Fashion and Retail Companies Using Instagram: Part 2

Fashion and Retail Companies Using Instagram: Part 2

In our previous post, we started a topic about fashion and retail companies boosting their popularity through Instagram. And today we are going to continue this topic and find out more ways of using Insta to your retail brand’s benefit. InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider, is always by your side with helpful tips and recommendations. Today is not an exception. 



Pushing Product Promos


Promoting a brand on Instagram without sales and exclusive promotions won’t be effective. Be sure, exclusive announcements and unique offers help followers feel special, thus more devoted to the brand. When you post announcements about the upcoming sales, promotions, and suggestions, your followers get a chance to plan their purchases and get excited about your products even before they obtain them. 

Another working way to promote products on Instagram is organizing giveaways. We shall suggest several ways of a contest strategy:

  • asking followers to tag friends who might be interested in participation;
  • “like to win” contests where followers should just like and follow your account to get a chance to win a prize;
  • post photo/video content related to your brand or the contest theme.



Custom-Made for Clients


With the marketing and advertising spheres so much changed due to the appearance of Instagram in our lives, the “one size fits all” concept works no longer. For a tailoring brand, localization is of high importance. For instance, Instagram uses the Facebook ad system to enable brands to target advertisements to their users’ location. Today you, as an Instagram brand, have a chance to target the recipients of your advertisements not only according to their location but also to their age, gender, interests, hobbies, jobs, and purchasing behaviors. 



Tag Items to Make Shoppable Posts


Brands on Instagram can now transit posts to sales when they link items for purchase directly. This way clients no longer need to be redirected to external sites to make online shopping. Tagging products on Instagram is definitely one of the most important developments that online retailers value. A retailer can add product codes, descriptions, as well as price tags to the items on sale. Purchasing in this way becomes streamlined and instantaneous. 

Besides, it’s already possible to add shoppable tags to Instagram Stories, which is a great advantage taking into account the fact that over 500 million people watch Instagram Stories daily. The key here is to only choose lean photography and a brief tag. 





Every smart fashion retailer plans product tags in its marketing strategy. Luckily, there are many third-party scheduling tools available in the market. With such an application, one can schedule Insta posts and Stories with tags to post later, when the right time comes. It’s especially handy when planning a unique promotion or sale. You, as a fashion retailer brand, prepare your marketing material beforehand making sure everything is catered to perfection, and it gets automatically published in the due date. 


So, these were the major means you can use to up your sales on Instagram. Use them and you will boost your sales. 

Fashion and Retail Companies Using Instagram: Part 1

Fashion and Retail Companies Using Instagram: Part 1

One of the latest innovations of Instagram – the opportunity to shop without leaving the application, opened a whole new world of possibilities to brands! And the way Instagram presents products – highly attractive and succinct, makes the platform perfect for fashion and retail companies to grow their sales. Today the most profound brands use Instagram in ingenious ways – they mix heir brand content with UGC to draw new clients. 

However, there are other techniques that the best-known fashion and retail brands on Instagram use to gain success. And InstaBF, a leading IG and IGTV provider is going to disclose them right now. 



Keep it Visual and Fresh 


There can be no doubt that visual impact is the obvious appeal of this social media. Actually, Instagram is a huge virtual world connected with images. Accordingly, it is essential to have a continuous supply of professional product images. And the latter must be sharp, clear, and perfectly epitomize the brand voice. One of the brightest examples of this theory is provided by Tiffany & Co. It uses photography to meet the scrupulous demands of today’s market. 



Pass to UGC


For some brands, professionally shot images are the core of success. But if you want your product to appear not only desirable but also useful in the eyes of your potential customers, tapping to UGC is a must. Agree that sharing user-generated content (and especially influencer-generated) is a true way to building brand loyalty. 

For instance, Glossier beauty brand introduces itself as a “people-powered ecosystem”. And this claim has the right to exist since the brand actively reposts customers’ memes and images using its products. All customers of this brand feel like they’re a part of a big exclusive club. 



Endorsement by Celebrities


Most fashion and retail brands incorporate celebrities in their Instagram marketing strategies. Insta influencers, meanwhile, partner up with brands happily as long as they love their production. And if an Instagram celebrity already wears a brand’s items, reposting him/her is a quick win for that brand. Hiring celebrities is expensive, yet major retail brands agree to the demanded sums since the revenue really rises after sharing influencer-generated content. 



