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Upgrade Your Instagram Comments to Engage New Followers

Upgrade Your Instagram Comments to Engage New Followers

InstaBF has already talked about the actions necessary to inspire people to leave comments under your posts on Instagram. We sincerely hope they’ve helped you. If not, you can always turn to InstaBF for a new “portion” of comments, followers or likes to increase the engagement rate and awareness of your Instagram account. InstaBF has also started to provide views, comments, and likes for IGTV accounts.

However, today we’re going to turn to such an important matter as leaving quality (well, at least not annoying) comments that can inspire people to follow you.  We’ll tell you how you can upgrade your comments so that they no longer look like left by bots (agree that sometimes they really look such).


Importance of Writing Good Comments


Engaging with the right people, those Instagram users that might get interested in your niche is a true way of growing your Instagram account. Writing really meaningful, funny or attracting comments will in their turn attract new followers to your account. This works as a boomerang – you show sincere interest and get it back almost immediately.

The best and shortest way of finding the target audience to comment and expect the same in return is searching for the most obvious hashtags within your niche. Once you get them, start leaving candid comments.


Upgrading Your Comments

Leaving short comments such as “Awesome image”, or “Amazing look”, as well as simply leaving emojis as comments are no longer trendy. Moreover, people really get annoyed by such a shallow attitude. Besides, these comments look like left by bots, and not real people. Today Gram users expect genuine comments that can show authentic interest in their persona. With this said, it becomes clear that for being appreciated for your comments, you’ll have to spend more time and be a bit more creative. Actually, the key is to write something to stand out from the crowd. How? Here are the key tips by InstaBF:


  • Pick up the photos that have relatively fewer comments. This way your comment (longer than those of others) will automatically stand out;
  • Leave comments under the photos that have been posted very recently. If you can manage to be among the firsts, be sure you’ll win;
  • Comment on the major element in the photo. For instance, “You look so nice under the sunset. It emphasizes the color of your hair”;
  • Ask a question about a major element of the photo in your comment. For example, “Where did you take the photo? The background is really breathtaking!”;
  • Remember to mention other people (your friends who the post may interest) in the comment to show you are ready to spread that post;
  • Interact with other posts. Ask them questions or share with similar opinion related to that post;
  • Like the replies that the poster leaves under other comments, or like other’s comments if you consider them worthy. Two or three likes per post will be enough;


What You Shouldn’t Write in Your Comments


There are also several points to avoid when leaving a comment under an Instagram user’s post. Let’s check them out:


  • Avoid leaving comments composed of two words or only emojis as they are no longer effective. Make sure your comments are one or two sentences long;
  • Do not ever write a comment without reading the caption. Comments based merely on the photo may turn to be absurd if there is a unique caption left (a sad short story, a question, etc.);
  • Do never promote yourself under others’ posts. First, it may be deleted. And secondly, you will lose all chances of getting them to follow you.


And finally, remember to write exceptionally contextual comments that will be relevant to the photo/video you comment on. Only genuine comments will stand out and drive the attention of the poster to your account.

Everything You Need to Know about Instagram Follow and Unfollow Accounts

Everything You Need to Know about Instagram Follow and Unfollow Accounts

If someone says that he doesn’t expect his hard work on building an attractive Instagram account pay off via a flow of new followers, we can hardly believe that. We all are very glad for every new user following us on this social network. But what if you notice someone following your account and unfollowing it almost immediately? This is indescribably unpleasant. Who are these people? What’s the point in the follow/unfollow behavior? If they unfollow you does that mean they don’t find your feed attractive anymore? These and many other questions about such accounts are going to be answered right in this article. InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider, is going to share some nifty tips to help you not lose real followers, as well as stay away from follow/unfollow accounts.


Who Are These Follow/Unfollow Users?


Do you wonder who are these mysterious accounts and why do they do that? Let’s find this out together. InstaBF has a couple of ideas.

The first variant is that the desire to attract new followers makes them follow hundreds of random users and expect them to follow them back. Once done, most of them simply unfollow the new users. It’s definitely unfair and cruel by their side.

The second variant is the presence of a third-party application created to boost engagement. They are programmed to follow Instagram accounts and drive traffic if they follow them back. In fact, such bots don’t even see or visit your account when they start following you. Surely, all these don’t refer to InstaBF as the principle of work of this service is thoroughly different. All the followers we offer you have real-looking HQ profiles and don’t unfollow shortly afterward.

If you are searching some telltale signs that can help you differentiate ordinary Instagram accounts from follow/unfollow ones, here are some to remember:


  • Follow/Unfollow accounts follow numerous (up to thousands) of people yet have none to follow them back;
  • Follow/Unfollow accounts don’t share posts;
  • Follow/Unfollow accounts have feeds filled with strange and dubious content.


