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Creative IGTV Content Ideas for Your Brand

Creative IGTV Content Ideas for Your Brand

Although introduced already a year ago, Instagram’s IGTV is still in the experimental phase for media users. Accordingly, first, it’s still not determined particularly which type of content is effective for brands on this channel. And secondly, significantly fewer brands use IGTV for promotion in comparison to Instagram Stories. You can conclude from this that small and mid-size brands can benefit from this significantly. It’s much easier for them to stand out here as the competition is not hard. They can connect with more followers and attract some extra attention. In fact, the possibilities for IGTV are endless. You can get as creative as you wish on this platform. How to start? What type of content to post to stand out? How much money will you have to invest in your IGTV videos? These are questions we shall get covered right away. In fact, there are brands making wonders on IGTV without breaking the bank. And if you want to learn how, keep up with InstaBF, a remarkable Instagram and IGTV provider.  



Ideas of IGTV Content to Steal from Established Brands


Are you interested in how IGTV is put at work? Here are several examples you can learn from for promoting your brand on this platform.


  • Kvell Collective – Simple and Funny IGTV Content 


Most probably you have heard about Kvell Collective or have used the animated stickers on your social media content sold by this creative studio. Whenever the brand had a new line of stickers to announce, they used the IGTV platform. They kept it simple, yet bright and captivating – an animated sticker moving to upbeat music against a solid-colored background. Indeed, entertaining on-brand videos are a smart way to advertise a new collection of stickers. 


  • Honest Company – Raw, UGC IGTV Content


Honest Company was founded by famous actor Jessica Alba. This is a brand devoted to natural beauty and baby products. The brand set a series showing four pregnant women’s stories on IGTV. In fact, the videos were shot by the women themselves while the brand just cut-together them into a mini-documentary IGTV series. If you want to build stronger connections with your audience, follow this brand’s example as the raw feelings of the series immediately relates to Honest Company’s customer base of mothers seeking real, natural and “honest” products for themselves and their babies. 


  • Tiffany & Co. – Repurposed TV Commercials 


The remarkable jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. uses its IGTV channel to reach the audiences that don’t watch TV. It simply posts all the TV commercials it shots on new jewelry pieces. And if you have already spent a significant amount of money on television commercials, you can easily re-format them to post on IGTV channel. 


  • Bulletproof – Educational IGTV Content


Most probably you have drunk the flagship product Bulletproof coffee of food, drink and supplements brand for high performance Bulletproof. This brand’s products are especially popular among biohackers – people who care about the science lying behind recipes and ingredients or most products nowadays. The brand has launched an IGTV series of educational videos explaining technical terms and ingredients of their products. These videos are made in a highly engaging and colorful way. Most of them are animated with a narrator explaining the stuff. To make this approach a low-budget option for your brand, you can use slideshows. 

Using IGTV for Promoting Your Brand

Using IGTV for Promoting Your Brand

In Summer 2018, Instagram announced about hitting the so desired one-billion-user mark! Besides, this summer was a notable one with the introduction of a new feature – IGTV. InstaBF, one of the most dependable Instagram and IGTV providers has already spoken about this new long-form video sharing platform in one of its previous posts. And now we are going to reveal why this feature is important for businesses and how you can use it in your Instagram business campaigns in the upcoming year.



The Importance of IGTV in the Business World


A strong presence on the social media platform is highly crucial for every business nowadays and engaging IGTV in your business marketing campaign will only help you appear ahead of your multiple competitors. And as all Instagram users can access to IGTV with their own accounts, your video ads have a potential to reach up to one billion users, too. Additionally, once a Gram user follows your channel, all the videos you post will play automatically whenever they launch the application. You see, IGTV appears to be a perfect means of reaching millions of users with no penny invested in advertising.



How IGTV Can Boost Your Business


Even though IGTV is still in its early stages of development, there are already various means of using it to boost your brand awareness, attract new clients, improve your reputation. Here are the main ideas to use when incorporating IGTV into your marketing campaign:


Broadcasting Live Videos


If Instagram live was the only means of broadcasting live videos to your Instagram followers only a couple of months ago, today this can be done even better through IGTV. Additionally, videos posted on your Instagram TV channel won’t ever vanish on their own. They will remain indefinitely until you delete them yourself. Use IGTV to transmit live events, Q’n’A sessions, place videos to Facebook Watch (the content becomes available on both platforms).


Repurposing Your Content


IGTV is a great means to use your old videos, edit them to a vertical format and post as new ones. For instance, in case you’ve been running a podcast, you can post complete episodes to your IGTV channel, accompany them with captivating visuals instead of sharing teasers and asking followers to listen to the latest episode. This way your target audience will be able to listen to your podcasts not leaving the app.


