One of the latest innovations of Instagram – the opportunity to shop without leaving the application, opened a whole new world of possibilities to brands! And the way Instagram presents products – highly attractive and succinct, makes the platform perfect for fashion and retail companies to grow their sales. Today the most profound brands use Instagram in ingenious ways – they mix heir brand content with UGC to draw new clients. 

However, there are other techniques that the best-known fashion and retail brands on Instagram use to gain success. And InstaBF, a leading IG and IGTV provider is going to disclose them right now. 



Keep it Visual and Fresh 


There can be no doubt that visual impact is the obvious appeal of this social media. Actually, Instagram is a huge virtual world connected with images. Accordingly, it is essential to have a continuous supply of professional product images. And the latter must be sharp, clear, and perfectly epitomize the brand voice. One of the brightest examples of this theory is provided by Tiffany & Co. It uses photography to meet the scrupulous demands of today’s market. 



Pass to UGC


For some brands, professionally shot images are the core of success. But if you want your product to appear not only desirable but also useful in the eyes of your potential customers, tapping to UGC is a must. Agree that sharing user-generated content (and especially influencer-generated) is a true way to building brand loyalty. 

For instance, Glossier beauty brand introduces itself as a “people-powered ecosystem”. And this claim has the right to exist since the brand actively reposts customers’ memes and images using its products. All customers of this brand feel like they’re a part of a big exclusive club. 



Endorsement by Celebrities


Most fashion and retail brands incorporate celebrities in their Instagram marketing strategies. Insta influencers, meanwhile, partner up with brands happily as long as they love their production. And if an Instagram celebrity already wears a brand’s items, reposting him/her is a quick win for that brand. Hiring celebrities is expensive, yet major retail brands agree to the demanded sums since the revenue really rises after sharing influencer-generated content. 



Change the Zeitgeist


Despite being a giant social media platform, Instagram isn’t all about big names. Small brands have equal chances of growing their business and increasing their lists of followers. One of the brightest examples of this is that of Thrumka. The latter is an independent fashion label based in Sydney. It is specialized in print patterns, homeware, and bags. This small brand is professional in attracting potential customers and encouraging them to purchase online. It uses such branded hashtags as #streetstyle, #shoplocal, etc. 



Those Powerful Stories


Over 500 million people watch Instagram Stories daily. This is a powerful indicator that mustn’t be neglected. Stories are a powerful means of expanding brand awareness and this especially refers to the fashion industry. According to the statistics, one in five business users posting Stories receive a direct message as a response. An efficient Story is a narrative unfolding with a touch of mystery. It can also include a piece of simple information about the creation of the brand or its products.