Change the Zeitgeist


Despite being a giant social media platform, Instagram isn’t all about big names. Small brands have equal chances of growing their business and increasing their lists of followers. One of the brightest examples of this is that of Thrumka. The latter is an independent fashion label based in Sydney. It is specialized in print patterns, homeware, and bags. This small brand is professional in attracting potential customers and encouraging them to purchase online. It uses such branded hashtags as #streetstyle, #shoplocal, etc. 



Those Powerful Stories


Over 500 million people watch Instagram Stories daily. This is a powerful indicator that mustn’t be neglected. Stories are a powerful means of expanding brand awareness and this especially refers to the fashion industry. According to the statistics, one in five business users posting Stories receive a direct message as a response. An efficient Story is a narrative unfolding with a touch of mystery. It can also include a piece of simple information about the creation of the brand or its products. 


Instagram Fashion Brands with Next Level Strategies: Part 2

Instagram Fashion Brands with Next Level Strategies: Part 2

Last time, here, in the blog of a remarkable IG and IGTV provider InstaBF, we started discussing the most popular fashion brands rocking Instagram. By their example, we disclose crucial tips in skyrocketing in this sphere. So, to cut it short, let’s dip into the miraculous world of Instagram fashion brands again.



Running Original Contests to Attract Untouched Markets


Loop giveaways are great for fashion brands, yet, to attract new audiences, it will be more effective to mix up contest types. A bright example of that is the competition that Bond has run annually since 2011. This is the Fur Bonds Baby Search. Instagrammers are encouraged to submit images of their pets, share submission on Instagram and then ask users to vote for their four-legged friends. The winning bub gets shot in a video campaign and is gifted with many goodies. Cooperating with Whiskas and Meals for Mutts, the fur baby winner also gets food supply for the whole year. First, the contest was taken for babies and was named Bonds Baby Search, but once the brand found out that not all of its audiences are parents, it introduced this contest. And as Bond got entrants’ email addresses for promoting their giveaway, they were able to market to those entrants long after the contest was over.



Personalizing IGTV Content to Promote Engagement and Entertainment


Instagram has recently made it possible to show a piece of IGTV content right in your feed. And if people can see it in their newsfeed, it’s the right time for fashion brands to incorporate IGTV into their strategy. And such fashion brands as Her Pony and ASOS come to prove that IGTV can significantly boost engagement.

ASOS shares personalized IGTV content featuring their team members. This is definitely a clever idea if a brand wants to appear more humanized. In fact, the brand has introduced a whole content series while incorporating the human touch into their strategy seamlessly. It shows its team members speak about their beloved ASOS pieces. How does this work? Just look:

  • It makes the brand’s audience feel excited about the new products that are going to hit the stores;
  • It drives traffic back to the brand’s feed so that they can check if their preferred pieces have been released;
  • It reassures potential customers that the brand’s products are really great;
  • It gives people a sneak peek into the “inner” world of the brand thus making them feel they are a part of ASOS’s Gram community.


What concerns Her Pony brand, it publishes brief movies intended to entertain their followers and stay with the brand longer. It showcases various garments through documentary-style videos. This brand has a young target audience which is far not little (around 136k). One of the brand’s most recent undertakings was devoted to their Ariana collection launching.


Surely, this IGTV video was not a Hollywood level, yet it was a success among the brand’s followers. In fact, the brand actively uses IGTV to present each piece it launched in a funny way. So, being creative with your IGTV content, you will not only have it viewed by a wider audience, but also influence the Instagram Algorithm.

Instagram Fashion Brands with Next Level Strategies: Part 1

Instagram Fashion Brands with Next Level Strategies: Part 1

You must have already noticed that Instagram and fashion brands go together as well as blue jeans and white tees. And consumers are all for connecting with fashion brands through this social network. Just mind the statistics – over 80% of Instagram users follow a business account, the vast majority of them (around 60%) find new products online and over 75% of them take actions once they see a post. Instagram is definitely the place for fashion designers, as well as retailers and e-commerce brands. With this said, it becomes clear that standing out in such a tough competition on Instagram is really a tough thing. However, if you get equipped with a couple of interesting and fresh ideas, you will be able to take your fashion brand’s Instagram strategy to the next level. Today InstaBF, a popular Instagram and IGTV provider, will speak about some strategies that fashion brands use to take things up a notch and impressively excel with.



