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Personalization: The “Next Big Thing” is Social Media Marketing for 2019

Personalization: The “Next Big Thing” is Social Media Marketing for 2019

Social media marketing sounds attractive yet is far not easy to run. Marketers keep on searching new methods and tricks to make their social media marketing campaigns with Instagram, in particular, more efficient and productive. Specialists of the industry state that personalized social media engagement is rapidly becoming the latest must-have strategy for all businesses regardless of the size in 2019. As researches show, the greatest part of consumers (over 80%) are more inclined to doing business with companies which offer a personalized experience. Instagram users strive to interact with their preferred brands on a personal level and demand to be treated not as faceless consumers but as individuals. And if customers demand brands have to obey them! Do you wonder exactly how you can create a personalized Instagram experience for your brand? InstaBF, a famous Instagram and IGTV provider, is today here to give an answer to your question. We shall explain it through the example of the remarkable Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants. This brand is a pro in delivering amazing personal experiences to all its customers whether online or offline.



The Significance of Human-to-Human Interactions


There can be no denial that technology plays a tremendous part of the behind-the-scenes of social marketing, yet, as a professional business, Kimpton realizes it well that without personalizing their strategy, they will hardly achieve any success. For this, they have created the Social Listening Desk which is online 24 hours a day, and 365 days in a year! This way they can ensure no Instagram follower and customer remains unattended on the social platform. Besides, their workers are encouraged to appear original in making the brand’s followers feel special! Kimpton values the technical skills and knowledge of social platforms in its workers highly, yet, when hiring a new team member, it makes the emphasis on their sense of humor, empathy and appearing hearty on the other side of online chatting.

So, this should become a part of your marketing strategy, in case you want to compete with other brands in the upcoming year.



User-Generated Content Enhances Your Brand’s Personalized Experience


Kimpton, just as any other skillful brand, puts much emphasis on its customers, hence actively uses UGC in its strategy both across its website and Instagram.

According to the brand’s social media director, they regularly get hundreds of interesting guest photos taken in the brand’s 148 hotels and restaurants via hashtags, mentions, and geo-tags. They know it well that the first action of most of their guests is taking their cameras and having a nice picture of their experience in the hotel room or restaurant. To encourage this, the brand rewards its customers with Likes and thank-you comments. And once there is a post that Kimpton loves particularly, they do always ask permission to repost it.

Additionally, Kimpton has a special photo gallery on its website and the Instagram page with all the images of the brand’s hotels and restaurants tagged.


Make Use of Social Media Personalization in 2019


Once you start reaching your Instagram audiences with personalized messages and experiences, your business will start registering real wonders! This is far not about your big budget or what content you deliver to your audience. Personalization is all about the way you communicate with your customers and followers. As a business depending on its customers, you should approach each of them as an individual respecting their habits, their preferences and personalities. Once you learn how to deliver each message with care, you can expect the same approach in return.

Take these recommendations into consideration and your Instagram marketing will be a success in 2019!

Integrate Shopping Posts into Your Instagram Feed Like a Pro

Integrate Shopping Posts into Your Instagram Feed Like a Pro

Multiple brands and businesses on Instagram actively use this social media platform for showcasing their products or services thus driving more purchases. In fact, Instagram shopping posts are tapped over 90 million times on a monthly basis. And you too can use Gram not only to educate your followers about your brand and new offers but also actually sell products! Got interested? InstaBF, a remarkable Instagram and IGTV provider, is going to share some useful tips on how you can seamlessly integrate shopping posts into an Instagram feed.



Create Shopping Posts in Line with Your Gram Aesthetic

Most probably you have thought much over your Instagram aesthetics and worked hard to create a unique one. And disrupting your superb flow with a mere shopping post that stands out against the rest would be a real disaster. Hence, make certain all your shopping posts adhere to the same editing style, tone, content, and filter so that they fit into your Instagram feed seamlessly.



Photoshoot Images Creating Lookbook with Carousel Posts

A standard carousel post with ten photos gives you a chance to tag as many as up to twenty products. Not making use of this for showing off your most recent product line would be a mistake. Besides, you can always experiment with your carousel posts, represent your new collection or any unique campaign launch. Just make certain each image contains tagged products.



Make Sure the Shopping Tags Link Viewers to the Right Products


Do you plan to help your customers make quick purchases right through your Instagram shopping posts? If yes, then always remember to double check the links that connect the posts to products. This might seem too banal at first sight, yet there’s nothing more frustrating for a customer to find out the necessary link is broken. Hence, test every post and every link before making a post.



