Getting More Leads on Instagram: Part Two

Getting More Leads on Instagram: Part Two

In our pursuit of getting more leads on Instagram, we discussed four simple yet grandiose ways in our previous topic. Today, InstaBF would like to complete the list and bring your attention to several other tips. But before that, if you are interested in boosting acquiring Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, followers, or views at surprisingly affordable prices, you are welcome to InstaBF! Just go to the main page and get acquainted with our profitable offers. 

So, let’s go one with the fifth tip:



Generating Leads with Instagram Stories “Swipe Up” Feature


This feature, which appears greatly beneficial for Business owners, can be used by those having more than 10k followers. In fact, one-third of the most-viewed Instagram Stories are particularly from brands. Besides this, such Stories have such a high completion rate as 85%. 

Today Instagram Stories have huge power over users and can be more effective than a link in the bio since it takes only a swipe to pass to the brand’s website. And that swipe is always performed on an impulse. Here again, it’s worth reminding you to create a good landing page so that your viewers don’t regret swiping. 



Tailoring Creative Based on Your Aim


Perhaps the best push for generating leads on Instagram is having a strong call-to-action. A simple CTA composed only of a couple of words (shop now, swipe up, click the link, etc.) in the pair with the right content can actually pack much punch. Remember that the visuals you post must always work together with the CTA or the latter won’t work. The same refers to the link and caption. You can as well use an appropriate emoji to draw attention to the CTA. Anyway, make certain your creative doesn’t overcrowd the “See More” icon. 



Creating Shoppable Content


When you tag an item on Instagram, its primary purpose is to increase your sales. However, even if by tapping it a viewer doesn’t buy it, he automatically brings you a lead. See that over 130 million Instagram users tap tagged products every day. Creating shoppable content you can see particularly what type of products interest your target audience most of all. Additionally, shopping posts as ads are a wonderful means of collecting new leads from window-shopping consumers. 



Partnering with Influencers


Another way of boosting Instagram lead generation is by collaborating with influencers. The perfect candidate for this can be the influencer who has a strong brand affinity yet a partial follower overlap. Only this way you can be sure the new cooperation will lead to new prospective followers and leads, respectively. Surely, the influencer should be credible, too. 



Running a Contest


Using a promotion, sale or a contest, you can collect leads on Gram. Important components for winning a prize will be asking users to comment on a post or complete a survey, as well as tagging a friend. To generate even more leads, you can cooperate with an influencer around the same contest. Remember, that the more people you prompt, the more leads you will gather. 



Featuring Trendy Products Frequently


And finally, our last tip for generating leads is featuring popular products. And this tip comes right from Instagram. As statistics show, people seldom buy a product right from the first time they see it on Instagram. Instead, they are more inclined to get it after meeting several times on the network. Therefore, check your insights to find out the posts of which products perform the best. And then post them regularly keeping your followers’ eyes on the items more often. 

Getting More Leads on Instagram: Part One

Getting More Leads on Instagram: Part One

Many social media marketers don’t accept Instagram as a platform for generating leads, and in vain. Actually, if everything is done correctly, this network can appear highly effective. How to achieve that? InstaBF, a known Instagram and IGTV provider, will address the topic straight away. 



What Are Instagram Leads?


Social media leads are all those potential customers that show interest in your brand and give information marketers can use to follow up. As researches show, more than 80% of Instagrammers follow brands on Gram and base on this platform when deciding whether to buy a product or not. So, if you are running a business on Instagram, not collecting leads would be a huge mistake. Therefore, here we shall share with you some really working organic tactics to collect more leads and explain how you can use them. 



Using Instagram Lead Ads


Obviously, you should start with using lead ads. Due to Instagram lead ads, businesses can collect useful information about their customers including phone numbers, email addresses, job titles, birthdays, etc. Having such information at hand, marketers improve their marketing campaigns, bring forward those products which are more likely to be sold, set up Lookalike Audiences, improve their ad targeting strategy, etc. 

By the way, in order to create Insta lead ads, you must switch to a business account, hence, you’ll also need a Facebook Page. 

However, if you aim at website visits, app downloads, or sales, you’d better consider conversion ads. 



Adding Action Button to the Instagram Profile


Business accounts on Instagram allow adding action buttons such as links to an email, business address, phone numbers so that to make getting in touch with the company easier for users. Moreover, having a business account, you get better options for lead generation involving Reserve, Book, and Get Tickets action buttons. 



