19 ways to attract fans through Instagram

19 ways to attract fans through Instagram

Instagram is used by all celebrities and people who just want gaining more popularity. Here we will tell you about 19 ways of attracting fans through this popular platform.

Use hashtags

They let you describing your photo or picture. Hashtags are a few words related to your image or brand.


Be funny

The writing of hashtags should be approached with humor and imagination, but avoid unrelated to your creativity themes.


Use cool headers

Headers are no less important than hashtags. Your goal is to write a funny witty headline, understandable to all subscribers.


Follow hashtags of competitors

Yes, you hate them, but they can greatly help at the initial stage. After all, if you cannot defeat them, you just have to join them.


Diversify your Instagram

Spread photos from concerts, sessions, parties and all that makes up your life.


Post awesome content

Make sure that you post exactly those images that will be of interest to readers. Take bright, colorful photos and learn using filters.


Buy likes and followers

More likes and followers you have – the faster your popularity is growing. Get high quality followers at InstaBF.


Combine your posts and export them to other social networks

The most remarkable feature of Instagram is the ability to post your photos at once on Facebook and Twitter: this is a good time-saving!


Link to your site on Instagram

If you want the fans to focus on music, you need to bring them to your site. To do this, just add a link to the site in your profile in Instagram.


Complete the profile

The description should be short and simple: your fans must get a desire to know more about you and visit your site.


Sing for your fans

Instagram allows you to upload short videos, so why not take advantage of this? Do also something that can emphasize your talent.


Become a blogger

A video blog with a tour is a great way to attract an audience, because most fans will never get on tour or on stage. Take short notes off the road.


Come up to business with humor

Share with fans funny videos and photos. It is a good idea to build a long-term contact with the public.


Look for your fans

In Instagram you can search by people and tags. Subscribe to anything that draws your attention.


Make more comments

When you find your potential fans, it’s time to start interacting with them. Fame is not just a performance on the stage. Comment on the fans so they can feel your personal presence.


Communicate with subscribers and fans

Interaction is the key to creating super-fans. Make them feel special. Comment on a few photos of your subscribers every day.


Take photos with your fans

Then publish the pictures in Instagram and do not forget to mark on them fans.



Often fans send their idols photos, drawings, videos, suggestions and thanks. You can make a real work of art from all of this stuff!


Use the photo from Instagram on your website

You can use Instagram widgets to add photos on your website, it really attracts attention.

Of course, this is not all that can be done at Instagram. But these 19 things are your “musts” to be done to gain popularity.

Ways to earn money on Instagram

Ways to earn money on Instagram

Let’s say you have registered your profile. How can you start earning money? First of all, you need your own audience (subscribers), which will have something to buy from you. Where can you get these followers? The easiest way doing it is buying them cheap is doing it at InstaBF site.

How many followers do you need to earn? Sure, the more people that have subscribed to your account you have, the more you can earn. Even with 100 followers you can get the first customers. Let us learn more about these ways of earning.

Promote your business on Instagram

Who often sells services on Instagram?

  1. People working for themselves, providing their services online and offline. For example, photographers, psychologists, business coaches, lawyers;
  2. Private entrepreneurs and companies. For example, beauty salons, car-care centers, sports complexes, entertainment projects;
  3. Freelancers, copywriters, webmasters, programmers, etc.

You can easily advertise your services on Instagram and attract potential customers through the photo with description.

Promote affiliate services on Instagram

Selling other people’s products and services through affiliate programs is the simplest and most profitable way to earn. All you need is to find a product or service, for the sale of which you will receive your commission, take a partnership link to this product and recommend it in your profile or in posts.

Selling your goods on Instagram

Who earns this way? Internet shops, various manufacturers and those who make goods with their own hands! But basically it’s online stores and ordinary stores that attract customers that way. For example, regular customers or fans of a brand subscribe to their favorite stores’ accounts and follow through photos for new items, buying them further. Additionally various promotions and discounts, which attract the audience are advertised on Instagram.

Selling Ads on your Instagram profile

Popular posts on Instagram with an audience of several tens of thousands of people can take for an advertising post even $100. Would you just want to get $500, $1000, $5000 USD through your account? Of course, everyone would like to have such a source of income.

9 Instagram aspects that most users do not know about

9 Instagram aspects that most users do not know about

Appeared in 2010 like free application for exchanging photos and videos with other users, Instagram has become the most popular program for today. Now over a billion of people have downloaded it to use for the other purposes – for business, social communication, promotions, etc. Meanwhile, it has certain possibilities that many users do not even guess about.

Hiding photo filters you do not need

Filters for photos are what made Instagram so popular, but some of them you might not like at all. Instagram gives each user really stunning possibility of using photo filters to improve the images’ quality and add funky effects. Meanwhile, you may dislike this option – then turn it off. To do it, open the photo, ready for editing and scroll to the right all filters. You’ll see the sign “Manage”. Uncheck the filters you do not need. That’s it!

Hiding unsuccessful marked photos

The photos can have great quality, but for some reason you can even hate them. Make the marks invisible. Simply go to the Photos of You, click on the selected image, find your name there, and click on it. In this menu, select Hide from My Profile and save the change. That’s it – nobody will discuss this “unlucky” photo as he will not see the mark anymore.

Following the images that your friends like

To see what the other users like, go to “Activity” and scroll left to the “Following” tab. There the likes “collection” of the people you are subscribed to is kept. Isn’t it curious?

