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Five Artists Introducing Amazing AR Effects for Your Instagram Stories

Five Artists Introducing Amazing AR Effects for Your Instagram Stories

Would you like to make your Instagram Stories more creative and unique? Sure you would. Making use of AR effects is a wonderful idea. For this, you need to follow creative artists on Gram to get access to their AR effects. Although Spark AR Studio was launched only a year ago, it has got great popularity among artists and designers who have amazing filters to offer to other users. These artists have really pushed the boundaries of this technology and have therefore grown large and engaged audiences on Gram. So, InstaBF, a prominent provider in the market of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers, is going to help you entertain your followers and entice new ones through some really awesome AR effects. Let’s get down to work right now!



@fcvkrender Suggests Getting Crystallized


This Instagram account belongs to a Montreal-based digital artist Frederic Duquette. Although Frederic is a self-taught artist, all the beaming future landscapes, sharp architectural geometry and dazzling crystalline arrangements that he offers on this account look mesmerizing. Such artists as Katy Perry, 88GLAM, ILoveMakonnen and others are Frederic’s fans. Duquette offers around a dozen effects on Instagram all of which represent his unique brilliant style with crystals, chains, snakes …



@itscovl Suggests Getting Groovy


Would you like some colorful and bold AR effects for your Instagram Stories? Is yes, then those created by a South Florida designer D’ana Nunez are great for you! One of Nunez’s latest filters is the “Groovy, baby” in the style of the psychedelic aesthetic of the ’70s. The filters perfectly infuse the fun and vibrant style of the account with Palm Springs aesthetic. Follow this amazing designer and get an opportunity to entertain your followers with bright and fun filters.



@tokyyto Offers Colorful Cartoons


Another range of unique and funny filters for Instagram Stories is offered by Tomas Posse. The range includes multi-colored and bizarre-styled cartoons. The first filter by this artist was “TK2”. This AR filter was inspired by the works of Argentinian artists Lolo Amrdz and others. It offers a selection of various bright colors.



@felipepantone Offers Geometric Fantasies


You might have heard about Felipe Pantone, an Argentinian-Spanish artist who has decorated the walls of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris and Mesa Contemporary Arts Center with the 80s- and 90s-inspired frescoes. However, once this artist introduced his AR effects for Insta Stories, his reputation rose even higher. These filters include a wonderful mixture of neon gradients, graffiti, geometric abstractions. Today there are six various AR effects on Instagram Stories the most impressive of which are Ultra, Optimchrome, Chromodynamics. Suggests Entering the Future


Liam O’Neill is a talented graphic designer and menswear from London. He has introduced a whole collection of futuristic effects in cyborg-esque style. Today thousands of Instagram users from the whole world are attracted by these filters.

All five AR effects are amazing. Try each of them to find yours!

Instagram News You Need to Be Aware Of

Instagram News You Need to Be Aware Of

Instagram never sits still. It keeps on upgrading its best tools and working on new ones. What has our favorite social media prepared for us this time? Let’s find out this together with InstaBF – a reliable friend of yours when it comes to Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views. You can order them at the most profitable prices in the market right away!



New Shop Account Showcasing Brands


In Huffington Post article, it was announced that Instagram has added a new @shop account to showcase small businesses and their owners right ahead of the new Checkout feature. Brands and Instagram small business owners are really happy about all this as they have big chances to be featured. As quick as in 24 hours after the account was launched, it score around 14k followers. You, as a brand owner, have no chance to post on this account, yet it will work for the popularity of your brand undoubtedly.

Here are several crucial points to be aware of:

  • The target audience of the account is female and between 20 and 30;
  • The account’s content manager is Belz Ray, who has worked with such remarkable brands as GQ, Vogue, and W;
  • Images here have bright colors and block backgrounds;
  • Every post includes a quote by the brand owner;
  • The most predictable industries to feature here are home decor, beauty, and fashion.



The New Chat Sticker


Have you ever wished you could chat around an Instagram user’s Story? So have multiple other users and Instagram heard you all. This new sticker is going to make it possible to join a group chat after viewing a Story. This is a definitely powerful tool for accounts in order to:

  • Engage in other account’s group chats so that to connect with different accounts;
  • Create much more interactive communities;
  • Encourage dialogues around your brand’s most important topics.


