Getting on the Instagram Explore Page

Getting on the Instagram Explore Page

Have you heard that followers are like the Holy Grail for an Instagram account? No matter what objectives your Instagram marketing campaign has, or what you expect from this social network, you simply can’t do without followers! Without a significant number of followers, any Story you make or any hashtag you use will bring no profit to you. Surely, the shortest way of obtaining new followers is applying to InstaBF, the industry-leading provider of Instagram and IGTV likes, views, comments, and followers. Here you can get as many new followers as you like at an affordable cost.

Nevertheless, today we shall find out how you can get features and gain more followers through the Instagram Explore Page. This can bring you the fame on Instagram you crave for!


How Gram Chooses Content for the Explore Page


There aren’t any precise details revealed concerning the Explore’s algorithm. Yet, what we know for sure is that everyone’s Explore page is different depending on the people and pages the Insta user connects to, what content that particular user likes and shares. Additionally, so that the post is made to the Explore Page, it must have great popularity. And the point is not only the likes and comments it gets, but also the constantly updated Instagram’s algorithm.


Analyzing the Content on the Explore Page

Perhaps the easiest way of getting an insight into how the Explore Page works is exploring the content on your own. How? Let’s check this out together:

Step 1: Choose the first 10 posts of the Explore Page;

Step 2: Distribute them into groups according to the categories;

Step 3: Count how many likes and interactions each category has;

Step 4: Record the hashtags these posts use;

Step 5: Catch the style of the captions the posts have.


Now when you have collected all the necessary data, compare them to your last interactions on Instagram. Most probably you will find connections between your own user behavior on this social network and the content on the Explore Page.


Learn Which is Your Target Audience


Getting to know your target audience better will help you get more followers and build a more successful marketing strategy. Find out what content is most liked and commented on by the people your marketing campaign is targeted at, what hashtags they use, at which hours they are more active, etc. If you manage to learn your average followers’ type, you will have more chances of creating content that will appear on the Explore Page.


Scheduling Posts at the Right Time


Do you know at what hours your target audience is active? You should! Look at your Instagram insights for that information. The key is that the content that gets more interaction right after being published has bigger chances of appearing in the Explore Page. And if you appear to be in different time zones to make your posts at the right hours, use scheduling programs like Preppr, Later, Schedulgram, etc.


Make Action-Oriented Posts


Not forgetting that for appearing on the Explore Page your posts must have loads of engagement, “arm” them with impressive CTAs. Ask questions, pose challenges, encourage activities through contests, open debates… Do anything as long as it works and doesn’t contradict Instagram’s rules.  

Just the same way, don’t forget about the right hashtags and geotags.


How Instagram Influencers Interact with Your Posts


If you can make (pay for) an influencer create engagement on your profile, your posts will get all the chances of spotting on the Explore Page. Additionally, you can achieve this even without paying the influencer. Just follow their profiles, make relevant comments, like their posts, write meaningful direct messages and expect them to interact with your posts.

Why You Should Move Your Business to Instagram

Why You Should Move Your Business to Instagram

Instagram is on the lips of everyone nowadays! This social media platform has gained such popularity which it didn’t have before. The only fact that there are over one billion active monthly users of Instagram is enough to imagine how popular the service is around the world. And despite this, there are still businesses which have only Facebook accounts. And if you belong to the category of those people, you should immediately change your point of view. Instagram is in fact much more influential than you would ever think. So, do you still wonder why your business should appear on the Instagram social network? Then let InstaBF explain you point by point how you will benefit by moving your business to Instagram. Prior to that, we would also like to inform you that InstaBF offers as many Instagram and IGTV (already) likes, comments, views, and followers as you may need. Just choose the package that best meets your requirements and enjoy a quick rise in your engagement.


The Fastest-Growing Social Media


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat … Can you guess from one attempt which of these popular social platforms grows the fastest? Yes, that’s right – Instagram! Every minute the number of new accounts and active users rise at a tremendous speed! Just count, between September of 2017 to June of 2018, Instagram increased its active user count by two hundred million thus reaching the magic 1 billion! And if Facebook has twice as much active users as Instagram, its popularity seems t have started to decrease. In fact, Facebook has started to age, while younger Instagram has only started its growth to the Olympus! Accordingly, your chances to achieve your customers are higher with Instagram.


Instagram is Where Beautiful People Are


If your business is targeted at young population, using Instagram is much more expedient than any other social network. As compared with Facebook, which is currently struggling to hold on to its young owners, Instagram is attracting more and more cool kids!


The Ease of Use

Instagram is not only very easy to use but also to find other users and brands. With the help of hashtags, geotagging, as well as random offers and ads, you can expose your business to a great number of people from around the world. Doing this, meanwhile, you don’t trespass anyone’s privacy. Additionally, here customers are not only allowed but also encouraged to participate in their favorite brands’ promotions. So, there’s no surprise that some viral businesses have gained a tremendous reputation through Instagram only last year.


