Influencer marketing has proven to be a great growth asset once the matter comes to growing a business on Instagram. This refers to not only big brands but also small ones. In fact, small businesses get the ability to level-up a campaign, create the so-important brand awareness and get to new audiences by cooperating with the right influencers. And all this without blowing the budget. 

Nevertheless, small brands find working with Instagram influencers quite daunting. You get to complete such important tasks as finding the right influencers, setting the campaign purposes and deadlines, measuring and tracking success, managing the budget, etc. And if all this frustrates you, too, InstaBF, a popular Instagram and IGTV provider, will present to your attention several steps adhering to which, you will have a productive Instagram collaboration. 



Identify Your Influencer Campaign Goals


Prior to starting the search for an Instagram influencer, it’s important to clearly identify your goals – what do you want to achieve with that collaboration. Whether it’s a short-term seasonal campaign with an intention to raise your brand awareness, or a long-term one planning to boost your sales, get a precise idea of what you want to achieve. A clear vision of your goals will help you picture the best influencers for that task. 



Search Instagram Down for Influencers


Now it’s time to focus on finding the right Instagram influencers for your marketing campaign. In case you need an Influencer for a co-branded project, start with those influencers who are already interested in your brand. Such collaboration will not only make them work more diligently but will also seem more natural in the eyes of their numerous followers. For this, check your “tagged in posts and Direct Messages to find any influencer who has tagged your brand in their posts or stories, watch your followers’ list and look through the comments made on your posts. You can also find influencers in your niche through relevant hashtags.



Reach Out to The Target Influencers


So, now when you already have created a list of potential influencers you can cooperate with, it’s time to reach out to them. Research for the correct contact details and first email them. Surely, you can DM them, but contacting through an email is more professional. Once in touch, ask for their media kit, introduce yourself as best as possible (your role in the brand, the brand’s purpose, etc.), and state it clear why you have chosen particularly that influencer. 



Lead Transparent Negotiations 


There’s no strict pricelist of cooperating with Instagram influencers. Hence, get a very clear outline on both what you expect the influencer to deliver on their part of the contract (ex. 3 posts, 1 video, 6 Stories with the brand mentioned, the deadlines, etc.) and how much you can afford to pay them for the job. 



Share Useful Resources


Providing your influencers with a pack of data will significantly speed up them. So, remember to share such crucial resources on your brand as its style guide, editorial style guide, press releases and talking points, FAQs. 



Follow the Analytics


Finding the right influencers to collaborate with is important, undoubtedly. But not less important it is to track and measure your campaign’s success. For this, you can use Insta’s paid partnership feature, set up UTM tagging for further posts the influencers will make, ask for feedback from them.



Be Grateful 


And finally, the last and perhaps the most pleasant step in cooperation with an Instagram influencer is saying “thank you”! You can do this through a token of your brand’s products, a gifted item from your last collection, a gift or sale card, etc.

So, these were the seven crucial steps following which you are going to have a long-lasting partnership with Instagram influencers.