Are you in a search for a new creative way to promote your brand on Instagram? Have you considered organizing an influencer event? This may cost a bit more than a simple collaboration with an influencer since you have to invite several of them, yet the effect is tremendously more impressive, too. So, if you are thinking about it, there are some considerations to take care of before you organize an influencer event. How much it will cost you, depends on the type and the industry of the required event. In all cases, be ready to set aside a significant budget.

InstaBF, a known IGTV and IG provider, has prepared some tips for hosting a glorious influencer event. Here they are:


  • WiFi


Having a reliable WiFi connection for your influencers is mandatory. Do never leave that to their unlimited mobile data plans, since you may never be confident on the roaming tariffs. At the end of the shooting day, your influencers must have a credible and fast internet connection to upload the sponsored post to Instagram, typically at specific times. 


  • Agenda


Another important point is to have a precise plan for your influencers. Flying your influencer ambassadors abroad is half the job. You must also have a clear itinerary for them. On the other hand, you shouldn’t be too constrictive, either. Otherwise, they will feel as only on the job and the shoots won’t appear natural. 


  • Giveaway


What do you think about Instagram giveaways? After an influencer event, they could go on giveaways to deliver more exposure to your brand. If you are inclined to establish long-lasting relationships with your influencers, you’d better involve giveaways in your marketing campaign.


  • Location

Location can either bring success or failure to your influencer event. You don’t have to fly your influencers to a tropical resort. Instead, you just need to find out what your target audience wants to see and make use of that. You see, gamers sitting the whole time in front of computers have as much impact on their followers as beauty influencers posting photos from Tahiti. 



How You Can Plan Your Influencer Event


For a successful Instagram influencer event, you also need to carry out accurate planning. Here are the main points to take into account:

  • Get your audience in mind;
  • Make it stand out;
  • Remember about the hashtags.



How to Invite Influencers Come to Your Event


The major rule in inviting Instagram influencers to your event is paying a larger sum of money than for ordinary collaboration. There’s no point in inviting small influencers since they provide great ROI. Contact them through their email addresses or Direct Messaging. 

Once they have approved their attendance, foot the bill for other expenses. These include flights, hotels, food and drink, photographers, stylists, as well as a short excursion tours for your stars (the latter is optional). 

You see, organizing an influencer event isn’t a cheap thing to do. Such events are mostly headed by bigger brands, those which can afford big expenses. But 2019 promises more events organized by brands from different segments.