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Special Features for Instagram Influencers Already in Test

Special Features for Instagram Influencers Already in Test

Instagram is going to test a whole collection of features created especially for high-profile users like influencers!  According to the report, celebrities will get better control over their Instagram accounts including filtering direct messages, getting better access to deep analytics of their followers’ counts. InstaBF, one of the most reliable services you can trust whenever you need to order a package of Instagram or IGTV likes, views, followers or comments, suggests getting a deeper look at this report and at what Instagram users with big accounts can hope for together.



More Control Promised


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the giant social media Instagram has undertaken to test a new feature of giving more control to a small group of users. If the results are satisfying, the feature will be available for more high-profile accounts already in the upcoming year.

This pack of “more control” includes filters for direct messages. The latter will allow creators to enable specific people to contact them. The privileged Instagrammers will get access to such data as how many users follow and unfollow their account. Additionally, various labels will be available for use to help point media queries to the right channels.



Growth Insights


Instagram influencers, brands and all other users with high engagement rates, will get a broader overview of their accounts’ progress. It will provide deeper information on Stories, posts, feed, and IGTV. Besides, the growth of insights will hint about particularly what type of content posted was more popular. Using such data, creators will have a better image of how to use the best working posts for attracting more followers. And vice versa. Learning what type of content posted brings little engagement, account owners can avoid making the same mistakes.

As stated in the report of Ashley Yuki, a product manager, Instagram creators form an impressive part of our community. This is a great platform for building fan communities, as well as personal brands.



More Upcoming Tools


If there were no specific features, Instagram celebrities would be similar to regular users, with no customized experience. Even though quite many creators assign themselves as business accounts as a resource, they find the feature is not tailored to their needs. Particularly that’s why the new features will be available for such an important part of Instagram as creators. In fact, these specialized features are only the first part of the tools this social media plans to roll out to influencers’ benefit.

Nevertheless, Instagram refused to give any specific release dates for future tools. In all cases, the upcoming tools will create a real boom on the network!

Clear Formula for Calculating Your Instagram Influencer Rates

Clear Formula for Calculating Your Instagram Influencer Rates

Perhaps every Instagram influencer, first stepping into this business, feels awkward to speak about money. What if you set a too high cost and price yourself out, or on the contrary, set it too low and make people doubt your worth and have to work at a low price further? If you are new to this game and don’t want brands to take advantage of that fact, it’s better to get a formula of calculating your Instagram Influencer rate. InstaBF, a noted Instagram and IGTV provider, is going to unveil that magic formula especially for you! Ready? Let’s check this out!


What You Should Charge for the Next Influencer Marketing Campaign

Prior to negotiating on the cost of your influencer services with a brand, you should be aware of your worth. This way you will stay strong and realize whether this or that Instagram influencer marketing campaign is worth your time and efforts or not. There might be times when you’ll agree to lower the fee or demand a higher one. Yet, in all cases, remember beauty products, trips, and clothing won’t ever pay your bills. Hence, you’d better refuse to receive them instead of the money right from the beginning.

The standard formula for calculating your most optimal fee regardless of the type of the order is as follows:


Talent Fee + Distribution Fee = Your Charge


Now, let’s refer to either component separately:


Distribution Fee: Fey Factors


How much it costs to be featured on your Instagram channel is the distribution fee. Depending on five factors, the fee may differ:

Number of Followers

One of the most important facts here is the number of your followers. Surely, this shouldn’t become your major sell, yet striving to increase your follower count is obligatory. InstaBF can help you with this.



The engagement rate is another important factor. You can calculate it by dividing the average number of likes and comments by the number of your followers.  For instance, suppose the number of likes and comments per post is 1000, while your follower count is 10,000. By dividing these numbers you get 0.1. To transmute the number into a percentage, multiply it by 100, and you will get 10%. That will be your engagement rate.


Content Quality

If you are an influencer, then your content is fine. But to offer your services for marketing outlets, such as billboards, magazines, TV commercials, you need to always work on improving the quality of your content. This will solidify your status in this business and help you earn even more money!


 Recognizable Face

A true influencer should have a recognizable face. Don’t understand it literally, this can be as your appearance, so your unique style, your skills (making great cakes, dancing, handmade jewelry, makeup, etc.).



Demographics play a great role in the distribution fee, too. This depends on your niche: a brand selling its products/services to a particular audience, may either be interested in you or not even if you have millions of not target followers.



Talent Fee

How much it costs you to create your Instagram content determined your talent fee. This can be calculated by adding all the costs related to the campaign and your hourly rate. To figure out the standard minimum budget, consider all the following points:

  • Photo/video editor;
  • The rate of the space your photo shooting will take place (hotel room, resort, etc.);
  • Anything you will have to buy (balloons, flowers, food, decorations, etc.);
  • Clothing and accessories you will have to purchase.


Afterward, count your hourly rate no matter whether it will be spent on photo-shooting, writing a blog post, etc. The starting price is $25 per hour.

Add the costs of expenses and your hourly charge, and you will get your talent fee.

So, no when you have calculated both your distribution fee and talent fee, you can get the most optimal price for your Instagram influencer services. The following chart may help you, too.