Optimizing a Link in the Bio


Instagram strictly limits opportunities to add active links. Hence, it’s simply crucial to use the one in your bio. Use to pinpoint the strongest objective you want to accomplish through your Instagram account. This may be product sales, magazine subscription, a survey, etc. And change the link once the goal changes. How to optimize the link in your bio to collect more leads? Here are a few tips: 

  • Keep the link short and include your brand name;
  • Promote the link in your posts;
  • Include a CTA above the link;
  • To make the link trackable include UTM parameters in the URL.



Designing n Attractive Landing Page


Suppose a visitor has clicked on your link. Where should it lead him? The landing page it takes to should be of utmost attractiveness or they won’t ever go by your links in the future. The landing page must be scannable, create a seamless visual experience and contain the content people expect to see. So, it should deliver the exact promise stated in the CTA. 

Depending on the current goal of the business, the landing page can direct to the company’s website, a certain product/service, a specific page (a gift guide, FAQ, current sales, etc.). 

Increasing Instagram Following in 3 Simple Steps

Increasing Instagram Following in 3 Simple Steps

InstaBF suggests increasing the number of your followers quickly and effortlessly. This will be done totally on a legal basis and at affordable prices. However, if you want to increase the following organically, InstaBF is ready to help you with its working recommendations. 

Competing with those popular mega-brands, influencers, let alone the Instagram algorithm feels like losing a battle before even starting it. However, be aware that finding the key to success is not as impossible as you have thought. It’s just carefully hidden and today we are going to dig it out especially for you. Here is a three-step guide to increasing your Instagram engagement and significantly raising your Insta following in only thirty days! So, ready for the journey? Let’s start it!



Committing to Consistency 


The primary rule of getting more followers is committing yourself to Instagram. If building a loyal community is your aim, consistency in everything on this social platform is the key. This doesn’t imply spending your entire day on Instagram. All that you need is to build a regular posting schedule aimed at increasing your content volumes while also overwhelming your followers.

To implement this step in a result full way, it’s important to well acknowledge your capacity. Are you able to post regularly or make at least three Stories a day? If yes, go ahead, if not, scheme a plan and keep the posting schedule. Planning and making use of scheduling tools will greatly save you time and effort while keeping your Instagram posting organized. 



Creating Content Categories 


The next step is creating content categories. Just sit and think with what type of content you want to appear in front of your followers. And separating it into categories will empower you to speak about your Insta brand, yet not obliged to have a hard sell to your audience every time you make a post.

For instance, suppose you have a content category titled “quotes”. Whenever you don’t have other content, post inspirational quotes reflecting your brand essence. This way you will not only inspire your followers but also promote your brand. 

Generally, it’s recommended to think of from 9 to 12 content categories. Once a new user makes a few scrolls on your profile, they will instantly guess what’s it all about. If attracted by any content type, they will start following you. You see, you have around a dozen different content types to attract new followers!



Selling Both Physical and Emotional 


Running a business on Instagram while not appearing a “cheap shop running after customers” requires skills. You must find a way to speak about your brand on Instagram, yet not sell it. Even if there’s a single post with a hard sales line in it, you will lose the game. Instead, use the emotive reaction that your products/services can arise in consumers. For instance, if you have a cosmetic brand. Cosmetic products will be your physical products while the joy of appearing younger and more beautiful, and the self-confidence that will arise from them are your emotional power. Use it to connect with your target audience on a higher level than simply offering skincare or cosmetic products. Once you understand the concept of emotional products, you will have a clear picture of what captions to craft, what hashtags to use or how to schedule your posts.


So, growing Instagram following organically doesn’t require supernatural skills. Nevertheless, if you strive for success, approach these three steps seriously. Stuck to them and you will soon see your follower count grow!

Smart Ways to Help You Get Your Followers Back

Smart Ways to Help You Get Your Followers Back

The nature of Instagram is watching your list of followers go up and down. And how to recover followers after losing a whole bunch is something all Instagrammers would like to know. Additionally, there have been certain glitches and bugs that brought forward unexpected and unusual drops in the service’s user base. These are phenomena we can’t control, in fact. Yet, adopting the right strategy, there are real chances of getting your followers back. Moreover, you get all the chances to appear in a better position than before. So, if this interests you, InstaBF, a company that suggests buying likes, comments, followers and views for your Instagram or IGTV account on an affordable basis, can help you get back your lost followers. Here are the basic steps you should undertake to realize this.



