The nature of Instagram is watching your list of followers go up and down. And how to recover followers after losing a whole bunch is something all Instagrammers would like to know. Additionally, there have been certain glitches and bugs that brought forward unexpected and unusual drops in the service’s user base. These are phenomena we can’t control, in fact. Yet, adopting the right strategy, there are real chances of getting your followers back. Moreover, you get all the chances to appear in a better position than before. So, if this interests you, InstaBF, a company that suggests buying likes, comments, followers and views for your Instagram or IGTV account on an affordable basis, can help you get back your lost followers. Here are the basic steps you should undertake to realize this.



Instagram is a Social Network; Make Use of That


What does it mean to grow a following on a social network? Isn’t it all about creating great content and effectively engaging with other people that have not worse content than you? You, as an Instagram user who strives to increase his list of followers, should not limit yourself by simply liking a few of others’ posts. Go deeper and start a conversation with any Instagrammer you admire or approve the content of. Have fun with others online, laugh with them, sympathize if necessary and be yourself. According to some surveys made, one hundred likes you make on random photos can generate you around 22 likes and get you six more followers on average. You see, being active on this social network is really profitable.



Look Larger on Your Account


Have you taken notice of your Instagram grid design recently? Isn’t it possible that your grid has become predictable or even boring? Even if you find it quite attractive, there is still room to make it even better. Look at your grid from other users’ eyes, does it captivate you instantly? If not, work out a plan on how to add a fresh feel to it while preserving your unique voice. Use new filters, new tools. Among the top popular filters, we can name Early Bird, Normal, X-Proll, Hefe, and Mayfair.



Know Your Best Times


We could not but remind you how important it is to track the time when your followers are most active. Surely, the Instagram algorithm is hard to understand and accept, yet the likes and comments you both make and receive affect your engagement rate instantly. And that’s an undeniable benefit. Hence, get a deeper look at your analytics and find out the best time your target audience is active. We have referred to this point in one of our previous articles.



Use Relevant Keywords and Popular Hashtags


Instagram hashtags are primarily used to categorize content, yet they can give your photos or videos higher visibility and better chances to be found. Actually, the more popular the used hashtag is the higher your chances are to gain your followers back. Anyway, it’s also important to remember that millions of other users will be using the same popular hashtags as you and it may be hard to appear on the top of this pyramid. Among such hashtags are #food, #picoftheday, #colorful, etc.

And finally, using geotags is a must if you want to refill your list of followers. Geotagging can push content to automated pages of the mentioned specific locations.