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Smart Ways to Help You Get Your Followers Back

Smart Ways to Help You Get Your Followers Back

The nature of Instagram is watching your list of followers go up and down. And how to recover followers after losing a whole bunch is something all Instagrammers would like to know. Additionally, there have been certain glitches and bugs that brought forward unexpected and unusual drops in the service’s user base. These are phenomena we can’t control, in fact. Yet, adopting the right strategy, there are real chances of getting your followers back. Moreover, you get all the chances to appear in a better position than before. So, if this interests you, InstaBF, a company that suggests buying likes, comments, followers and views for your Instagram or IGTV account on an affordable basis, can help you get back your lost followers. Here are the basic steps you should undertake to realize this.



Instagram is a Social Network; Make Use of That


What does it mean to grow a following on a social network? Isn’t it all about creating great content and effectively engaging with other people that have not worse content than you? You, as an Instagram user who strives to increase his list of followers, should not limit yourself by simply liking a few of others’ posts. Go deeper and start a conversation with any Instagrammer you admire or approve the content of. Have fun with others online, laugh with them, sympathize if necessary and be yourself. According to some surveys made, one hundred likes you make on random photos can generate you around 22 likes and get you six more followers on average. You see, being active on this social network is really profitable.



Look Larger on Your Account


Have you taken notice of your Instagram grid design recently? Isn’t it possible that your grid has become predictable or even boring? Even if you find it quite attractive, there is still room to make it even better. Look at your grid from other users’ eyes, does it captivate you instantly? If not, work out a plan on how to add a fresh feel to it while preserving your unique voice. Use new filters, new tools. Among the top popular filters, we can name Early Bird, Normal, X-Proll, Hefe, and Mayfair.



Know Your Best Times


We could not but remind you how important it is to track the time when your followers are most active. Surely, the Instagram algorithm is hard to understand and accept, yet the likes and comments you both make and receive affect your engagement rate instantly. And that’s an undeniable benefit. Hence, get a deeper look at your analytics and find out the best time your target audience is active. We have referred to this point in one of our previous articles.



Use Relevant Keywords and Popular Hashtags


Instagram hashtags are primarily used to categorize content, yet they can give your photos or videos higher visibility and better chances to be found. Actually, the more popular the used hashtag is the higher your chances are to gain your followers back. Anyway, it’s also important to remember that millions of other users will be using the same popular hashtags as you and it may be hard to appear on the top of this pyramid. Among such hashtags are #food, #picoftheday, #colorful, etc.

And finally, using geotags is a must if you want to refill your list of followers. Geotagging can push content to automated pages of the mentioned specific locations.

Using Automation for Getting More Instagram Followers

Using Automation for Getting More Instagram Followers

Want to achieve better social media marketing results spending less time and efforts? Then you are to make use of certain social media automation tools. And a lot of them were created especially for Instagram. Would you like to know how to succeed in Instagram by using automation? Then keep up with InstaBF, a leading provider of IG and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers.



Finding and Following New Accounts Through Automate Services


There are different Instagram automation bots available on the internet that vary in terms of the services. For instance, InstaBF is among those services that offer you different packages at different prices. Generally, to make use of automation bots you need to tell the hashtags and accounts you’d like to follow. After this, the bot will start following the mentioned accounts, as well as those coinciding with the stated hashtags. Besides, these accounts are added gradually on a daily basis so that you get a natural-looking account activity.



Automating the Posting Schedule


Other automation services allow scheduling posts beforehand. This way you can efficiently batch the entire content creation process, thus devoting only some time a week on creating the necessary content to entertain your target audience. Besides, due to these automation services, your posts will appear on your account at the very exact time most of your followers. You won’t be obliged to access Instagram every day, instead, you can focus on those tasks that can’t be automated.



Automating Comments


If some people are sure that automating comments always appear spammy, this doesn’t have to be true. If you do everything correctly and set the bot right, you will be able to leave relevant comments without looking fake.  

Anyway, you’d better set automate comments on only a few photos per day. The reason is that bots interact with thousands of photos on a daily basis and programming relevant comments on all of them would be simply impossible. Besides, it will be great to pair automated and manual genuine comments.



Automating DM


Just like with automated comments, direct messages can be entrusted to bots, too. Nevertheless, as it’s really hard to create contextually relevant messages for each follower. Hence, you will have to use generic phrases such as “Thanks for following” or “Big Sales Approaching”, etc., and limit direct messaging automatically to a small number of accounts every day.



