The purpose of every Instagram marketing campaign is getting a higher engagement rate, better brand awareness and increased sales. To get your efforts justified, we suggest discovering your Instagram content formula. With our help, you can create the winning content strategy to not only keep your target audience entertained, but also boost your brand awareness. But prior to that, let’s recall what InstaBF can offer you – unlimited liked, comments, views and followers for your Instagram and IGTV account on a profitable basis. So, let’s dive deeper.


What Is Instagram Content Formula?


If you wonder what Instagram content formula is, then imagine a unique recipe that will help you create constantly high-performing posts. Instead of posting content without being sure it will get your target audience’s attention for 100%, you’d better adhere to a precisely-defined content formula. This way you will be certain that your followers, as well as new Instagrammers, will love to engage with what you share.



Analyze the Top-Performing Posts


The first step of creating the best-working formula for your Instagram marketing campaign is analyzing what you have got. Do this through your Instagram analytics. Go there and pay close attention to the dashboard that reviews your top-performing Gram posts for the past several months. Juxtaposing the data with the lifetime of your Instagram account, you will have a precise look at particularly what type of content works best for your brand or simply account. Watch for such similarities as:

  • Image focus
  • Color and composition of images
  • Caption content
  • Whether it’s images or videos that perform the best



Clarify Your Content Strategy


Now, when you have a clear image of what type of content your target audience prefers the most, it’s already time to start creating your strategy. Be based on all the important conclusions you have come to, including the color and theme of images, the style of videos, the unique writing style you have created your captions in, etc. Don’t miss a thing to achieve the results you anticipate. Think about the upcoming holidays and how you can incorporate them into your strategy. And once you have got your strategy together, add it to your grid one by one. Work gradually to make the passing organic.  



Organize the Content You Share on Instagram


Having an explicit Instagram content formula to adhere to, you will have customizable media collections significantly more effective than without it. This is especially helpful when you are to plan content for an upcoming couple of weeks quickly while you don’t have the time to stroll in the net to find images and videos to post. The moment you have completely mastered your unique content formula, you will register a rise of engagement and overall awareness of your Instagram brand. Pumping out quality captions will be so easy, while your audience will love to engage with the content they expect to see from you. Don’t miss any chance to shine on Gram!