Up to today, we have been familiar with the basic techniques that brands employ in influencer marketing. No matter whether it’s a push on a special day or a long-term collaboration, brands are in a constant search for one-of-a-kind campaigns to stand out in the crowd. InstaBF is a popular provider of likes, comments, views and followers for Instagram and IGTV accounts. Besides that, this company constantly makes useful posts for starting Instagram businesses and ordinary users. Today we are going to speak about Influencer events. To learn more, just keep tuned.



What Is an Influencer Event?


Year over year, brands increase their budgets dedicated to influencer marketing. Not to waste time on the same strategies, they seek new ways of expanding their campaigns. One of such ways is organizing influencer events. Here major influencers of the same niche are brought together to getaways, gatherings, or mainstream events to promote a certain service/product by the brand. What makes such events so powerful is that they are led by influencer A-listers gathered in one place to brands in a search of maximizing the potential reach on Instagram. 



Influencer Events Types


Let’s go over the main types of influencer events by category:


Beauty Influencer Events


Among the best-established influencer events, are those of the beauty industry. Makeup brands often gather mega influencers in the beauty niche around the same post to get an extra bang for the spent budget. Such events are usually held in an extravagant style. For instance, Tarte Cosmetics organizes influence events and presents them with luxury all-expenses-paid trips to Hawaii, Bangkok or any other exotic resort. During these trips, they create content not only for Instagram but also get some video content for YouTube channels.  



Fashion Influencer Events


Fashion influencer events are mega-popular and are led in a luxury style. As a bright example, remember about such a huge event as Revolve Festival at Coachella. This online retailer rented out a whole hotel that hosted as many as 140 influencers. This is not the only case. They are used to sending influencers all over the world to take grandiose fashion shoots. 



Fitness Influencer Events


The art of influencer events has broken into the fitness industry, too. One of the most impressive events is regularly organized by GymShark brand. They gather the biggest stars of the industry and pay them to act as their ambassadors. Unlike fashion and beauty brands, gym brands such as GymShark, Myprotein, Lululemon, etc., often involve challenges or meet-ups of influencers in the public. 



Blogger Influencer Events


Many Instagram influencers don’t necessarily fall into a certain category. And some campaigns seek particularly such ones as they have a wide appeal across various demographics. Such influencers are most often referred to as lifestyle bloggers. One of the most succeeded influencer events of the kind was organized by Macy’s. The brand invited sponsored influencers from most diverse backgrounds – there were shoe designers, models, software designers, etc. This way the brand promoted its products outside of their typical field.