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All that You Should Know about #TBT as an Instagram Marketer

All that You Should Know about #TBT as an Instagram Marketer

Have you ever used the hashtag #TBT on Instagram? TBT is currently very popular and is widely used by literally everyone on Instagram – influencers, brands, celebrities, your aunt! If you have no idea about it, you will find this post by InstaBF, a leading IG and IGTV provider, highly helpful. Here we shall reveal the meaning of TBT and how you can use it to the benefit of your Instagram brand. Brands can actively use this hashtag to tell stories, build engagement, raise their brand awareness, and at last just have fun! You see, you just ought to make #TBT posts! How? Let’s have that covered.



What TBT Means


The abbreviation TBT stands for Throwback Thursday. Instagram users use the hashtag whenever they post old images and videos of themselves and their close people for some nostalgic feelings. These don’t have to be merely photos or videos. You can also post audio recordings or even texts. Currently, there are around 500 million posts with #TBT hashtag!



Why You Should Use #TBT


#TBT is widespread not only on Instagram but also on Facebook and Twitter. Hence, using the hashtag, you are accomplishing the following crucial points on these top social media platforms:


  • Increasing engagement


According to the statistics, those brands which have made posts with #TBT registered a 50% more increase in engagement than those who neglected the tag. 


  • Increase audience


Plenty of Instagrammers follow different hashtags. So, once you make a respective post, it will probably appear in their feed. This way you can introduce your brand to a totally new audience. Sounds great, doesn’t it?


  • Boost brand awareness


With a #TBT post, you display clearly who your brand is and where it came from. Use this and tell your brand’s story of origin by sharing old images or videos if you have. Let people discover your brand from a new side. 



How TBT Works


You can use Throwback Thursday in a number of formats which, yet, should all call back to a moment or event in the past. Just keep that in mind whenever you are making a TBT post and your content will work. The most common formats include photos, videos, text, audio. 

Anyway, you should still adhere to some rules for success: 

  • The first crucial element of a #TBT post is sharing the content on Thursdays. 
  • The content you share must be tagged with #TBT, #ThrowbackThursday, or both. 
  • The content must be really old. For an Instagram business or brand, the content must harken back to a different time – not even years, but decades. Ideally, #TBT content is from before the era of the internet. 
  • Share nostalgia-inducing snaps once a week. 



ThrowBack Thursday Ideas


So, if you have decided to integrate #TBT into your Instagram marketing strategy, you will need some great ideas for a start:


  • Location


If you own a land-based business and use Insta just to promote it, it will be great to post your business’ physical location – archival footage. 


  • Employees


Every business is based on its employees. So, use TBT to share images of them when they were young and were first employed by you. These can be original employees, those at work when you incorporated any new equipment then, or images of the company founders. 


  • Customers


Celebrate your customers with a throwback to those of yesteryear. These must be images of your customers interacting with your employees or just brand years ago. 


  • Achievements and milestones 


TBT can also be a great tool to celebrate your achievements during the years and recollect all the hardships you have overcome as a brand. Post images of your first product collection, major events you have had, and the difficult days when something could put an end to your brand but you turned out to be stronger! 

Instagram Marketing Ideas for June

Instagram Marketing Ideas for June

With day becoming warmer and longer, we get prepared for summer. And what about your Instagram business? No matter whether summer is a slow time for your business or it is booming, you need to get prepared for the season properly. Fulfilling some efficient June marketing ideas, you will give a good start to your business this summer. So, InstaBF, a popular IG and IGTV provider, will present to your attention some grandiose marketing ideas right away. Here are they:



National Donut Day, June 1st


Whether your business is in the food industry or not, you can turn National Donut Day to your benefit. In fact, there is a number of ways you can incorporate the event to your business and make a sweet start for this summer. For instance, host an event with a local bakery or organize an online challenge the prize of which will be a box of sweet donuts.



World Environment Day, June 5th


On June 5th Instagram users will be definitely interested in environmentally conscious actions. You can collect donations for a charity devoted to environmental protection or you can offer eco-friendly products form a limited edition. All these will boost in promoting green business practices and keep clients think highly of your company. All the posts made on this day are better to be in earthy tones for an especially attractive appearance.



Father’s Day, June 17th


This is perhaps the holiday that nearly all of us can connect with. In fact, it’s the day you can try new marketing ideas being sure they’ll be a success. However, your Father’s Day marketing must be genuine and somewhat personal. It should refer to your target audience’s fathers and touch their hearts. For this, you can organize a special Father’s Day gift or discount card if your customers come with their fathers.



