19 ways to attract fans through Instagram

19 ways to attract fans through Instagram

Instagram is used by all celebrities and people who just want gaining more popularity. Here we will tell you about 19 ways of attracting fans through this popular platform.

Use hashtags

They let you describing your photo or picture. Hashtags are a few words related to your image or brand.


Be funny

The writing of hashtags should be approached with humor and imagination, but avoid unrelated to your creativity themes.


Use cool headers

Headers are no less important than hashtags. Your goal is to write a funny witty headline, understandable to all subscribers.


Follow hashtags of competitors

Yes, you hate them, but they can greatly help at the initial stage. After all, if you cannot defeat them, you just have to join them.


Diversify your Instagram

Spread photos from concerts, sessions, parties and all that makes up your life.


Post awesome content

Make sure that you post exactly those images that will be of interest to readers. Take bright, colorful photos and learn using filters.


Buy likes and followers

More likes and followers you have – the faster your popularity is growing. Get high quality followers at InstaBF.


Combine your posts and export them to other social networks

The most remarkable feature of Instagram is the ability to post your photos at once on Facebook and Twitter: this is a good time-saving!


Link to your site on Instagram

If you want the fans to focus on music, you need to bring them to your site. To do this, just add a link to the site in your profile in Instagram.


Complete the profile

The description should be short and simple: your fans must get a desire to know more about you and visit your site.


Sing for your fans

Instagram allows you to upload short videos, so why not take advantage of this? Do also something that can emphasize your talent.


Become a blogger

A video blog with a tour is a great way to attract an audience, because most fans will never get on tour or on stage. Take short notes off the road.


Come up to business with humor

Share with fans funny videos and photos. It is a good idea to build a long-term contact with the public.


Look for your fans

In Instagram you can search by people and tags. Subscribe to anything that draws your attention.


Make more comments

When you find your potential fans, it’s time to start interacting with them. Fame is not just a performance on the stage. Comment on the fans so they can feel your personal presence.


Communicate with subscribers and fans

Interaction is the key to creating super-fans. Make them feel special. Comment on a few photos of your subscribers every day.


Take photos with your fans

Then publish the pictures in Instagram and do not forget to mark on them fans.



Often fans send their idols photos, drawings, videos, suggestions and thanks. You can make a real work of art from all of this stuff!


Use the photo from Instagram on your website

You can use Instagram widgets to add photos on your website, it really attracts attention.

Of course, this is not all that can be done at Instagram. But these 19 things are your “musts” to be done to gain popularity.

Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers

Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers

On Instagram you are not alone. As you sign up on this platform you become a part of a big social network. Therefore, there are two sides – you – your Instagram profile, and other people – followers.

It is a well-known fact that people seek recognition from others. On Instagram users get likes as a sign of this recognition. Some can even find fame there, others enjoy communication. Depending on what you are interested in, Instagram can take on different roles.

If you think about buying followers, you can read this article and see if one or more points correspond with your demands – then you should totally go ahead and buy followers on our site now.

You are welcome to buy followers on InstaBF if you want to…

  •      Promote your business

Buying followers will make your page more noticeable, and a big number of people who follow you will tribute to the trustworthiness of your account. Besides, your followers can turn into your potential clients, which is the best thing for business. However, you shouldn’t forget about the content, because it can really do a lot to help you to grow your audience.

  •      Be popular

Of course, some of us just want attention. They want to be admired by people on the Internet as well as in real life. If you think that you are the one whom this world should know, then you can start it by buying followers here. With new people coming you will get likes and comments, which will bring you to the top.

  •      Communicate with people

Some people just want interaction, they need a social contact every day. If you are one of them, you will find it pleasant getting likes and comments from people all over the world. Who knows, and maybe you will meet like-minded people on Instagram by getting new followers.

  •      Make a change

It is no surprise that every person can make a change in this world. However, it may seem hard to you to influence big things if you are not a celebrity or a rich person. Nevertheless, the more followers you get, the more people will know about you, and the greater chance you have to make a change in this world that will be noticed by others.

  •      Go viral

If you want your posts to be shared by other people, you definitely need a lot of followers. Instagram has become a platform where pictures and videos are spread quickly every day. If people like your posts, they will send it to their friends and even repost them. But it can take a long time until you reach a huge audience. If you can’t wait any longer, feel free to buy your followers on our site already now.

Instagram tips: How one can turn followers into clients

Instagram tips: How one can turn followers into clients

Are you a beginner on Instagram world who wants to start business and you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re looking for new ideas to boost your success and you lack inspiration?

Here is a list of the ideas that you may find useful  to start and level-up your business on Instagram.

Look awesome!

One of the most useful ways to convert your followers into clients is to create a unique catchy profile that  grabs attention.  That means that you need to use all ways to demonstrate your product from different angles.

Make videos and take photos

It’s widely known that information can be delivered not only in a written form, but also in a form of visual demonstration ( videos). Small sneak peeks of your product can play even bigger role in boosting your business  than the written information which is given below the photo.  But then here comes the question: what’s an actual use of taking pictures? The answer is quite simple: it catches one’s eye, your profile plays out in fresh colors. Arrange your timetable and post new photos and videos everyday.

