In Summer 2018, Instagram announced about hitting the so desired one-billion-user mark! Besides, this summer was a notable one with the introduction of a new feature – IGTV. InstaBF, one of the most dependable Instagram and IGTV providers has already spoken about this new long-form video sharing platform in one of its previous posts. And now we are going to reveal why this feature is important for businesses and how you can use it in your Instagram business campaigns in the upcoming year.



The Importance of IGTV in the Business World


A strong presence on the social media platform is highly crucial for every business nowadays and engaging IGTV in your business marketing campaign will only help you appear ahead of your multiple competitors. And as all Instagram users can access to IGTV with their own accounts, your video ads have a potential to reach up to one billion users, too. Additionally, once a Gram user follows your channel, all the videos you post will play automatically whenever they launch the application. You see, IGTV appears to be a perfect means of reaching millions of users with no penny invested in advertising.



How IGTV Can Boost Your Business


Even though IGTV is still in its early stages of development, there are already various means of using it to boost your brand awareness, attract new clients, improve your reputation. Here are the main ideas to use when incorporating IGTV into your marketing campaign:


Broadcasting Live Videos


If Instagram live was the only means of broadcasting live videos to your Instagram followers only a couple of months ago, today this can be done even better through IGTV. Additionally, videos posted on your Instagram TV channel won’t ever vanish on their own. They will remain indefinitely until you delete them yourself. Use IGTV to transmit live events, Q’n’A sessions, place videos to Facebook Watch (the content becomes available on both platforms).


Repurposing Your Content


IGTV is a great means to use your old videos, edit them to a vertical format and post as new ones. For instance, in case you’ve been running a podcast, you can post complete episodes to your IGTV channel, accompany them with captivating visuals instead of sharing teasers and asking followers to listen to the latest episode. This way your target audience will be able to listen to your podcasts not leaving the app.


Making Instructional Videos


Instructional videos are timeless popular and actual. And IGTV allows taking your how-to videos to a totally new level, as your followers get the chance to replicate whatever you are doing in the video in real time. No matter what the purpose of your instructional video is (DIY, makeup, cooking, fitness, etc.), the 60-minute format is absolutely convenient for the task.


Giving Breath to Your Best Stories


Most probably there have been multiple Instagram Stories you have invested much time and efforts in. And in case you would like to give them a second chance for “existence”, IGTV can come to help. Compile all the succeded stories you have made up till now into a couple of short videos to broadcast on your IGTV channel.


Creating Your Unique IGTV Series


Instagram TV is actually created as a TV, hence why shouldn’t you use it for that purpose? Record video podcasts and share them only on your IGTV channel as a series. Just the same way, you may shoot a weekly show and introduce your services or products, answer your fans’ questions, chat with guests, organize online quizzes with rewards, etc.


So you see that despite the fact that IGTV doesn’t allow any advertising yet, there are many other effective ways of using it to your brand’s benefit.