Leave Space between Several Product Tags in One Post

Do never forget that the screen of a smartphone is not that large even if you are viewing a Gram Story. Hence, if there are several products in a single image to tag (you can tag up to five products in one picture), make certain there is enough room left between each. Otherwise, you will have them obstruct the information on the tag.



Make Products Searchable with Descriptive Tags


Instagram shopping posts are never neglected by the algorithm, remember this and use descriptive hashtags when creating them. This is only one way to have your posts as searchable on the Explore page and appear in the Shopping channel. Besides this, users get a chance to discover your products.



Incorporating UGC into Shoppable Posts

If your customers are satisfied with your products and don’t mind having their images posted on your account (get their permission first), use the UGC you get as shoppable posts. This way you will not only show off your brand but also let your customers be the spokespeople for your products!



Incorporate Shoppable Posts into Your Grid Evenly


Once a new feature appears on Instagram, users get very excited and start overusing it. This shouldn’t happen with shoppable posts. Make sure they are distributed on your account evenly, include them on your feed and stories equally. Visiting your account, customers shouldn’t feel like being hit with a sale pitch.



Actively Use Gram Stories Videos to Demonstrate the Products in Action


Instagram Stories videos are a great means of showing off your products in real time. Just use shoppable stickers in the posts of your new products and show how they look in reality or in use. This tactic is especially efficient in advertising clothing brands, accessories jewelry or anything else that creates a personal style.

How You Can Research Your Instagram Competitors

How You Can Research Your Instagram Competitors

Instagram has evolved from a simple platform for interaction with friends to a real profitable marketplace for businesses that can offer as many products and services as there are! In fact, Instagram is the leader in that entire ecosystem with 10% higher engagement rate compared to another mega-popular social network Facebook and up to 84% higher rate than Twitter. Additionally, the greatest part (around 80%) of one billion active monthly users follow brands and make purchases inspired by their offers. This, in its turn, implies a harsher competition between various brands. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on all major competitors you have on Instagram. Only this way you can stay relevant, improve your marketing game, and get new followers which can later be converted into customers. By monitoring their Instagram marketing strategy (especially of those who have become very popular), you will be able to learn their tricks and avoid the mistakes they have made. Besides, don’t forget that your competitors’ followers are your potential customers.

So that to start monitoring your Instagram competitors, first find them. Without an efficient tool, this will be nearly impossible. Hence, InstaBF, a respectable IG and IGTV provider of the market, will present to your attention a number of ways how you can research your brand’s competitors with the help of a wonderful application named Combin.



Finding Your Brand’s Global and Local Gram Competitors


In order to make use of the Combin tool, you will need to download it to your PC. The application is applicable to macOS, Windows, and Linux. After this, open the application and login to your Insta account. Be calm, as the app neither stores nor shares any user’s private information. It supports two-factor authentication.


Once done, click the “Add New Search” on the search tab. To conduct a search, use a couple of hashtags which are related to your brand. Here you can set the place and the search limit. If not satisfied, you can refresh the search and more results will be loaded. Afterward, sort all the results got by their number of comments and likes. Pay special attention to the most popular results, as the owners of those posts made and promoted that look like yours are your global competitors.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in only the local competitors as your brand supplies products and services merely to your local environment, the same research is to be conducted with only one difference. When you add a new search, pick out the needed name in the section “place”. After refreshing the search and getting results, the top results (sorted by popularity) will be the posts by your competitors yet only locally.

After you have all these results, you can engage with their content and influencers, with their followers and customers. As a result, once you get noticed in your competitors’ platforms, you will be able to convert them into your followers and your customers.



Finding Your Instagram Competitors’ Influencers


The hashtags brought forward by brands are actively used by their followers and influencers for promotions, as well as by the brands themselves in their publications. And if you are interested in the bloggers or influencers that deal with your competitors, you can again find them through Combin. For this, watch carefully your competitors’ feed and detect a branded hashtag. Tap it in the new search of Combin and click “Find”. After sorting the results by their popularity, you will find those authors of the posts, who review and promote your competitors’ products and services. These are bloggers and influencers who can, for a certain award, spread a word about your business, too.

5 Grandiose Ideas of Using Instagram Stories Polls

5 Grandiose Ideas of Using Instagram Stories Polls

It’s always a great fun to find ways of engaging with your Instagram audience and grabbing their attention, isn’t it? Especially when all that brings impressive results via a risen engagement rate, more popularity, and bigger sales. And if you agree with this, most probably you are always in a search of new ideas on how to make your Instagram game more attractive and remarkable. Well, what if you start using Instagram Stories polls for this purpose? These are fantastic tools for not only grabbing your followers’ attention but an efficient means of learning their opinions concerning any matter you are interested in.

