How to Create an Ideal Buyer Persona to Boost Your Instagram Marketing

How to Create an Ideal Buyer Persona to Boost Your Instagram Marketing


Every successful Instagram marketer should have the image of an ideal buyer. This is a sure way toward creating the right marketing strategy. How much can you tell about your buyer’s persona? The longer the answer to this question is, the easier it will be to achieve a success in your online business. In fact, understanding your potential clients’ (marketing personas’) feelings, needs and expectations will help you have more direct marketing efforts that will result in the improvement of your bottom sales.

So today, as you must have already guessed, InstaBF is going to speak about marketing personas, their significance, and their benefit. InstaBF is one of the most trustworthy Instagram providers on the market and is going to help you know what makes your customers cry, laugh, and … buy on Instagram!



Why You Should Create Buyer Personas


Before we guide you how to create the right marketing persona, it’s important to understand why you should do it. Having this precise image and knowing your clients really well is the shortest way towards creating the marketing content, as well as offering the services and products that will attract your target audience making them come for more. The more focused your approach to the potential buyers is the higher conversions you can expect.



Collecting the Necessary Information


If you wonder how you can collect the necessary information about your marketing personas, we’ll hint you a couple of quite ethical methods.

  1. Using such services as, for example, SurveyMonkey, you can carry out interviews and surveys. Besides, such services can assist in forming the right questions so that to get the useful answers.
  2. It’s worth having a look at your Instagram analytics. The latter can be found in the section Audience of an Instagram Business account. Particularly this section will give you the data on your most engaged fans (gender, age, location, etc.).
  3. Google Analytics and Facebook are great sources for crucial data, too. InstaBF advises having a glance at Geo, Interests, and Demographics.

Once you have the necessary data, you will notice the vision of your potential customer to form. From this, you need to create a template of a buyer persona. Give it a name – the one that perfectly matches your ideal customer, and start profiling him/her.



The Template to Use

The following points will help you in finalizing your perfect marketing persona:

  • The age, gender, marital status;
  • Whether the buyer persona uses mass transit; rents or has his/her own vehicle;
  • Preferences in the social media, as well as how the marketing persona accesses information;
  • Dreams and ambitions in both career and life;
  • What most common objectives the persona has during a sales process;
  • What challenges your potential buyers face and how your offers can help them in their solutions;
  • Precise examples how your services or products can integrate into your buyer’s life;
  • An idea (maybe a quote) that best describes your marketing persona;
  • A well-schemed speech of a marketing nature that appears specific to every marketing persona.


After incorporating all this information into one model, you will have an ideal marketing persona in front of you. Find out how you can use the information and the model you created for developing specific plans and strategies to increase the return on your investments.


IGTV Marketing: How to Get More Views and Increase Engagement of Your Account

IGTV Marketing: How to Get More Views and Increase Engagement of Your Account

Previously, we have discussed the opportunities of IGTV for business and described a few general practices of video content making that were tested and approved by hundreds of marketers over the years of the Web 2.0 existence. In this article, we will dive deeper into the abyss of video marketing to spot the pitfalls, riffs, and bottlenecks of promoting a brand with video content.

To begin with, one should better understand what IGTV actually is and what changes may occur to the policy of the platform as it will help you to work out the proper strategy. The first and the most important thing to understand is that this functionality is brand new, so there is not too much content and this allows the early birds to get more views and become popular comparatively easy and with fewer investments.

Another highly probable change that may be introduced soon after the IGTV app gains the sufficient audience is the ads inserted in the video by the platform with additional monetization for content makers (the feature is quite familiar to any vlogger who uses YouTube). This second probable change may be a good tool for cross-channel engagement at least at the beginning as the ads pricing should be much more attractive in comparison with the existing competitors.

Still, the main goal for the early adopter of IGTV is to get as many views and likes from the very start as possible as it will be the source of income both in terms of sales conversion and of channel monetization in future.

So, here are a few thoughts that may lay the foundations for the breakthrough.


Know Your Target Audience



It is easier than it sounds. All in all, Instagram is a perfect all-around platform for reaching almost any desirable customer group: it is popular both with digital natives and older generations, so the demographics are extremely favorable for any experiments. More than 70% of the social network users have an Instagram account and, what’s more important, 82% of Instagram users check it on an everyday basis. And, judging by the statistics of the platform, it is continuously growing over the last 3 years gradually increasing its share on the market.

So, in this case, you will never be in a hit-and-miss situation with IGTV.


Thoughtful Video Production

With the rise of Instagram and the peak of the smartphone era, videos become more and more influential in term of decision-making. But don’t ignore the fact that your video must capture attention and push the trigger within the first 16 seconds, so keep it in mind while planning the content production. Your videos should be eye-catching and mind-blowing at the same time.

