With day becoming warmer and longer, we get prepared for summer. And what about your Instagram business? No matter whether summer is a slow time for your business or it is booming, you need to get prepared for the season properly. Fulfilling some efficient June marketing ideas, you will give a good start to your business this summer. So, InstaBF, a popular IG and IGTV provider, will present to your attention some grandiose marketing ideas right away. Here are they:



National Donut Day, June 1st


Whether your business is in the food industry or not, you can turn National Donut Day to your benefit. In fact, there is a number of ways you can incorporate the event to your business and make a sweet start for this summer. For instance, host an event with a local bakery or organize an online challenge the prize of which will be a box of sweet donuts.



World Environment Day, June 5th


On June 5th Instagram users will be definitely interested in environmentally conscious actions. You can collect donations for a charity devoted to environmental protection or you can offer eco-friendly products form a limited edition. All these will boost in promoting green business practices and keep clients think highly of your company. All the posts made on this day are better to be in earthy tones for an especially attractive appearance.



Father’s Day, June 17th


This is perhaps the holiday that nearly all of us can connect with. In fact, it’s the day you can try new marketing ideas being sure they’ll be a success. However, your Father’s Day marketing must be genuine and somewhat personal. It should refer to your target audience’s fathers and touch their hearts. For this, you can organize a special Father’s Day gift or discount card if your customers come with their fathers.



First Day of Summer, June 21st


The summer solstice is the ideal time to give a beach party or organize a beach challenge. A giveaway with a gift purchase relevant to the event. This can be a koozie or a beach blanket. To gain traction on your Instagram account, build a blog post on funny summer activities.



Taking a Dog to Work Day, June 22nd


This is the event you can use to promote positive vibes on your Instagram account. Actually, this is the day when you can help your followers knowledge men and women who have dedicated their lives to the public. We should all know them! Hence, feature a remarkable member of the community on your Instagram account, tell about him/her in the caption. Or you can offer big discounts to those in public service and then post about it.



Public Service Day, June 23rd


If you have a pet, you definitely know that after taking care of him for some time, he becomes a family member. Be sure your followers feel the same about their pets. Hence, it’s important to recognize and celebrate this small yet so funny holiday – taking your dog to your workplace. Besides posting an image of your dog in your workplace, you can offer some free treats or organize an Instagram contest. Use special hashtags and encourage your followers to post images of their pooches at their workplaces. An impressively higher engagement rate is guaranteed.