Why You Are Losing Instagram Followers

Why You Are Losing Instagram Followers

The number of followers is an important factor perhaps for every Instagrammer. Some users, yet may experience a loss of followers on a daily basis and get upset by that fact. Anyway, this is quite normal taking into consideration it’s a part of an Instagram account growing. Some people may have got bored by your content, while others may have just changed their priorities. And if you still can’t stay indifferent toward the always-changing number of your followers, let’s figure out the main reasons why this is happening to your account. Together, we shall bring life back to your Instagram feed.

First of all, make sure your account is not shadowbanned. Otherwise, you will definitely lose your followers. To avoid this, it’s recommended to stay in the “good books” of Instagram. Avoid using autobots, leaving racist or insulting posts, posting uncensored, cruel or inappropriate content.

And before we pas to the main points, remember that a good Instagram strategy unconditionally involves implementing the right hashtags. Learn how to use proper hashtags, yet remember not to overdo with them!

Inconsistent or Over-Posting

If you are losing more followers than attracting new ones, it’s worth reconsidering your posting schedule. If your posts are haphazard, they may appear unfamiliar (just like you) to the majority of your followers, and if you post more than normal (more than six times), they may soon annoy your followers. Make one or two interesting posts a day to keep them engaged, that’s the happy balance!

Poor Introduction

Another reason that may repulse Instagram followers is a poor bio or its absolute absence. The first impression you make on people is highly crucial both in real and virtual lives. Make sure your bio is filled with accurate and attractive information about your personality, profession/hobby, and interests. If people can’t see how your posts may be helpful to them, there will be no sense in following you.

Clunky Feeds

The most important part of your account is the feed of your photos. It’s important to have a generic trait in all your photos. This can be the quality of photos, their colors, the used highlights, etc. It’s definitely worth investing time and efforts in scheming an impressive feed on Instagram. Make sure every photo you post smoothly flows to the next one, and believe, this will skyrocket the number of followers.

Unattractive Captions

Good photos may interest your followers, but what will really engage them, are your captions. Once you notice a decrease in the number of your followers after a certain post, consider improving the captions. Describe the image you post by mentioning why it’s important or funny, tell a real story (when the photo was taken, under what circumstances …), place a question to have the audience involved in the post, use a good CTA (encourage your followers to leave a comment, tag a friend, click your bio’s link, etc.). After this, your followers will feel a part of your life and won’t definitely unfollow you.

Being Too Sales-y

Is the aim of your Instagram account to sell goods? Even if it’s so, you’d better think about making a certain part of your posts engaging educational or at least funny. Surely, you can promote your products, yet it’s important to present the products in an interesting way, and not simply “Buy the dress now, click here”.

These are the main reasons why you may experience the oppressive decrease in the number of your followers. Adhere to the advice given above, and you will stop it. And if you want to add followers, InstaBF can be of a great help. Here you can order not only tons of followers but also likes, comments, and views. By the way, all our accounts are real people and not bots! Try now and get assured yourself!

Tools for Attracting Instagram Followers

Tools for Attracting Instagram Followers

Can you guess what every Instagrammer dreams of the most? You’re right if your answer is “more followers”! According to the statistics, every Instagrammer gets happier and more content seeing people like his/her feed and have the desire to become a part of his/her virtual life. So, before presenting the best Instagram tools that can help you in attracting more followers, let InstaBF introduce its offer. We are the service you can apply for getting tons of likes, comments, views and of course followers! We are not a bot, and all your new followers are sure to be real people with active feeds. Perhaps this is the shortest way of having that desirable “k” letter beside the number of your followers! Anyway, while you’re considering when to order a “portion” of followers from InstaBF, we shall together check out some other feasible ways of increasing the number of your Instagram followers.

Posting Quality Photos

Needless to say, the photos you usually post on Instagram play a major role in attracting followers. Hence, before you post your next selfie, you’d better consider adjusting its brightness, adding filters and overlays, or even changing the background. There are great tools today. That can be of great use to you. These are VSCO, Snapseed, Over. Each of them is easy to use and promises amazing results.

