is ready to share them right away. In one of our previous posts, we spoke about great recommendations on how you can create timeless trendy posts to boost your brand on Instagram. Today we’re going to continue this theme and finish our tips. So, let’s get it started:



Posts Around Favorites


People speak about what they love and this is actual on Instagram, too. After making some research about your target audience, you will find out what to post to engage them. Their interests may refer to flavors, holidays, childhood memories, sports clothes, etc. And you can talk about your business from your followers’ interests. A great example was shown by Starbucks again. The brand doesn’t offer fruits and vegetables to its customers living healthy. Instead, it suggests purchasing healthy smoothies. 



Behind the Screen


Running a business means engaging in different happenings from testing new products to watching customer experiences. Irrespective of your business type, there’s sure to be behind the screen content of your work process, employees, or those events you organize. All these sources make great BTS content to share on Instagram. You can show your followers a scene footage of building up an event or a product. Or you can “steal” a photo of your employees while they are working. The key here is to make the post as natural and honest as possible. Authenticity is what Instagram users value the most when it comes to BTS content. 



Insta Advertisements Your Customers Like


According to the recent studies, more than 65% of people on Instagram want to engage with those posts which are enriched with colored visuals. This refers to paid advertisements, too. Hence, whenever you are working on advertising solutions, it’s not only the target audience that you should consider but also the graphic you use. Avoid shabby visuals that don’t make your brand stand out. Instead, select those which emphasize your brand’s advantages and make it more appealing to people’s eyes. 

Afterward, only relevant CTA should be used. You needn’t add a call to action in your every post. Choose those posts which you would like to people to interact and have conversations around. 



And Again Hashtags


Hashtags remain the most popular tagging means for both Instagram individuals and businesses. Hashtags make a post more visible for people in trending circles. So, one of your tasks when planning to make an Instagram post is to make research on relevant trendy hashtags. The hashtags must be included in the posts via keywords. 



Contests and Giveaways 


A man loves competing and getting rewarded even more. Hence, contests and giveaways must be inseparable from your Instagram strategy. Offer your followers a giveaway for posting original photos while tagging your business. Nowadays, almost all brands organize contests to boost their awareness and nearly all of them are a great success. 


These were only a few marketing ideas which are timeless actual. Once you have run out of ideas what to post, use these tips to get inspired. 


What to Post on Instagram: Part One

What to Post on Instagram: Part One

If you look at Google’s search results, you will see over 3000 monthly searches of the “What to post on Instagram” kind. The growth of social media channels leads to the increase of people’s requirements, hence not all platforms “survive” in this harsh competition. Instagram however, has proven to stand the test of time and fashion. Actually, it’s currently the fastest-growing social channel out there in the network. It has also become a major platform for growing a business. Instagram allows to promote a brand, reach a broader audience, boost sales and increase the revenue at last. However, for bringing all this to life, it’s important to be highly engaging. And if you have faced the same problem related to content creating as thousands of other people, you are welcome to InstaBF, a popular IG and IGTV provider. We are going to share some truly effective content marketing tactics to use and shine on Instagram! Be certain, the following working tips will help you grab users’ attention. 



Photos/Videos of High Quality


This social media channel has always been all about visual impression. For companies, the creative representation of a brand is a must. Only by posting visually appealing content consistently, you can keep your audience engaged. If you fail once, another brand may attract your followers and you will lose them. But using images and videos of high quality will make your post go a long way and reach new audiences. Ideally, an Instagram image must have at least 1080 px and aspect ration 1.91:1 and 4:5. Videos, meanwhile, must have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 at least. And remember that Instagram crops all images to squares before posting them. Hence, when posting, make sure your images will still be visually pleasing when cropped. 



Make Everything Creatively


Instagram is first of all for connecting with the target audience and not hard selling them your products. You should use this platform to compel them to follow your brand. According to the statistics, over 50% of users on Instagram use this social media channel to research products. Moreover, a user’s brand engagement on Insta is 10 times more than in any other platform. So, with this said, you need to be utmost creative in whatever you do on Instagram! And don’t forget about shoppable images – tag your products so that your followers can learn more information about them. 



Tutorials and Demonstrations


As researches show, people are fond of how-to videos. Why not incorporate them into your Instagram marketing strategy then? Such content is a fantastic way to capture people’s attention, share info about your brand and increase user engagement. 

If you receive multiple questions in the “how-to” format, you can answer all of them in several videos. Tutorial posts significantly improve customers’ experience and draw them to use your products. 



Capture Various Moods 


To combine quality and creative images in one, you can post moody pictures. Capture various moments from your customers or employees to both engage your audience and reveal your brand values. One of the most successful examples of this strategy belongs to Starbucks. When the brand launched a new drink it was about Easter. In marketing purposes, the company had some employees dress like a bunny. It was a small on-the-spot fun that captured the high mood around the product while increasing post engagement and traffic.  

