Today Instagram gives brands a real chance to increase their outreach and potential engagement, yet without extra expenditures. This is so simple yet far not all brands have discovered how. And now InstaBF, a known Instagram and IGTV provider, is going to offer you a working way how to make a 180 turn – focus on micro and nano influencers. Particularly they are going to make the next generation (even more powerful) of influencer marketing. And as we have already spoken about micro influencers, it’s right time to discover nano influencers.



Who Is an Instagram Nano Influencer?


A nano influencer typically has from 1k to 5k followers. These are the smallest group of influencers yet you shouldn’t underestimate them. Their power is the high level of engagement with their niche audiences. The closeness and connection that these users have with their followers is their main appeal. Such influencers, as a rule, don’t own business profiles despite the fact that they would benefit from a business profile greatly. They would gain more credibility in the field.



Working with a Nano Influencer


Generally, the accounts of nano influencers don’t feature mass appeal. Therefore, they have more time to engage with their followers, respond to their DMs and comments. All this builds a deeper personal relationship with users. People start trusting them more, taking their words for granted. That’s why a higher conversion rate for any sponsored post made by a nano influencer is guaranteed. As a rule, they don’t have any precise plan of creating a mass following to earn money. Yet, despite this, brands still notice them and appreciate their true engagement.

Anyway, collaborating with a nano influencer is risky. You, as a brand, send them a product for a sponsored post and pay for that without having any guarantee to have your expectations satisfied.  

So, once you plan to cooperate with a nano influence, you’d better make a deep research, and ask for a media kit.



The Downsides of Cooperating with Nano Influencers


It’s true that nano influencers have faithful followers who are deeply engaged with them. However, this doesn’t mean they have the power to influence users’ tastes. A nano influencer’s voice can’t reach that far! Their ability to make waves is definitely questionable.

Another crucial point of such a cooperation is the level of a nano influencer’s professionalism. Before you entrust the promotion of your brand to an Instagram influencer, it’s important to check whether they have access to advanced Instagram analytics through which both the influencer and you can track the success of your cooperation. After all, it’s horrible to collaborate with an influence not having the opportunity to establish a clear ROI.





Working with a nano influencer means paying smaller fees. Fewer followers – less return on investment, isn’t it such? Whether your brand benefits from such cooperation or not can be determined only after carrying it out. It’s really likely that you will find these nano influencers add value to your marketing efforts and that will be a big win!