Creating Attractive Feeds on Instagram

The first thing one notices when viewing someone’s Instagram profile is his/her feed. Surely, posting great photos and videos is good, yet a smartly built feed is crucial, too. There is a wonderful tool that will help you tremendously in this. This is Visual Instagram Planner. It’s helps to plan and design a perfect Instagram feed. By dragging your photos here, you will get an image how to rearrange them for a better look before posting. By the way, the tool is mobile friendly.

Managing Instagram Contest

Undoubtedly, one of the quickest ways of engaging new followers on Instagram is hosting a contest. This requires neither special skills nor tools. But there are a couple of tools you might find helpful for this task. The WooBox is a wonderful tool to create sweepstakes, promotions, UGC contests and other stuff. Wishpond is another useful tool operating in the same way.

Choosing Right Time for Posting

The more people notice your posts, the more are your chance to get new followers. Hence, it’s essential to track the best time for each of your posts. With the assistance of Instagram Insights, you get an access to tons of valuable information on Instagram users’ age, gender, location and even activity. The Best Time to Post feature, meanwhile, will hint you on when it’s better to make posts for maximal engagement.

Engaging Instagram Stories

Stories are perhaps the most beloved Instagram feature by the vast majority of users. If used smartly, this feature will bring you plenty of new followers. If you have no idea how to create interesting stories, make use of Storeo tool. The latter will let you shoot a long video and then split it into 15 seconds-long slices to play in sequence.

Boomerang can be greatly helpful, too. With this app, you can shoot several photos that will easily be turned into GIFs.

Canva mobile application can be used for creating interesting graphics for social media. It has a large library to choose a template form, upload your own photo and post already remade new photograph in your story.

Using Better Hashtags

Paying great attention to your hashtags is really important. Some hashtags have engaged a whole community behind them. Some of them may be specific to the audience you are interested in. And there are some tools that can help you identify the most appropriate hashtags.

19 ways to attract fans through Instagram

19 ways to attract fans through Instagram

Instagram is used by all celebrities and people who just want gaining more popularity. Here we will tell you about 19 ways of attracting fans through this popular platform.

Use hashtags

They let you describing your photo or picture. Hashtags are a few words related to your image or brand.


Be funny

The writing of hashtags should be approached with humor and imagination, but avoid unrelated to your creativity themes.


Use cool headers

Headers are no less important than hashtags. Your goal is to write a funny witty headline, understandable to all subscribers.


Follow hashtags of competitors

Yes, you hate them, but they can greatly help at the initial stage. After all, if you cannot defeat them, you just have to join them.


Diversify your Instagram

Spread photos from concerts, sessions, parties and all that makes up your life.


Post awesome content

Make sure that you post exactly those images that will be of interest to readers. Take bright, colorful photos and learn using filters.


Buy likes and followers

More likes and followers you have – the faster your popularity is growing. Get high quality followers at InstaBF.


Combine your posts and export them to other social networks

The most remarkable feature of Instagram is the ability to post your photos at once on Facebook and Twitter: this is a good time-saving!


Link to your site on Instagram

If you want the fans to focus on music, you need to bring them to your site. To do this, just add a link to the site in your profile in Instagram.


Complete the profile

The description should be short and simple: your fans must get a desire to know more about you and visit your site.


Sing for your fans

Instagram allows you to upload short videos, so why not take advantage of this? Do also something that can emphasize your talent.


Become a blogger

A video blog with a tour is a great way to attract an audience, because most fans will never get on tour or on stage. Take short notes off the road.


Come up to business with humor

Share with fans funny videos and photos. It is a good idea to build a long-term contact with the public.


Look for your fans

In Instagram you can search by people and tags. Subscribe to anything that draws your attention.


Make more comments

When you find your potential fans, it’s time to start interacting with them. Fame is not just a performance on the stage. Comment on the fans so they can feel your personal presence.


Communicate with subscribers and fans

Interaction is the key to creating super-fans. Make them feel special. Comment on a few photos of your subscribers every day.


Take photos with your fans

Then publish the pictures in Instagram and do not forget to mark on them fans.