If the account you doubt has even one of these characteristics, you are most probably dealing with a follow/unfollow account. Here is how it might look like:

How Can You Stop Follow/Unfollow Accounts?


Perhaps the only way of stopping follow/unfollow accounts from annoying you is to make it hard (or better impossible) for them to find you. The first step is mastering hashtags. This will not only keep you away from being rampaged by follow/unfollow robots but also help you grow your account in a huge speed! For instance, if you use a too popular hashtag, such as #creative to post your content which has around 42 million posts, there are little chances that it will be noticed by people. In the meantime, you become a good target for follow/unfollow accounts. Instead, you can use hashtags composed of two or even up to three trendy words, i.e. #creativedesignsinlondon, in our case.

And the next step is to pick up your selected hashtags, grow your account organically and block any account that seems to a follow/unfollow one.

Free Ways of Attracting More Followers on Instagram: Part 2

Free Ways of Attracting More Followers on Instagram: Part 2

And now we are back with our ten crucial steps that will help you significantly increase the number of your Instagram followers entirely free of charge! Amazing, isn’t it? However, InstaBF, the leading provider of Instagram likes, comments, and followers, would like to remind you that for achieving the scale of followers you have set for free, you need to be patient and hardworking.

So, let’s go ahead:


Paving Your Way to the Top Posts Area


Depending on the post engagement and how fast the post gets it, Instagram’s algorithm may place your post in the list of top posts. And if you can succeed in this, be certain that you will significantly expand your reach and obtain even more followers. How to do this? Let’s find out together. In fact, there is a little trick you can use. Once you publish a photo/video, spend around half an hour liking and commenting on other posts with the same hashtags that you used. Most likely, the same users will react and like or comment back on your latest post, thus raising the chances of your post to appear in the top. Anyway, remember that your posts in all cases should be quality expressing authentic pictures, valuable advice, meaningful quotes, or unique details of work processes.

Tagging Famous Brands

The next step you need to undertake for increasing the spectrum of your followers is tagging popular brands let that be a cafe, a shop, a tourist sight, etc. Once those users who follow that brand check the page, they will see your page tagged, too. Chances are high that they will get interested and follow you. Only make sure your tagging is relevant. For instance, if you visited a sight tag it in your photo. If you have dined in the trendy coffee shop, tag it. Just the same way, you can tag a cosmetics or clothes brand, once you use the brand’s production.


Creating Guest Posts


One of the most effective promotion methods is exchanging posts with other Insta users that target the same audience as you do. Therefore, making a deal with a couple of relevant Instagram accounts on a free and beneficial promotion is definitely a good step. For instance, you can make a post about an interesting blog of an influencer, and he/she, in turn, can mention about your brand. Both of you will benefit to the same extent while not paying a penny. However, such guest posts deals are made with relatively less known influencers, as those with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers usually, charge for every brand post they make.

So, being open for new online acquaintances is a must in running an efficient Instagram campaign.


Attending InstaMeets

InstaMeets are intended to move online acquaintances into reality. They allow Instagrammers with similar tastes meet in person with each other, explore a new city together and take lots of photos!  In fact, InstaMeets are organized anytime and anywhere. Such an event can become a real opportunity to get to know your followers in person, as well as obtain new ones. Just check out whether there are InstaMeets in your city. And if there isn’t any, be the one to organize it.


Setting New Instagram Challenges


An Instagram challenge is a win-win way of exciting, intriguing and attracting a new audience on the social media. And what makes it so beneficial, is that it requires absolutely no money! All that you need is to brainstorm to come up with a unique idea which will be not only a great fun to implement but which is also close to your account theme.


Commenting on Instagram Celebrities’ Posts

It’s definitely worth to check out comments left on popular Instagrammers’ posts. These can be as celebrities, so popular brands, restaurants, coffee shops, and even vacation destinations. Join conversations with meaningful comments, express your expert opinions distinctly, give advice and expect other participants of the same conversation check into your account and follow it. To detect the biggest profiles, you’d better search for thematic keywords. Concentrate on the first-coming up leading accounts.

Free Ways of Attracting More Followers on Instagram: Part 1

Free Ways of Attracting More Followers on Instagram: Part 1

Around eight hundred million people don’t a month without logging into their Instagram accounts and finding out what’s there new or sharing an image of themselves with other users. This huge number of active users registered on Instagram indicates what a powerful platform it is for your online business! In fact, this social media can work miracles as long as you optimize your account well and keep the number of followers growing. There are several tested and reliable ways of achieving a higher number of followers which won’t cost you a penny! However, they require some time and efforts from your side, unlike InstaBF. This is the credible Instagram provider you can apply to whenever you need a significant growth of Instagram likes, comments, and followers. Apart from the affordable charge and a couple of minutes necessary for completing the order, nothing is requested from you! You will get the owner of your time and can save your nerves, while InstaBF is doing the work.