Agree that this all sounds great! To benefit from this new feature, there are several wonderful ideas. Here are they:

  • Start a controversial topic (this will encourage furious discussions);
  • Join different group chats to find out potential followers;
  • Engage with stories on a group chat so that you get a bigger influence on other accounts.



Appeal Post Takedowns


Instagram has been allowing to filter posts as “spam” or “inappropriate” depending on their content. Now Instagram is adding another option as well. Soon Instagram users will be able to request a review of the content that has been taken down. Accordingly, once your or your customer’s post has been wrongly taken down, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Send an appeal and have the post reviewed by another specialist;
  • Get Instagram’s decision;
  • After the second review, Instagram may restore your post.


Instagram has been combining AI and human reviewers in order to keep our favorite social media fair and safe for its users. And this new filter is perfect proof of that.


These were the several new things we couldn’t miss out and not let you know. Once they become available, use them wisely to the benefit of your brand.

The New Appointment Bookings Feature on Instagram

The New Appointment Bookings Feature on Instagram

Ahead of National Small Business Week, Facebook has announced about enhancing a couple of small-business focused tools. One of them refers to booking and managing appointments right on Instagram (and Facebook, of course). This is especially beneficial for service-based businesses. If business owners had to spend a ton of time on scheduling customer appointments, gathering important information on them and sending reminders to them before, now all this can be done from a single device – your smartphone. Got interested? InstaBF, a popular Instagram and IGTV provider is going to introduce this updated tool in more details.



More about the New Feature


Since early 2018, Instagram’s “Book” button has been around. This was the time when Instagram set up the CTA button for business profiles. You must have noticed that by tapping the “Book” on a business account, you were taken to an external landing page where you could fulfill the booking. Moreover, so that to manage various bookings (Appointments by Square, Acuity Scheduling, etc.) a third-party service was to be used. Today Instagram is working on a booking feature that will allow users to book appointments in real-time without leaving the platform.



How You Can Use the New Appointment Feature


So, if you have a small business on Instagram and the new appointment booking feature interested you, first you need to have a Facebook Page and connect your Gram business profile to it. Click the blue CTA button below the cover photo on Facebook. After this, click “Start Setup” and “Next” to show all the available appointments, if you want to. Otherwise, tap “Not Now”. Remember that in this case, people will be obliged to request an appointment from you by messaging.

After that, you will need to add services and service descriptions by clicking “Next”. This includes duration, price, images, etc. Once all this is done, it’s time to connect the feature to your Insta account. The moment you have connected it, you will see a new “Book” button below the bio. Whenever someone on Instagram taps the button, they can confirm the appointment time. People will also be able to request the service type, add any extra information and finally click on “Request Appointment” to have the booking process complete.

After this, it’s up to you whether to send appointment reminders to customers or not. The list of your scheduled appointments can be found in the section of “Appointment” in the top of your Facebook page.



Final Thoughts


The best thing about this new Appointment feature is that it can be equally well used on Facebook and Instagram. This tool makes it possible to manage multiple bookings from a single location. Beyond any doubts, the feature streamlines the booking process on both channels making it a hassle-free thing to manage all appointments across both platforms.

And finally, the fact that you can follow up with customers through Messenger, you’ll be able to keep the conversation on and your customers engaged with your brand.

Why Instagram Has Started Hiding Likes

Why Instagram Has Started Hiding Likes

Have your likes on Instagram posts disappeared? Instagram has recently hidden all likes from Canadian users and most probably you don’t know why, do you? InstaBF is going to reveal why they have made such a decision, how all that work and what an influence it has on Instagram businesses and influencers. But before we dig into this matter deeper, let us remind you that you can still order as many likes, comments, views and followers for your Instagram or IGTV account as you may need. Moreover, we shall gladly surprise you with the affordable prices set on all these services.

And now, let’s start today’s theme by finding out how hidden likes work.



