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Mind-Blowing Halloween Content Ideas for Your IG Account

Mind-Blowing Halloween Content Ideas for Your IG Account

One of the funniest and spookiest times of the year is Halloween (well, at least for those living in the western part of the world). And it’s definitely worth celebrating this amazing day with a chic and a huge portion of horror even on Instagram, isn’t it?! And if you have already started thinking about your Halloween costume, your treats or the club you’re going to spend the night it, it’s also worth considering transporting this celebration into your Instagram account, too. So, with this said, InstaBF, one of those rare IG and IGTV providers you can fully trust, is going to reveal 11 best Halloween content ideas to try out this Halloween. You can start right away!



Creating a Mood  

not take a photo in a pumpkin patch if you have one nearby? You needn’t dress like going to a Halloween party. Instead, opt for your favorite fall outfit and organize a photo session for you surrounded with plenty of pumpkins yet to pick up. Or, to appear a bit scary beforehand, you can move your photo session to a forest. The major conditions, in this case, will be taking a photo when it’s already or nearly dark, and… not being afraid to go to a forest when it’s already or nearly dark! Both types of photos are better to post at least several days before the day of Halloween just to create a mood.



Carousel Spooky Story


If you feel like creative, why not invest your mood into a scary Instagram story? For this, make use of various graphics and post them in an IG carousel. You will succeed with this, if you are a writer who can create a sort yet really thrilling scaring story, or you are an ordinary IG user who has a spooky story idea to share with his audience.



Get Something Spooky but Cutesy

Aren’t you a big fan of Halloween? Or perhaps you have no intention to scare your followers? In both cases, you can opt for something cutesy and at the same time Halloween themed.



Insta Stories Mini-Movie


The fact you can add music in IG Stories makes it possible to put together a series of fun or scary videos and make it look like a mini-movie. This can be your Halloween makeup tutorial, a collection of posters of your favorite horror movies, etc. Whatever it is, if the theme is of Halloween and supported with an appropriate background music, you are sure to get the Halloween party started right on Instagram.



Home Decor Inspiration

Do you love decorating your house appropriately for Halloween? Why not share the results with your followers?!



Movie Guide for Halloween


Do you consider yourself a big movie buff and have a wonderful collection of horror movies you’d like to share with your followers? Halloween is the best time to share a series of covers from your favorite movies as a recommendation.



Halloween Insta Giveaway


If you run your own brand on Instagram, Halloween is the best occasion to promote it through a giveaway. This can be a Starbucks gift card for several spiced pumpkin lattes or a coupon for a big sale on your branded Halloween-themed scarves. It doesn’t matter, just organize an appropriate contest and encourage your followers to participate with a luscious giveaway promise!



Halloween Makeup Look

An inseparable part of a Halloween outfit is the makeup. One simply can’t go past a freaky scary makeup look on this celebration. Why not share a tutorial or the mere result in a carousel post to your audience?!



Halloween Party Food Inspiration

Who can pass by tasty and Halloween-inspired treats?! There are multiple ideas you can repost or implement on your own to share with your followers in IG Stories!



Halloween Costumes

Do you feel awkward sharing your Halloween costume or want to save the secret up to the party time? Then why not share the funny costume of your pet?



Halloween Quotes


Using a Halloween quote on your Instagram feed is going to create the right atmosphere and predispose your followers to something more impressive, something grandiose! Quotes are multiple, use any you like incorporated into a graphic or used as a caption.

How You Can Create Amazing GIFs for Your Instagram Account

How You Can Create Amazing GIFs for Your Instagram Account

Are you searching an original way to wow your followers, to make them gaze at your content longer and thus increase your engagement rate? If yes, you should learn how to create GUFs for your Instagram account! If the vast majority of your Instagram posts are photos and not videos, GIFs will especially be a fresh breath for your entire feed! GIFs are lovely, attractive and so funny to watch! One simply can’t pass by without first fully digesting the message a GIF caries. So, InstaBF suggests incorporating original and unique GIFs created by yourself into your Instagram feed! How? Let this known Instagram and IGTV provider explain to you how to create GIFs.