However, we will also be glad to unveil the ten credible means of growing Instagram followers organically and effectively without spending any money. Here is the Part 1 of steps to undertake:


Picking the Right Username

As a rule, people search by the topic they are interested in and not the possible brand name (well, unless your brand is already widely known). Therefore, it’s better to use target words that best describe what you offer on Instagram as a username. You can pick up two or three keywords that users use most of all for describing your products. For instance, if you own a bookstore, you could use the words “book”, “bestseller” and other theme-related words to compose your username.

Just the same way, it’s crucial to optimally use the 150 characters in your bio to best describe you as a business. Tell people who you are and they can benefit from your offers.


Using GeoTags

There are plenty of users who make their search by place. Hence, remember to use geotags for each and every photo you post. Suppose, you own a sports gym. Geotag the address every time you post a photo of it or people making workouts there.


Actively Using Hashtags

Despite being free and simple, hashtags are still very useful for an Instagram business. Did you know that you have the chance of adding up to thirty hashtags on every post? Use at least ten related to the topic. Mind that Instagram may ban you once you use inappropriate tags too often. Besides, you’d better use hashtags that are trendy and are more likely to be searched by your target audience. Tag friends, celebrities, even competitors as long as your tagging is relevant.


Joining Communities

Without joining Instagram communities, obtaining more followers for free will be a real target. Such communities connect multiple accounts with similar interests and immensely enlarge the spectrum of possible followers. Once you get published in an appropriate community, you will be asked to use the stated hashtags, as well as make reposts and post your own photos. Expect all other members of the community to do the same with your hashtags and your posts. Surely, if you post, mildly to say, not so attractive posts, you won’t have a success even with the help of a community. Yet, with the condition of posting quality content, a good community can be your key to success.

Why You Are Losing Instagram Followers

Why You Are Losing Instagram Followers

The number of followers is an important factor perhaps for every Instagrammer. Some users, yet may experience a loss of followers on a daily basis and get upset by that fact. Anyway, this is quite normal taking into consideration it’s a part of an Instagram account growing. Some people may have got bored by your content, while others may have just changed their priorities. And if you still can’t stay indifferent toward the always-changing number of your followers, let’s figure out the main reasons why this is happening to your account. Together, we shall bring life back to your Instagram feed.

First of all, make sure your account is not shadowbanned. Otherwise, you will definitely lose your followers. To avoid this, it’s recommended to stay in the “good books” of Instagram. Avoid using autobots, leaving racist or insulting posts, posting uncensored, cruel or inappropriate content.

And before we pas to the main points, remember that a good Instagram strategy unconditionally involves implementing the right hashtags. Learn how to use proper hashtags, yet remember not to overdo with them!

Inconsistent or Over-Posting

If you are losing more followers than attracting new ones, it’s worth reconsidering your posting schedule. If your posts are haphazard, they may appear unfamiliar (just like you) to the majority of your followers, and if you post more than normal (more than six times), they may soon annoy your followers. Make one or two interesting posts a day to keep them engaged, that’s the happy balance!

Poor Introduction

Another reason that may repulse Instagram followers is a poor bio or its absolute absence. The first impression you make on people is highly crucial both in real and virtual lives. Make sure your bio is filled with accurate and attractive information about your personality, profession/hobby, and interests. If people can’t see how your posts may be helpful to them, there will be no sense in following you.

Clunky Feeds

The most important part of your account is the feed of your photos. It’s important to have a generic trait in all your photos. This can be the quality of photos, their colors, the used highlights, etc. It’s definitely worth investing time and efforts in scheming an impressive feed on Instagram. Make sure every photo you post smoothly flows to the next one, and believe, this will skyrocket the number of followers.

Unattractive Captions

Good photos may interest your followers, but what will really engage them, are your captions. Once you notice a decrease in the number of your followers after a certain post, consider improving the captions. Describe the image you post by mentioning why it’s important or funny, tell a real story (when the photo was taken, under what circumstances …), place a question to have the audience involved in the post, use a good CTA (encourage your followers to leave a comment, tag a friend, click your bio’s link, etc.). After this, your followers will feel a part of your life and won’t definitely unfollow you.

Being Too Sales-y

Is the aim of your Instagram account to sell goods? Even if it’s so, you’d better think about making a certain part of your posts engaging educational or at least funny. Surely, you can promote your products, yet it’s important to present the products in an interesting way, and not simply “Buy the dress now, click here”.

These are the main reasons why you may experience the oppressive decrease in the number of your followers. Adhere to the advice given above, and you will stop it. And if you want to add followers, InstaBF can be of a great help. Here you can order not only tons of followers but also likes, comments, and views. By the way, all our accounts are real people and not bots! Try now and get assured yourself!