Nonprofit Organizations You Should Follow on Instagram

Nonprofit Organizations You Should Follow on Instagram

Since the launching of Instagram in 2010, it has been attracting more and more people (mostly teenage and young people) to join this incredibly bright and entertaining social network. Today over five hundred million daily active users follow their favorite celebrities, brands and simply acquaintances. Businesses immensely benefit from Instagram and influencers earn their living by advertising diverse products. However, above all this, nonprofit organizations acquire Instagram as a wonderful dynamic marketing tool, as well. Here are several most popular nonprofit campaigns worth following.

Doctors Without Borders

The nonprofit organization Doctors Without Borders was founded in 1971. Since then, it’s been providing independent medical care to people living in unfavorable conditions with the help of its immense staff of doctors and nurses. Till today, people from over sixty poor countries have got a wide range of medical assistance from the organization. Above all this, the campaign strives to drive the world’s attention to people in need and all those inhumanities they have to face every day. So, it really makes sense to become a part of this nonprofit organization at least by following their Instagram account and reposting what they share. Find them using the hashtag #doctorswithoutborders.

Charity: Water

Water is the life and the purpose of this nonprofit organization is to give this “life” to those who need it. Through their Instagram account, the Charity: Water informs people how the organization helps poor countries and delivers clean drinking water to them. Instagram users, following the charity campaign experience unbelievable emotions by seeing the photos of people who get clean drinking water for the first time of their life. You can follow the campaign #charitywater.

Pencils of Promise

The aim of this nonprofit organization is to bring the hopes and dreams of children living in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Laos closer to reality. The right to get an education should be equal for all children and this campaign struggles to have its contribution to it. It’s so exciting to see poor children with books and pens in hands and smiles on their faces. To support this great idea, you can find and follow #pencilsofpromise to repost photos of these individual children who believe in better future.

Oxfam American

It’s been around forty years since Oxfam America started fighting against poverty, hunger and the inhuman injustices going on in the whole world. The campaign showcases the global problems and provides the evidence of certain solutions they have managed to get.

InstaBF, the service that offers to order as many Instagram likes, comments, and followers as you need, wants to drive your attention to the fact that the world isn’t only sunshine and rainbows. Surely it’s your right to follow talented artists and handsome Instagram celebrities, yet by devoting a little part of your time to nonprofit campaigns, you add one more feather in their wings. With your and our help, their humanitarian purposes can become closer to reality.

Creating Killer Brand Hashtags

Creating Killer Brand Hashtags

If you are searching a way to spread a word about your business on Instagram, using a branded Insta hashtag can be a wonderful solution. In fact, around seventy percent of hashtags are brand-orientated nowadays. Whether you use your brand name or an inspirational message as a hashtag, it can become a powerful tool in attracting visitors and increasing your engagement rate. The only thing you need here is to act wisely and pick up a really killer hashtag for your Instagram business. We’ll present to your attention how you can create mind-blowing brand hashtags. But before that, let us showcase you our special offer. InstaBF is able to provide you with multiple comments, likes, and followers to make your Instagram profile stand out. Order any package presented at an affordable price being calm for the safety of your account, as all profiles provided are real-looking ones with active engagement rates.

What Branded Hashtag Is

According to studies carried out, any post made with hashtags (at least one) gets around 12% more engagement than that without any hashtag. By amplifying the message you want to deliver to your followers, Instagram hashtags help you cover even a larger spectrum of audience. So, a branded hashtag is that which is originally catered right to your business. Whetted it’s the brand name, a tagline, or the name of a product line, it should clearly identify your business.

Creating Branded Hashtags

To help you create some killer brand hashtags, we have separated a few tips. Adhere to them and combine with those clever phrases and keywords you intend to use for a win-win result!

Make it Simple

Keeping the brand hashtag as simple and short as possible is important. Your followers and possible customers should be able to remember and spell the hashtag easily. However, this doesn’t mean the hashtag is to be primitive. For instance, if you own a coffee shop, there is no sense in tagging it with “#verytastyfood”. Instead, you can add “#foodforgourmets”.

Additionally, a good brand hashtag is to be simply spelled with no double letters or misspelled words. Avoid any kind of gibberish.

Add Some Wittiness and Humor

As statistics show, hashtags with humorous and witty phrases incorporated, tend to make a deeper impression on Insta users. For instance, once Red Bull made a post with #putacanonit and inspired users to upload creative photos tagging them the same way. This was quite a success and as a result, the post gathered around ten thousands marvelous photos of Red Bull tagged the same way!