Often fans send their idols photos, drawings, videos, suggestions and thanks. You can make a real work of art from all of this stuff!


Use the photo from Instagram on your website

You can use Instagram widgets to add photos on your website, it really attracts attention.

Of course, this is not all that can be done at Instagram. But these 19 things are your “musts” to be done to gain popularity.

Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers

Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers

On Instagram you are not alone. As you sign up on this platform you become a part of a big social network. Therefore, there are two sides – you – your Instagram profile, and other people – followers.

It is a well-known fact that people seek recognition from others. On Instagram users get likes as a sign of this recognition. Some can even find fame there, others enjoy communication. Depending on what you are interested in, Instagram can take on different roles.

If you think about buying followers, you can read this article and see if one or more points correspond with your demands – then you should totally go ahead and buy followers on our site now.

You are welcome to buy followers on InstaBF if you want to…

  •      Promote your business

Buying followers will make your page more noticeable, and a big number of people who follow you will tribute to the trustworthiness of your account. Besides, your followers can turn into your potential clients, which is the best thing for business. However, you shouldn’t forget about the content, because it can really do a lot to help you to grow your audience.

  •      Be popular

Of course, some of us just want attention. They want to be admired by people on the Internet as well as in real life. If you think that you are the one whom this world should know, then you can start it by buying followers here. With new people coming you will get likes and comments, which will bring you to the top.

  •      Communicate with people

Some people just want interaction, they need a social contact every day. If you are one of them, you will find it pleasant getting likes and comments from people all over the world. Who knows, and maybe you will meet like-minded people on Instagram by getting new followers.

  •      Make a change

It is no surprise that every person can make a change in this world. However, it may seem hard to you to influence big things if you are not a celebrity or a rich person. Nevertheless, the more followers you get, the more people will know about you, and the greater chance you have to make a change in this world that will be noticed by others.

  •      Go viral

If you want your posts to be shared by other people, you definitely need a lot of followers. Instagram has become a platform where pictures and videos are spread quickly every day. If people like your posts, they will send it to their friends and even repost them. But it can take a long time until you reach a huge audience. If you can’t wait any longer, feel free to buy your followers on our site already now.

Instagram tips: How one can turn followers into clients

Instagram tips: How one can turn followers into clients

Are you a beginner on Instagram world who wants to start business and you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re looking for new ideas to boost your success and you lack inspiration?

Here is a list of the ideas that you may find useful  to start and level-up your business on Instagram.

Look awesome!

One of the most useful ways to convert your followers into clients is to create a unique catchy profile that  grabs attention.  That means that you need to use all ways to demonstrate your product from different angles.

Make videos and take photos

It’s widely known that information can be delivered not only in a written form, but also in a form of visual demonstration ( videos). Small sneak peeks of your product can play even bigger role in boosting your business  than the written information which is given below the photo.  But then here comes the question: what’s an actual use of taking pictures? The answer is quite simple: it catches one’s eye, your profile plays out in fresh colors. Arrange your timetable and post new photos and videos everyday.

It can be pictures of  meetings your company arranges or, maybe, interesting moments of your working process, – the point is that it can be anything as long as it breathes life in your profile and boosts  followers’ interest.

Offer your followers discounts

In order to network with your customers on a long term make them feel special – offer “attractive” discounts! Special offers, without any doubt, is the best strategy to draw a plenty of customers.

Run photo contests

It’s another creative way to shake things up and give your followers an opportunity to feel the popularity and brighten their routine. It also encourages your customers to get involved in a new world where he or she can be a member of a big team. Keep in mind that prizes and a contest itself should appeal to your target audience and match the life of your followers. As an example one may introduce next ideas: special offers on weekends; contests connected with holidays or events that are about to come, etc.

No pain – no gain!

We all know it: you can’t make it work if you do nothing. Using these tips deliver results only in case if you are truly passionate about it. Don’t do it only because of  money – you have to love what you do to make it actually work! Never put limits on yourself, strive for better and look for new opportunities to boost your success. Be creative. Be active. Think out of the box and stick to your targets.