Instagram is a Social Network; Make Use of That


What does it mean to grow a following on a social network? Isn’t it all about creating great content and effectively engaging with other people that have not worse content than you? You, as an Instagram user who strives to increase his list of followers, should not limit yourself by simply liking a few of others’ posts. Go deeper and start a conversation with any Instagrammer you admire or approve the content of. Have fun with others online, laugh with them, sympathize if necessary and be yourself. According to some surveys made, one hundred likes you make on random photos can generate you around 22 likes and get you six more followers on average. You see, being active on this social network is really profitable.



Look Larger on Your Account


Have you taken notice of your Instagram grid design recently? Isn’t it possible that your grid has become predictable or even boring? Even if you find it quite attractive, there is still room to make it even better. Look at your grid from other users’ eyes, does it captivate you instantly? If not, work out a plan on how to add a fresh feel to it while preserving your unique voice. Use new filters, new tools. Among the top popular filters, we can name Early Bird, Normal, X-Proll, Hefe, and Mayfair.



Know Your Best Times


We could not but remind you how important it is to track the time when your followers are most active. Surely, the Instagram algorithm is hard to understand and accept, yet the likes and comments you both make and receive affect your engagement rate instantly. And that’s an undeniable benefit. Hence, get a deeper look at your analytics and find out the best time your target audience is active. We have referred to this point in one of our previous articles.



Use Relevant Keywords and Popular Hashtags


Instagram hashtags are primarily used to categorize content, yet they can give your photos or videos higher visibility and better chances to be found. Actually, the more popular the used hashtag is the higher your chances are to gain your followers back. Anyway, it’s also important to remember that millions of other users will be using the same popular hashtags as you and it may be hard to appear on the top of this pyramid. Among such hashtags are #food, #picoftheday, #colorful, etc.

And finally, using geotags is a must if you want to refill your list of followers. Geotagging can push content to automated pages of the mentioned specific locations.

Using Automation for Getting More Instagram Followers

Using Automation for Getting More Instagram Followers

Want to achieve better social media marketing results spending less time and efforts? Then you are to make use of certain social media automation tools. And a lot of them were created especially for Instagram. Would you like to know how to succeed in Instagram by using automation? Then keep up with InstaBF, a leading provider of IG and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers.



Finding and Following New Accounts Through Automate Services


There are different Instagram automation bots available on the internet that vary in terms of the services. For instance, InstaBF is among those services that offer you different packages at different prices. Generally, to make use of automation bots you need to tell the hashtags and accounts you’d like to follow. After this, the bot will start following the mentioned accounts, as well as those coinciding with the stated hashtags. Besides, these accounts are added gradually on a daily basis so that you get a natural-looking account activity.



Automating the Posting Schedule


Other automation services allow scheduling posts beforehand. This way you can efficiently batch the entire content creation process, thus devoting only some time a week on creating the necessary content to entertain your target audience. Besides, due to these automation services, your posts will appear on your account at the very exact time most of your followers. You won’t be obliged to access Instagram every day, instead, you can focus on those tasks that can’t be automated.



Automating Comments


If some people are sure that automating comments always appear spammy, this doesn’t have to be true. If you do everything correctly and set the bot right, you will be able to leave relevant comments without looking fake.  

Anyway, you’d better set automate comments on only a few photos per day. The reason is that bots interact with thousands of photos on a daily basis and programming relevant comments on all of them would be simply impossible. Besides, it will be great to pair automated and manual genuine comments.



Automating DM


Just like with automated comments, direct messages can be entrusted to bots, too. Nevertheless, as it’s really hard to create contextually relevant messages for each follower. Hence, you will have to use generic phrases such as “Thanks for following” or “Big Sales Approaching”, etc., and limit direct messaging automatically to a small number of accounts every day.



Save Time but Don’t Avoid Work


After setting a bot just one time, you mustn’t walk away and forget about checking it. If you do it, then that will mean you are escaping work and seeking an easy way to monetize your Instagram. Surely, you have the right to have such kind of a desire, but relying on automation completely won’t get you very far. You should still spend some time on creating content for your followers manually and engaging your followers. Establishing stable customer relationships can’t be fulfilled with 100% automation. Use bots just for getting assistance, and not doing your job.