InstaBF suggests increasing the number of your followers quickly and effortlessly. This will be done totally on a legal basis and at affordable prices. However, if you want to increase the following organically, InstaBF is ready to help you with its working recommendations. 

Competing with those popular mega-brands, influencers, let alone the Instagram algorithm feels like losing a battle before even starting it. However, be aware that finding the key to success is not as impossible as you have thought. It’s just carefully hidden and today we are going to dig it out especially for you. Here is a three-step guide to increasing your Instagram engagement and significantly raising your Insta following in only thirty days! So, ready for the journey? Let’s start it!



Committing to Consistency 


The primary rule of getting more followers is committing yourself to Instagram. If building a loyal community is your aim, consistency in everything on this social platform is the key. This doesn’t imply spending your entire day on Instagram. All that you need is to build a regular posting schedule aimed at increasing your content volumes while also overwhelming your followers.

To implement this step in a result full way, it’s important to well acknowledge your capacity. Are you able to post regularly or make at least three Stories a day? If yes, go ahead, if not, scheme a plan and keep the posting schedule. Planning and making use of scheduling tools will greatly save you time and effort while keeping your Instagram posting organized. 



Creating Content Categories 


The next step is creating content categories. Just sit and think with what type of content you want to appear in front of your followers. And separating it into categories will empower you to speak about your Insta brand, yet not obliged to have a hard sell to your audience every time you make a post.

For instance, suppose you have a content category titled “quotes”. Whenever you don’t have other content, post inspirational quotes reflecting your brand essence. This way you will not only inspire your followers but also promote your brand. 

Generally, it’s recommended to think of from 9 to 12 content categories. Once a new user makes a few scrolls on your profile, they will instantly guess what’s it all about. If attracted by any content type, they will start following you. You see, you have around a dozen different content types to attract new followers!



Selling Both Physical and Emotional 


Running a business on Instagram while not appearing a “cheap shop running after customers” requires skills. You must find a way to speak about your brand on Instagram, yet not sell it. Even if there’s a single post with a hard sales line in it, you will lose the game. Instead, use the emotive reaction that your products/services can arise in consumers. For instance, if you have a cosmetic brand. Cosmetic products will be your physical products while the joy of appearing younger and more beautiful, and the self-confidence that will arise from them are your emotional power. Use it to connect with your target audience on a higher level than simply offering skincare or cosmetic products. Once you understand the concept of emotional products, you will have a clear picture of what captions to craft, what hashtags to use or how to schedule your posts.


So, growing Instagram following organically doesn’t require supernatural skills. Nevertheless, if you strive for success, approach these three steps seriously. Stuck to them and you will soon see your follower count grow!