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Instagram Influencer Marketing Tips for Beginners

Instagram Influencer Marketing Tips for Beginners

Starting an Instagram influencer marketing can be a scary thing especially when you have vague ideas on that. However, once you have determined to go into that, you will need some recommendations. InstaBF, one of those services you can order likes, comments, views and followers for your IGTV or Instagram accounts any time of the day, will gladly present to your attention some critical aspects on the matter. So, let’s get started.



Preparations for Instagram Influencer Marketing


Before you get to contacting an Instagram influencer perforce, there are some points to pay special attention to. Here are them:


  • The influencer must be a good brand fit;


Once you have an influencer you consider collaborating with, go through their posts and then google search their name. Check if that influencer has been caught in any scandals that could affect your brand’s reputation.


  • The influencer must have a high engagement rate;


It’s also crucial to make certain the influencer has a high engagement rate. He/she might have plenty of followers, which might be not so interested in the posts made, though. With the help of certain scheduling tools, you can track an influencer’s engagement rate, his/her most active times during the day, most actively used hashtags, etc.


  • The influencer must have an audience that fits your brand’s demographics.


The last but not less important part is comparing the influencer’s demographics with yours. This requires some digging into details. To facilitate it, you can contact the influencer and ask for his/her media kit. As a rule, the latter includes a breakdown of their audience. If the person has no ready kit, you’d better avoid cooperating with him/her. Remember, that every self-respecting and professional Insta influencer has his kit ready for brands.



Influencer Marketing Insights


There are some truly awesome Instagram influencer insights that will interest you. Besides, they will drive you in the right direction in picking up the best influencer particularly for your brand’s promotions.

  • Around 70% of teens on Instagram (and they are the vast majority of Insta users) trust influencers more than celebrities;
  • The average count of Instagram influencer marketing revenue is $6.50 for every dollar spent;
  • More than half (around 57%) of beauty and fashion companies are engaged in Instagram influencer marketing.


So, most probably, you feel more confident about your upcoming Instagram influencer marketing campaign now. Therefore, it’s high time to map out it according to 2019’s demands. Here is what you should do.

Contact the Gram celebrity through their business email as that will look more professional. Be clear and brief not to arise any confusion. Scheme a contract that will ensure all the points are handled professionally.

The vast majority of influencers don’t accept gifts via the award of the collaboration. However, if your budget is limited or your brand is still new, you can offer free products and in exchange for exposure. If the influencer repels the offer, don’t insist, keep your dignity and choose another micro influencer (mega influencers won’t agree on gifts, anyway).


The Paid Partnership Feature for Instagram Influencers and Brands

The Paid Partnership Feature for Instagram Influencers and Brands

Today Instagram has multiple influencers registered and earning big money! Not only those with a large following are successful on this social platform but even teens with a modest following make money promoting services or products for their community. If several years ago influencers could tout a brand’s products without noting they are in paid relationships with that brand, today much has changed. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has started cracking down on influencers’ posts which don’t have any mentioning about the paid relations. Therefore, nowadays influencers have to state either the presence or the absence of any collaboration between themselves and brands. In the image below, you can see one of Instagram’s mega-influencers Khloe Kardashian clarifying about the presence of Cocoa-Cola in her post – it is not an ad for the company! Instagram is sure that increasing the transparency of paid relationships between brands and influencers is highly important, and all users of the platform have to obey.

InstaBF, your dependable IG and IGTV provider, would like to have a deeper look at this matter.



“Paid Partnership” Feature by Instagram


Quite recently (in 2017) Instagram launched a new feature – paid partnership. Whenever an influencer makes a sponsored post, there’s a line under their username clarifying “Paid partnership with the sponsoring brand’s name”.

So, what should influencers add to their posts to run an ethical business? Or is there anything that brands must know about partnering with influencers? Here are a few points that can help you not get on the bad side of the FTC.


  • It’s Not All About Money


Far not always influencers get money for their sponsored posts. Quite often the award can be via products or services for free. In such case, the collaboration is still considered a paid relationship. Additionally, there are bonus codes and affiliate links given to influencers as a bonus for a successful deal (or even as the charge). Hence, whenever there’s any mutual profit, the nature of such collaboration must be disclosed.  


