As Instagram gets into 2019, personal care brands think of new ways of promoting their brands. In fact, they have to think smart to brace themselves for new attitudes and trends of marketing. And if you run a personal care brand on Instagram, there are some trends you should be mindful of. With this said, InstaBF is glad to help you be a better marketer for your brand.


  • Customization and Social Proof: Before purchasing a personal care product, a shopper will expect to see someone like herself use it, someone, who can be a part of their peer group. Therefore, cooperating with micro-influencers, whose posts are widely relied upon by their followers, can be a true way to success.


  • From Clean to Natural: It’s an established fact most consumers have turned to natural personal care and beauty products. Natural products were a real trend in 2018. However, besides demanding natural care products, people will look for “clean” ones in this new 2019 year in light of growing concern for the environment. “Eco-friendly” is the feature consumers want to see in the description of a product from now on. The appearance of such a brand as Love Beauty and Planet, for instance, comes to prove that the beauty care industry is already reacting to this demand.


  • Diversity and Inclusion: Though not new for 2019, the need to salute diversity and inclusion is going to be even more evident this year!


  • Authentic Social Content: From the numerous content marketing methods you can involve in your marketing strategy, you’d better opt for authentic social content. This means that a huge part of your Instagram posts should be created not by your brand but by your consumers. Be sure, there will never be a shortage of customers posting their looks to Instagram. And if you manage to encourage people to tag your brand when posting images, you will do great! In fact, UGC is a true way for a personal care brand to keep its marketing on trend in 2019.  



Digital UGC Marketing Tips for Beauty Brands


  • The first tip is creating an online brand identity. The beauty industry on Instagram is saturated, undoubtedly. Yet, there are still new brands emerging and hacking their way into the industry by their unique approach. For instance, Frankboy brand is a new one, yet has already managed to gain popularity among consumers. What does it do? They have simply developed a unique personality, an original tone-of-voice, a quirky language, and a smart method of using UGC.


  • Another tip is telling your consumers what to post. According to the statistics, over 50% of consumers want a brand to tell them what type of content to post, but only around 15% of personal care brands do that. This fact needs to be reviewed in 2019. For example, Glossier brand loves giving Instagrammable backgrounds to their consumers. Another personal care products brand promises discount codes to both customize online recognition and incentivize more user-generated content.