The Medium of This Age


It’s counted that this year video advertising will grow by 25% in the States alone and Instagram is standing right in the center of this! The quality visual content was always the core of Instagram’s success, and now it has started to roll out video content for advertisements, too. It’s been proved that regardless of age, people prefer visual content to written one. And if the latter can appear dull for the young, while interactive advertising is too innovative for middle-aged people, visual content serves as a perfect point for all ages.


Better than Amazon?


Instagram is a great platform for driving international business. Sometimes international shipping costs more than the goods themselves. To solve this situation, business owners collaborate with those of foreign countries to sell products right through Instagram. By posting the image of the sold item and interesting a customer, they receive the payment through a local transfer system and deliver the item to the customer. After detecting this, the Instagram social network launched a shopping service in the States along with the native payment method and keeps on expanding the service to other countries. As a result, businesses can save much money on creating websites.

Videos as a Means of Instagram Advertisements

Videos as a Means of Instagram Advertisements

Most probably you are already aware of the great impact that Instagram content may have on the promotion of your business. And if a few years ago we could tell for sure that visual content scored most views, today the tendency seems to have changed significantly. As attention spans get shorter, consumers primarily search for video content. Hence, the latter gets from 10% to 30% more views as compared with written text and visual graphics.

As the surveys made by Hubspot show, people watch videos approximately 90 minutes each day. This way they can retain around 95% of the promotional message displayed in the videos. As compared with the 10% of information consumers retain from textual advertisements, this number really strikes the mind! So, social media platforms today give business owners great opportunities to promote their brands through video content. For instance, since Instagram announced about releasing videos as content formats, their significance has increased tremendously.

So, as you can see, today we shall address to the matter of maximizing Instagram advertising efforts using video content. Here, at the industry-leading Instagram and IGTV provider InstaBF, we are going to refer to Instagram video ads formats that you can use depending on the industry you are in.

Yet, before we pass to them, there is a couple of practices to bear in mind irrespective of the video advertisement format you pick up:


  • Use exceptionally the highest-resolution videos. Instagram is widely-known particularly for its high-quality visuals and if your content doesn’t match the quality standards of this social media, it won’t be a success. By all means avoid choppy, slow and pixelated videos.
  • Count on the goal of your marketing campaign and choose the right CTA. Before you start recording a video, make sure it’s going to meet the criteria you set beforehand. Is your purpose to increase your brand awareness or raise your engagement? Note that for every ad format you use there is a precise CTA. Hence, be aware when choosing the advertisement format not to confuse your audience.


Instagram Feed Ads

The first and most traditional video advertisement format is posting videos directly in the feed just like you do with photo ads. Appearing alongside with other organic posts, such type of video ads appear more authentic. Surely, there is a “Sponsored” label at the top of these ads, yet that doesn’t prevent the videos from blending to other posts.

The only thing to be aware here is that Instagram feed ads can be as long as maximum 60 seconds. And there isn’t any guarantee your followers will view it to the end. Be sure the first 10 seconds are the most impactful.


Instagram Story Ads


Most businesses interact with their consumers through Instagram Stories. This video ads format allows experimenting with visuals and sounds, using videos in a vertical format or even full screen. Instagram Stories are really amazing for brand promotion, and perhaps the only drawback here is that they live no longer than 24 hours. Anyway, don’t get disappointed by this fact, as every day, around 400 million Instagram accounts use Stories and about one-third of them are posted by brands.




It was only a month ago when Instagram rolled out IGTV and stroke the social media industry. People seem to have got interested in IGTV greatly and losing the opportunity to post your business’ video advertisements would be a mistake. Instagram TV allows posting as long videos as up to 60 minutes for large and verified accounts, while smaller ones can post videos up to 10 minutes long.

The Benefits of Long-Tail SEO

The Benefits of Long-Tail SEO

Instagram is grandiose for promoting a brand and running a business. One billion active monthly users form a highly beneficial platform for finding a target audience and significantly increasing the number of customers. And if you are already running an Instagram marketing campaign, most probably you are aware of the importance of good SEO. The latter can bring you the necessary traffic. But how can you use the right SEO and stand out in the such a huge crowd of Instagram accounts? InstaBF, your most reliable Instagram and IGTV provider, is going to disclose the benefits of using the Long-Tail SEO.


How to Start


In fact, so that you can use Long-Tail SEO, you need to understand what your followers, readers or clients look for on Instagram. Let’s imagine a certain situation. You own a perfume boutique and run a business account on Instagram. Anyway, it’s not well known yet. I’m a potential client. Shall I want to buy a perfume from your store? Most probably not, unless you offer me the perfume I love at a cheaper price. If there isn’t a certain type of perfume I’m going to buy, I will definitely prefer visiting a stationary perfume shop where I can smell different perfumes and make my choice. Buying a perfume blindfold is something perhaps any buyer will avoid. Accordingly, if you use the following SEO “perfumes online” or “perfumer shop”, that definitely won’t make me your customer. Besides, one doesn’t have to own a bright imagination to understand what a huge number of accounts with the same name there are on Instagram, most of which have already established a good reputation.