Currently, the vertical format is still to be adopted and, as we mentioned before, a larger part of conservative and more professional video creators will remain the YouTube adherents. But we have strong reasons to believe that very soon pros of video content creators are likely to turn their gaze upon the vertical format of IGTV due to significantly lower competition. And surely they will be able to offer a number of options for those marketers who wouldn’t like to limit themselves only to raw videos shot with consumer-level smartphone cameras.


E-Commerce Redirection


No need to mention that social networks are becoming integrated with online shops and, in fact, are gradually turning into huge marketplaces with adding more and more functionality that allows businesses to fulfill the full cycle of sales within the platform. Instagram is not an exception and this trend will evoke more fundamental changes in future. The latest improvements connected with shoppable tags, the rumored introduction of proprietary payment system are the sure signs of the advancing revolution.

As for IGTV, it allows redirection from the video title right to the store webpage (previously this function was available only for the bio page on Instagram) and it is a tremendous conversion tool that should be praised by all the SMM managers of the world.

So, if your brand is offering a catalog of products it will be wise to organize your products in albums and run your IGTV channel within this context to be fully armed by the massive advent of e-commerce functionality on Instagram.


Buying IGTV Views

Now it is obvious to any marketing specialist that purchasing views and likes both for Instagram posts and for IGTV videos is only a part of a promotional strategy and no one will deny that it should be used by a skillful and knowledgeable specialist. However, some people regard buying likes, views, and comments as an extravagant and unnecessary activity which is surely a completely erroneous point of view.

In case, with IGTV the importance of purchasing likes and views and using the snowball effect we have already mentioned in one of our previous articles as the platform’s user base is still evolving and now it’s high time to make a leap to the summit. And InstaBF is ready to help you with it, check out our IGTV Likes, IGTV Views and IGTV Comments!

Useful Instagram Marketing Podcasts

Useful Instagram Marketing Podcasts

Instagram marketing podcasts are a great source of learning all the necessary nuances about such an “art” as internet marketing. As a rule, these podcasts are addressed to assisting you in growing your Instagram business account. And if you got interested in the most useful podcasts, InstaBF, a popular Instagram provider, will be glad to present to your attention five most effective Instagram podcast episodes. Be certain, you will have a better idea how to perfect your Instagram marketing strategy, achieve a higher engagement and drive more sales on this social platform.


Doubling Instagram Growth

Jenna Kutcher is an expert when it refers to growing a massive number of Instagram followers in the shortest possible times. That comes to prove over 500k followers she currently has. In fact, she was able to double the number of her Insta followers in only one month! How did she manage that? One can find that out in the 155th episode of The Goal Digger Podcast.

According to Jenna, posts with her own photos turned out to be more popular than others. She carried out her own experiment and the results were amazing. In one month entirely dedicated to posting her own photographs, she had her engagement rate skyrocket up to 9% per every post, while there was also one post obtaining over 21% engagement!


Attention towards Influencer Marketing

The next effective podcast is suggested by Amber Venz Box & Sophia Amoruso. Even though the author doesn’t provide any practical tips related to influencer marketing, it shed a light on its entire history, showcases all the trends and forces that play a major role in the market today. Accordingly, if you’ve been considering whether to run an influencer marketing on Instagram or not, this podcast is able to push you into the right decision.


A View on Instagram by its Founders

Will you agree if we say that besides being extremely inspirational, it’s so educative and thrilling to hear about the birth and general conception of such a giant social media as Instagram from its founders? If yes, then the podcast “How I Built This” by Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger will interest you. The episode contains information on both the platform’s successes and failures.


Creating Efficient Instagram Marketing

Unlike the podcast by Amber Venz Box, that created by a digital entrepreneur and founder of PeopleMap Jennifer Puno contains precise steps how to create and run an effective social media marketing. In her story, she tells how she managed to grow from 0 to 80,000 followers in just one year. Adhering to the ton of tips and tools offered by Jennifer, you can quickly build your own influence on Instagram!

Promoting Your Courses

Who if not Alex Tooby knows what to do to drive amazing marketing results on Instagram? One of her podcasts titled “Femtrepreneur” tells a series of topics concerning how to curate an attractive Instagram feed, how to build an email funnel, and, majorly, how to convert Instagram followers into customers. Tooby herself has some experience in launching courses on Instagram, which we need to admire, are greatly popular. And with her decent tips, monetizing your Insta account due to building a clear and effective strategy, is already possible.

Instagram Tips from Instagram Marketing Experts

Instagram Tips from Instagram Marketing Experts

The new 2018 year is a lot promising not only for ordinary Instagram users but also for Instagram marketers. For instance, such new features as the capability of following hashtags, or the Alpha Test Program which was designed for marketers to experiment with updates of their productions, were brought forward for increasing the opportunities of Instagram businesses even more. And right now right here, at InstaBF’s blog, we have amassed several most essential tips and recommendations left by industry leading professional marketing managers. By adhering to them, you’ll succeed in creating some really fascinating content to grow your following and sales on Instagram.