Create GIFs with Photoshop


To add some excitement to your ordinary product shots, GIFs are a powerful tool. Before we start explaining how to create them, it’s important to remember that:

  • GIFs are uploaded as videos with either .mov or .mp4 formats;
  • it must last a minimum 3 seconds, otherwise, it won’t be uploaded to Gram.


When planning to create our own GIF, make sure the photoshoot and the entire editing process are smooth. The storyboard is to be a simple one like when you create a flatlay. Scheme a list of all the necessary props and make certain they are at hand.



The Equipment You’ll Need  


For creating a marvelous GIF for your Instagram account, you needn’t have a fancy camera setup. You can do the job with your smartphone camera, just make sure it has a tripod to stabilize the shots.

So, here are the necessary tools:

  • a smartphone or a camera/lens;
  • tripod (for flatlay GIFs);
  • computer with an Adobe Photoshop program;
  • photoshoot props.

If you plan to make everything at a professional level, it will be great to also have an Adobe Lightroom, tethering cable so that you can shoot remotely right on your PC, and two pieces of white foam core that can brighten the scene by bouncing light.



Shooting GIFs


When shooting a GIF, the first rule is to make the first and last scene be absolutely the same. This way it the transitions will be seamless. Besides, it’s crucial to make sure not to touch and move any object you don’t want to be in motion in the GIF. Other movable props must be put aside, to be used whenever necessary. Then configure the camera or your phone. If you use the latter, check out if the AF lock is on. This way both the lighting and focus will be identical throughout all the shots.

Now, when everything is ready, pass to the shooting process. Come up to the storyboard without bumping anything around. Shoot all the frames in the order you’d like them to appear in. This will make the editing process much easier. Once you are sure all the necessary shots are taken, pass to the technical fun in Photoshop.



Editing GIFs with Adobe Photoshop


Now, when you have uploaded all your shots to your PC, create a file in Photoshop and load the photos into it. For this, follow this guideline – File, Scripts, Load Files Into New Stack.

Then browse and pick up the photos you want to create a GIF with. Tap Windows and then Timeline. Right in the timeline center, you will find a drop-down menu. Tap the button with “Create Frame Animation”. After this, you can see the first GIF layer on the lowest left-handed corner. The same operation must be repeated until you have created all the layers you intended (use the “new frame” button in the right low part of the screen).

Once all this is done, get to the Layers panel and regular the order of the images to appear in. To fulfill this, choose all frames, then tap the button of each frame to regulate the speed. By the way, the best speed for Instagram is .30.

Besides, watch the GIF to be looped for “forever”.

There is always an option to make a reversible GIF. For this, choose the middle part of the GIF, paste new frames, get to the toolbar again and pick up “Reverse Frames”.

After all these manipulations, you can check how your new GIF looks! Make sure it’s more than 3 seconds to post on Gram. Besides, pass to Image, them Image Size, and choose 2000 x 2000 pixel number. The pas to the File, then Export and Render Video. Pick up the necessary folder and crop the video with Photoshop if it’s larger than the necessary “Document size”. Voila! Your own GIF is ready to present to your dear followers’ judgment!

How to Find the Best Times for Making Instagram Posts

How to Find the Best Times for Making Instagram Posts

In one of its latest posts, InstaBF, one of the outstanding Instagram and IGTV providers, spoke about the importance of making Instagram posts at peak times. As it turned out, this will boost more engagement, and consequently, more profit if you are a Gram marketer. But which are your best personal times to post on Instagram? How can you get the most out of the best times detected? This is what we are going to reveal today!