  • It’s Not Always About Product Promotion


There happen cases when influencers are to promote an Instagram page or a website of a brand, and not its products/services. For instance, Rowan Row has attracted the hearts of over 700K followers on Instagram (we do believe the majority are females) and some of his posts are sponsored, though no products are promoted. In the following post, he encourages his followers to visit the Instagram account of Organic UK to get tips on a healthy lifestyle. Surely, the fruit on the image is not sold by the brand. Such a promotion is still considered a sponsored one.


  • Only Hashtags Won’t Be Enough


Multiple influencers consider adding such hashtags as, for instance, #sponsored, #ad, etc., enough to signify the post was sponsored by the brand. However, the FTC does not think so. Quite often, it may request to add some more details about the relationship with that brand. You can add about partnering with a brand right in the caption to the post, for instance.


Whether you are an Instagram influencer or a sponsoring brand, you should make sure the things are clear. Otherwise, you may lose the trust of your followers, customers, or get a warning message from the FTC.


Working with Micro Influencers on Instagram

Working with Micro Influencers on Instagram

It’s already the first month of 2019 outdoors and the time of micro-influencers’ reign has started! But what makes influencers with fewer followers the flavor of not only the first month but also the whole 2019 year?! It’s the real engagement that makes collaborating with these people more efficient than with major celebrities. People are interested in not only the half-naked photos of their favorites but in the content micro influencers share on Instagram. Besides, micro influencers have a targeted following with a demographic that’s proven by the un-tainted numbers. And if you are searching ways of working with micro influencers, InstaBF, a well-reputed IG and IGTV provider, is going to give you a detailed guideline on these people. Be sure, by the end of the article, you will understand why micro influencers are the best bang for the buck you have.



Why They’re So Popular?!


Despite the small-seeming following (3000 and more), micro influencers are, in fact, quite a powerful category in the influencer marketing landscape. Fans of these people are well aware of their favorites and nearly always read their captions up to the end. Micro influencers, in their turn, are tightly knit to their online community. Most probably you have guessed by now that people trust the product and service suggestions micro influencers make.

However, before you hurry to collaborate with any micro influencer, look at their media kit, analyze their following and find out whether their demographics fits that of your brand’s. Additionally, search for any previous sponsored posts they have made to find out how quality the image resolutions, captions, and CTAs were. A true micro influencer must have a marketing talent so that to showcase your product/service in the best.



How You Should Start Working


Once you have got a list of micro-influencers with a clear niche that fits your brand, it’s time to contact them. You’d better reach out to them with an ordinary request for a media kit through the email you can find in their bios. If you can’t find an email, there’s always a chance to get in touch with them through a DM. Make your message highly engaging. Include a paragraph about your brand without making it too salesy. Show that your brand has something valuable to offer to the influencer’s community. If you don’t get any response, there’s no point in repeating the request. Most probably the micro influencer isn’t interested in your offer.

Anyway, if you get the media kit, read it carefully before you go into a collaboration bind.



Creating the Brief to the Project


Now, when you are sure to partner with the influencer you have chosen, it’s time to get a brief of the project. The latter is most likely to be an Instagram sponsored grid post. Make sure the following points are included in the brief:

  • background on the campaign;
  • the date range of the content posting;
  • requirements on the post (might include image styles, branded hashtags, the presence of a video, etc,);
  • budget (remember that pricing or begging to drop the price will appear highly unprofessional).


So, now when you know how to partner with an Instagram micro influencer, it’s high time to try out your first campaign. Be alert, creative, decisive, and you will achieve success.  

