Using Instagram Carousel Posts for Making Money

Using Instagram Carousel Posts for Making Money

Instagram is the social network that allows you so many ways to be creative! And Carousels are among the winning ones. Besides, these are among the easiest ways of adding a bit of pizazz to your grid. This is sure to lead to the increase in your profits! So, if you got interested in how to make money with the help of Instagram Carousel posts, you are welcome to InstaBF blog! Right now InstaBF, a leading provider of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers in the market, is going to give you a complete answer to this question! Four different creative concepts will be disposed to your judgment.


Using Instagram Carousel Posts for “Before” + “After”

Among the most efficient means of proving yourself to the Gram audience and make them hanker for your products, is showing a magic through carousel posts.
For this, make the “after” photo the beginning of your carousel and you will achieve a mind-blowing result! If you wonder why just think yourself – won’t it be more shocking to a human eye to see s transformation rather than an ordinary photo? obviously will! Besides, this way you’ll demonstrate the tremendous work you’ve made especially for your clients! Just remember to take the photos with as much natural light as it is generally possible. And the backdrop should be consistent, too.
If you are working in different areas (you are a beautician or a hairdresser who visits clients in their places, for instance), you’d better think about a ring light and taking it with you on every order.


Using Instagram Carousel Posts for Catalogs

If you have a gorgeous catalog of your products, why not demonstrate it through an Instagram carousel post? You’d better use carousel posts either from the category of your latest catalog, or theme it by showing off your best seller, your founder’s picks, or new season products. Just gather the most appropriate photos and upload them to your carousel post one by one in the right order.


Using Insta Carousel Posts for What is trending

Do you run a fashion or lifestyle Instagram account? If yes, then most probably you’ll need to use the spikes of the trending designs in your Gram carousel posts. These can be called inspiration posts. With their help, you can help your followers get prepared for seasonal changes in a stylish way. Just the same way, the posts may refer to home decor trends. With such posts, you may also hint your followers about products of what type you have at your online store.


Using Gram Carousel Posts for Customer Stories

Are there any customer stories (obviously about your brand and products) you’d like to share? If yes, then ask them for permission and make carousel posts. Use a combination of images that show the transformation of your client or his flat, if you sell home decor elements. Then add a text-based review to describe the impact your products or services had on them. Believe, carousel posts revealing successful customer stories are an amazing tool for building brand trust, increasing sales.

Importance of Posting at Peak Times on Instagram

Importance of Posting at Peak Times on Instagram

Social media marketers have long been trying to define the best times to post on Instagram through multiple algorithm changes, surveys and tests. Agree that learning the precise time when your followers are most active will be like getting a holy grail, especially if you are a social media marketer. And now InstaBF, your reliable friend in the world of Instagram and IGTV, is going to give you a complete and detailed how to determine the best time to post on Instagram and how to get the most out of that information.



The Best Times for Making Instagram Posts 


Before passing to the surveys carried out, it’s important to remember that despite what the data say, the exact best time for your business is unique and different from that of another Insta business. For instance, if your target audience is college students, your best posting time will be thoroughly different from that of a brand targeting working professionals.

However, if you need a guideline to start testing out, have a look at the following survey results:

  • for targeting international audiences, the best times for making Insta posts are around 2 AM and 5 PM, while the worst times are 6 PM and 9 AM;
  • for targeting local audiences, its more expedient to post before work time, i.e. from 7 AM to 9 AM, or after 5 PM;
  • weekdays are better for making Gram posts (especially Mondays and Thursdays), while weekends are the worst days (especially Sundays).

Remember that the tomes are presented in your time zone.



Does Timing Matter a Lot?


Changing the chronological order of algorithm to relevance-based one a couple of years ago, Instagram made it a bit challenging for users to have their posts appear on the top. However, despite this, timing still matters a lot. Do you remember the three key factors that Instagram algorithm basis on when determining what content should be prioritized? These are:

1. Relationship

Those Instagrammers who interact with your account more frequently will see your posts moving forward.


2. Relevance

Instagrammers are shown particularly the content type they have interacted with previously.


3. Recency

And here we get the importance of timing. In fact, the more recent the post is, the more it is prioritized.


Anyway, besides this, once you post at a peak time, you will get a greater hit of engagement. Not only will more followers see your new post, but they will also become more likely to see what you post next time, too due to the Relevance point of the algorithm.

By testing this, you will find out yourself, that if you make a post, let’s suppose, at 2 AM, it won’t be any success even if it’s a strong one. But those posts made at peak times will keep on getting a strong engagement over a day or so.