Checking all images you have marked with your Like

Are you desperately searching a photo that you have marked with your Like? When you communicate with many Instagram users and your activity in the application is very high, finding these marked pictures is a hard task. Meanwhile, the searching process is extremely simple  – use the “Posts You’ve Liked” function, hidden in the settings menu (visit the upper right corner of your profile). When you need more likes on certain photos, just buy for cheap it at InstaBF. We can also add to your account more subscribers, which is very important when you need a large audience to tell them about your business propositions or share with them the needed info.

Getting notifications about photo posts from your favorite accounts

You can be subscribed to thousands of Instagram accounts, but you always have your favorites.  Follow their updates easily, learn about new images added there, read posts and comments of these users. Just turn on “Notifications” that are hidden behind the ellipsis sign in the upper left corner of the selected profile page.

Using direct messages

Many people do not use Instagram Direct actively, however they have heard about this function. To get to personal messages, click on the icon of incoming messages in the upper left corner of the News page.

Sending private messages invisible to other people

For such a stranger stranger photos previously had to take a screenshot, but recently in Instagram appeared a new feature that allows you to send someone else’s photos to others, while not telling the author.

Saving live broadcasts for 24 hours

Now Instagram users can leave their live broadcast published in the service for 24 hours after it is over. At the end of the broadcast, choose if you leave it in the service for 24 hours or not.

Using new Favorites function

New “Favorites” function allows you to publish photos and videos for a specific circle of friends. In this case, users will not receive notifications when they are added to the Favorites, and they will not be able sending the request for adding to the closed list. Publications for a particular group of people are marked with a special green icon. A new tab with Favorites posts appears in the user profile. There is no limit for adding users, but the average number of added Favorites is 10 – 30 persons.

The phenomenon of Instagram

The phenomenon of Instagram

Nowadays everyone knows what Instagram is, there are millions of users. What attracts all of them? What makes Instagram so popular all over the world? InstaBF knows answer to these questions and we are going to tell you about it in a bit. If you are interested – stay tuned!

Online attention and approval on Instagram

All of us like attention and approval: we are born in society, raised by people and communicate with other people. It is something that unites all people in the world, because it is common for everyone. Nobody likes to be isolated for a long time, it is not natural for us. Everyone seeks approval from others, because this is how you learn that you are doing right, besides, it can keep you motivated to continue doing your thing no matter what it is.

The phenomenon of Instagram is rather simple ­­– with a like, a new follower or comments we get online approval that makes us feel better, even happier. Moreover, whereas being praised by parents and friends has become an ordinary thing, which isn’t always objective, a rewarding like from a stranger can give a bigger boost to one’s confidence.

What else you can find on Instagram

Of course, for some people likes and followers are not a priority. They just want to follow their friends and see what is going on in their lives. Others consider their Instagram pages to be some kind of electronic photo album, where they can post different moments of their lives and share them with other people at the same time.

However, there is something absolutely different from personal accounts on Instagram, and namely Instagram accounts for business purposes. Here we don’t speak about inner urge to get approval from people (however it may take place), but about goals and aims of brand development as well as raising money and marketing. It can be fun to read it, but once again, all those things are tightly connected with likes, followers and comments on Instagram, and we can even say that the prosperity of your Instagram account depends on them.

Likes, followers and comments

Likes, followers and comments are three pillars on which the phenomenon of Instagram is built. Likes stand for approval from people, followers show us that people are interested in the account and what this account represents (it can be one’s job, personality, business etc.), and comments are a way of interaction between users. All things considered one can say that the idea of Instagram is simple and this is what makes this social network so successful.

InstaBF and Instagram

After reading this article you may have an idea of how powerful the phenomenon of Instagram is. Depending on your own aspirations and ambitions you can always rely on our service. We work with both small and big accounts and help them to achieve their goals.

Instagram for Social Media Managers

Instagram for Social Media Managers

There are a lot of business accounts on Instagram. It is easy to run a page at the beginning, while the audience is not very big, but as the number of your followers grows bigger, and you need more effective measures to back up the growth of your customers, you might think about hiring a social media manager (SMM). However, you might know Instagram so well and the way it works that you choose to become a social media manager yourself. If you still wonder who a social media manager is, what duties he has, or if you are one of them and you wish to learn how to achieve more success in your job – read the article and find out now.

Who is a social media manager and what does he do?

Social media manager is a specialist who deals with promotion of your brand in social media networks. He runs your Instagram account (posting pictures, making captions, organizing contests etc.) and aims at increasing the number of your followers. Therefore, he is responsible for creating a certain, normally positive, image of your brand. Of course, a social media manager should have some certain qualities, and they are rather obvious – good communicative skills and creativity. Besides, this person must have a passion for the brand or any other topic he or she is dealing with, and last but not least, it is important to follow blogs about media and technologies and development tendencies of them. We all know that nothing stands still and one should always keep up with the changes.

SMM on Instagram

It is no wonder why Instagram is considered to be the best platform for promotion. There are a lot of reasons why social media managers pay a great attention to Instagram pages of the brands they deal with. Instagram has now become not only a place where you can see how your friends spend their free time, like their pictures and comment on them, but it provides any user with lots of opportunities, for example: communicating, meeting new people and earning money. Brands find their audience on Instagram and social media managers help them to do it faster and more efficiently.

InstaBF for SMM

With the help of our service you can give a good start to any Instagram account. We understand that it is not always as easy as it seems to achieve success on Instagram, especially now, when the market is taking over Instagram and every user “fights” for his followers, potential customers. If you have some difficulties or you don’t want to wait for success too long, you can check out our offers here. We care about our customers and do our best to provide you with any Instagram benefits you want. It doesn’t matter if you have just started your career as a social media manager or you have got lots of experience ­­– InstaBF can reinforce your achievement and give a boost to your career and any Instagram page you run.