How to Find Your Personal Best Time for Instagram Posting


First of all, make sure your profile is set as a business account. This way you will get an access to so-useful analytics feature insights. The latter will give so crucial information on all the important stuff a business profile owner should know. This may be some general information about the followers you have, the engagement your posts have, etc. Now pass to the Followers section in the insights, and tap “learn more”. A full page of information about all our followers will be displayed to your attention. Pass by the gender, age, top locations and pay special attention to the visual graphics that show the days and times at which your followers are active the most.

This will indicate the peak times at which posting will be more expedient. Using this information, start your tests and see if your new strategy works for you. You can learn this by tracking the engagement from post to post.



What to Do if You Have a Diverse Audience

Most businesses today are targeted at different audiences as local so foreign. Obviously, they live in different time zones. What are you supposed to do in such a case? Let’s find the answer together.

First of all, the analytics will look somewhat muddled with no distinct peal posting times like you have with more localized audiences. No dramatic rises and falls can be observed here and that’s a problem. If you have faced such a case, there are several options to consider.

  • Stagger the posts so that you reach different audiences. For instance, if a part of your target audience is online at 6 PM while another part is online around 10 in the morning, get ready to post at both times. You will have to prepare original and engaging content each time.


  • Tailor your timing to the most valuable audience you have. If you have certain theories what the greatest part of your profitable clients are online at a certain time, pick up the right time to maximally reach particularly them. This will increase the likelihood of conversions and sales.


  • If you have noticed your posts get higher engagement rates at particular hours, don’t lose that time. Concentrate majorly on those hours, as those high engagement rates will increase your posts’ lifespans.
Instagram for Your New Dropshipping Business: Part Two

Instagram for Your New Dropshipping Business: Part Two

Welcome back to InstaBF, one of the best providers of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers! In our previous post, we talked about the advantages of Instagram as a platform for establishing a dropshipping business on. We also spoke about how easy it is to settle a Gram business account! And now it’s time to address such crucial themes as what mistakes to avoid and what steps to undertake to make your dropshipping business prosper and bring you the anticipated profit.



Things You Might Be Doing Wrong

So, you have already created your Instagram business account and follow a certain strategy you have adopted. But, unfortunately, if others benefit from their Instagram marketing campaign, it doesn’t seem to work in your favor. What’s the reason? Most probably there are certain defects in your approach and use of the strategies. Particularly which, we shall discuss now.

  • No Uniqueness

Taking into consideration that plenty of Instagram dropshipping retailers actually may offer the same as you, it will be more difficult for users to distinguish. In fact, being involved in the same product line as many others isn’t a serious problem, yet offering all the stuff in a similar way is sure to be a great issue. Making not unique posts may be one of your mistakes.


  • Irregularity

Irregularity in making posts is the next serious mistake to avoid. Making a post once or twice a week will make followers forget about you. This can be one of the reasons that Instagram marketing is not working for your dropshipping business.


  • Not Accessible to Public

The worst thing that you can do for your dropshipping Instagram business, is keeping the account private. A non-accessible account has no chances for incurring profits.


  • Not Using Available Filters and Tools   

You can upload a photo to your personal Insta account without enhancing it, but when the matter concerns images for a business account, not making use of the accessible tools and filters may become the reason for having not so attractive feed.


  • Lack of Interaction

Interaction is the key toward success. If your dropshipping business was not a success, most probably you showed passive behavior toward your followers.


  • Improper Use of Hashtags

An improper use of hashtags is able to generate quite big problems to your Insta dropshipping business. If you were not attentive to the hashtags used, most probably your error lies here.



How You Can Optimize Your Instagram Dropshipping Business Marketing


Now, when you know what should be avoided, by all means, it will be expedient to pass on what should be undertaken to make your dropshipping business even more profitable. Here are the key points:


  • Use Appropriate Hashtags

Using the appropriate hashtags makes products offered visible to the targeted audience. Hashtags are the best tools for categorizing photo and video content you share on this social network. Hence, be specific, don’t rush to use the top hashtags as each of them is used thousands of times every minute, but pick up particularly those hashtags which best describe your content and deliver it to target users. And remember to create your own branded hashtags!


