In our previous post, we started a topic about fashion and retail companies boosting their popularity through Instagram. And today we are going to continue this topic and find out more ways of using Insta to your retail brand’s benefit. InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider, is always by your side with helpful tips and recommendations. Today is not an exception. 



Pushing Product Promos


Promoting a brand on Instagram without sales and exclusive promotions won’t be effective. Be sure, exclusive announcements and unique offers help followers feel special, thus more devoted to the brand. When you post announcements about the upcoming sales, promotions, and suggestions, your followers get a chance to plan their purchases and get excited about your products even before they obtain them. 

Another working way to promote products on Instagram is organizing giveaways. We shall suggest several ways of a contest strategy:

  • asking followers to tag friends who might be interested in participation;
  • “like to win” contests where followers should just like and follow your account to get a chance to win a prize;
  • post photo/video content related to your brand or the contest theme.



Custom-Made for Clients


With the marketing and advertising spheres so much changed due to the appearance of Instagram in our lives, the “one size fits all” concept works no longer. For a tailoring brand, localization is of high importance. For instance, Instagram uses the Facebook ad system to enable brands to target advertisements to their users’ location. Today you, as an Instagram brand, have a chance to target the recipients of your advertisements not only according to their location but also to their age, gender, interests, hobbies, jobs, and purchasing behaviors. 



Tag Items to Make Shoppable Posts


Brands on Instagram can now transit posts to sales when they link items for purchase directly. This way clients no longer need to be redirected to external sites to make online shopping. Tagging products on Instagram is definitely one of the most important developments that online retailers value. A retailer can add product codes, descriptions, as well as price tags to the items on sale. Purchasing in this way becomes streamlined and instantaneous. 

Besides, it’s already possible to add shoppable tags to Instagram Stories, which is a great advantage taking into account the fact that over 500 million people watch Instagram Stories daily. The key here is to only choose lean photography and a brief tag. 





Every smart fashion retailer plans product tags in its marketing strategy. Luckily, there are many third-party scheduling tools available in the market. With such an application, one can schedule Insta posts and Stories with tags to post later, when the right time comes. It’s especially handy when planning a unique promotion or sale. You, as a fashion retailer brand, prepare your marketing material beforehand making sure everything is catered to perfection, and it gets automatically published in the due date. 


So, these were the major means you can use to up your sales on Instagram. Use them and you will boost your sales.