How Instagram Hidden Likes Work


It’s been reported in F8 of 2019 that Instagram has started testing hidden likes and they started it with a percentage of users, particularly in Canada. Today, as you scroll through your feed, you can see no like counts. This doesn’t mean you can’t find out who has liked your post. Just tap through the list and add them yourself. You can still see how many likes your post has got while your followers won’t. In fact, the number of likes will no longer automatically appear under every post and you can access them only by tapping on “others”. Let’s find out together who has access to this update.



How You Can Hide (or Get Back) Instagram Likes


Currently, only certain Canadian Instagram users have access to hidden likes within the limits of testing. If you are lucky to be one of them, you can see a banner at the top of your home feed. It gives an explanation of why you currently don’t see likes on other users’ posts. You see, the purpose of all this is to draw people’s attention on what is being posted and not how many likes those posts get. Zuckerberg aims to help people connect with each other and be less-focused on gathering likes.

If you are excited and want to become a part of the test group… Well, you can’t do anything. You are either one of them or not. There’s absolutely no way to opt-in or opt-out.

We haven’t got any distinct information by social media on how big this test is. However, as Canadians state, the test is definitely large.



How This Will Affect Brands and Influencers


The biggest question around this Instagram update is how it will affect Instagram businesses and influencers. Overall, this is believed to be a positive change for the entire platform. Just see yourself, Instagram Stories have no public metrics. Yet, it has magnificent popularity with not only ordinary users but also brands and influencers. The fact that your like count is left out of sight makes all the focus mainly on the content you share. Additionally, your mental health is safe when you are not enticed to check in with yourself. Today brands care more about engagement rate and reach than do followers. Businesses will have to be much more creative than before. They should analyze all data and get specific about the content type that drives the business the best.

Instagram Fashion Brands with Next Level Strategies: Part 2

Instagram Fashion Brands with Next Level Strategies: Part 2

Last time, here, in the blog of a remarkable IG and IGTV provider InstaBF, we started discussing the most popular fashion brands rocking Instagram. By their example, we disclose crucial tips in skyrocketing in this sphere. So, to cut it short, let’s dip into the miraculous world of Instagram fashion brands again.



Running Original Contests to Attract Untouched Markets


Loop giveaways are great for fashion brands, yet, to attract new audiences, it will be more effective to mix up contest types. A bright example of that is the competition that Bond has run annually since 2011. This is the Fur Bonds Baby Search. Instagrammers are encouraged to submit images of their pets, share submission on Instagram and then ask users to vote for their four-legged friends. The winning bub gets shot in a video campaign and is gifted with many goodies. Cooperating with Whiskas and Meals for Mutts, the fur baby winner also gets food supply for the whole year. First, the contest was taken for babies and was named Bonds Baby Search, but once the brand found out that not all of its audiences are parents, it introduced this contest. And as Bond got entrants’ email addresses for promoting their giveaway, they were able to market to those entrants long after the contest was over.



Personalizing IGTV Content to Promote Engagement and Entertainment


Instagram has recently made it possible to show a piece of IGTV content right in your feed. And if people can see it in their newsfeed, it’s the right time for fashion brands to incorporate IGTV into their strategy. And such fashion brands as Her Pony and ASOS come to prove that IGTV can significantly boost engagement.

ASOS shares personalized IGTV content featuring their team members. This is definitely a clever idea if a brand wants to appear more humanized. In fact, the brand has introduced a whole content series while incorporating the human touch into their strategy seamlessly. It shows its team members speak about their beloved ASOS pieces. How does this work? Just look:

  • It makes the brand’s audience feel excited about the new products that are going to hit the stores;
  • It drives traffic back to the brand’s feed so that they can check if their preferred pieces have been released;
  • It reassures potential customers that the brand’s products are really great;
  • It gives people a sneak peek into the “inner” world of the brand thus making them feel they are a part of ASOS’s Gram community.


What concerns Her Pony brand, it publishes brief movies intended to entertain their followers and stay with the brand longer. It showcases various garments through documentary-style videos. This brand has a young target audience which is far not little (around 136k). One of the brand’s most recent undertakings was devoted to their Ariana collection launching.


Surely, this IGTV video was not a Hollywood level, yet it was a success among the brand’s followers. In fact, the brand actively uses IGTV to present each piece it launched in a funny way. So, being creative with your IGTV content, you will not only have it viewed by a wider audience, but also influence the Instagram Algorithm.