Top Six Instagram Hashtag Rules for Business Owners

Top Six Instagram Hashtag Rules for Business Owners

Those Instagram business users, who have already been effective in gaining an army of followers and driving sales, will confirm that a clever use of hashtags is one of the keys to success. And if you promote your business on particularly this social network, there are six golden rules of using hashtags to your benefit. In this post, InstaBF, a service which offers you multiple Insta and IGTV likes, views, comments, and followers, is going to address to these important rules.



Use All the Thirty Hashtags

Some Instagram experts are sure that using all thirty hashtags available will be a mistake and your post may get lost in that stuff. They say that around a dozen hashtags per post are an optimal variant. However, if you can and need to use all the thirty hashtags, why not? But how you can differentiate right tags from wrong (like #love #cool, etc.)? Just make certain the tags you use to get into your target market. What can your potential customer search for to get to your niche? Bare this in mind and start “investigating” your competitors. What hashtags do your top competitors use? Combine the two groups of hashtags revealed and add those that Instagram recommends for you.



Put them in Order

Now, when you have a huge list of hashtags relative to your brand, don’t hurry to use them all willy nilly. It’s better to test them and find out which are working for you the best. This can be detected by using the hashtags. Keep a track on which tags bring you more likes, comments, and new followers.

Another way of checking this is searching the hashtag on Instagram and looking at the place your posts are on.

During all these processes, remember to put them in order depending on how many times you use them. Check this order regularly and once you find out this or that hashtag brings you more engagement, keep on using them until you hit your plateau.



Add Hashtags to Comments, but Not Captions

Surely, there is absolutely no difference for a hashtag whether it is added to comments or captions. In all cases, it will work as it would. Yet, when one sees too many hashtags in captions, that irritates a bit. People have to visually scroll down till they get the start of the caption text. Hashtags added to comments, meanwhile, make them look nicer and more engaged.



Add Hashtags Before Making the Post

Maybe you know and maybe not, but the Instagram algorithm does not start working unless the hashtags are added to a post. This means that if your post without any hashtag collected, say 100 likes and comments, they will be annulled the moment you add a hashtag belated. Hence, do it before making the post. Besides, the faster you add hashtags to your post, the faster your target market will find you!



Change Hashtags Regularly

Remember you searched for a huge stuff of hashtags in the Rule #1? Now it’s time to start using the vast majority of them. Recently, people talked about Instagram Shadow Ban a lot. And it turns out to be more expedient for brands to change the hashtags they use on a regular basis. Be certain, you hashtag research will give you at least three sets of hashtags to change out from time to time.   



Look Where You Use Your Hashtags

Using your brand’s name as a hashtag doesn’t mean others won’t use it, either. But when you add that hashtag into your Bio, Instagram search of that hashtag will directly lead to your account! And what’s the purpose of a hashtag if not that?!  

And don’t forget to actively use your hashtags in Stories and regular posts!

Working Ways for Growing Your Instagram Business Profile

Working Ways for Growing Your Instagram Business Profile

Beyond any doubts, switching to a business profile will bring a professional look to your Instagram account. However, to make the multiple users of this social network follow your posts, stories and the rest stuff, you’ll have to work a bit harder and be somewhat more creative than usual. InstaBF, a popular provider of Instagram and IGTV likes, views, comments, and followers, is going to present to your attention several most effective ways of growing your business profile on Instagram.



Consistent Posting

Most probably, we have referred to this matter a thousand times, yet it’s worth mentioning once more – making posts on Instagram consistently is the key toward keeping your audience engaged. If you fail to provide them with regular engaging content, you are sure to start losing them right away. Therefore, do never skimp on consistency if you plan to grow your business profile on Instagram.



Pay Special Attention to Making Insta Stories

Instagram Stories are often referred to as “snacks” between the main meals of the day, i.e. feed posts. And if you belong to the category of business owners who thinks so, too, then you must be well aware of the importance of these “snacks”. Spend enough time on building creative vertical content, i.e. photos and videos even if it will disappear by the end of the day.



