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Why Beards Rock on Instagram

Why Beards Rock on Instagram

Who said that Instagram is only for glamorous young girls’ fashionable posts?! There are so many brutal machos’ images here that keep the balance between the feminine and real male beauty on Instagram! And the vast majority of these men appear to be bearded. Today InstaBF has picked up a more entertaining topic to speak about than usual. We shall explain why Beards rock on Instagram! But before passing to our main theme, let us first introduce to you InstaBF’s amazing offer! This reputable service suggests increasing the number of your Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers with the simplest method – ordering them from us. All the profiles are HQ real-looking ones and won’t cause any suspicion among either your true followers or Instagram algorithm.

Men with beards have always done great things to make the world a better place to live. From Socrates to Yosemite Sam, these men were praised for their unique intelligence and strength. And even though there might be a dozen or two of people who won’t agree that beard is great, we shall find out why they are wrong through Instagram examples.



Beards for All Occasions

Despite the stereotype that bearded men look only like bikers, beards are actually incredibly adaptable. Depending on the style you want to create, use an appropriate outfit and your beard will help you achieve the expected result. In fact, a bearded man can look anything he wishes – a biker, a lumberjack, a great thinker, etc.



Beards Create a Manlier Look

Surely, having a baby-soft skin is a great advantage. Yet, you start doubting about it the moment you see images of those sexy brutal Instagram men all of which have beards. As long as a macho appearance is more important than a neat look, bearded men are on the winning side!



Beards Help You Create an Image of a Great Thinker

Have you noticed that if a beardless man who is sitting opposite you is starring off into space, it seems that his mind has started wandering to other things, not any of which is manly, well, probably. However, the same situation with a bearded man starring off looks totally different! In fact, a bearded man looks like being deep into significant thoughts solving the whole world’s problems! They look not only more brutal but also much wiser and mature! Be sure, women do believe in this.



Beards Bring Fame

There can be no doubts that bearded men are much more popular than those with shaved soft facial skin. Don’t you believe in this? Then make sure you check out some of Insta’s hashtags including #beardlife, #beard, #beardsofinstagram, and others. These hashtags will show you not only millions of images and billions of likes but also a fantastic amount of unique beards! Surely, the greatest part of them does not belong to celebrities, yet what a fame each of them enjoys on Instagram!

So, if you got assured that beards are really fantastic, go have your own grown. Yet, if you are one of those rare men who can’t grow a beard, search “beard germs” in Google and comfort yourself!

How to Start a Fashion Blog and Promote It on Instagram

How to Start a Fashion Blog and Promote It on Instagram

Have you always thought you could be a part of fashion and inspire other people to dress, walk and even be more stylish? Then you should not waste time and start a fashion blog. This can lead you to the honorable status of an Instagram influencer! Most new bloggers give it all up once they see there is no significant progress they expected. Yet, if you are stubborn and determinate to lead a fashion blog, InstaBF, a leading Insta and IGTV provider, is here to give you some crucial recommendations.



Giving It a Start!


The first step is thinking of a catchy name for your blog, which will give a transparent hint to your future followers what it will be about. Find a platform that will give you the right to chose your domain name (Bluehost for WordPress is great, for example). Make certain you start leading an Instagram business account with the same name as your fashion blog.



Finding Your Style


Remember, the world of fashion blogging is cruel and the competition is always hot! Here you must find your peculiar style, your voice that will attract readers and differentiate you from other bloggers. Make exceptionally quality and unique content presented in the style peculiar only to you and appear on Instagram particularly in that style. And if you can’t determine what to start writing about, here are some must-have themes for your future fashion blog:

  • write about celebrity styles, as many women and young girls (especially teenagers) dream about  dressing like a celeb;
  • write about approachable clothing, the style you have mustn’t cost a deal as your followers will most likely be ordinary girls with not thickly packed wallets;
  • show your own style through unique photos of you or displaying your outfits in flatlays;
  • write well and frequently, make certain you post useful content accompanied with interesting stories from three to four times a week, not less;
  • DIY projects are always a win, as girls love being creative;
  • post original and well-written content, use the language style your followers will stick to entertained and make certain you never borrow or steal ideas from other fashion bloggers;
  • do many videos, as girls love to watch sort of “get ready with me” or “apply your make up with me” videos, and post all of them to your Instagram stories as teasers that will lead followers directly to your blog to watch the thorough variants;
  • by all means don’t make your fashion blog one big advertisement, as no followers will remain if you always post sponsored content.