It can be pictures of  meetings your company arranges or, maybe, interesting moments of your working process, – the point is that it can be anything as long as it breathes life in your profile and boosts  followers’ interest.

Offer your followers discounts

In order to network with your customers on a long term make them feel special – offer “attractive” discounts! Special offers, without any doubt, is the best strategy to draw a plenty of customers.

Run photo contests

It’s another creative way to shake things up and give your followers an opportunity to feel the popularity and brighten their routine. It also encourages your customers to get involved in a new world where he or she can be a member of a big team. Keep in mind that prizes and a contest itself should appeal to your target audience and match the life of your followers. As an example one may introduce next ideas: special offers on weekends; contests connected with holidays or events that are about to come, etc.

No pain – no gain!

We all know it: you can’t make it work if you do nothing. Using these tips deliver results only in case if you are truly passionate about it. Don’t do it only because of  money – you have to love what you do to make it actually work! Never put limits on yourself, strive for better and look for new opportunities to boost your success. Be creative. Be active. Think out of the box and stick to your targets.

Importance of buying active followers on Instagram

Importance of buying active followers on Instagram

Having lots of followers really interested in your life and inspired by your posts – doesn’t it sound great and tempting? Buying active, real Instagram followers provides an opportunity for credible communication with your audience and keeping in close touch with the people who are really fond of you. The more followers you buy, the larger is the more attention you draw to your posts.

Quality of followers

Why is it so important to buy high-quality followers? Some people often think that Instagram profiles and posts having lots of likes and comments should seem more attractive and interesting. Still, in many cases, such accounts look rather suspicious – fakes are easily identified. Lots of comments from fake followers ruin the first impression of your Instagram profile and distract people from following. The main advantage of involving real, active profiles in mass-following is getting likes and live comments (no clichés, no double posting, etc.) from accounts with real photos and biographies. Still, you should not overlook the fact that any real followers are not active a priori. The main aim of buying real followers is to boost the engagement of your audience and improve your account promotion. In other words, when you buy followers for your account, you provide a good initial base for reaching your target audience as soon as possible. The larger is the initial number of your real followers, the higher is your chance to extend your audience coverage within the shortest possible period. In fact, by purchasing initial 10.000 followers you kick start your account to get 100.000 followers for free in future.

Quantity of followers

Quantity of followers

One should really mention the importance of large numbers in mass following on Instagram. The larger is the number of your account the more respectful and popular it seems to your potential audience, the more new followers you will get. The number of followers increases the trust level and is the best proof of a successful business and personal branding. These two key factors are the main basis of any promotion campaign. We have already mentioned that buying a certain number of followers will result in a multifold audience increase in future. Another important thing to keep in mind at the initial stage of the campaign is that the more followers you have at the very start, the sooner your profile/community will become a cost-effective tool for promotion. In other words, if you invest in 10.000 followers for your campaign you will get 100.000 new followers in 1.5 months, if you buy 50.000 followers it will take you only about 2.5 weeks to achieve the same milestone. Note that the number of likes and followers should be equal.

Another important component of a promotional campaign is an inventive use of tags and hash tags. This tool is crucial for conversion of the likes and followers you buy from InstaBF into new followers and hype. Use popular and relevant hash tags to draw the attention of your target audience.

How to go viral on Instagram

How to go viral on Instagram

Instagram Fame is one of the most desirable things for Internet users. An enormous amount of books, webinars, blogs and many more are dedicated to Instagram promotion. The virus effect is characterized by the instant sharing of information. Step by step, account becomes famous. You can achieve that for free or by paying for followers, likes and views.

Instagram promotion for free

We wrote a lot about this topic. Free promotion implies different activities: you should know something about marketing, communication rules and business strategies of promotion on the Internet.

According to users, the fastest way to boost up followers and likes is to write hashtags. Try it! Mention the location as people are curious to know it. Your profile mustn’t be confidential — users don’t like to wait, all of them want to see the content instantly.

Your Instagram profile should stick to one topic, but viewers like variety. Try to post bright and different pictures, but in the same style.

Catch the moments, show followers how unique you are.

Besides hashtags and location, use special tools (filters, brightness, contrast and so on), that’s how you can make really cool photos even better.

Celebrities are well-promoted people, so learn from them, analyze their strategy, observe what they post and how often.

Live full life and then you won’t have a problem making cool pictures for your profile. Visit sensational events, take pictures of intriguing details, show the other side of your personal life, and it would also be great if you take a photo of someone well-known and hashtag this celebrity’s name, it’ll draw a lot of attention.

After people have subscribed for you, all you have to do is communicate with them and post something interesting because you have received real people, but not numbers. It is pleasant to people when you are pleasant to them!

Buying followers, likes and views

InstaBF offers you an opportunity to promote your account regularly and qualitatively. Buying followers and likes allows you to create a certain image. You can buy high-quality product at acceptable prices. It’ll also help you to save time and establish a reputation. You will be able to save a lot of energy, while the result will be striking!

To sum up, we can just say that having good content is the main rule to attract followers, even if you buy them. Qualitative stylish photos create fashionable image. Add buying followers, likes and views and you already have a successful account. Then you can move toward starting your own business and creating a business account. See InstaBF blog to read more about this.