What concerns Instagram Stories, timing plays a huge role, too! Posting your Instagram Stories at peak times will make them appear on the top once your followers get online. And believe us, it will be better for you to have your Stories in the beginning, rather than in the end, as this way, Instagrammers may simply don’t even reach.

How You Can Post on Instagram from a Desktop

How You Can Post on Instagram from a Desktop

Instagram businesses and creative communities are constantly worried about this or that matter related to this social network. One of the most discussed topics of the kind is how to post on Gram right from a desktop. Obviously, this can be done with the help of a scheduling tool. But which scheduling program to choose? Which of them will help you make the most out of your account? And after you pick up the best, what next? Taking into account the diversity of scheduling tools offered in the market today, InstaBF thought it would be helpful for you if we talked about how you can make your posts on Gram from a desktop. As you can see, InstaBF, one of the most trustworthy Instagram and IGTV providers of likes, comments, views, and followers, always cares about the matters its customers may be concerned with and tries to refer to topics you are sure to be interested in.



Choosing a Scheduling Tool to Rely On

Let the diversity of scheduling tools in the market not frustrate you. Before you choose any of them, it’s important to make sure it thoroughly meets your requirements and can be trusted unconditionally. Quite many scheduling tools charge high while offering only the basic options; don’t comply with Gram’s rules around the use of their API; provide poor customer support.



Collecting Quality Photo and Video Content

So, now when you have found a scheduling tool to can rely on, it’s time to collect top-quality photos and videos to post on your Insta account. Besides, you may also need some vertical format content to post in Stories. Generally, planning your Instagram feed approximately a week beforehand is recommended for all Insta business owners. Hence, if you usually make a post per day on your Insta feed, you will need at least seven images/videos for your feed, and seven ones for your Stories.



Scheduling Posts

So, you have already downloaded the best Scheduling tool, collected a bunch of images/videos… What next? Just enter the scheduler and upload all the content you have collected. The trick here is to always know what to write in each caption. Particularly here you may need to spend some time brainstorming. Remember, that a good caption should be neither too long to bore your followers nor too short. And what’s the most important, is that the captions should be highly interesting and engaging.

After all this is done, schedule each post right from the desktop without digging into your smartphone.



Respond to Comments to Create Relationships

How many business owners on Instagram can confess they forget (or don’t feel like) to respond to their followers’ comments from time to time? Most probably many. And once you switch to auto-posting that Instagram offers to businesses, tracking the community engagement becomes even more difficult. Yet, despite this, it’s really crucial to show your followers you read and value their comments, the time they spend watching or commenting on your brand. This way you will increase the rate of your account’s engagement, increase the sales and boost your reputation!

Awesome Instagram Caption Ideas in Case You Are Lost of Words

Awesome Instagram Caption Ideas in Case You Are Lost of Words

Sometimes thinking of a great caption is freaking difficult. And if you feel lost for words, too, there is no need to stress about it. So, instead of beating yourself up, you can turn to InstaBF for advice. Credible help is here right now provided by Instagram marketing specialists. In fact, there are numerous lyrics and quotable words of wisdom that can best describe your current emotions and what you want to deliver to your followers. Not less are funny and sarcastic quotes that may be useful in some cases.

So, right now and right here at InstaBF popular provider of Instagram likes, comments and followers (now IGTV views, likes, and comments are available, too), we are going to bring to your attention some simply amazing inspiration captions!


Story Telling

Storytelling is an art that you can master if you really have something important to say to your followers. These longer-length captions are a great way of dramatically increasing one’s engagement on Instagram. As a rule, they have the following common features:


  1. From four to five paragraphs;
  2. The first sentence is designed to grab attention immediately;
  3. They render a personal story about the brand or the person;
  4. They are usually attached to photos of a person or a group of people.


What makes story-telling captions so efficient? People start trusting you more if you share a story or a personal experience of yours with them in your captions – that’s the key!


Amusing Your Followers


Everyone has some embarrassing moments, awkward interactions or silly mistakes in his life that can make incredible and super hilarious Instagram captions! So, why not use them? Don’t forget adding the right emojis and you will transfer the real situations into virtual most accurately. Such captions can be short like “Dad Jokes” or longer.


Movie Quotes

Most probably you have noticed that certain movie quotes have lives of their own and using them triggers immediate meaning for both the one who uses it and those who read it. Depending on the audience you have, you will be either obliged to use quotes from the “Bible” of movies (i.e. widely popular ones) or be free to use sayings from less known films. However, when using them, it’s crucial to make sure they go well with the photo you share. Combining them correctly, you can even turn a serious quote into a funny one.  

