Guide to Instagram’s New Video Platform IGTV

Guide to Instagram’s New Video Platform IGTV

Have you been waiting for the long, vertical form videos on Instagram to shoot and post some grandiose videos? If this refers to you, we are glad to declare that your hour has come! It’s already available both on the native Instagram and standalone IGTV applications. What is IGTV? How does IGTV work? Let’s find answers to these and many other questions with InstaBF, the leading Instagram provider in the industry.


What is IGTV?


Instagram is all about the innovative, hence why shouldn’t it plan to disrupt the traditional TV experience and then update it for a contemporary mobile experience? IGTV serves right for this purpose. For instance, did you know that since Youtube became popular, the amount of time people watch TV has decreased up to 40%? And since the mobile video is sure to increase its popularity rapidly, Instagram intends to bet big particularly on this format. IGTV was launched, therefore.

Today, any Instagram user can create his own IGTV channel and upload videos for his followers. The vast majority of accounts have only ten minutes for shooting a video, yet larger accounts have up to one hour. As Instagram informs, they plan to eliminate any time limits soon.

To watch an IGTV video posted by a friend, you can either launch IGTV app or Instagram. On every Instagram profile, there is an IGTV button. Besides, whenever your friend posts a video, you will get a notification on Instagram. All the videos are available without any advertisements, yet.

Additionally, there is an IGTV channel titled “Popular” that includes the videos with the biggest number of views. Beside this channel, there are also two others – “For You”, which offers the videos that you might be interested in the most, and “Following”, which delivers a collection of videos from all your followers.

Facts about IGTV


IGTV offers only vertical videos

Vertical videos bring about a better mobile experience, yet it forces to either shoot videos in two ratios or crop it in the end. To be short, more editing job is to be expected!

IGTV is much like YouTube

IGTV is designed rather for following one’s favorite vloggers or influencers, than watching programs or movies. In this, it’s much like YouTube than Netflix. Besides, the video posted here doesn’t have to be polished to perfection.

IGTV promises addictive mobile experience

As we have already mentioned, IGTV isn’t going to offer you your favorite TV shows, yet Instagram wants to make the overall experience of using it as pleasant as possible and a lot like traditional TV. Other users will have the chance to leave comments under any video or like it. And once you get bored with one video, you can swipe to the side and watch the next one.

Additionally, you can find a little search bar that’s hidden on the screen and make your search for any video easier.


How to Create IGTV Channel


To be able to post your videos on IGTV, you need to create a channel first. How to do it? Simple! Follow the few steps mentioned below:

  • Sign in to the IGTV application;
  • Tap the settings gear symbol;
  • Click on “Create Channel”.

Now you already have your own channel and can upload a video. For this…

  • Go to your channel;
  • Tap the + symbol;
  • Pick up a video with a vertical ratio from your camera roll;
  • Give the video a title and a brief description;
  • Choose a cover photo;
  • Tap the “Post” icon and enjoy your video uploaded to your IGTV channel.

So, now you know basic information about IGTV and what it’ for. Of course, InstaBF Team couldn’t ignore launch of this new platform and prepared new packages of IGTV Likes, IGTV Views and IGTV Comments which you can check out on our website, so you can become more popular with InstaBF!

Free Ways of Attracting More Followers on Instagram: Part 1

Free Ways of Attracting More Followers on Instagram: Part 1

Around eight hundred million people don’t a month without logging into their Instagram accounts and finding out what’s there new or sharing an image of themselves with other users. This huge number of active users registered on Instagram indicates what a powerful platform it is for your online business! In fact, this social media can work miracles as long as you optimize your account well and keep the number of followers growing. There are several tested and reliable ways of achieving a higher number of followers which won’t cost you a penny! However, they require some time and efforts from your side, unlike InstaBF. This is the credible Instagram provider you can apply to whenever you need a significant growth of Instagram likes, comments, and followers. Apart from the affordable charge and a couple of minutes necessary for completing the order, nothing is requested from you! You will get the owner of your time and can save your nerves, while InstaBF is doing the work.

However, we will also be glad to unveil the ten credible means of growing Instagram followers organically and effectively without spending any money. Here is the Part 1 of steps to undertake:


Picking the Right Username

As a rule, people search by the topic they are interested in and not the possible brand name (well, unless your brand is already widely known). Therefore, it’s better to use target words that best describe what you offer on Instagram as a username. You can pick up two or three keywords that users use most of all for describing your products. For instance, if you own a bookstore, you could use the words “book”, “bestseller” and other theme-related words to compose your username.

Just the same way, it’s crucial to optimally use the 150 characters in your bio to best describe you as a business. Tell people who you are and they can benefit from your offers.


Using GeoTags

There are plenty of users who make their search by place. Hence, remember to use geotags for each and every photo you post. Suppose, you own a sports gym. Geotag the address every time you post a photo of it or people making workouts there.