Get Your Instagram Content Formula

Get Your Instagram Content Formula

The purpose of every Instagram marketing campaign is getting a higher engagement rate, better brand awareness and increased sales. To get your efforts justified, we suggest discovering your Instagram content formula. With our help, you can create the winning content strategy to not only keep your target audience entertained, but also boost your brand awareness. But prior to that, let’s recall what InstaBF can offer you – unlimited liked, comments, views and followers for your Instagram and IGTV account on a profitable basis. So, let’s dive deeper.


What Is Instagram Content Formula?


If you wonder what Instagram content formula is, then imagine a unique recipe that will help you create constantly high-performing posts. Instead of posting content without being sure it will get your target audience’s attention for 100%, you’d better adhere to a precisely-defined content formula. This way you will be certain that your followers, as well as new Instagrammers, will love to engage with what you share.



Analyze the Top-Performing Posts


The first step of creating the best-working formula for your Instagram marketing campaign is analyzing what you have got. Do this through your Instagram analytics. Go there and pay close attention to the dashboard that reviews your top-performing Gram posts for the past several months. Juxtaposing the data with the lifetime of your Instagram account, you will have a precise look at particularly what type of content works best for your brand or simply account. Watch for such similarities as:

  • Image focus
  • Color and composition of images
  • Caption content
  • Whether it’s images or videos that perform the best



Clarify Your Content Strategy


Now, when you have a clear image of what type of content your target audience prefers the most, it’s already time to start creating your strategy. Be based on all the important conclusions you have come to, including the color and theme of images, the style of videos, the unique writing style you have created your captions in, etc. Don’t miss a thing to achieve the results you anticipate. Think about the upcoming holidays and how you can incorporate them into your strategy. And once you have got your strategy together, add it to your grid one by one. Work gradually to make the passing organic.  



Organize the Content You Share on Instagram


Having an explicit Instagram content formula to adhere to, you will have customizable media collections significantly more effective than without it. This is especially helpful when you are to plan content for an upcoming couple of weeks quickly while you don’t have the time to stroll in the net to find images and videos to post. The moment you have completely mastered your unique content formula, you will register a rise of engagement and overall awareness of your Instagram brand. Pumping out quality captions will be so easy, while your audience will love to engage with the content they expect to see from you. Don’t miss any chance to shine on Gram!

Integrate Shopping Posts into Your Instagram Feed Like a Pro

Integrate Shopping Posts into Your Instagram Feed Like a Pro

Multiple brands and businesses on Instagram actively use this social media platform for showcasing their products or services thus driving more purchases. In fact, Instagram shopping posts are tapped over 90 million times on a monthly basis. And you too can use Gram not only to educate your followers about your brand and new offers but also actually sell products! Got interested? InstaBF, a remarkable Instagram and IGTV provider, is going to share some useful tips on how you can seamlessly integrate shopping posts into an Instagram feed.



Create Shopping Posts in Line with Your Gram Aesthetic

Most probably you have thought much over your Instagram aesthetics and worked hard to create a unique one. And disrupting your superb flow with a mere shopping post that stands out against the rest would be a real disaster. Hence, make certain all your shopping posts adhere to the same editing style, tone, content, and filter so that they fit into your Instagram feed seamlessly.



Photoshoot Images Creating Lookbook with Carousel Posts

A standard carousel post with ten photos gives you a chance to tag as many as up to twenty products. Not making use of this for showing off your most recent product line would be a mistake. Besides, you can always experiment with your carousel posts, represent your new collection or any unique campaign launch. Just make certain each image contains tagged products.



Make Sure the Shopping Tags Link Viewers to the Right Products


Do you plan to help your customers make quick purchases right through your Instagram shopping posts? If yes, then always remember to double check the links that connect the posts to products. This might seem too banal at first sight, yet there’s nothing more frustrating for a customer to find out the necessary link is broken. Hence, test every post and every link before making a post.



Leave Space between Several Product Tags in One Post

Do never forget that the screen of a smartphone is not that large even if you are viewing a Gram Story. Hence, if there are several products in a single image to tag (you can tag up to five products in one picture), make certain there is enough room left between each. Otherwise, you will have them obstruct the information on the tag.



Make Products Searchable with Descriptive Tags


Instagram shopping posts are never neglected by the algorithm, remember this and use descriptive hashtags when creating them. This is only one way to have your posts as searchable on the Explore page and appear in the Shopping channel. Besides this, users get a chance to discover your products.



Incorporating UGC into Shoppable Posts

If your customers are satisfied with your products and don’t mind having their images posted on your account (get their permission first), use the UGC you get as shoppable posts. This way you will not only show off your brand but also let your customers be the spokespeople for your products!



Incorporate Shoppable Posts into Your Grid Evenly


Once a new feature appears on Instagram, users get very excited and start overusing it. This shouldn’t happen with shoppable posts. Make sure they are distributed on your account evenly, include them on your feed and stories equally. Visiting your account, customers shouldn’t feel like being hit with a sale pitch.



Actively Use Gram Stories Videos to Demonstrate the Products in Action


Instagram Stories videos are a great means of showing off your products in real time. Just use shoppable stickers in the posts of your new products and show how they look in reality or in use. This tactic is especially efficient in advertising clothing brands, accessories jewelry or anything else that creates a personal style.