First Day of Summer, June 21st


The summer solstice is the ideal time to give a beach party or organize a beach challenge. A giveaway with a gift purchase relevant to the event. This can be a koozie or a beach blanket. To gain traction on your Instagram account, build a blog post on funny summer activities.



Taking a Dog to Work Day, June 22nd


This is the event you can use to promote positive vibes on your Instagram account. Actually, this is the day when you can help your followers knowledge men and women who have dedicated their lives to the public. We should all know them! Hence, feature a remarkable member of the community on your Instagram account, tell about him/her in the caption. Or you can offer big discounts to those in public service and then post about it.



Public Service Day, June 23rd


If you have a pet, you definitely know that after taking care of him for some time, he becomes a family member. Be sure your followers feel the same about their pets. Hence, it’s important to recognize and celebrate this small yet so funny holiday – taking your dog to your workplace. Besides posting an image of your dog in your workplace, you can offer some free treats or organize an Instagram contest. Use special hashtags and encourage your followers to post images of their pooches at their workplaces. An impressively higher engagement rate is guaranteed.

Your True Guide to Personal Care and Beauty Content Marketing for 2019

Your True Guide to Personal Care and Beauty Content Marketing for 2019

As Instagram gets into 2019, personal care brands think of new ways of promoting their brands. In fact, they have to think smart to brace themselves for new attitudes and trends of marketing. And if you run a personal care brand on Instagram, there are some trends you should be mindful of. With this said, InstaBF is glad to help you be a better marketer for your brand.


  • Customization and Social Proof: Before purchasing a personal care product, a shopper will expect to see someone like herself use it, someone, who can be a part of their peer group. Therefore, cooperating with micro-influencers, whose posts are widely relied upon by their followers, can be a true way to success.


  • From Clean to Natural: It’s an established fact most consumers have turned to natural personal care and beauty products. Natural products were a real trend in 2018. However, besides demanding natural care products, people will look for “clean” ones in this new 2019 year in light of growing concern for the environment. “Eco-friendly” is the feature consumers want to see in the description of a product from now on. The appearance of such a brand as Love Beauty and Planet, for instance, comes to prove that the beauty care industry is already reacting to this demand.


  • Diversity and Inclusion: Though not new for 2019, the need to salute diversity and inclusion is going to be even more evident this year!


  • Authentic Social Content: From the numerous content marketing methods you can involve in your marketing strategy, you’d better opt for authentic social content. This means that a huge part of your Instagram posts should be created not by your brand but by your consumers. Be sure, there will never be a shortage of customers posting their looks to Instagram. And if you manage to encourage people to tag your brand when posting images, you will do great! In fact, UGC is a true way for a personal care brand to keep its marketing on trend in 2019.  



Digital UGC Marketing Tips for Beauty Brands


  • The first tip is creating an online brand identity. The beauty industry on Instagram is saturated, undoubtedly. Yet, there are still new brands emerging and hacking their way into the industry by their unique approach. For instance, Frankboy brand is a new one, yet has already managed to gain popularity among consumers. What does it do? They have simply developed a unique personality, an original tone-of-voice, a quirky language, and a smart method of using UGC.


  • Another tip is telling your consumers what to post. According to the statistics, over 50% of consumers want a brand to tell them what type of content to post, but only around 15% of personal care brands do that. This fact needs to be reviewed in 2019. For example, Glossier brand loves giving Instagrammable backgrounds to their consumers. Another personal care products brand promises discount codes to both customize online recognition and incentivize more user-generated content.
Effective Instagram Visual Marketing Tips

Effective Instagram Visual Marketing Tips

Visual marketing has become popular among all Instagram marketers, as it has proved to really work. In fact, it delivers the kind of results that few brands could ever dream of before creating their Instagram accounts. A single image included in an Instagram update is able to make the post stand out in the timelines of the brand’s followers and increase the brand’s engagement rate. According to the statistics, over 80% of people skim the content online that involves only reading. In the meantime, those posts that have captivating images, get as much as 650% higher engagement. Besides, half a second is enough for a person to form the first impression of the brand and a good image is the best tool for that. So, InstaBF, one of the most remarkable IG and IGTV providers of the market, is going to speak about visual content marketing and provide you with some tips that can improve your brand’s engagement.



