19 ways to attract fans through Instagram

19 ways to attract fans through Instagram

Instagram is used by all celebrities and people who just want gaining more popularity. Here we will tell you about 19 ways of attracting fans through this popular platform.

Use hashtags

They let you describing your photo or picture. Hashtags are a few words related to your image or brand.


Be funny

The writing of hashtags should be approached with humor and imagination, but avoid unrelated to your creativity themes.


Use cool headers

Headers are no less important than hashtags. Your goal is to write a funny witty headline, understandable to all subscribers.


Follow hashtags of competitors

Yes, you hate them, but they can greatly help at the initial stage. After all, if you cannot defeat them, you just have to join them.


Diversify your Instagram

Spread photos from concerts, sessions, parties and all that makes up your life.


Post awesome content

Make sure that you post exactly those images that will be of interest to readers. Take bright, colorful photos and learn using filters.


Buy likes and followers

More likes and followers you have – the faster your popularity is growing. Get high quality followers at InstaBF.


Combine your posts and export them to other social networks

The most remarkable feature of Instagram is the ability to post your photos at once on Facebook and Twitter: this is a good time-saving!


Link to your site on Instagram

If you want the fans to focus on music, you need to bring them to your site. To do this, just add a link to the site in your profile in Instagram.


Complete the profile

The description should be short and simple: your fans must get a desire to know more about you and visit your site.


Sing for your fans

Instagram allows you to upload short videos, so why not take advantage of this? Do also something that can emphasize your talent.


Become a blogger

A video blog with a tour is a great way to attract an audience, because most fans will never get on tour or on stage. Take short notes off the road.


Come up to business with humor

Share with fans funny videos and photos. It is a good idea to build a long-term contact with the public.


Look for your fans

In Instagram you can search by people and tags. Subscribe to anything that draws your attention.


Make more comments

When you find your potential fans, it’s time to start interacting with them. Fame is not just a performance on the stage. Comment on the fans so they can feel your personal presence.


Communicate with subscribers and fans

Interaction is the key to creating super-fans. Make them feel special. Comment on a few photos of your subscribers every day.


Take photos with your fans

Then publish the pictures in Instagram and do not forget to mark on them fans.



Often fans send their idols photos, drawings, videos, suggestions and thanks. You can make a real work of art from all of this stuff!


Use the photo from Instagram on your website

You can use Instagram widgets to add photos on your website, it really attracts attention.

Of course, this is not all that can be done at Instagram. But these 19 things are your “musts” to be done to gain popularity.

Instagram for Social Media Managers

Instagram for Social Media Managers

There are a lot of business accounts on Instagram. It is easy to run a page at the beginning, while the audience is not very big, but as the number of your followers grows bigger, and you need more effective measures to back up the growth of your customers, you might think about hiring a social media manager (SMM). However, you might know Instagram so well and the way it works that you choose to become a social media manager yourself. If you still wonder who a social media manager is, what duties he has, or if you are one of them and you wish to learn how to achieve more success in your job – read the article and find out now.

Who is a social media manager and what does he do?

Social media manager is a specialist who deals with promotion of your brand in social media networks. He runs your Instagram account (posting pictures, making captions, organizing contests etc.) and aims at increasing the number of your followers. Therefore, he is responsible for creating a certain, normally positive, image of your brand. Of course, a social media manager should have some certain qualities, and they are rather obvious – good communicative skills and creativity. Besides, this person must have a passion for the brand or any other topic he or she is dealing with, and last but not least, it is important to follow blogs about media and technologies and development tendencies of them. We all know that nothing stands still and one should always keep up with the changes.

SMM on Instagram

It is no wonder why Instagram is considered to be the best platform for promotion. There are a lot of reasons why social media managers pay a great attention to Instagram pages of the brands they deal with. Instagram has now become not only a place where you can see how your friends spend their free time, like their pictures and comment on them, but it provides any user with lots of opportunities, for example: communicating, meeting new people and earning money. Brands find their audience on Instagram and social media managers help them to do it faster and more efficiently.

InstaBF for SMM

With the help of our service you can give a good start to any Instagram account. We understand that it is not always as easy as it seems to achieve success on Instagram, especially now, when the market is taking over Instagram and every user “fights” for his followers, potential customers. If you have some difficulties or you don’t want to wait for success too long, you can check out our offers here. We care about our customers and do our best to provide you with any Instagram benefits you want. It doesn’t matter if you have just started your career as a social media manager or you have got lots of experience ­­– InstaBF can reinforce your achievement and give a boost to your career and any Instagram page you run.

Instagram Tips to Help Grow Your Brand on Instagram

Instagram Tips to Help Grow Your Brand on Instagram

In this article, we would like to provide a few more tips on Instagram promotion for online business. You can find the first part of the article here.

Use Proper Hashtags

Choosing a proper hashtag is essential for a successful campaign. It is not difficult – almost anyone will be able to do it. First of all, write out the keywords connected with your industry and products (the larger is the list the better will be the results) and check the popularity of the hashtags by searching them on the Instagram homepage.

