Last time, here, in the blog of a remarkable IG and IGTV provider InstaBF, we started discussing the most popular fashion brands rocking Instagram. By their example, we disclose crucial tips in skyrocketing in this sphere. So, to cut it short, let’s dip into the miraculous world of Instagram fashion brands again.



Running Original Contests to Attract Untouched Markets


Loop giveaways are great for fashion brands, yet, to attract new audiences, it will be more effective to mix up contest types. A bright example of that is the competition that Bond has run annually since 2011. This is the Fur Bonds Baby Search. Instagrammers are encouraged to submit images of their pets, share submission on Instagram and then ask users to vote for their four-legged friends. The winning bub gets shot in a video campaign and is gifted with many goodies. Cooperating with Whiskas and Meals for Mutts, the fur baby winner also gets food supply for the whole year. First, the contest was taken for babies and was named Bonds Baby Search, but once the brand found out that not all of its audiences are parents, it introduced this contest. And as Bond got entrants’ email addresses for promoting their giveaway, they were able to market to those entrants long after the contest was over.



Personalizing IGTV Content to Promote Engagement and Entertainment


Instagram has recently made it possible to show a piece of IGTV content right in your feed. And if people can see it in their newsfeed, it’s the right time for fashion brands to incorporate IGTV into their strategy. And such fashion brands as Her Pony and ASOS come to prove that IGTV can significantly boost engagement.

ASOS shares personalized IGTV content featuring their team members. This is definitely a clever idea if a brand wants to appear more humanized. In fact, the brand has introduced a whole content series while incorporating the human touch into their strategy seamlessly. It shows its team members speak about their beloved ASOS pieces. How does this work? Just look:

  • It makes the brand’s audience feel excited about the new products that are going to hit the stores;
  • It drives traffic back to the brand’s feed so that they can check if their preferred pieces have been released;
  • It reassures potential customers that the brand’s products are really great;
  • It gives people a sneak peek into the “inner” world of the brand thus making them feel they are a part of ASOS’s Gram community.


What concerns Her Pony brand, it publishes brief movies intended to entertain their followers and stay with the brand longer. It showcases various garments through documentary-style videos. This brand has a young target audience which is far not little (around 136k). One of the brand’s most recent undertakings was devoted to their Ariana collection launching.


Surely, this IGTV video was not a Hollywood level, yet it was a success among the brand’s followers. In fact, the brand actively uses IGTV to present each piece it launched in a funny way. So, being creative with your IGTV content, you will not only have it viewed by a wider audience, but also influence the Instagram Algorithm.