Suppose you are a social media marketer in a meeting when your boss asks you how to market to Generation Z. What will you answer? Do you know what the Generation Z likes, how they talk, what matters to them, at last? Do you generally have an image who this generation includes? The huge generation of 2.1 billion individuals born between 1995 and 2010 has a huge spending power (more than $143 billion in the States alone). And not to target them when scheming your Instagram marketing campaign will be a huge mistake. So, InstaBF, a remarkable Instagram and IGTV provider, will explain everything you need to know about Generation Z so that you can prepare your business for the future.



Generation Z and Individual Expression


The phrase “be yourself” has never been as widely and deeply acquired as with Generation Z. This youth doesn’t depend on trends. Instead, they are after more personalized products. They are ready to overpay just to get the product that best highlights their individuality (over 58% of the surveyed). And what’s more interesting is that they want brands to align with their values. 



Generation Z Are Protective of Their Privacy


It’s a dilemma but Generation Z is both hyper-personal on Instagram and keen to protect their privacy at the same time. Those who use laptops are mostly inclined to covering the webcams. So, you, as an Instagram marketer, should try to connect with Gen Zers on their own conditions or they might be too invasive. According to the survey, 61% of them would feel convenient sharing personal information only with those brands they trust completely under the condition the data won’t be shared with the third parties. 



Gen Zers Prefer Mobile


People falling under the category of Generation Z are reported to give their preference to mobile devices over laptops and PCs. They use smartphones not only for watching videos, chatting or strolling on Instagram but also for making purchases. Accordingly, it makes sense to orientate on the youth when making Instagram ads. Around 85% of Gen Zers learn about new products on social media with Instagram in particular. And they connect with brands more frequently than others. When the matter concerns Instagram influencers, female Zens are more inclined to following and imitating them.  



Making Purchases Online


Older consumers still hesitate whether to buy the product they need online or go to a brick and mortar store for it. They don’t seem to be comfortable sharing a credit card or any financial information online. Generation Z people, in the meantime, prefer online shopping. According to the latest surveys (carried out by Global Web Index), roughly 72% of the youth have bought at least one product online during the past month. And the greatest part of them made it through a mobile gadget. Most purchases are made in fashion and technology products.

Gen Zers are mostly happy to see branded content on their Instagram feeds. The surveys show 4 in 10 Zers follow their beloved brands on Instagram while at least one of them buys goods online. 

So, when planning out your Instagram marketing campaign, target those people who may find value in what you offer.