For example, if we search for a “coffee machine”, we will get 81 thousand results. The top 9 posts (most liked ones) will be shown, and each of them will have a list of additional hashtags. These hashtags can also be used in your campaign. Use the real likes purchased from InstaBF to boost the position of your post and to promote your hashtag.

You should choose the words for hashtags carefully – avoid using plain words like “love”, “sports”, “cosmetics”, etc. Try to use the location markers of your business by adding a certain combination of letters, for example, state or country code (NYC, UK, LA). This helps to cover the target audience more precisely.

Note that the number of hashtags for a post should not exceed 30 and the account publishing such a post should be publicly accessible, otherwise, it will not be shown in search results. Hashtags may become outdated so do not forget to check the relevance of your hashtags at least once a month.

Do not forget about the analytics – there is a number of great tools providing full information about the most active followers of your community, the most effective posts, etc.

Study Positive Experience of Your Rivals

It is a great way to define the most crucial things that are required for successful promotion. So, if you have a sports clothing boutique, check the accounts of the most popular brands like Nike or Adidas. Or check the Apple account if you are dealing with electronics and hi-tech products.

Your direct competitors’ account may be a great source of popular and effective hashtags, contests and promotions. Scout for content, check their comment handling techniques. Use the knowledge to build an effective promotional campaign.

The Instagram blog also offers some posts about successful business promotion. SpearmintLove is a great example – it used to be a community of young mothers and rather quickly the administrators managed to convert it into an online store of baby clothing.

Thoughtful use of these techniques in combination with great content and real likes from InstaBF will help you to achieve great results and build up a successful promotional campaign. We will be glad to provide  more useful tips. Stay tuned!

Instagram tips: How one can turn followers into clients

Instagram tips: How one can turn followers into clients

Are you a beginner on Instagram world who wants to start business and you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re looking for new ideas to boost your success and you lack inspiration?

Here is a list of the ideas that you may find useful  to start and level-up your business on Instagram.

Look awesome!

One of the most useful ways to convert your followers into clients is to create a unique catchy profile that  grabs attention.  That means that you need to use all ways to demonstrate your product from different angles.

Make videos and take photos

It’s widely known that information can be delivered not only in a written form, but also in a form of visual demonstration ( videos). Small sneak peeks of your product can play even bigger role in boosting your business  than the written information which is given below the photo.  But then here comes the question: what’s an actual use of taking pictures? The answer is quite simple: it catches one’s eye, your profile plays out in fresh colors. Arrange your timetable and post new photos and videos everyday.

It can be pictures of  meetings your company arranges or, maybe, interesting moments of your working process, – the point is that it can be anything as long as it breathes life in your profile and boosts  followers’ interest.

Offer your followers discounts

In order to network with your customers on a long term make them feel special – offer “attractive” discounts! Special offers, without any doubt, is the best strategy to draw a plenty of customers.

Run photo contests

It’s another creative way to shake things up and give your followers an opportunity to feel the popularity and brighten their routine. It also encourages your customers to get involved in a new world where he or she can be a member of a big team. Keep in mind that prizes and a contest itself should appeal to your target audience and match the life of your followers. As an example one may introduce next ideas: special offers on weekends; contests connected with holidays or events that are about to come, etc.

No pain – no gain!

We all know it: you can’t make it work if you do nothing. Using these tips deliver results only in case if you are truly passionate about it. Don’t do it only because of  money – you have to love what you do to make it actually work! Never put limits on yourself, strive for better and look for new opportunities to boost your success. Be creative. Be active. Think out of the box and stick to your targets.

Rules of Instagram marketing for successful branding

Rules of Instagram marketing for successful branding

Every present-day company are keep trying to promote itself on Instagram. Businessmen are extremely concentrated on social networking promotion. From the one hand, Instagram can help you to show other people inner world of your company: staff, daily process, events. From the other hand, it’s advantageous to use Instagram for making analytics of attendance and so on.

We have some tips to share with you:

  1. Profile bio should be short: write a little about company and put the link to your site. As to profile picture —- try to make it visually bright and self-explanatory.  The function of these elements implies intelligible explanation of company’s mission.
  2. Show your staff, but don’t write it’s description, users want to know how they can employ it.
  3. Create an own strategy and post pictures, which is relevant to your activity. You should remember about dependence between high-quality content and the number of followers, views, comments and likes. It would be great to show human faces or corporative events, it’ll promote interoperability.  It’s very important confine definite content strategy. The optimal time of reminding about yourself is bidaily — posts don’t annoy, users keep product in mind. Audience will always wait new content in definite time.
  4. The next important tip is to involve clients in marketing campaign. To know more about this point you would better learn conversational marketing. Briefly writing, this marketing concept is about methods how to organize interactive space effectively and how to provide friendly communication with clients.

Take the knowledge and use it.