You must have already noticed that Instagram and fashion brands go together as well as blue jeans and white tees. And consumers are all for connecting with fashion brands through this social network. Just mind the statistics – over 80% of Instagram users follow a business account, the vast majority of them (around 60%) find new products online and over 75% of them take actions once they see a post. Instagram is definitely the place for fashion designers, as well as retailers and e-commerce brands. With this said, it becomes clear that standing out in such a tough competition on Instagram is really a tough thing. However, if you get equipped with a couple of interesting and fresh ideas, you will be able to take your fashion brand’s Instagram strategy to the next level. Today InstaBF, a popular Instagram and IGTV provider, will speak about some strategies that fashion brands use to take things up a notch and impressively excel with.



Innovative Styles for Photoshooting


Don’t you feel somewhat tired of snapping the same kind of photoshoots posted all over Instagram? If yes, then just imagine how tired your followers may get if you share the same type of images all the time. To avoid this, follow the example of David Jones and Dissh. Both brands mix the styles of their images to present their products from the best perspective while also staying one-of-a-kind.

The key characteristics of photoshoots by David Jones include stark white lighting, a gleaming bag in the center, and much empty space. It’s really impressive how this brand portrays fashion-forward elements and luxury without the typical field-side content captures.

Dissh Boutiques brand, meanwhile, has a tendency of mixing up their backdrops. Selling accessories, the brand uses books and pages for flat lays and doesn’t demonstrate “the most attractive part of the body” – ears, like a lot of other brands do.

So, for your brand, experiment with layouts. You can partner with graphic designers or hand letterers to capture enticing shots.



Intriguing Grid Themes


We do not doubt that you have explored a tone of interesting grid themes for your Instagram fashion brand. But if you are on the hunt for a perfect one, consider those successfully used by such brands as Chanel and Zara. The latter perfectly blends classic and modern styles. It posts images across the grid with perfectly matching themes and models. With white consistent borders, all this gets an interesting magazine feel. Generally, a magazine styled layout offers the following unique characteristics:

  • Top-quality clear images of products;
  • Continuity blended with visual experience;
  • A mixture of content that will interest various audiences of the fashion brand;
  • Funny use of reposting alike content.


In the meantime, the Chanel brand uses an interesting strategy. With a pretty display of branded colors and a unique approach to every advertisement of their products, the brand has created its own recognizable voice. 

So to make your Instagram account an eye candy for your followers and potential customers, make certain the grid is truly impressive.