Effective Instagram Visual Marketing Tips

Effective Instagram Visual Marketing Tips

Visual marketing has become popular among all Instagram marketers, as it has proved to really work. In fact, it delivers the kind of results that few brands could ever dream of before creating their Instagram accounts. A single image included in an Instagram update is able to make the post stand out in the timelines of the brand’s followers and increase the brand’s engagement rate. According to the statistics, over 80% of people skim the content online that involves only reading. In the meantime, those posts that have captivating images, get as much as 650% higher engagement. Besides, half a second is enough for a person to form the first impression of the brand and a good image is the best tool for that. So, InstaBF, one of the most remarkable IG and IGTV providers of the market, is going to speak about visual content marketing and provide you with some tips that can improve your brand’s engagement.



What Visual Content Marketing Is


Visual content marketing is the content marketing that is based on visual content. Just like blog posts are written content, images, videos, GIFs and even infographics are all visual. Here are some visual marketing tips that can critically improve your engagement:



  • The Right Dimensions


If you have several accounts in different social networks, don’t create one all-purpose image for all of them. Remember that every social network uses a different image dimension. Hence, you need to get a new image for every social media that will be bespoke and look great right in the dimensions it is displayed in.



  • Visual CTA


An important part of marketing is CTA as particularly the latter encourages people to take the next action. Visual call-to-action appears to be even more effective than a usual one included in a blog post or a social media update. Hence, actively use CTA in your Instagram images knowing they will work.



  • The Consistent Style


Having a consistent style on Instagram is highly important. Due to the latter, people can recognize any visual update you do from the very first glance. An extra accent can be via a frame added to each of your images, or the usage of the same filter for editing every image. The choice is yours, just make sure you are branding yourself through all your visuals.



  • Multiple Formats


An Instagram feed composed only of images may seem boring, don’t you think so? Hence, don’t just go posting only pretty pictures, but play with formats – use infographics, videos, memes, GIFs, etc. if you find they will be relevant to your target audience.



  • Popping Colors


The primary purpose of an Instagram image is to catch users’ attention when they scroll down the news feed. Taking this into consideration, it’s worth using bright colors popping out of the page. Anyway, this doesn’t mean you should distract from the cultural nuances and your brand voice. Even if your brand’s Instagram account is filled with black and white pictures, make certain they are remarkable, have depth and catch the eye from the first sight.


As 2018 has changed to 2019, visual content marketing seems to only increase in popularity. And as this social platform isn’t yet fully saturated, there’s still plenty of space for you to show your potential, seek new ways of attracting more customers through our picturesque Instagram images!

Seven Gorgeous Gram Influencer Marketing Tips for Your Brand for These Holidays: Part 2

Seven Gorgeous Gram Influencer Marketing Tips for Your Brand for These Holidays: Part 2

In our previous post, we started such an important theme for every Instagram business owner, like how to organize a marketing campaign with the involvement of an influencer for these holidays. The primary first three tips, including establishing the goals and plans beforehand, getting creative, and determining the offerings were already revealed. And now, InstaBF, a leading IG and IGTV provider, is going to share with you the other four tips. Ready? Let’s go ahead!



Creating a Set of Guidelines for the Instagram Influencers You’ll Be Partnering With

Holidays are crazy times for both Instagram businesses and influencers, and there is no time for uncertainties. It’s important to set clear guidelines and ensure the partnership between your brand and the Instagram influencer you have chosen gets you the highest returns. For this, create a packet of branding guidelines that includes the necessary hashtags, inspiration from past campaigns and anything else you may find necessary for your influencer to take into account when making promo posts. And don’t forget to include the deadline for your proposals. Only this way the influencer you like will respond to your offer. As we have already mentioned, nearly all influencers, especially mega-influencers, get tons of pitches from various brands and the clearer and more concise yours is, the better for you!  

On the other hand, don’t limit your influencer too much, as a professional influencer is experienced in creating content. Balance your packet of directions to guide your influencer and give him/her enough freedom at the same time.



Finding the Best Influencer for Your Brand’s Holiday Campaign

With so many Instagram influencers available today, it becomes so difficult to choose the one who can represent your brand’s holiday offering the best way. And if you can’t make out who is the right fit, we shall help you.

The first thing you need to consider is to find the influencers who are already talking about products or brands similar to yours. For instance, if you are offering holiday thematic lingerie, seek your influencer among those who often pose in lingerie by other brands.

The next aspect to consider is the demographics of the influencer. Make certain you ship goods to the locations the influencer’s most followers are from. And check out the gender and age of those followers.



Collecting and Posting Social Content


Cooperating with an Instagram influencer for the upcoming holidays means not only getting tons of new interesting content related to your brand but also a bunch of user-generated content. Make certain you have kept tabs on all the new posts once they appear on Instagram. Use them on your brand’s Instagram account parallel to the influencer’s posts.  