Tips to Become a Successful Instagram Travel Influencer

Tips to Become a Successful Instagram Travel Influencer


Everything about Instagram influencers seems to attract people nowadays. It really thrills how they spend their time posing for the camera and getting not only much appreciation and love by thousands, if not millions of people on the web but also quite not a bad profit. The diversity of Instagram influencer types is conditioned under their profession, passion and what they turn to be especially good at. Surely, some are much cooler than others. It all depends on the personality and his followers. For instance, more women would like to be fashion influencers to dress well and get clothes by famous brands as gifts, than fitness influencers who have to spend their days in the gym and get free protein powders by sponsors. Anyway, regardless of the influencer type, one has to work hard and devote much time to their craft to create the necessary reputation. And unlike fashion or lifestyle influencers, who organize their activities right from the comfort of their homes (well, at least their cities) travel influencers have to show the best in them and the places they visit. And be sure, they travel a lot! At the same time, this work of an influencer seems to be the most exciting and memorable one. And as one of the most searched queries on Google of 2017 was “how to become a successful travel blogger”, InstaBF, the Instagram and IGTV provider you can always trust, is going to address to the matter right now!

So, if you are passionate toward traveling and are sure you can be the Instagram travel influencer to inspire thousands of users, here are several tips to get started with.


Accept it as a Full-Time Job


If you’re planning to become a really famous travel influencer who gets big payments for visiting this or that resort, it’s crucial to accept it as a full-time job. Traveling once or twice a year is not an option. The whole world becomes your home. It’s really very scary. Just count: you have no job – respectively no salary to get, you have to spend on every trip from your credit card and expect no revenue in the nearest future. An immense leap of faith is a necessity to step into the life of a traveler. Take it as an investment in your new business as Instagram influencing is a real business!


Love It

Be prepared that it will take some time before you get to the point when your traveling will bring you profits. Do it for the right reason – you simply love traveling! If you really have the passion to explore the world and share your adventures, it won’t be so difficult to wait until you get your first free stay in a hotel. Without loving what you do, it will be impossible to prosper it.


Invest in Your Craft


To make money you need to spend money. With this said, you need to invest in your craft before you start off. This can be purchasing good quality cameras, GoPro’s or drones, as well as attending Photoshop, video editing, and photography classes. You can also pay for advertisements on Instagram. To have your first posts sponsored, invest some money.


Find Your Style

Every successful Instagram travel influencer has a unique voice that can be noticed in every photo/video. This can be the aesthetics, photos taken only outdoors, the glamorous, adventurous, funny or any other style, etc. Everything in their feeds is consistent. So, the same is expected of you. Get your own style, your niche that will make your photos stand out among the millions of others and never imitate other travelers.


Do a Research


Do some sort of research to find out what works better in the art of travel photography. For this, have a look at the photos of your favorite traveler influencers yet paying close attention to the engagement each post brought.


Step out of Your Comfort Zone

What do you think, why people love to follow travelers on Instagram? Yes, that’s right, to escape from their day-to-day routine. Taking this into account, avoid posting many photos in your hotel rooms. Do what you wouldn’t do before (bungee jumping, jungle strolling, diving, etc.). Even if you started in your hometown, look at it as a tourist. Make sure that whatever you do is interesting, sensational, thought-provoking, and, of course, challenging.


Set Up a Website


If you think the best Instagram influencers get along with merely their Instagram accounts, you are wrong. Most of them have blogs, Facebook pages, YouTube channels, and websites. Instagram captions are, as a rule, too short to share all the expressions you got when traveling. Hence, teasing your followers with a charming photo and a caption with a link to your blog/website to read the whole story is a sure way of presenting yourself as a professional traveler.


How Much Instagram Influencers Cost

How Much Instagram Influencers Cost

In social media, Instagram influencers have their own place. And as time passes, their significance in social marketing increases with huge steps. You, as an ordinary Instagram user, must have been come across posts by social stars in your feed. And this tendency is sure to be increasing even more in this new year. Moreover, this type of collaborations between Instagram influencers and brands has almost replaced all other traditional advertisement types. They make an impressive part of social media strategy nowadays. InstaBF is sure that you too, like the vast majority of ordinary Instagram users, wonder how much such influencers earn! Let’s find out this together.

First of all, it’s important to remember there is no fixed price for all influencers. A number of factors exist that determine the price. These are:

  • Number of followers
  • Quality of followers
  • Engagement rate
  • Location
  • Industry or Niche
  • Budget requirements

Collaborating with Big Instagram Influencers

If we count how much an ordinary advertisement costs to a brand, we shall come to the conclusion that collaborations wits Insta influencers is definitely much more beneficial. For instance, around $5 million is required for delivering the thirty-second ad to around 100 million viewers the greatest part of which is sure to be not the target audience. Cooperating with an influencer, meanwhile, you invest in the advertisement that reaches to a fixed number of exceptionally interested people. Did you know, that a successful fashion blogger- Instagram influencer with around half a million followers can promote the whole product line sale in only 24 hours by making a number of posts?! However, such mega-influencers cost not little. They demand around $1000 for a single post on Instagram and around $5000 for a single one-minute product video! But it’s really worth the money, isn’t it?!

Collaborating with Micro-Influencers

As we have already mentioned in one of our past articles, 2018 promises to be a good year for micro-influencers. As a rule, these Insta users have from 10 000 to 100 000 followers or sometimes even fewer. And if some (with less engagement or fewer followers) influencers agree to free products for making posts, the greatest part of them accept their profiles as the only means of income. These social media “smaller stars” get around $300 per post.

Most Attractive Spheres of Influencers

It’s obvious that far not all spheres Instagram influencers are mastered in are priced the same. Let’s have a look at the most popular spheres influencers are specialized in:

  • Entertainment
  • Health and fitness
  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Business
  • Food and drink
  • Home and lifestyle
  • Photography
  • Art and Design

InstaBF’s Offer

After reading this article, we are sure you are seriously (or maybe dreamily) thinking about raising your account’s engagement rate and the number of followers to become an Instagram influencer. InstaBF has a wonderful suggestion for you: we offer different packages of Instagram likes, comments, views, and followers. Order the pack that best meets your requirements at an affordable price right now.