Crafting Strong Branding for Instagram

Crafting Strong Branding for Instagram


Most probably you have heard that consistency is everything when the matter concerns social Media and Instagram in particular. And if you are running a business on this social platform, you simply ought to have a consistent brand across all your social media channels. Particularly the strong and consistent image of a brand makes consumers rely on it and accept as something familiar.

So, if you are after crisp images with the authentic brand feel they have, as well as the perfectly mastered captions for your own Instagram account, then let InstaBF present a guide on how to create consistent Instagram branding. By the way, InstaBF is the service you can always trust whenever you need some extra likes, comments, views or followers for your Instagram account.

Let’s suppose that you already have your product/service brand. It’s very important to make sure it is vivid from your Instagram account once your customers visit it. Do never try to appear as something that you are not, because it will be apparent and damaging to your reputation. This means that, for example, if your brand has bright coloring, the same must have your Instagram account.


Uniformed Instagram Look

Before starting filling your Instagram account with photos, remember your brand’s style. Is it funky, dramatic, classy, romantic or maybe serious? Using appropriate filters, you can succeed in submerging your audience to the right feeling. Control the color, the fonts (if you prefer text-heavy images), and the overall feel. Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes moment, a lifestyle image or a casual one, you need to enhance the brand look. There are amazing filters to try such as Lark, Clarendon, Juno (for increased contrast and tense hues); Crema, Gingham, Reyes (for a pale and subdued look), etc. However, if the variety of Instagram filters doesn’t satisfy you, turn to VSCO app and choose from as paid so free filters for driving your Insta branding home!

Once you like a certain setting of filters, save the code to use it for all further images.



All we know that Instagram is all about the beautiful. Only the best photos posted catch attention. Hence, by all means, avoid posting low-quality and grainy images. Remember that the visual representation of your brand will serve as the first experience your possible customers will have with it. Hire a photographer to picture your business or products in their best view. If you prefer to do it yourself, make certain they are clear, high-contrast and well-lit. Canva application may help you with creating stunning images that tell a whole story.

Anyway, if you have run out of really good images and ideas how to create them, there are websites that offer premium quality pictures either entirely free of charge or at a little fee.


Consistent Logo

Your Instagram business needs not only a consistent brand but also an appropriate logo. This should be only one, distinct and memorable to be easily recognized in the noise of other brands. All your visual marketing assets need to be marked with your logo.


Emotional Hook

Another important aspect of creating an Instagram consistent brand is using an emotional hook. Share emotionally-striking photos that relate to your audience. This can be deep eyes, happy smiles, cute pets, graffiti, breathtaking nature views, etc. To provoke a balanced emotional response in viewers with your emotional images, keep them in a limit.


All these points plus amazing Instagram captions (InstaBF has already talked about creating effective captions) and you will have your strong Instagram branding crafted!


Creating Amazing Photo Contests for Your Instagram Business Account

Creating Amazing Photo Contests for Your Instagram Business Account

It’s definitely difficult to stand out among such a huge crowd in Instagram as 800 million active users and such a great number of posts made per day as 80 million! Hence, businesses try everything they can to attract potential customers in this harsh competitive arena called Instagram. Insta contests are a truthful means of raising one’s engagement, attracting new followers that can eventually become your consumers. And today InstaBF is going to speak about organizing successful photo contests for your Instagram business. By the way, InstaBF is the service that can help you increase your account engagement in a quick way. Just order as many likes, views, comments and followers for your Gram or IGTV profile as you like, and your order will be fulfilled shortly afterward.


Planning the Contest

Obviously, the first step must be devoted to planning the contest. For this, you need to first set the goal and objective for it. What’s the point in organizing the contest? Are you expecting an increase in followers or do you need to simply promote a new product? Once you have a precise answer to this, determine your target audience (age, interest, profession, likes/dislikes), any possible partnership with another brand, the budget for the prize (must be related to the business or product promoted), the time frame (normally a week or maximum two, not longer).


Launching the Photo Contest


Now, when you have your contest idea schemed in details, it’s time to realize it. First of all, set the rules and guidelines. Don’t forget to mention the age limit or the country your participants should be from. Give details on how people can enter your contest, how long it will take, and so forth. If the entire guideline doesn’t fit into a caption, encourage people to click the link in your bio for further information.

Additionally, it’s important for all your contest participants to know that they will be judged fairly. Hence, you can either determine the winner by the number of likes left on the photo (this will attract even more users to your page) or you can create a panel of judges. In the case of the latter, you will have to ask several outstanding photographers and editors to become your judges.

Another important aspect is having a unique and creative hashtag. With the help of the latter, you will not only keep track of the entries, but it will also highlight your brand and product. Make the hashtag short yet memorable and catchy.