Actively Using Hashtags

Despite being free and simple, hashtags are still very useful for an Instagram business. Did you know that you have the chance of adding up to thirty hashtags on every post? Use at least ten related to the topic. Mind that Instagram may ban you once you use inappropriate tags too often. Besides, you’d better use hashtags that are trendy and are more likely to be searched by your target audience. Tag friends, celebrities, even competitors as long as your tagging is relevant.


Joining Communities

Without joining Instagram communities, obtaining more followers for free will be a real target. Such communities connect multiple accounts with similar interests and immensely enlarge the spectrum of possible followers. Once you get published in an appropriate community, you will be asked to use the stated hashtags, as well as make reposts and post your own photos. Expect all other members of the community to do the same with your hashtags and your posts. Surely, if you post, mildly to say, not so attractive posts, you won’t have a success even with the help of a community. Yet, with the condition of posting quality content, a good community can be your key to success.

Six Amazing Instagram Content Ideas When You Feel Stuck

Six Amazing Instagram Content Ideas When You Feel Stuck

Instagram can sometimes be such a harsh social media! Having a huge number of followers appears too binding especially if Instagram is your means of living. You have to be creative, post original and interesting content to keep all your followers engaged. Otherwise, you will soon watch them unfollow you. Anyway, well acknowledging all this, sometimes it happens that you can’t think of an inspiring Instagram post while missing it will mean disappointing your followers.

Especially for you and other Instagram users who feel stuck, InstaBF, one of the leading Instagram providers on the market, would like to share some amazing content ideas for your next post!



What are you good at? Perhaps you are a beauty blogger or a hairstylist? In such cases, ask a friend to be your model for a day and teach your followers how to create a casual makeup or hairstyle. Just the same way you can share your tips how you use your favorite products.

If you are a fitness trainer, think of a simple yet healthy meal and share its recipe via a tutorial. Be certain, recipes for appetizing yet healthy meals are endless, so are people interested in them!


Inspiration for Outdoor Adventures

There is a sad statistic that technologies have become the huge part of our lives leaving a practically very little place for outdoor adventures. And did you know that exercising outdoors can improve one’s cognitive function, increase memory capability, lower anxiety and, of course, boost good mood?! Therefore, no matter who you are and what is your passion, inspire your followers to spend some time outdoors every day. Make a post about you running, exercising, climbing, or simply walking while explaining its benefits. You will get a wonderful post while helping your followers live healthier.


A Flat Lay of Your Bag Content

If you have a big number of followers, they are sure to be eager who you are in everyday life. A good means of giving them an insight into your personality is posting a “bag-spill” photo/video. This can be as your handbag or clutch, so your work bag, artist bag, gym bag, makeup bag. You can also show what’s there in your shopping bag, yet be careful not to make any brand’s advertisement.



Mondays are perhaps the most-hated days for the vast majority of people. To make that day less tensed, take a photo of your work desk with a steaming cup of coffee on it, add a motivating/encouraging caption and post it. Be sure, it will help your followers hate Mondays a bit less.


Your Muse

Is there anyone who inspires you to work or simply be better? Perhaps it’s your parent, your sweetheart, or simply an artist/writer? Showcase him/her and reveal why you admire that person, how he/she helped you become an individual. Besides being a good idea for an Instagram post, it’s a wonderful way to acknowledge someone’s direct influence on your life. This way you will also motivate your followers to look around and find their muses that might be standing so close!


Sneak Peek

If you have been working on a certain project which is yet not ready to be revealed, you can post a little snippet of it. This will create some mystery among your followers, keep them entertained and your feed filled with quality content even if you had no idea what to post a couple of minutes earlier.


Useful Instagram Marketing Podcasts

Useful Instagram Marketing Podcasts

Instagram marketing podcasts are a great source of learning all the necessary nuances about such an “art” as internet marketing. As a rule, these podcasts are addressed to assisting you in growing your Instagram business account. And if you got interested in the most useful podcasts, InstaBF, a popular Instagram provider, will be glad to present to your attention five most effective Instagram podcast episodes. Be certain, you will have a better idea how to perfect your Instagram marketing strategy, achieve a higher engagement and drive more sales on this social platform.


Doubling Instagram Growth

Jenna Kutcher is an expert when it refers to growing a massive number of Instagram followers in the shortest possible times. That comes to prove over 500k followers she currently has. In fact, she was able to double the number of her Insta followers in only one month! How did she manage that? One can find that out in the 155th episode of The Goal Digger Podcast.

According to Jenna, posts with her own photos turned out to be more popular than others. She carried out her own experiment and the results were amazing. In one month entirely dedicated to posting her own photographs, she had her engagement rate skyrocket up to 9% per every post, while there was also one post obtaining over 21% engagement!