Measuring the Results of Your Influencer Marketing Campaign You Had on These Holidays

So, if you have organized and led your Instagram influencer holiday campaign, it will be important to check how it all performed and what results you achieved. Here are the major performance metrics to use and measure the impact of your marketing campaign:

  • Engagement rate involving shares, comments and even likes;
  • The brand sentiment that determines how much and how well people have started to talk about your brand;
  • Traffic that determines how many new customers have started to visit your account and website;
  • The increase in sales overall (during the holiday campaign and for a certain time period after it).


Once all these are settled, create a report and save it for next year. This way you will know how to determine your objectives and budget better for next holidays.  

Seven Gorgeous Gram Influencer Marketing Tips for Your Brand for These Holidays: Part 1

Seven Gorgeous Gram Influencer Marketing Tips for Your Brand for These Holidays: Part 1

The holidays aren’t very far away, hence you shouldn’t hang around without doing anything. You’d better start planning your Instagram influencer marketing campaign right away to manage right in time!

Undoubtedly, social media influencers are already an inseparable part of promoting a business online. With this powerful marketing “tool” you can introduce your brand from the best side to new audiences and get them into the buying spirit especially during holidays! And in this and the upcoming posts, one of the most popular IG and IGTV providers of the industry InstaBF is going to share some Insta influencer marketing tips for the holiday season.



Establishing Your Goals and Plans Ahead

Have you noticed that holidays especially Christmas, Easter, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday have become synonymous with shopping?! And taking into consideration the fact that numerous people turn to particularity social media for shopping inspiration, it will be wise to make certain your brand is catching the eyes of eager consumers.  

On every holiday, every influencer turns to be very busy partnering with multiple brands and promoting their products and services. That’s why you need to hurry and plan your partnership beforehand. For this, make sure you have distinguished the following aspects:

  • The goal of your campaign (generate more sales, drive brand awareness, promote a new offer, etc.);
  • Your budget (if micro-influencers agree to free gifts, major ones charge real money and the amount differs depending on a number of factors, hence calculate your budget to target the appropriate influencers).



Getting Creative with Your Holiday Campaign

Row of light bulbs

It’s crucial to think outside the box when planning an Instagram influencer marketing campaign for the upcoming holidays. This can be anything that is not a stereotype, not used for millions of times on Instagram. You can discuss the idea with the influencer you are cooperating with, at last they know better what tier followers expect to see from them and can artfully incorporate your product/offer in their posts.



Determining Your Offerings


Now it seems that the time has come to determine what offerings you will make these holidays. Consider the followings:

What products will you promote this holiday?

Even if your brand offers a huge diversity of products, holidays are great for promoting only some of them. These can be your best-selling ones or those related to the event. It will be great to create a gift set, too, and promote it as a gift for the upcoming holidays.


How will you send your promoted products?

Consider and make it clear for your influencers what mailing service you’ll be using, where the products will be shipped from and how long it will take to deliver the goods to your influencers’. These important facts are necessary for Instagram influencers to plan what they should do.


What packages will be used to deliver the goods?

Besides determining what products you will be offering your customers this holiday, it’s also necessary to decide on the appropriate packaging. A professionally created customized packaging will set an immersive brand experience for the influencers you are collaborating with. Besides, they might be planning to unbox your offering live and let thousands and millions of their followers feel the excitement of uncovering a stylish box with lots of useful goods in it!

And finally, add a personalized note into the packaging to create a lasting impression with your Instagram influencers and the huge audience that will be watching the entire process. All these trifle-seeming things will work for your brand, remember!  

Stay tuned to get more useful tips!

Instagram Marketing Tips by Top E-commerce Entrepreneurs

Instagram Marketing Tips by Top E-commerce Entrepreneurs

InstaBF is a reliable provider of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers. But besides this, we are also your true guide to such a huge and powerful world like Instagram. Beyond any doubts, in this blog, you have already found answers to a hundred questions bothering you whether you are an ordinary Gram user or run a business on this social network. If you belong to the last category of Insta users, surely, working marketing tips should always interest you. And now we have prepared several amazing Instagram tips by five eCommerce entrepreneurs who have achieved great success. We are sure, expert advice from the network’s leading brands are always of a great benefit to any starter!


Focus on Engaging Content

According to Matt Hayes from Leesa, the first component of a successfully run Instagram marketing campaign is the effective content. Here this popular Instagram brand brings about several tips. Let’s check them out together:

  • Don’t neglect the power of behind the scenes content. Livestream any important or interesting office happenings and events on your Insta account as they are a true tool for humanizing your brand in the eyes of your followers.
  • You’d better be sparingly transaction on Gram.
  • Pick up like-minded brands to partner with and extend your reach. It’s a perfectly working tip!
  • Always integrate cultural holidays into your brand’s messages in a clever way. But don’t overdo with holidays!
  • To give your posts a more organic feel, make use of Insta’s native tools for creating and enhancing posts.



Add a Bit of Soul to Your Posts

If you are a mature man who loves his beard, most probably you are familiar with Beardbrand and the unique approach this brand has toward its Instagram posts. According to the Creative Director of this brand, Eric Bandholz, a bit of soul added to your feed and you will create a strong presence on this social network! Instead of falling into the trap of following the crowd as the majority of brands do (and eventually are a failure), invest in a new look to stand out.



