Have you been using IGTV lately and find it’s a great platform to promote your brand or blog? Would you like to start your own IGTV series? Instagram has already made it possible for users to subscribe to notifications to their beloved series on IGTV. The social media encourages video content creators to go even further in what they do. How? Instagram has launched a new tool allowing creators to produce ongoing long-form videos on IGTV which will be separate from all other videos they have on their channel. Feel thrilled to use it? Let’s find out more about this new tool right here, on the blog of InstaBF. But before that, we’d like to remind you that we are offering various packages of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers under profitable conditions. 



The Opportunities IGTV Series Tool Gives


The new IGTV Series tool gives creators a myriad of opportunities yet the primary still remains connecting with their target audience and attracting new followers. If you are not new to this video content platform, you must have noticed that popular creators Kade Speiser, Yara Shahidi, and Ingrid Neilson have already started using the new tool to its whole might.

Another benefit you get from this new tool is getting a chance to organize your videos on a separate page. You can even set a badge with a suitable name to the series so that to separate it from other videos you have. Besides, from now on, those users who will view your series will be recommended the next episode for continued viewing automatically. 

If one wishes, he can turn on the notifications and be informed every time a new episode by their favorite creator is launched. 

So, it’s expected to see more continuous IGTV content on brands’ and creators’ channels. 



How to Set Up IGTV Series


An ongoing IGTV series is an effective means of connecting with viewers. To make use of it, it won’t take you long. Just tap “Add to Series” once you add a video to your series. For this, chose the IGTV tab from your profile, click on the preferred video and then tap “Edit”. If you select the option named “Add to Series”, you will be offered two ways out – create a new series or add the video to already an existing one. To finish all this, choose “Post” (located on the right top corner). 

If you are a creator on Instagram, make sure you have turned on the notifications so that your fans can learn once a new video is posted. For this, tap the series title and then “Turn on IGTV Notifications” which you can find in the bottom to the right. 

However, in case you are to set up a new series, think of a name and description. 


Generally, it is recommended to create different IGTV series instead of uploading all of them under one series. This way your viewers will be aware of what they can see on your channel every time you make a post. Be sure, such distinctness will drive your followers to tap “follow” to keep tuned for more.