So What to Do?


Even if you work hard and earn multiple followers and a high rate of engagement, it will be immensely difficult to keep that position. Then what can you do to turn your perfume boutique followers into real customers? The answer is “be more precise and use Long-Tail SEO”. Getting back to our experiment… I (a potential customer) love Michael Kors Sexy Ruby and previously had a version EDP 100ml. Now, when I’ve run out of it, I’m in a search of a new bottle. Shall I go to a stationary shop or prefer to buy it online at a cheaper price? I opt for the second option (hope your customers will do the same). In this case, I won’t type “perfumes online” in the search bar. Instead, I will type “Michael Kors Sexy Ruby EDP 100ml”. The first few results are sure to be the most accurate and most likely I’ll pick one of them. If you use a Long-Tail SEO for your website or Instagram account, I may land on your page and buy the perfume right from you.


What Is a Long-Tail SEO?


A Long-Tail SEO is a phrase that’s composed of more than three words and exactly specifies the product you plan to sell. Such a SEO will direct you to those customers who are really interested in buying the product you offer. If an Instagram user visits an online perfumes shop just to see what new perfumes there are, he/she is not likely to buy anything. But if one gets to your account with the particular Long-Tail SEO, your chances of selling the perfume are immensely high. You can compare it with hashtags: “hot” hashtags are too trendy to stand out among them, while a bit more specific ones (don’t overdo with it, either) may bring you your target audience.  In fact, Long-Tail SEO is especially effective with online shops.

Upgrade Your Instagram Comments to Engage New Followers

Upgrade Your Instagram Comments to Engage New Followers

InstaBF has already talked about the actions necessary to inspire people to leave comments under your posts on Instagram. We sincerely hope they’ve helped you. If not, you can always turn to InstaBF for a new “portion” of comments, followers or likes to increase the engagement rate and awareness of your Instagram account. InstaBF has also started to provide views, comments, and likes for IGTV accounts.

However, today we’re going to turn to such an important matter as leaving quality (well, at least not annoying) comments that can inspire people to follow you.  We’ll tell you how you can upgrade your comments so that they no longer look like left by bots (agree that sometimes they really look such).


Importance of Writing Good Comments


Engaging with the right people, those Instagram users that might get interested in your niche is a true way of growing your Instagram account. Writing really meaningful, funny or attracting comments will in their turn attract new followers to your account. This works as a boomerang – you show sincere interest and get it back almost immediately.

The best and shortest way of finding the target audience to comment and expect the same in return is searching for the most obvious hashtags within your niche. Once you get them, start leaving candid comments.


Upgrading Your Comments

Leaving short comments such as “Awesome image”, or “Amazing look”, as well as simply leaving emojis as comments are no longer trendy. Moreover, people really get annoyed by such a shallow attitude. Besides, these comments look like left by bots, and not real people. Today Gram users expect genuine comments that can show authentic interest in their persona. With this said, it becomes clear that for being appreciated for your comments, you’ll have to spend more time and be a bit more creative. Actually, the key is to write something to stand out from the crowd. How? Here are the key tips by InstaBF:


  • Pick up the photos that have relatively fewer comments. This way your comment (longer than those of others) will automatically stand out;
  • Leave comments under the photos that have been posted very recently. If you can manage to be among the firsts, be sure you’ll win;
  • Comment on the major element in the photo. For instance, “You look so nice under the sunset. It emphasizes the color of your hair”;
  • Ask a question about a major element of the photo in your comment. For example, “Where did you take the photo? The background is really breathtaking!”;
  • Remember to mention other people (your friends who the post may interest) in the comment to show you are ready to spread that post;
  • Interact with other posts. Ask them questions or share with similar opinion related to that post;
  • Like the replies that the poster leaves under other comments, or like other’s comments if you consider them worthy. Two or three likes per post will be enough;


What You Shouldn’t Write in Your Comments


There are also several points to avoid when leaving a comment under an Instagram user’s post. Let’s check them out:


  • Avoid leaving comments composed of two words or only emojis as they are no longer effective. Make sure your comments are one or two sentences long;
  • Do not ever write a comment without reading the caption. Comments based merely on the photo may turn to be absurd if there is a unique caption left (a sad short story, a question, etc.);
  • Do never promote yourself under others’ posts. First, it may be deleted. And secondly, you will lose all chances of getting them to follow you.


And finally, remember to write exceptionally contextual comments that will be relevant to the photo/video you comment on. Only genuine comments will stand out and drive the attention of the poster to your account.