What Visual Content Marketing Is


Visual content marketing is the content marketing that is based on visual content. Just like blog posts are written content, images, videos, GIFs and even infographics are all visual. Here are some visual marketing tips that can critically improve your engagement:



  • The Right Dimensions


If you have several accounts in different social networks, don’t create one all-purpose image for all of them. Remember that every social network uses a different image dimension. Hence, you need to get a new image for every social media that will be bespoke and look great right in the dimensions it is displayed in.



  • Visual CTA


An important part of marketing is CTA as particularly the latter encourages people to take the next action. Visual call-to-action appears to be even more effective than a usual one included in a blog post or a social media update. Hence, actively use CTA in your Instagram images knowing they will work.



  • The Consistent Style


Having a consistent style on Instagram is highly important. Due to the latter, people can recognize any visual update you do from the very first glance. An extra accent can be via a frame added to each of your images, or the usage of the same filter for editing every image. The choice is yours, just make sure you are branding yourself through all your visuals.



  • Multiple Formats


An Instagram feed composed only of images may seem boring, don’t you think so? Hence, don’t just go posting only pretty pictures, but play with formats – use infographics, videos, memes, GIFs, etc. if you find they will be relevant to your target audience.



  • Popping Colors


The primary purpose of an Instagram image is to catch users’ attention when they scroll down the news feed. Taking this into consideration, it’s worth using bright colors popping out of the page. Anyway, this doesn’t mean you should distract from the cultural nuances and your brand voice. Even if your brand’s Instagram account is filled with black and white pictures, make certain they are remarkable, have depth and catch the eye from the first sight.


As 2018 has changed to 2019, visual content marketing seems to only increase in popularity. And as this social platform isn’t yet fully saturated, there’s still plenty of space for you to show your potential, seek new ways of attracting more customers through our picturesque Instagram images!

Seven Gorgeous Gram Influencer Marketing Tips for Your Brand for These Holidays: Part 2

Seven Gorgeous Gram Influencer Marketing Tips for Your Brand for These Holidays: Part 2

In our previous post, we started such an important theme for every Instagram business owner, like how to organize a marketing campaign with the involvement of an influencer for these holidays. The primary first three tips, including establishing the goals and plans beforehand, getting creative, and determining the offerings were already revealed. And now, InstaBF, a leading IG and IGTV provider, is going to share with you the other four tips. Ready? Let’s go ahead!



Creating a Set of Guidelines for the Instagram Influencers You’ll Be Partnering With

Holidays are crazy times for both Instagram businesses and influencers, and there is no time for uncertainties. It’s important to set clear guidelines and ensure the partnership between your brand and the Instagram influencer you have chosen gets you the highest returns. For this, create a packet of branding guidelines that includes the necessary hashtags, inspiration from past campaigns and anything else you may find necessary for your influencer to take into account when making promo posts. And don’t forget to include the deadline for your proposals. Only this way the influencer you like will respond to your offer. As we have already mentioned, nearly all influencers, especially mega-influencers, get tons of pitches from various brands and the clearer and more concise yours is, the better for you!  

On the other hand, don’t limit your influencer too much, as a professional influencer is experienced in creating content. Balance your packet of directions to guide your influencer and give him/her enough freedom at the same time.



Finding the Best Influencer for Your Brand’s Holiday Campaign

With so many Instagram influencers available today, it becomes so difficult to choose the one who can represent your brand’s holiday offering the best way. And if you can’t make out who is the right fit, we shall help you.

The first thing you need to consider is to find the influencers who are already talking about products or brands similar to yours. For instance, if you are offering holiday thematic lingerie, seek your influencer among those who often pose in lingerie by other brands.

The next aspect to consider is the demographics of the influencer. Make certain you ship goods to the locations the influencer’s most followers are from. And check out the gender and age of those followers.



Collecting and Posting Social Content


Cooperating with an Instagram influencer for the upcoming holidays means not only getting tons of new interesting content related to your brand but also a bunch of user-generated content. Make certain you have kept tabs on all the new posts once they appear on Instagram. Use them on your brand’s Instagram account parallel to the influencer’s posts.  



Measuring the Results of Your Influencer Marketing Campaign You Had on These Holidays

So, if you have organized and led your Instagram influencer holiday campaign, it will be important to check how it all performed and what results you achieved. Here are the major performance metrics to use and measure the impact of your marketing campaign:

  • Engagement rate involving shares, comments and even likes;
  • The brand sentiment that determines how much and how well people have started to talk about your brand;
  • Traffic that determines how many new customers have started to visit your account and website;
  • The increase in sales overall (during the holiday campaign and for a certain time period after it).


Once all these are settled, create a report and save it for next year. This way you will know how to determine your objectives and budget better for next holidays.