Who said that Instagram is only for glamorous young girls’ fashionable posts?! There are so many brutal machos’ images here that keep the balance between the feminine and real male beauty on Instagram! And the vast majority of these men appear to be bearded. Today InstaBF has picked up a more entertaining topic to speak about than usual. We shall explain why Beards rock on Instagram! But before passing to our main theme, let us first introduce to you InstaBF’s amazing offer! This reputable service suggests increasing the number of your Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers with the simplest method – ordering them from us. All the profiles are HQ real-looking ones and won’t cause any suspicion among either your true followers or Instagram algorithm.

Men with beards have always done great things to make the world a better place to live. From Socrates to Yosemite Sam, these men were praised for their unique intelligence and strength. And even though there might be a dozen or two of people who won’t agree that beard is great, we shall find out why they are wrong through Instagram examples.



Beards for All Occasions

Despite the stereotype that bearded men look only like bikers, beards are actually incredibly adaptable. Depending on the style you want to create, use an appropriate outfit and your beard will help you achieve the expected result. In fact, a bearded man can look anything he wishes – a biker, a lumberjack, a great thinker, etc.



Beards Create a Manlier Look

Surely, having a baby-soft skin is a great advantage. Yet, you start doubting about it the moment you see images of those sexy brutal Instagram men all of which have beards. As long as a macho appearance is more important than a neat look, bearded men are on the winning side!



Beards Help You Create an Image of a Great Thinker

Have you noticed that if a beardless man who is sitting opposite you is starring off into space, it seems that his mind has started wandering to other things, not any of which is manly, well, probably. However, the same situation with a bearded man starring off looks totally different! In fact, a bearded man looks like being deep into significant thoughts solving the whole world’s problems! They look not only more brutal but also much wiser and mature! Be sure, women do believe in this.



Beards Bring Fame

There can be no doubts that bearded men are much more popular than those with shaved soft facial skin. Don’t you believe in this? Then make sure you check out some of Insta’s hashtags including #beardlife, #beard, #beardsofinstagram, and others. These hashtags will show you not only millions of images and billions of likes but also a fantastic amount of unique beards! Surely, the greatest part of them does not belong to celebrities, yet what a fame each of them enjoys on Instagram!

So, if you got assured that beards are really fantastic, go have your own grown. Yet, if you are one of those rare men who can’t grow a beard, search “beard germs” in Google and comfort yourself!