Making Instructional Videos


Instructional videos are timeless popular and actual. And IGTV allows taking your how-to videos to a totally new level, as your followers get the chance to replicate whatever you are doing in the video in real time. No matter what the purpose of your instructional video is (DIY, makeup, cooking, fitness, etc.), the 60-minute format is absolutely convenient for the task.


Giving Breath to Your Best Stories


Most probably there have been multiple Instagram Stories you have invested much time and efforts in. And in case you would like to give them a second chance for “existence”, IGTV can come to help. Compile all the succeded stories you have made up till now into a couple of short videos to broadcast on your IGTV channel.


Creating Your Unique IGTV Series


Instagram TV is actually created as a TV, hence why shouldn’t you use it for that purpose? Record video podcasts and share them only on your IGTV channel as a series. Just the same way, you may shoot a weekly show and introduce your services or products, answer your fans’ questions, chat with guests, organize online quizzes with rewards, etc.


So you see that despite the fact that IGTV doesn’t allow any advertising yet, there are many other effective ways of using it to your brand’s benefit.

Sharing IGTV Video Previews on Instagram Feed: Part 2

Sharing IGTV Video Previews on Instagram Feed: Part 2

In our last post, we started such an important topic as sharing a preview of an IGTV video in an Instagram feed. InstaBF, a leading provider of likes, comments, views and followers for an IG and IGTV account, explained how important it is for a brand to make use of this new Instagram update and how you can do that. Now, we have some tips left to consider and you will be provided with some critical recommendations on sharing IGTV videos to Instagram feed right away. With this said, let’s get to work.



Remember about the Importance of the Cover Photo


The first thing to pay close attention to is the cover photo of your IGTV. In case you share a video on your Instagram feed, particularly that photo will be exposed to all your followers’ view. It will appear on your Insta grid and look either organic with the rest or not. This can’t but impact your Instagram aesthetics. Additionally, you will be obliged to think about not only how the photo fits into the overall grid style, but also about getting the correct composition and dimensions.  


  • Dimensions:


IGTV has vertical video requirements. And just as every IGTV video you post must be filmed and edited to 9:16 ratio, so must be your cover image. Only this way it will fit with your IGTV channel’s dimensions. Anyway, things change when you post a preview of a video. Once it gets to your Instagram feed, it’s cropped to Gram’s portrait size – 4:5 ratio, while after appearing on the profile grid, it becomes square with 1:1 dimension. With this said, it becomes clear that your IGTV cover photo must work for IGTV, as well as Instagram feed and profile equally well. If you have doubts, make certain the focus of the cover photo (this can be writing, a logo, etc.) is located exactly in the center of the image. Only this way you can be assured that the photo will look amazing no matter how it’s cropped.


  • Aesthetics:


The next crucial point refers to overall Gram aesthetics. Your IGTV cover image must neither stand out too much to distract from the rest on the content nor spoil the overall style.  



Track the Best Times for Posting


Most probably, you have already found out which the best times of posting on Instagram are. The same knowledge can be useful for running an IGTV channel, too. Moreover, now, when you post IGTV previews on Instagram, the best times matter much more than before. Remember that your major purpose is to have viewers click the “Keep Watching” button and be redirected to your IGTV channel. For this, first, get based on the time your followers are active the most. Watch your Gram insights, look for activity across numerous hourly periods rather than fixed hours.



Scheme a Strategy for 1-Minute-Long Video Previews


What’s the purpose of a 1-minute-long video preview? To attract and have the viewer so invested in it that he can’t but click to keep watching it to the end. Therefore, the first minute of your video posted on IGTV should not be of an introductory type, about nothing. Instead, it must be packed with excitement and intrigue. Once the first minute passes and it stops, your viewers must be left with some suspense and be enticed to learn what’s going on there further. For instance, if it’s a how-to video, line up your video script with a short intro that will let your viewers know what they will learn from it after the 1-minute preview is over.



IGTV Video Title is Your Preview Caption


Once you share a preview of an IGTV video on your Instagram profile, remember that its title will appear as the caption for the preview. Besides, it will be impossible to edit that caption after you slide the “Post a Preview” on IGTV. The title/caption can be as long as up to 75 symbols and have emojis.

Sharing IGTV Video Previews on Instagram Feed: Part 1

Sharing IGTV Video Previews on Instagram Feed: Part 1

IGTV is a highly useful tool for Instagram brands, but, unfortunately, it is underestimated, yet. Perhaps that’s the reason that Instagram has made it possible to post 1-minute previews of IGTV videos right in Instagram feeds. This is definitely a straight-forward update addressed to raise the popularity and use of IGTV. However, there are some details you need to be aware of before you start using this feature. And InstaBF, a premier Instagram and IGTV provider, will point them out right now.