And finally, post the visual of your prize!


Promoting the Contest


Now you will have to make all the necessary things to promote your photo contest. Leverage funny and interesting email marketing, create Instagram advertisements before or right after you launch it, publish posts in your blog or website, organize press releases.


Tracking the Contest Results


By understanding Instagram metrics, you can detect the most convenient ways of tracking the results. For instance, it’s worth considering the number of submissions, the likes per each submission, the number of your contest participants, the total reach and likes, and the growth of followers during this campaign.


Announcing and Rewarding the Winner

Once your Instagram photo contest is over, it’s time to count the results. Repost the entry of your winner right on your Instagram business account, as well as on any other social media account your brand has. This way your winner will feel validated for his/her effort and take part in any further contests you organize while encouraging the same all other entrants. Reward the winner with your prize, yet don’t forget other participants. Email all of them thanking for their participation and reward those with the highest results with small discount coupons.

Making Your Food Business Go Viral on Instagram

Making Your Food Business Go Viral on Instagram

Instagram seems to be everywhere touching every sphere possible including culinary. You will agree if we say that every day you can see a new photo or video of a delicious-looking croissant, an extraordinary freak-shake, a healthy salad offered by diverse cafes or restaurants appear on your feed. Nearly all of them are colorful, appetizing and simply amazing. Running a food business nowadays is a harsh business, yet with the help of Instagram, it’s more than possible to stand out in this competition. If you own a food business and want to use this social network for its promotion, follow the few steps described below by InstaBF. This famous provider of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views can help to make your venue generate a huge buzz online that will lead to people lining up out your door.


Doing a Research

If you are passionate toward your work, you are sure to be eager to run to your kitchen and experiment like a crazy scientist! However, you needn’t hurry as researching prior to getting to work is the halfway towards a success in business. So, it’s better to grab a pen and paper, turn on your PC and start seeking for the trendy dishes and ingredients. It’s so important to understand particularly what can make your cafe popular and what can make people talk about, come to taste and return for more. Briefly saying, you always need to have a current top-selling meal. This can be cocktails, unique ice-creams, hotcakes, milkshakes (freak-shakes are rather popular among the youth). Search down social media platforms, see what influencers like to post, and, of course, track your own sales report.


Brainstorming Some Ideas

What would you add to your menu or how would you upgrade your cafe if you had all the money of the world? Don’t laugh, but write down any sensible idea that comes to your mind. Afterward, call in your entire team starting with baristas and ending with the waiters to ask the same question. Once you notice some common ideas flowing, fix them and start working to implement them as much as possible. Working with visitors directly, sometimes your staff may notice what you can’t and suggest a better idea than you could. Besides, this way your workers will feel more valued and operate as a unit, devoting more energy and passion into creating something they believed would work.


The Wow-Factor

Do you remember how you were eager to take a photo of the meal you were served the other day and post it to your Instagram feed? Particularly that’s the wow-factor! It’s something that makes people like, remember, and speak about immediately. If you are a success in making your meals appear on Instagram by your cafe visitors, a rise in sales is to be expected! So, remember that any dish you prepare and serve is to be photogenic!


Documenting the Entire Process

Have you noticed how artfully fashion brands hint about new clothing lines? What about the buzz that movie trailers create on the web? Use the same technique on your Instagram account to keep your followers engaged. Whenever you are going to introduce something new in your menu, post some well-schemed teasers and sneak peeks of what’s going to be offered to your cafe visitors in the near future. Let your followers-visitors be a part of your cafe’s fairy tale and they’ll love to stay in it further.

Additionally, it will be great to use Story polling feature to find out what your visitors prefer more in your menu.

Posting Photos


Every time you prepare something delicious and beautiful for any visitor, take a photo and upload it to your Insta’s page and tag the visitor who ordered it (if he/she is your follower). Remember that the mere sight of delicious meals stimulates the appetite!

Instagram Shoppable Posts & Shopify As Your Business Best Friends

Instagram Shoppable Posts & Shopify As Your Business Best Friends

Shopping on Instagram officially is already a reality. The social network has set off a local Shopify integration via Instagram Shoppable Posts that allows tagging and shopping goods straightly from your Insta posts so easily. And even though first tried in autumn of 2016, this feature has been officially launched only recently. Currently, it’s available only in nine countries including Germany, Canada, the UK, Brazil, Spain, France, Australia, Italy, and the United States. InstaBF, the service providing Instagram likes, comments, and followers on a reliable and affordable basis, wants to introduce to your attention the importance of Instagram shoppable posts. Additionally, we’ll provide you with a brief guide how you can create these posts and make your business even more profitable. Just stay tuned!