  • Use Insta Tools to the Maximum

Instagram tools are great for optimizing an Insta marketing technique to the maximum. Keep track of the “INSIGHTS” to get the crucial information about particularly which posts get the highest engagement. The “PROMOTE” option, meanwhile, will change your most popular posts into adverts. Through the latter, you can initiate your target audience.


  • Create Tempting Visuals

To have an easily-recognizable brand on Instagram, you should work on the visuals and make them noticeable. For this, use Insta filters, be consistent with the style and colors you choose, make sure you create every visual content with quality and not quantity in mind, use captions that are smart yet don’t hide the influence of the visuals.


  • Involve Yourself

Be active on Instagram, if any of your followers have certain issues or questions related to your dropshipping business, make sure you provide timely, polite and satisfying answers. Follow the content of your followers, get engaged with them, and show you are interested in each of them.


  • Pick Up the Perfect Time for Posting

Before you make any post, make sure most of your followers are online. This will be a real boon for any dropshipping business!

Instagram for Your New Dropshipping Business: Part One

Instagram for Your New Dropshipping Business: Part One

The billion of active Instagram users make it a perfect platform for running a dropshipping business. In fact, the majority of most successful dropshipping marketing strategies are carried out particularly on Instagram, as due to the opportunity to have millions of users see your posts, you can significantly enhance your sales volume. With this said, it becomes clear that making some research concerning this business area, you can go for a super successful business!

Now InstaBF, one of the leading Instagram and IGTV providers of the industry, will provide you with a complete guide and describe all aspects of using the Instagram social network for a dropshipping marketing. Let’s first start with the reasons why a dropshipping business can be successful particularly on this social media.



Why Pick Up Instagram for Your Dropshipping Business


Instagram is the unique social platform that has over a billion active monthly users, millions of daily users, as well as millions of photo and video content shared on a daily basis! With all these big numbers, can you guess how many views and likes can your post get in a single day? The chance of getting a high audience coverage, as well as an increased conversion rate,  make this platform primary for your business.

If you invest enough time and efforts in creating posts, choose the right niche, answer all queries and post regularly, lots of organic traffic will be generated without even spending any extra money.

Additionally, as the results of recent surveys show, most entrepreneurs haven’t yet managed to move from Facebook or Twitter to Instagram, though an active rush has already started. Hence, on Instagram, you still have a chance to operate without having many competitors.



Other Benefits not to Neglect


As you know, a good image is worth a thousand words! And this is especially actual when the matter concerns Instagram. Visual content appeals to people’s minds far more effectively than written words. The use of hashtags, in the meantime, makes it much easier to locate particularly what your customer looks for. Therefore, posting a photo and video content associated with your product line, you will link your business with your customers in an effective way!

Instagram gives an option of carrying on paid advertisements, yet there is always a good chance to advertise your products completely free of charge for your dropshipping business.

Anyway, perhaps the best thing about Instagram is the simplicity of both business account setting and using it. Make use of Instagram’s usability to upgrade your business level and enjoy massive profits!



Setting Up a Dropshipping Business Account on Instagram


The process of creating a dropshipping business account is much the same as you set up an ordinary business account. Yet, there are several key points worth mentioning:

  • Use your brand’s name as the username of your new business account.
  • Add a profile photo (better your brand’s logo), as well as a bio (up to 150 characters) with an active link to your website.
  • Link your new account to other third-party sites such as Facebook, for instance. This way you’ll be able to share the same post on both sites.


So, we have talked about the major benefits of choosing Instagram for starting your dropshipping business and revealed how simple it is to create an account for it. If you are interested in the tips for optimizing your dropshipping business account, as well as mistakes to avoid, keep tuned! Find the sequel in our next post!