Make Superb Presentation


A superb presentation of your blog is mandatory. The fact that you lead a fabulous Instagram account doesn’t mean you must neglect your blog’s design. If your followers are attracted to you on this social network yet get disappointed once they pass to your blog, you risk losing them. If you can’t yet figure it out what look your blog should have, it’s better to stick to a classy variant. An unorganized, messy blog will not only repel your readers and followers attracted through your Instagram account but also will “drive away” any potential business partnership or collaboration with other bloggers.



Don’t Hide Your Unique View on Fashion

If you find you have an exceptional view on fashion, don’t be shy to present it. At first, you may not have the anticipated success, yet gradually people thinking out-of-the-box will appear, be certain. Besides, don’t hurry to illustrate the topic talked over and over by thousands of fashion bloggers. For instance, if others look up to every piece that hits the runway during a Fashion Week, you’d better look through them and see what’s the audience is wearing.

And remember to synchronize your fashion blog and your business fashion profile on Instagram. Post screenshots of your articles, make video teasers on Stories, and always use relevant hashtags!

Top Fashion Bloggers to Follow On Instagram in 2018

Top Fashion Bloggers to Follow On Instagram in 2018

In as little as several years, Instagram managed to turn from a small trendy application to one of the most popular social networks of nowadays with over eight hundred million monthly users! Surely this popularity can be credited to Instagram celebrities like Selena Gomez, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, but there are plenty of other users as well, who seriously affect the fame of this social network. And these are fashion bloggers! They serve as Insta influencers for multiple brands, inspire their followers to look more stylish and fashionable, and, obviously, beautify our Insta feeds!

Today InstaBF wants to present several amazing fashion bloggers who are definitely worth the attention of every fashionista in 2018. However, before this, it’s worth reminding that you are on the most reliable platform that can boost your Instagram engagement rate and increase the number of your followers. Just pick up the package best catered to your requirements.

Ellie Slipintostyle @slipintostyle

Ellie is a gorgeous woman with luxury braids reaching her hips and a gorgeous collection of most extraordinary shoes and bags. Yet, however, it’s her keen sense of style that has attracted 22.3k followers. Ellie’s style is unique and unmatched by any celebrity or a fashion blogger. And if you are in a search for something original, be certain you will love to see her pics n your Insta feed.

Lyn Slater @iconaccidental

This sixty-with-something-year-old Fordham professor was constantly “attacked” by street photographers. They were attracted by her ability to look so stylish and fashionable at her age. Shortly afterward, Lyn Slater opened her own fashion blog and named it Accidental Icon. Four years have passed, but this gorgeous lady is still true to her initial idea. Lyn is a Yohji Yamamoto enthusiast and all her looks come to prove this! By becoming one of her 480k followers, you will quickly understand that age doesn’t define beauty or style!

Madelynn Furlong @madelynnfurlong

If you are already tired from New York’s concrete jungles and those “cute” dug-faced selfies, welcome to a Minneapolis-based fashion blogger Madelynn Furlong’s Instagram account. Here you will find tranquility and a unique style peculiar to exceptionally Madelynn. She appears in minimal and sleek outfits, which, yet, charm with their style and character. It’s due to her style that she has got over 144k followers on Instagram and multiple others on her Blog Wide Eyed Legless.

Gizele Oliveira @giizeleoliveira

Most probably, you know the pretty face and the luxury body of the Brazilian beauty Gizele Oliveira. After a brilliant career in Victoria’s Secret, as well as after posing for ELLE France and L’Officiel, Gizele was expected to take a time out and relax. But no, this striking woman leads her tremendously popular fashion blog Gizel On The Go, as well as her extremely popular Instagram account @giizeleoliveira keeping her followers engaged. Her graciously photographed outfit shots fill her feed inspiring her over 664k followers!