Benefits of Instagram Shoppable Posts

Instagram shoppable posts’ global release boosted the total transformation of this casual social platform into a high-scale sales channel for brands and businesses. This feature immensely facilitated making purchases on Instagram. Now you don’t have to leave Instagram application, you can fulfill your entire buying process starting from discovering a pretty product and ending with its checkout directly on the shoppable post.

Surely, clickable stories and the links mentioned in the bio were a great benefit, yet neither can be compared with the power and convenience of shoppable posts. The traffic of consumers is sent to the business directly from these posts – convenient for both the consumer and the business. A couple of taps on the post and the desired product is purchased!

Creating Shoppable Posts

Before we turn to the instructions, we need to observe a few mandatory conditions implied by Instagram.

  • You need to be located in one of the nine countries this feature is active in (mentioned in the first paragraph of the article).
  • Your Instagram account should be business and not personal.
  • You have to obtain a Shopify store (a paid option).
  • Your Shopify store is to have a Facebook sales channel.
  • The latest Instagram version is required (either on Android or iOS).

After implementing all the steps mentioned above, it’s time to adding your Instagram sales channel to the Shopify store. The latter will link the products included in the Shopify to your Insta business profile. The necessary “+” button that will let you add an Instagram channel can be found in the Sales Channel section of Shopify. Afterward, you will be requested to log into your Facebook page and verify the Insta account there. All that will be left to you, is enabling the feature. For this, get to the Shopping section in your Instagram. You will get a notification, after which you will be able to link the product catalog of Shopify to your account.

Tagging Products

Not it’s high time to try Instagram Shoppable posts “in action”! There is absolutely no difference between the process of tagging other Instagram users and tagging products in posts. The Tag Products option is already available for all the posts you make in your business profile linked to the Shopify. In fact, this new affirmed feature can become a real game changer for Instagram businesses!

Small Business Aesthetics To Get Inspired by

Small Business Aesthetics To Get Inspired by

Instagram has become a grandiose platform for millions of brands to advertise their products, reach out to their current and possible clients, raise their reputation in the world of business. And if you plan to find your own place in the Instagram business world, it’s crucial to pick up the right aesthetic. Anyway, not all can succeed in this easily. Especially for you and other small business owners, who have selected Instagram as a means of communication between themselves and clients, we have separated five small businesses who have established fantastic visual strategies and made a great job in becoming popular on Instagram. Get inspired by the content they share and the unique aesthetics of their profiles.


1. Creative but True Like Goldenrod Pastries

Located in Nebraska, Goldenrod Pastries bakery manages to attract thousands of fans from around the country! And all this due to the magnificent aesthetic design they have picked up for their Instagram content. The brand mixes the studio-quality food photography and the lifestyle to get so impressive results! What amazes the most in this bakery, is that it always finds a way in its chase of marketing objectives to bring back the focus to the sugary goodness its customers adore the most. Every post made is fresh and creative, yet in the well-established style of Goldenrod Pastries. So, you shouldn’t stay far from your initial style either, so that your faithful clients don’t get confused, or even worse, get disappointed!


2. Playing with Colors Like Mokuyobi Threads

Colors make a significant impact on the brand aesthetics. A single glance at Mokuyobi Threads is enough to get ensured in it yourself. Pictured in Lisa Frank’s style, the fashion brand’s colors thrill, entice and make an impact. The LA brand uses the same gently bright color palette throughout their whole posting. The brand even makes the choice of models based on the colors it has picked up. The colors used evoke sweet memories within grown-ups, and kind emotions within the youth. And the brand makes great use of these feelings.

Plan the colors of your brand to reinvigorate your strategy and set up an enchanting aesthetic.


3. Being Trickily Original Like Molasses Books

Molasses Books Brooklyn shop is widely popular on Instagram due to the unique aesthetic it has adopted. Its peculiar style is lo-fi paperback. The choice of the latter was so smart that at the first sight, you doubt whether you are watching a real book cover or a flyer for an event. The brand used this particular style deliberately, otherwise, it would look clogged with diverse colors, art directions, and styles. The advice of the brand is to integrate the look of a certain event, production line, etc., with the rest of the aesthetic of your Instagram profile.

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of other amazing small brands with impressive aesthetics. However, InstaBF chose these particular three brands to showcase how original a brand aesthetic of a small business can be! Getting inspired from them, incorporating some of their ideas into your own brand’s aesthetic, as well as making use of InstaBF’s unique offer, you are sure to increase the popularity of your brand! By the way, by saying “the unique offer” we mean the chance of ordering as many views, comments or followers as you may need at an affordable price!