Don’t Compete

The purpose of creating a good hashtag for your business is making people enthusiastic about discussing it on the social network. Your hashtag should be relevant and accentuated on the topic you want it to be. Therefore, prior to submitting it, make sure there are no active discussions over the same hashtag. You just need to be original, hence don’t compete with already-existing hashtags brought into the arena by other brands.

Make it Memorable

An impressive and memorable brand hashtag is always rolling off the tongue, that’s what Instagram users state. A good idea is to add a little bit of creativity. Apply familiar words which are, yet brand-centric.

Once you have created a truly efficient and imposing brand hashtags, it’s high time to spread them on the web. Use the hashtags in all marketing materials you post including emails, brand images, printed products, etc. And the last, make sure your brand hashtag is added to your profile’s bio. This way your true followers will know about the new hashtag and use it.

Planning a Holiday Marketing Campaign

Planning a Holiday Marketing Campaign

Are you planning to run a holiday marketing campaign on Instagram? Actually, this is a good idea as Instagram has become a grandiose platform for marketing. And if you need a guide for this, instaBF is glad to present an efficient checklist for a holiday marketing campaign. But before that, let us introduce you our amazing packages of Instagram likes, comments and followers. Be certain, we provide only HQ followers that have real-looking profiles. Order the pack that best meets your requirements and stat satisfied like thousands of others who have dealt with InstaBF.

Now we are ready to present to your attention all steps of the checklist one by one.

1. Introducing Your Creative Concept

An efficient out-of-the-box concept is a must when starting a holiday marketing campaign. However, if you feel like not coping with it on your own, here are several points that will help you distinguish better:

  • the idea behind your holiday marketing campaign should be fresh every year;
  • you have decided particularly what products/services your campaign is to concentrate on;
  • decide whether you will be cooperating with Insta influencers or not, and if yes, find the most suitable ones.

2. Creating Photo/Video Assets

When creating photo or video content for your holiday marketing campaign, it’s essential to be unique and creative. For this, you can scheme a Pinterest board which will demonstrate your campaign’s aesthetics. Be sure, you will need this board for your photographers, influencers and the whole team to get an image what visual qualities you plan to achieve. If you have determined to create the content yourself without applying to any specialists, make sure you have all the necessary equipment including the good camera, memory cards, etc. You also need to find a proper area to make your shootings. Make sure it suits your products and concept. Remember that the results should combine the photos of products combined with lifestyle images.

By the way, it is a grandiose idea to tease your target audience with some teasing behind-the-scenes photos or videos. Make them on your Stories.

3. Making Use of Influencers’ Services

Taking into account the great impact Instagram influencers have on users nowadays, it will be wise to incorporate their efficiency in your holiday market campaign. Make an audit and choose Niche influencers whose followers meet your target audience.

Before contacting an Instagram influencer, draft an outline with your campaign dates, expectations of the content, delivery dates and payment details to provide it to your influencers.

4. Scheduling Content

The moment you have collected all the content your holiday campaign requires, schedule a plan for posting it. As the holiday approaches, you will hardly have any time for thinking about the appropriate fresh posts. You will most likely be busy with delivering products to your customers. Save your time by scheduling your social network content beforehand.

Expected Marketing Trends of 2018

Expected Marketing Trends of 2018

Our beloved Instagram social network is sure to welcome Instagram businesses to the new 2018 year with plenty of innovations and trends. Surely, we can expect to face more marketing content on Instagram Stories, yet content performance optimization and paid ads are going to have their unique place in reaching up to customers through Instagram as well. New analytics tools and features are expected to come to the arena, too. Let’s now get acquainted with the major marketing trends of Instagram in 2018.

Boosting Insta’s Posts

Do you remember the whole hustle and bustle when Facebook acquired Instagram six years ago? Brands feared they would be obliged to pay for reaching up to their customers like they did with Facebook. And now, despite Instagram stories and free clickable links, that fear seems to be reasonable. 2018 suggests becoming friendly with paid Instagram advertisements. It’s definitely going to be more complicated for new Instagram influencers and small businesses to run an advertisement campaign, yet 2018 also makes boosting regular posts easier. After creating a post, one can opt for promoting it (viewed with “sponsored” note and CTA above) and hence get more visits, likes, and impressions. So, 2018 Instagram presumes combining organic and paid strategies for a marketing development of your brand!