Attention towards Influencer Marketing

The next effective podcast is suggested by Amber Venz Box & Sophia Amoruso. Even though the author doesn’t provide any practical tips related to influencer marketing, it shed a light on its entire history, showcases all the trends and forces that play a major role in the market today. Accordingly, if you’ve been considering whether to run an influencer marketing on Instagram or not, this podcast is able to push you into the right decision.


A View on Instagram by its Founders

Will you agree if we say that besides being extremely inspirational, it’s so educative and thrilling to hear about the birth and general conception of such a giant social media as Instagram from its founders? If yes, then the podcast “How I Built This” by Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger will interest you. The episode contains information on both the platform’s successes and failures.


Creating Efficient Instagram Marketing

Unlike the podcast by Amber Venz Box, that created by a digital entrepreneur and founder of PeopleMap Jennifer Puno contains precise steps how to create and run an effective social media marketing. In her story, she tells how she managed to grow from 0 to 80,000 followers in just one year. Adhering to the ton of tips and tools offered by Jennifer, you can quickly build your own influence on Instagram!

Promoting Your Courses

Who if not Alex Tooby knows what to do to drive amazing marketing results on Instagram? One of her podcasts titled “Femtrepreneur” tells a series of topics concerning how to curate an attractive Instagram feed, how to build an email funnel, and, majorly, how to convert Instagram followers into customers. Tooby herself has some experience in launching courses on Instagram, which we need to admire, are greatly popular. And with her decent tips, monetizing your Insta account due to building a clear and effective strategy, is already possible.

Tips for Amazing Instagram Flatlays

Tips for Amazing Instagram Flatlays

Perhaps every Instagram addict has tried at least once in his/her life creating some spectacular Instagram flatlay like plenty of popular bloggers, brands and influencers do. But how many of us did succeed? In fact, a good flatlay is constructed utmost carefully. Every piece is placed together with a certain purpose to look effortless yet tell a stylish story. In this post, InstaBF wants to share some grandiose tips or secrets that Insta celebrities use for creating really stunning flatlays. But before that, it’s definitely worth to find out how InstaBF can help you with your Instagram engagement rate. Being one of the leading Instagram providers on the market, InstaBF suggests ordering Insta likes, comments, and followers on the most affordable conditions.

However, let’s return to our flatlays and present to your attention nine tips to help you get a success.

The Basic Background

The first thing to consider before creating an Instagram flatlay is the background. The latter should complement the products displayed and not distract viewers from the basic subject. As an option, you can pick up a tabletop, a white cardboard, wooden floorboard, a bench top, a shaggy rug, marble tiles, and even a clean bed sheet. Definitely, some of the mentioned surfaces can be found right in your house.

The Natural Light

There is such a rule for a succeeded Instagram flatlay as to shoot only in the natural light. Hence, organize your photo shooting either in the morning or in the afternoon. Do never use an electric light, as the latter creates shadows and distorts the products’ original colors. Instead, opt for a place in your home or office that is drenched in natural light, such as near a glass door or a large window.

The Space between Objects

There should be some space left between each object. No matter how many products you want to use in the flatlay, it mustn’t be chaotic and cluttered. The space left needn’t be too much, just enough to balance out the shot!

The Theme Chosen

Every flatlay should have its own story that becomes obvious from a mere glance at the shot. This can be traveling, fashion, beauty, food, what’s in your bag, etc. Therefore, make sure all the pieces you have picked not only look harmonious with each other, but also coincide with the chosen theme.

The Right Shooting Distance

The best height for shooting a great flatlay can be described as “from a bird’s eye view”. This means you need to make your shooting from above the layout. If the things are arranged on the floor, your own height might be enough. Yet, if you have laid the objects on the table or bench, for instance, use a ladder or a stool.

The Perfect Template

Instagram has started uploading landscape and portrait images without cropping them, yet the best template for a flatlay still remains the square one. It creates harmony and balance while looking super professional!

The Right Color Palette

Just as you choose a certain theme for your flatlay, choose one color palette and stick to it. This may be hues of blue, earthy shades, pastel colors, etc. Always resist the temptation to incorporate a contrasting color, instead accessorizing the flatlay with white, black or metallic.


Do ever restrict yourself with only one arrangement, but experiment to find out new ones. Be creative to place small items near big ones, or on top of each other. Move things around, shoot the flatlay and only after several tries pick the most beautiful one to post.

The Props Box

If you are fond of shooting flatlays for your Instagram account, you’d better create your own props box. The latter can include books with pretty covers, faux flowers, jewels and beads, funny cups, new and old magazines, a white cardboard or a tile (depends which you prefer the most), cosmetic tubes, watches, glasses you no longer use, and anything else that may come to help and inspire you to create new flatlays later.