Innovative Styles for Photoshooting


Don’t you feel somewhat tired of snapping the same kind of photoshoots posted all over Instagram? If yes, then just imagine how tired your followers may get if you share the same type of images all the time. To avoid this, follow the example of David Jones and Dissh. Both brands mix the styles of their images to present their products from the best perspective while also staying one-of-a-kind.

The key characteristics of photoshoots by David Jones include stark white lighting, a gleaming bag in the center, and much empty space. It’s really impressive how this brand portrays fashion-forward elements and luxury without the typical field-side content captures.

Dissh Boutiques brand, meanwhile, has a tendency of mixing up their backdrops. Selling accessories, the brand uses books and pages for flat lays and doesn’t demonstrate “the most attractive part of the body” – ears, like a lot of other brands do.

So, for your brand, experiment with layouts. You can partner with graphic designers or hand letterers to capture enticing shots.



Intriguing Grid Themes


We do not doubt that you have explored a tone of interesting grid themes for your Instagram fashion brand. But if you are on the hunt for a perfect one, consider those successfully used by such brands as Chanel and Zara. The latter perfectly blends classic and modern styles. It posts images across the grid with perfectly matching themes and models. With white consistent borders, all this gets an interesting magazine feel. Generally, a magazine styled layout offers the following unique characteristics:

  • Top-quality clear images of products;
  • Continuity blended with visual experience;
  • A mixture of content that will interest various audiences of the fashion brand;
  • Funny use of reposting alike content.


In the meantime, the Chanel brand uses an interesting strategy. With a pretty display of branded colors and a unique approach to every advertisement of their products, the brand has created its own recognizable voice. 

So to make your Instagram account an eye candy for your followers and potential customers, make certain the grid is truly impressive.

Why Beards Rock on Instagram

Why Beards Rock on Instagram

Who said that Instagram is only for glamorous young girls’ fashionable posts?! There are so many brutal machos’ images here that keep the balance between the feminine and real male beauty on Instagram! And the vast majority of these men appear to be bearded. Today InstaBF has picked up a more entertaining topic to speak about than usual. We shall explain why Beards rock on Instagram! But before passing to our main theme, let us first introduce to you InstaBF’s amazing offer! This reputable service suggests increasing the number of your Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers with the simplest method – ordering them from us. All the profiles are HQ real-looking ones and won’t cause any suspicion among either your true followers or Instagram algorithm.

Men with beards have always done great things to make the world a better place to live. From Socrates to Yosemite Sam, these men were praised for their unique intelligence and strength. And even though there might be a dozen or two of people who won’t agree that beard is great, we shall find out why they are wrong through Instagram examples.



Beards for All Occasions

Despite the stereotype that bearded men look only like bikers, beards are actually incredibly adaptable. Depending on the style you want to create, use an appropriate outfit and your beard will help you achieve the expected result. In fact, a bearded man can look anything he wishes – a biker, a lumberjack, a great thinker, etc.



Beards Create a Manlier Look

Surely, having a baby-soft skin is a great advantage. Yet, you start doubting about it the moment you see images of those sexy brutal Instagram men all of which have beards. As long as a macho appearance is more important than a neat look, bearded men are on the winning side!



Beards Help You Create an Image of a Great Thinker

Have you noticed that if a beardless man who is sitting opposite you is starring off into space, it seems that his mind has started wandering to other things, not any of which is manly, well, probably. However, the same situation with a bearded man starring off looks totally different! In fact, a bearded man looks like being deep into significant thoughts solving the whole world’s problems! They look not only more brutal but also much wiser and mature! Be sure, women do believe in this.



Beards Bring Fame

There can be no doubts that bearded men are much more popular than those with shaved soft facial skin. Don’t you believe in this? Then make sure you check out some of Insta’s hashtags including #beardlife, #beard, #beardsofinstagram, and others. These hashtags will show you not only millions of images and billions of likes but also a fantastic amount of unique beards! Surely, the greatest part of them does not belong to celebrities, yet what a fame each of them enjoys on Instagram!

So, if you got assured that beards are really fantastic, go have your own grown. Yet, if you are one of those rare men who can’t grow a beard, search “beard germs” in Google and comfort yourself!