Driving Sales on Instagram in 2018

Undoubtedly, clickable links did a great job in driving traffic through Insta’s stories, yet 2018 will offer even a more effective way for this. Probably, you’ve already heard about Shopify. And with the use of this service’s new feature integration, brands will now be able to tag their products (add the name and price) right on the photos. Customers, in their turn, won’t have to leave the application for making a purchase.

Refining Instagram Profiles

According to the results of 2017, more and more people used Instagram platform instead of Google for browsing this or that brand. Hence, in 2018 every business should devote time and efforts to creating an aesthetically pleasant Instagram profile. For this, it’s worth applying a consistent editing style and color palette, Instagram highlights. Such amazing tools as Later, for instance, will assist you greatly in designing an impressive feed.

Making the Most Out of Instagram Stories

An efficient marketing strategy for 2018 is implementing Instagram Stories for attracting new customers and driving sales. Released relatively lately, in March of the last year, the advertising platform of Stories makes it possible for brands to experiment and discover what works the best for the promotion of their products. Customers expect to see conversion-friendly and creative Stories by their favorite brands in 2018. And companies, meanwhile, plan to pay special attention to the stories they create for customers.

Micro-Influencer Marketing of 2018

Instagram influencers had to have millions of followers to attract companies for cooperation. Companies, on the other hand, had to spend millions of dollars on advertising their production through Instagram influencers. The new 2018 year will bring more opportunities to Instagram influencers with less yet more engaged followers that were a must last year. Micro-influencer marketing is the innovation both companies and Instagram users will benefit from. Micro-influencers are not celebrities, they are rather everyday consumers, who are more reliable and franker with their followers. Hence, what they recommend in their feeds, comes like good advice from a friend rather than a cool advertisement.

Anyway, no matter what changes the new 2018 year will bring, InstaBF will still be operating and offer you as many likes, comments, views, and followers as you may find necessary for making your Instagram account more attractive. As usual, we’ll still be making everything to provide our clients with the quality service they expect from us.

How You Can Become Good Instagram Influencer

How You Can Become Good Instagram Influencer

Do you have thousands of followers on Instagram who are eager to learn anything you agree to share with them? Then why not make use of it and become an influencer and earn quite not bad profit? Believe, this is a dream job perhaps for every Instagram user, yet far not all of them can become one. So, in case you are up to achieving the honorable status of an “Instagram influencer”, you will need to put in the work. InstaBF will gladly introduce to you five most effective steps for this. But before this, let us present our offer that is sure to attract you. We are the service which can provide you with a multitude of likes, views, comments, and followers. By relying on us, be certain all your new followers will be real people and not bots.

Now let’s pass on the tips we promised you.

Choosing a Niche and Standing for Something Real

Every real influencer on Instagram should use his/her brand as his/her personality. The key to success here is adhering to one’s identity. Make sure your Instagram niche thoroughly corresponds to your lifestyle. Be authentic and be fair to your fans whether there are thousands of them or millions. Are you interested in fitness, or perhaps you are a true art-addict and can draw marvelous canvas yourself? No matter what you are good at, you just need to stick to that and be faithful to your beliefs. If your fans suspect you are imitating a life you simply dream of and not lead yourself, you will instantly lose them. View your fans as your friends, and create only meaningful content t you can be proud of yourself.

Building Creative Brand Aesthetic

Managing a social network account for a certain business, it’s crucial to keep aesthetics in mind. The presentation of the brand should be creative and consistent. Particularly these features will help your brand thrive at. By creating a brand aesthetic, first think of the colors, photography style, images and other stuff that aligns with your business. Curate your Instagram account content will increase the number of your followers and your exposure to them.

Don’t Stop Evolving

Instagram constantly undergoes changes. A successful influencer is able to embrace every change and test out any new feature the platform offers. Conservativeness is something you need to forget about and be open to innovations. Read articles, follow other bloggers and influencers, and search inspiration in your community.

Create Real Relationships

A great means of strengthening your online connection with your followers is moving it offline. Dedicate some time to meeting your fans, followers and the members of fellow influencers. Create real friendship with some you feel more connected to, organize some joint activities you all are interested in and are good at the most to pass all that online for other followers to see.

Use Productivity Applications

Let applications offered to help you as an Instagram influencer. Be sure, you simply can’t go far without them. Use diverse apps for taking grandiose photographs, collecting UGC, planning your feed before posting, editing photos for preserving persistent brand aesthetic, and other purposes.