Mix It All Up

The Co-Owner of Twin Six brand Ryan Carlson separates several tips for running a successful marketing campaign on Instagram. Among the latter, we ought to mention staying engaged, integrating sales tools, and mixing it all up when the matter concerns the feed. This brand loves to mix all its ideas and show the results on their IG account. This can be new product announcements, some flash sale posts, results of collaboration with other brands or participation in certain projects. So, the advice is as such – don’t forget about appearing diverse to your audience.



Keeping the Stuff Organic and Authentic

JM&Sons brand is a great success on Instagram. This brand sells handcrafted wood products and has already attracted quite an impressive number of followers on IG. And the Mackenzie Duncan’s advice (the founder and partner of the company) is to stay organic and authentic regardless of the situation. This way people will feel more attached to you, while all those staged and inauthentic accounts will lose their charm very quickly.



Experiment with Remarketing Advertisements

If you have got a certain budget dedicated to the media advertising of your brand, it’s worth experimenting with remarketing ads. Such ads are usually based on carousel images and videos that promote your top products. It’s also wise to use your real customers’ images (with their permission) in such ads to appear more familiar to your fans. Just take an example from Frank Body, Meepo Board, and Rothys brands.

Seven Psychology Facts that Will Interest an Instagram Marketer: Part Two

Seven Psychology Facts that Will Interest an Instagram Marketer: Part Two

We are back with our seven amazing psychology facts that affect Instagram users’ behavior on this social network. You, as a Gram marketer, should be aware of them and learn how to use them for the benefit of your brand and your marketing campaign. In the previous post, InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider, addressed to three psychological facts to take into account, and now we’ll continue with the rest four ones:



How the Halo Effect Impacts Instagram Users’ Perceptions


The type of immediate judgment of a person, thing or place based on our first impression, is known as the Halo effect. According to it, once we see a beautiful person, our overall impression of him/her makes us evaluate his/her specific traits in the same manner. It’s like you never get a second chance to make people change their first impression about you. The same takes place on Instagram. We can’t but let a single quality (attractiveness, in most cases) of a brand or an ordinary Gram user influence our overall judgment for his other unrelated aspects.

How can you use the Halo effect to your brand’s benefit? Just see, a celebrity or an influencer endorsement has a great impact on the perceptions of the brand they cooperate with. Ordinary users start to subconsciously associate the pretty (mildly said) traits of the influencer or celebrity immediately with the brand or the advertised product.

So, to leverage the Halo effect in your Instagram marketing, you have the following options:

  1. Emphasize the successful deal with a recognizable client or get a customer testimonial from him/her;
  2. Cooperate with an Instagram celebrity or a recognizable influencer;
  3. Associate with other famous companies which can enhance your brand.



The Frequency Illusion


Have you ever noticed a thing you have just heard about, noticed or seen, suddenly start to crop up all the time giving you the feeling that everybody around you thinks and talks exactly about it? Perhaps multiple times! This phenomenon is known as “the frequency illusion” in psychology. And once the feeling that more people pay attention to it becomes stronger, it signifies you are noticing it more. How does this happen? Let’s psychologists explain.

Such a reaction is caused by two processes. The first one is the selective attention. Once you get struck by something new (let it be a new word, idea, etc.), on an unconscious basis, you start looking for it everywhere and, as a result, notice more often than you should.

The confirmation bias is the second process. During it, the more often you meet the thing you noticed, the more you get assured in its righteousness.

Form the point of an Instagram marketer, this is a good chance to affect customers. Once they really notice your brand, they will see it “everywhere”! Hence make your logo impressive.



The Impact of Colors on Instagram


It’s a known psychological fact that colors greatly react to one’s behavior on Instagram and other social platforms. According to the latest studies, people build their nearly always unchangeable impression about a person or product within the first 90 second of interaction. And up to 92% of those impressions are based on the color perception. Therefore, consider the color of your Instagram content and plan, yet without forgetting to watch how that color lines with your brand voice.

Here we mention what emotions the most widespread colors evoke in a person:

  • Red: the sense of urgency
  • Green: relaxation and wealth
  • Yellow: youth and optimism
  • Blue: security and trust
  • Pink: romanticism
  • Orange: aggressiveness
  • Purple: calmness
  • Black: strength and powerfulness



Psychology behind Sharing


So, after having discussed the basic 6 psychological facts affecting peoples’ behavior on Instagram and generally, on all social platforms, it will be wise to address to the main 5 psychological reasons why people share others’ posts:

  1. Insta users want to have the better lives that other users are enjoying (94%);
  2. Insta users intend to spread the idea or concept they deeply believe in (84%);
  3. Insta users share posts just to have other people comment and engage with their accounts (81%);
  4. Insta users wish to build and cherish visual relationships on Instagram (80%).
  5. Insta users want to make their account a reflexion of their online identity (68%)


Let these neat psychology discoveries help you in creating the best Instagram content and increase your engagement, boost your sales, bring you more followers, or whatever your purpose is.