IGTV Previews on Your Insta Profile


What do you think, what made it difficult to garner engagement and views from your IGTV videos? These videos lived only in IGTV channels and users had to login to their IGTV channels to watch them. Previously, one had to use captions on ordinary posts and link videos to Stories so that followers get actively directed to IGTV. All this was tiresome for users and they simply didn’t go for IGTV videos. According to Instagram, these new IGTV previews in feeds make it easier to discover the latest video content from our beloved follows. However, once you share a preview video to your Instagram feed, you will have your IGTV videos live in your profile grid, stored in the small IGTV icon in the top right corner of the videos. Accordingly, you will have to review your Instagram feed, its look and style, as well as the cover photo you use in your IGTV channel, video posting times and many other aspects. Instagram and IGTV joined will bring you more opportunities yet imply many efforts, too.



Is It Worth Sharing IGTV Videos to Your Gram Feed?


So, now when you understand how this new feature works, the biggest question is whether it’s worth sharing your IGTV videos on your regular feed or not. This mainly depends on such important factors as your video marketing strategy and the way your videos look in your Insta grid. Anyway, remember that you invested time, efforts and perhaps money in creating Instagram vertical videos, hence why shouldn’t you use all the chances of promoting them?! Once you post a preview of your IGTV video on Instagram, viewers will have to tap the “Keep Watching” button to go on watching the full variant as the current one on Insta will last only one minute. This button will automatically direct viewers to your IGTV channel and they won’t have to do any other steps to reach that particular videos.



How You Can Share IGTV Videos to Insta Feed


Sharing a preview of an IGTV video is a highly easy thing. If you find it will bring you a real chance to promote videos. However, there is only one chance of sharing it on Instagram. If you miss tapping the share button while posting the video on IGTV, you won’t be able to return to it later. For this, just follow all the regular steps you do when posting a video on IGTV, and on the final stage move the slider “Post a Preview” to green. After this, the preview of that video will appear in all your followers’ feed while the cover image will pop up in your IG profile’s grid. Remember that an IGTV video should be longer than 1 minute so that you can add its preview in your Instagram profile.

Videos as a Means of Instagram Advertisements

Videos as a Means of Instagram Advertisements

Most probably you are already aware of the great impact that Instagram content may have on the promotion of your business. And if a few years ago we could tell for sure that visual content scored most views, today the tendency seems to have changed significantly. As attention spans get shorter, consumers primarily search for video content. Hence, the latter gets from 10% to 30% more views as compared with written text and visual graphics.

As the surveys made by Hubspot show, people watch videos approximately 90 minutes each day. This way they can retain around 95% of the promotional message displayed in the videos. As compared with the 10% of information consumers retain from textual advertisements, this number really strikes the mind! So, social media platforms today give business owners great opportunities to promote their brands through video content. For instance, since Instagram announced about releasing videos as content formats, their significance has increased tremendously.

So, as you can see, today we shall address to the matter of maximizing Instagram advertising efforts using video content. Here, at the industry-leading Instagram and IGTV provider InstaBF, we are going to refer to Instagram video ads formats that you can use depending on the industry you are in.

Yet, before we pass to them, there is a couple of practices to bear in mind irrespective of the video advertisement format you pick up:


  • Use exceptionally the highest-resolution videos. Instagram is widely-known particularly for its high-quality visuals and if your content doesn’t match the quality standards of this social media, it won’t be a success. By all means avoid choppy, slow and pixelated videos.
  • Count on the goal of your marketing campaign and choose the right CTA. Before you start recording a video, make sure it’s going to meet the criteria you set beforehand. Is your purpose to increase your brand awareness or raise your engagement? Note that for every ad format you use there is a precise CTA. Hence, be aware when choosing the advertisement format not to confuse your audience.


Instagram Feed Ads

The first and most traditional video advertisement format is posting videos directly in the feed just like you do with photo ads. Appearing alongside with other organic posts, such type of video ads appear more authentic. Surely, there is a “Sponsored” label at the top of these ads, yet that doesn’t prevent the videos from blending to other posts.

The only thing to be aware here is that Instagram feed ads can be as long as maximum 60 seconds. And there isn’t any guarantee your followers will view it to the end. Be sure the first 10 seconds are the most impactful.


Instagram Story Ads


Most businesses interact with their consumers through Instagram Stories. This video ads format allows experimenting with visuals and sounds, using videos in a vertical format or even full screen. Instagram Stories are really amazing for brand promotion, and perhaps the only drawback here is that they live no longer than 24 hours. Anyway, don’t get disappointed by this fact, as every day, around 400 million Instagram accounts use Stories and about one-third of them are posted by brands.




It was only a month ago when Instagram rolled out IGTV and stroke the social media industry. People seem to have got interested in IGTV greatly and losing the opportunity to post your business’ video advertisements would be a mistake. Instagram TV allows posting as long videos as up to 60 minutes for large and verified accounts, while smaller ones can post videos up to 10 minutes long.