Here is a short list of most interesting movie quotes you can turn to on your drought days:


  • “After all, tomorrow is another day” (Gone With the Wind);
  • “There’s no place like home” (The Wizard of Oz);
  • “Why so serious?” (The Dark Knight);
  • “I’ll be back” (The Terminator);
  • “Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me, aren’t you?” (The Graduate).


Get it from Books and Songs


Books are considered endless sources of wisdom and there can be no denial about it. It will be definitely wiser to extract some great saying while you read a book, let it be a fiction or other literature. This way you’ll have some great ideas stored for not inspired days.

Just the same way, you may come across a line in a song that will appeal to you greatly. It’s going to be OK to use a song lyrics in captions. Today there are artists whose songs have really deep meanings. Mostly, these can be rappers. For instance, Drake, Kanye West, Eminem, Adele, Michael Jackson and many others have used wonderful lines in their songs you can quote in your captions. Here are a few examples:


  • “I’m learning to be brave, in my beautiful mistakes” (Pink);
  • “You learn more in failure than you ever do in success” (Jay-Z);
  • “Would you believe in what you believe in if you were the only one who believed in it?” (Kanye West)
  • “I know they say the first love is the sweetest, but that first cut is the deepest” (Drake).
Tips for Amazing Instagram Flatlays

Tips for Amazing Instagram Flatlays

Perhaps every Instagram addict has tried at least once in his/her life creating some spectacular Instagram flatlay like plenty of popular bloggers, brands and influencers do. But how many of us did succeed? In fact, a good flatlay is constructed utmost carefully. Every piece is placed together with a certain purpose to look effortless yet tell a stylish story. In this post, InstaBF wants to share some grandiose tips or secrets that Insta celebrities use for creating really stunning flatlays. But before that, it’s definitely worth to find out how InstaBF can help you with your Instagram engagement rate. Being one of the leading Instagram providers on the market, InstaBF suggests ordering Insta likes, comments, and followers on the most affordable conditions.

However, let’s return to our flatlays and present to your attention nine tips to help you get a success.

The Basic Background

The first thing to consider before creating an Instagram flatlay is the background. The latter should complement the products displayed and not distract viewers from the basic subject. As an option, you can pick up a tabletop, a white cardboard, wooden floorboard, a bench top, a shaggy rug, marble tiles, and even a clean bed sheet. Definitely, some of the mentioned surfaces can be found right in your house.

The Natural Light

There is such a rule for a succeeded Instagram flatlay as to shoot only in the natural light. Hence, organize your photo shooting either in the morning or in the afternoon. Do never use an electric light, as the latter creates shadows and distorts the products’ original colors. Instead, opt for a place in your home or office that is drenched in natural light, such as near a glass door or a large window.

The Space between Objects

There should be some space left between each object. No matter how many products you want to use in the flatlay, it mustn’t be chaotic and cluttered. The space left needn’t be too much, just enough to balance out the shot!

The Theme Chosen

Every flatlay should have its own story that becomes obvious from a mere glance at the shot. This can be traveling, fashion, beauty, food, what’s in your bag, etc. Therefore, make sure all the pieces you have picked not only look harmonious with each other, but also coincide with the chosen theme.

The Right Shooting Distance

The best height for shooting a great flatlay can be described as “from a bird’s eye view”. This means you need to make your shooting from above the layout. If the things are arranged on the floor, your own height might be enough. Yet, if you have laid the objects on the table or bench, for instance, use a ladder or a stool.

The Perfect Template

Instagram has started uploading landscape and portrait images without cropping them, yet the best template for a flatlay still remains the square one. It creates harmony and balance while looking super professional!

The Right Color Palette

Just as you choose a certain theme for your flatlay, choose one color palette and stick to it. This may be hues of blue, earthy shades, pastel colors, etc. Always resist the temptation to incorporate a contrasting color, instead accessorizing the flatlay with white, black or metallic.


Do ever restrict yourself with only one arrangement, but experiment to find out new ones. Be creative to place small items near big ones, or on top of each other. Move things around, shoot the flatlay and only after several tries pick the most beautiful one to post.

The Props Box

If you are fond of shooting flatlays for your Instagram account, you’d better create your own props box. The latter can include books with pretty covers, faux flowers, jewels and beads, funny cups, new and old magazines, a white cardboard or a tile (depends which you prefer the most), cosmetic tubes, watches, glasses you no longer use, and anything else that may come to help and inspire you to create new flatlays later.