Save Time but Don’t Avoid Work


After setting a bot just one time, you mustn’t walk away and forget about checking it. If you do it, then that will mean you are escaping work and seeking an easy way to monetize your Instagram. Surely, you have the right to have such kind of a desire, but relying on automation completely won’t get you very far. You should still spend some time on creating content for your followers manually and engaging your followers. Establishing stable customer relationships can’t be fulfilled with 100% automation. Use bots just for getting assistance, and not doing your job.

5 Great Instagram Bio Advice Pieces to Attract Your Perfect Followers

5 Great Instagram Bio Advice Pieces to Attract Your Perfect Followers

If you are approaching the task of getting new followers for your Instagram account seriously, creating an efficient bio should be your priority. Particularly this part of your Instagram profile can either take you to the next level on this social network or pull you down.

Generally, it takes only a second or two for an Insta user to determine whether to follow someone on Gram or not, meaning you have only this short time to convert your account visitors into followers. Having a poorly-written or even worse – a blank bio you will lose all your chances to present to visitors’ attention your feed, even if it’s a gorgeous one! Here, at InstaBF, one of the most credible IG and IGTV providers you can find on the market, we truly believe you should have an utmost captivating and accurate Instagram bio. How? We’ll find this out right away!



Target at Your Perfect Follower


Surely, the more followers you have the better. But the principle “quality is better than quantity” works here, too. You need to attract your ideal followers who will raise your engagement rate. Hence, consider values, demographics, dreams, and goals of your perfect followers before creating the bio. Ask yourself what they would like to see on your account and the more specific you can get the better. Your target audience should feel as if you are talking particularly to them once they land on your account and read your bio.



Present Your Real Self


Virtual life allows one to become anyone he’d like to. Yet, if your purpose on Instagram is to drive attention and popularity particularly to your true self, make certain you are frank in your bio. Use your real name, the one your audience knows and may use to find you.  

Besides, it will be better if you tell your followers who you are in reality without any exaggerations. Definitely, you need to present the best of you and how helpful your account may be for your followers. As bios are to be quite short, use the keywords that best resonate with your target followers. Just make sure you never lie and can deliver what you claim.



Don’t Forget about Clickable Links


Do never forget that once you add a “@” or “#” in an Instagram bio, the next word becomes a clickable link. The latter can take the visitor to another profile or a hashtag. This is your best chance of driving attention to the account that greatly matters to you. This can be your blog, your website or your organization, whatever important from your point.

Besides, the presence of clickable links in an Instagram account’s bio makes it look more professional!



Where’s the Highlight Reel?


Putting everything important about your account in as few as only 150 characters is quite a difficult task. And sometimes you can’t find the perfect words for that. Right for this, you can use Stories Highlights feature to show what you have just mentioned in the bio. Think of this feature as an advertisement means and save particularly those Stories that best illustrate what you presented in the bio. This can be an “About Me” highlight, or answers to the most commonly given questions, etc.



Sum Up with a CTA


In this social media age, engagement matters more than mere numbers. And to offer your account visitors interaction with you and your brand, sum up your Instagram bio with an appropriate call to action. With this, you provide them with a reliable means of getting in touch with you, whether it’s a branded hashtag or a website link. If you are running a business account on Instagram, you can also mention the physical address, email, and the telephone number of your company.

Upgrade Your Instagram Comments to Engage New Followers

Upgrade Your Instagram Comments to Engage New Followers

InstaBF has already talked about the actions necessary to inspire people to leave comments under your posts on Instagram. We sincerely hope they’ve helped you. If not, you can always turn to InstaBF for a new “portion” of comments, followers or likes to increase the engagement rate and awareness of your Instagram account. InstaBF has also started to provide views, comments, and likes for IGTV accounts.

However, today we’re going to turn to such an important matter as leaving quality (well, at least not annoying) comments that can inspire people to follow you.  We’ll tell you how you can upgrade your comments so that they no longer look like left by bots (agree that sometimes they really look such).


Importance of Writing Good Comments


Engaging with the right people, those Instagram users that might get interested in your niche is a true way of growing your Instagram account. Writing really meaningful, funny or attracting comments will in their turn attract new followers to your account. This works as a boomerang – you show sincere interest and get it back almost immediately.

The best and shortest way of finding the target audience to comment and expect the same in return is searching for the most obvious hashtags within your niche. Once you get them, start leaving candid comments.