Using Instagram’s Strength

According to Daniel Holtzman (from the Spark Group)The engrossing and notoriously engaging feature of Instagram make it a strong platform for content, yet a weak one for advertising, as people won’t likely leave their feed to pass to a company’s website. Yet, turning this weakness into strength, you may benefit from your paid content even more than from organic content. For instance, why not make use of Instagram carousel ads in your e-commerce campaign to showcase your customers up to ten products in a single ad unit?! These can also be several descriptions of the same product. Besides, the cost per conversion in carousel posts is around 30%-50% lower than that of an ordinary image link advertisement. This Instagram feature is sure to give a great boost to your services or products.

Attracting Customers on Instagram Silently

Did you know, that according to the surveys carried out, only around 15% of Instagram users watched videos with the sound switched on? Taking into account this information, it becomes obvious that basing the whole essence of an Instagram video advertisement on its audio won’t give any results. Moreover, it will appear senseless unless the sound it on. As Raychale Dukeman (from LYFE Marketing) states, the content advertised is to be so strong that it can convey the company’s services or products even without any audio.

For succeeding in such an advertisement, the latter should be represented in bold and luscious colors, look either funny or enthralling, feature well-crafted text in eye-catching fonts, and, of course, a captivating CTA.

Instagram Stories as the «Heavy Artillery»

Brian DiFeo from The Mobile Media Lab states that Instagram stories bring twice or trice more engagement than regular posts do. Incorporate this fact into your business strategy and provide your followers with real-time updated content. You can integrate such features into your brand’s Insta images as locations or features before making a Story. This way you may let your audience know about the current promotions or events.

So, as you see, these are great ways of boosting an Instagram business and creating really powerful advertisements. All the three tactics are tried by the industry leading experts and are a win-win option for your brand, too. InstaBF is the service which can boost your Instagram account’s engagement and increase the number of your followers. Just order as many Instagram likes, comments and followers as you may need!

Instagram Brand Hashtags as a Means of Visual Content Marketing Promotion

Instagram Brand Hashtags as a Means of Visual Content Marketing Promotion

A branded hashtag can become a powerful tool if used wisely. Surely, the primary purpose of a branded hashtag is promoting the business’s products and services. Yet, a series of other grandiose ways exist and each of them is sure to enhance your marketing efforts on Instagram. Right now, InstaBF is going to reveal them one by one. So, stay tuned!

Branded Hashtags Gather UGC

If you are interested in Instagram marketing, you must have heard about the power of Instagram user-generated content and the contests structured around it. These are very entertaining and, of course, all the vogue! And particularly this sphere is where your correctly picked up branded hashtag can make wonders! To benefit from such a UGC campaign, make up an ongoing contest based on the participants contributing something and expecting a reward in return. For instance, if your business is based on selling modern T-shirts, give a start to an online contest and encourage your followers to post their photos with your T-shirts on. And don’t forget about rewards for the most successful photos. This entire contest is to be tagged. Particularly here you will need a good brand hashtag.

Inspire Your Community with a Branded Hashtag

Storytelling on Instagram has an incredible influence on the social network’s users. Through images, people get the opportunity to tell about their experiences and inspire others. It will be quite a good idea to use a branded hashtag for inspiring your Instagram community and attracting new followers. For this, use an appropriate content and let people post their content with it just like Lulemon did. Their #thesweatlife hashtag got immensely popular on Instagram and motivated people lead a healthy lifestyle. As many as four hundred thousand posts were made with this brand hashtag!

Spread Behind-the-Scenes Branded Hashtags

Be sure, your faithful customers would like to know how the products they obtain are designed and created. Why not let them peek into this part of your business by the means of a branded hashtag?! They can get acquainted (well, at least through your brand tagged posts) with the people working on the production.

You can also use it to keep your customers aware of all the new products lines and company news.

Brand Tag an Upcoming Event

Are you going to host an event and seek a means to encourage your followers spread the content about it? A brand hashtag can be your solution. The latter will not only drive a huge engagement but also organize all the posts made with your brand hashtag on one page.

What you should be careful with, is creating a really catching brand hashtag to announce a special event. It needs to be so attractive that Instagram users want to retweet and repost it.

Brand Hashtags Promoting New Product Lines

And at the last, use branded hashtags for promoting your new product lines. Once your company releases new products, hurry to reach new people interested in them. To make this efficiently, use those brand hashtags that best describe particularly the new products.

These were the five ways of using branded hashtags for your business suggested by InstaBF. However, besides this, we would also like to present to your attention several packages of Instagram likes, comments, and followers. Order any package you need, and be certain, it will be implemented in a timely manner!