IG offers two diverse poll stickers that can help you make out of your game: the first classic poll provides only two customizable answer options, while the second emoji slider is a lot more fun. And now InstaBF, your true friend in the world of Instagram, is going to share with you the best ways how you can make use of Stories polls.



Crowdsourcing Ideas and Gathering Feedback

Perhaps the best idea of getting sincere feedback on your services or products is going directly to the source and Stories polls will help in this. Just ask questions with polls and get a direct feedback right from your target audience. This way you will find out what products are particularly appreciated by real customers and what content your Instagram audience expects to see from you.

Nevertheless, when crowdsourcing ideas through Stories polls, it’s crucial to give the right questions and assure your customers that you are really listening to them. For this, share the results of every Instagram Stories poll you organize once its time is over, i.e. after 24 hours.

For instance, popular celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin uses this technique to find out what her followers expect from her. One of her latest polls helped her create her own luggage collection.




Driving Traffic to One’s Brand Website


Once Instagram made it possible to add links to IG Stories, driving traffic to one’s website became even easier. This was in 2017 and since then, Instagrammers have been searching creative ways of making people swipe up on their stories. And to make it efficiently, Instagram Stories polls can be greatly helpful. This idea is broadly used by various brands. 



Learning More about Your Audience


One of the most efficient ways of learning more about your followers is using Instagram Stories polls. Ask questions and find out what they like, dislike, and expect to see on your account. Perhaps they wish to see more of behind-the-scenes content or your witty captions. Build deeper relations with them and they will come back for more, be sure.


Educating Your Audience on Your Brand


Another grandiose purpose IG Stories polls can serve for is educating your audience about your brand. No matter if you use this IG feature to announce about launching a new product or just want your customers to know why your brand is so unique, polls will easily grab their attention. For instance, the activewear brand Girlfriend Collective often uses Stories polls to create a buzz among their followers before launching a new product.



Giving Your Audience More Choice with Emoji Slider Polls


Emoji Sliders are used to give your followers more than simply two options to choose from. They are great to step away from the already boring standard “yes or no” questions! You can add your text, create as many options of answers with this feature as you wish!


How You Can Customize Fonts to Upgrade Your Instagram Games

How You Can Customize Fonts to Upgrade Your Instagram Games

Instagram font options are so rich. When creating an Instagram Story, you have up to five options to choose from. But when it refers to making comments, writing captions or your bio, there is unluckily only one font to get along by. Would you like to change this? What if we told you there is a chance you can use to access more fonts on this social network? Fonts can help you spruce up your Gram bio, create a more branded look in Stories and appear more individual and unique. A renown Instagram and IGTV provider InstaBF wants to explain to you how you can find and use custom Instagram fonts. Just keep on reading and you’ll get it.



Custom Fonts in Bio, Comments and Captions


By editing your Instagram images in a consistent way, uploading highlight covers for Stories and making use of multiple other options, building a distinct visual brand on Gram won’t be any problem. However, when you see that you are limited with only one font option when it comes to captions, bio, and comments, it really pisses you off! To change the game and unlock millions of Instagram-compatible fonts, you will have to use a web tool or an application. For this, follow these few simple steps:


  • Choose a new Instagram font from such applications as Fonts for Instagram, Instagram Fonts, or Fonts – for Instagram. What makes these tools so unique, is that one can test a font for the compatibility with Instagram beforehand.


  • Type and paste the text in your preferred font in the captions, bio or comments.


However, InstaBF advises not to overdo with the fonts particularly if your account is a business one. Apply only a little customization, as much of that will make your account appear not professional.  



Custom Fonts on Instagram Stories

Unlike with the rest of Instagram, Stories give a wide choice of fonts. Here one has as many as five options to choose from  – modern, classic, typewriter, neon, and strong. However, in case the five options don’t suffice, you can always apply for more branded font types. How? Check this out:


Use a Graphic Design Application

There are different graphic design tools available. Among the most trustworthy ones, it’s worth mentioning Typorama, Canva, Font Candy. After opening any of these tools, get to the “Your Story” point. Choose the “Blank” option or one of the given templates. After this, upload a background or an image, and click the “+” button. Additionally, there is an option to choose one of the text templates or write your own.

Here you have the chance to customize the line height, the alignment, as well as the size of the fonts, etc. Once you find everything is superb, just download the designed image to your camera roll and upload it to Stories.


Use a Template of Instagram Stories

Another means of using your preferred fonts in an Instagram Stories is using a template. The major benefit of this option is that pre-made Gram Stories templates are schemed by professional designers and they always look fantastic.