Being an Instagram marketer means making use of all possible tools to achieve business goals. If you are one, you shouldn’t neglect carousel posts since they are quite powerful and versatile tools. If you use it wisely, you can raise your engagement level, boost your brand loyalty and eventually drive more sales. So, if you wonder how you can use Instagram carousel posts to your brand’s benefit, we shall reveal that right now. InstaBF, a known Instagram and IGTV provider, will show you several most practical ways of using carousel posts:



Promoting a New Product


Brands launching new products may find a single post not sufficient to transfer all the exciting sides. The latter may include color variations, sizes or other details. Right for such cases, Instagram carousel posts appear handy. They are perfect for sharing more pictures and close-ups so that the product appears in its whole glory. 



Before and After Images


People (especially those on Instagram) love transformations and makeovers, upcycling projects, home renovations, tattoo designs, etc. Instagram carousel posts deliver amazing swipeable reveal posts. Plenty of photo editing applications such as Lightroom presets, for instance, can show off their digital edits through carousel posts, too. Believe us, before ad after reveals of any type, let that be a digital makeover or a physical one, are sure to attract multiple scroll-throughs on a carousel post. 



Personalized Recommendations


If you plan to create content targeted to different audiences thus increasing your brand’s reach and engagement, carousel posts are a great option. This way you deliver super-localized advice and don’t alienate a wider audience. Most of all, through carousel posts Instagrammers make recommendations on age groups, skin types, personality types, etc. 



Sharing Brand Stories


Having a carefully curated feed you don’t want to disrupt while sharing personalized stories, make use of carousel posts. This can be anything important for your brand starting with your first office images and ending with newspaper headlines addressed to your brand. 



Getting into Details


To show up close-up shots and fine details to your audience Instagram carousel posts are irreplaceable. This technique is particularly widely used by style influencers. They deliver the way they style a look and show what they’re wearing through carousel posts. 



Customer Reviews


Customer reviews are capable of heavily influence a brand’s success. If your brand regularly receives positive reviews by customers, it makes sense of sharing them on carousel posts. This way you will increase your brand visibility, build trust on this social media platform, and generate interest in what you offer your customers. 



Sharing Outtakes


It has been a trend on Instagram in 2019 to share several different variants of the same shot in a carousel post. This seems to go into the new 2020 year, too. The concept of such posts is not tricky. This way Instagrammers just share a certain number of extra photos alongside a winning shot. In most cases, these are “Social media against reality” themed images.