Upgrading Your Comments

Leaving short comments such as “Awesome image”, or “Amazing look”, as well as simply leaving emojis as comments are no longer trendy. Moreover, people really get annoyed by such a shallow attitude. Besides, these comments look like left by bots, and not real people. Today Gram users expect genuine comments that can show authentic interest in their persona. With this said, it becomes clear that for being appreciated for your comments, you’ll have to spend more time and be a bit more creative. Actually, the key is to write something to stand out from the crowd. How? Here are the key tips by InstaBF:


  • Pick up the photos that have relatively fewer comments. This way your comment (longer than those of others) will automatically stand out;
  • Leave comments under the photos that have been posted very recently. If you can manage to be among the firsts, be sure you’ll win;
  • Comment on the major element in the photo. For instance, “You look so nice under the sunset. It emphasizes the color of your hair”;
  • Ask a question about a major element of the photo in your comment. For example, “Where did you take the photo? The background is really breathtaking!”;
  • Remember to mention other people (your friends who the post may interest) in the comment to show you are ready to spread that post;
  • Interact with other posts. Ask them questions or share with similar opinion related to that post;
  • Like the replies that the poster leaves under other comments, or like other’s comments if you consider them worthy. Two or three likes per post will be enough;


What You Shouldn’t Write in Your Comments


There are also several points to avoid when leaving a comment under an Instagram user’s post. Let’s check them out:


  • Avoid leaving comments composed of two words or only emojis as they are no longer effective. Make sure your comments are one or two sentences long;
  • Do not ever write a comment without reading the caption. Comments based merely on the photo may turn to be absurd if there is a unique caption left (a sad short story, a question, etc.);
  • Do never promote yourself under others’ posts. First, it may be deleted. And secondly, you will lose all chances of getting them to follow you.


And finally, remember to write exceptionally contextual comments that will be relevant to the photo/video you comment on. Only genuine comments will stand out and drive the attention of the poster to your account.

Everything You Need to Know about Instagram Follow and Unfollow Accounts

Everything You Need to Know about Instagram Follow and Unfollow Accounts

If someone says that he doesn’t expect his hard work on building an attractive Instagram account pay off via a flow of new followers, we can hardly believe that. We all are very glad for every new user following us on this social network. But what if you notice someone following your account and unfollowing it almost immediately? This is indescribably unpleasant. Who are these people? What’s the point in the follow/unfollow behavior? If they unfollow you does that mean they don’t find your feed attractive anymore? These and many other questions about such accounts are going to be answered right in this article. InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider, is going to share some nifty tips to help you not lose real followers, as well as stay away from follow/unfollow accounts.


Who Are These Follow/Unfollow Users?


Do you wonder who are these mysterious accounts and why do they do that? Let’s find this out together. InstaBF has a couple of ideas.

The first variant is that the desire to attract new followers makes them follow hundreds of random users and expect them to follow them back. Once done, most of them simply unfollow the new users. It’s definitely unfair and cruel by their side.

The second variant is the presence of a third-party application created to boost engagement. They are programmed to follow Instagram accounts and drive traffic if they follow them back. In fact, such bots don’t even see or visit your account when they start following you. Surely, all these don’t refer to InstaBF as the principle of work of this service is thoroughly different. All the followers we offer you have real-looking HQ profiles and don’t unfollow shortly afterward.

If you are searching some telltale signs that can help you differentiate ordinary Instagram accounts from follow/unfollow ones, here are some to remember:


  • Follow/Unfollow accounts follow numerous (up to thousands) of people yet have none to follow them back;
  • Follow/Unfollow accounts don’t share posts;
  • Follow/Unfollow accounts have feeds filled with strange and dubious content.


If the account you doubt has even one of these characteristics, you are most probably dealing with a follow/unfollow account. Here is how it might look like:

How Can You Stop Follow/Unfollow Accounts?


Perhaps the only way of stopping follow/unfollow accounts from annoying you is to make it hard (or better impossible) for them to find you. The first step is mastering hashtags. This will not only keep you away from being rampaged by follow/unfollow robots but also help you grow your account in a huge speed! For instance, if you use a too popular hashtag, such as #creative to post your content which has around 42 million posts, there are little chances that it will be noticed by people. In the meantime, you become a good target for follow/unfollow accounts. Instead, you can use hashtags composed of two or even up to three trendy words, i.e. #creativedesignsinlondon, in our case.

And the next step is to pick up your selected hashtags, grow your account organically and block any account that seems to a follow/unfollow one.