Four Undeniable Benefits of Collaborating with Instagram Influencers

Four Undeniable Benefits of Collaborating with Instagram Influencers

Have you ever watched an Instagram influencer’s feed with a little bit of jealousy? The huge number of followers is a direct indicator of their popularity. Anyway, instead of sitting and watching their accounts, you’d better consider starting collaborating with them. The thing is that the rise of the internet has made the presence of such influencers highly significant in the marketing arena. That’s why taking advantage of such social media like Instagram and its influencers is a true way of promoting your brand. InstaBF, one of the veterans in the industry of IG and IGTV providers, has already referred to the advantages of dealing with Insta influencers. You may agree with some of the points mentioned and disagree with others. However, there are four undeniable benefits of working with social media influencers. And right now, we are going to turn particularly to these four essential points so that you start thinking about applying to an influencer in your niche right after reading the article.



Reach and Awareness


As a rule, influencers have a huge following and all their followers appear to be true fans. They are always eager to see any new post by their beloved Instagram celebrity and actively engage with their accounts. Picking out a particular influencer and having talked to him/her about your brand, you will together find the best means of incorporating your brand into their account. Just imagine how many new people will learn about your business through a single post! This is an ideal way of boosting brand awareness. So, dealing with an Instagram influencer is an efficient and very quick approach to letting people learn about the existence of your brand and creating interest around it.



Building Trust


Gaining the trust of a target audience is a tough thing that requires years of hard work. Anyway, there’s a single way to facilitate the task – simply cooperate with an Instagram influencer. By sharing your content on their accounts, these individuals will share your message among an actively engaged audience. And what’s the most important thing – people trust and accept influencers’ opinion. They are inspired by these individuals and believe in what they use.

So, building trust is another mega-important benefit of collaborating with IG celebrities.



Reaching the Target Audience


Once you partner with a relevant influencer from the same niche as yours, your chances of reaching the target audience tremendously rise. Just think yourself – influencers will bring your message to those particular people who are already interested in your niche. All that’s left for them is to determine whether to try your product/service or not (with more than 80% possibility of going into that). Even if you spend great sums say on macro influencers, a high return on investment of your brand is ensured!



Search Engine Rankings and Conversions


Most probably, you already know that backlinks play a major role in ranking a website in search engine results. And once an influencer makes a post with a link to your products/ services, a backlist to your website is created. With this said, it becomes clear that teaming up with Instagram influencers and getting high-quality backlinks to your website, your brand’s search engine rankings will be greatly improved and conversions made consequently.

Special Features for Instagram Influencers Already in Test

Special Features for Instagram Influencers Already in Test

Instagram is going to test a whole collection of features created especially for high-profile users like influencers!  According to the report, celebrities will get better control over their Instagram accounts including filtering direct messages, getting better access to deep analytics of their followers’ counts. InstaBF, one of the most reliable services you can trust whenever you need to order a package of Instagram or IGTV likes, views, followers or comments, suggests getting a deeper look at this report and at what Instagram users with big accounts can hope for together.



More Control Promised


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the giant social media Instagram has undertaken to test a new feature of giving more control to a small group of users. If the results are satisfying, the feature will be available for more high-profile accounts already in the upcoming year.

This pack of “more control” includes filters for direct messages. The latter will allow creators to enable specific people to contact them. The privileged Instagrammers will get access to such data as how many users follow and unfollow their account. Additionally, various labels will be available for use to help point media queries to the right channels.



Growth Insights


Instagram influencers, brands and all other users with high engagement rates, will get a broader overview of their accounts’ progress. It will provide deeper information on Stories, posts, feed, and IGTV. Besides, the growth of insights will hint about particularly what type of content posted was more popular. Using such data, creators will have a better image of how to use the best working posts for attracting more followers. And vice versa. Learning what type of content posted brings little engagement, account owners can avoid making the same mistakes.

As stated in the report of Ashley Yuki, a product manager, Instagram creators form an impressive part of our community. This is a great platform for building fan communities, as well as personal brands.



More Upcoming Tools


If there were no specific features, Instagram celebrities would be similar to regular users, with no customized experience. Even though quite many creators assign themselves as business accounts as a resource, they find the feature is not tailored to their needs. Particularly that’s why the new features will be available for such an important part of Instagram as creators. In fact, these specialized features are only the first part of the tools this social media plans to roll out to influencers’ benefit.

Nevertheless, Instagram refused to give any specific release dates for future tools. In all cases, the upcoming tools will create a real boom on the network!