Creating Custom Highlight Covers

The round little bubbles – Instagram highlight covers will turn your Stories you post into evergreen bites of content organized by the topic, theme, or any other theme-type that may come to your mind. This way you will “safeguard” the best Stories from disappearing.



Experimenting with Video Content

If you avoided making video posts on Instagram being afraid they wouldn’t be perfect, you’ve been losing a lot. In fact, video posts on this social network mustn’t obligatorily be flawless. All that is important, is to make them interesting in the eyes of your audience. For this, look closely at your business products, elements, or the brand overall. Determine particularly what can appear the most interesting in your audience’s eyes. Create your video content particularly around that concept. For this, you can use as your smartphone and all the filters it offers, so your old good camera for more vintage appeal. This depends on the style of your brand and the preferences of your audience. Once you have posted a certain quantity of videos, take a glance at your profile’s analytics. Expect far better results than you had before.



Sharing Behind-the-Scenes Stories

Can you think of something more interesting and thrilling for faithful brand followers than having the opportunity to sneak peek into the inner world of the brand?! Give that chance to your followers. Include behind-the-scene images in your Insta Stories whenever you have something upcoming for your audience let that be a new product or an event.

Additionally, share the story of your brand and the approach that you use toward your work team.



Working on Engagement Strategies

Leading a business on Instagram without having a good engagement strategy means wasting time. This will make Insta users come and check out to your business profile much more often than if you’d left your account on its flow.



Collaborating with Other Brands

One of the fastest ways of growing a business profile on Instagram is collaborating with other brands. This can be one offering complementary products or the one having a similar audience. No matter which type of business you select for cooperating with, make sure both of you will benefit from it.



Making Use of Insta Ads

And finally, for growing an Instagram business profile efficiently, you can’t but make use of advertisements. If you haven’t yet been using this tactic, start with Stories. Make some of your Instagram Stories creative advertisements and that will be on a budget, as well.


Best Instagram Business Ideas for Beginners

Best Instagram Business Ideas for Beginners

Instagram has turned into a “fertile soil” for founding and prospering a small business. Overall, today there are around eight million business profiles on this social network and the tendency to move businesses to Gram seems to only increase. And if you’ve been thinking about starting a business on Insta yet lack any ideas, then you are at the right place. InstaBF, one of the most credible providers of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers on the market, is going to help you make money on this visual platform. Here are several most sensible ideas that promise to work if you are stubborn, resolute and hardworking.


Product Placement and Sponsored Posts

Are you a success in attracting multiple followers and creating an impressive engagement on Instagram? If yes, then this idea is right for you. Right after you hit a certain scale of followers (say, around 10, 000), start selling sponsored products. By this, we mean the job of an influencer. This is perhaps the most profitable job one can ever find. You make posts promoting a certain brand or product and get paid for that. In fact, the more followers you have and the more popular you are, the higher you can charge for such posts. If you don’t know where to start, find recommendations at Fohrcard.



Sell Photographies


Most probably you know that Instagram is all about genuine photos and videos. And quite constantly people feel their ideas of new images have expired and they start searching for ways to get some ready unique photos. Whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer, if your photos are really amazing and you simply store them, just start selling your works. Promote them right on your Instagram account, or use such apps as Glashot or Phope. Usually, every photo brings $5.



Sell Art and Handcrafted Items

Do you have a hobby and want to make money on it? Then why not promote it on Instagram? If you make fine jewelry, sculptures, calligraphed items, be certain you can sell them not only on Amazon or eBay but also on Instagram. This is a great platform to publicize and market your craft to the entire world!



Affiliate Marketing


Are you good at attracting new followers? Then this small business is right for you. There are sites that offer you to become an affiliate marketer (eg. Amazon, Clickbank). Given a link,  you are to promote sales on your Instagram page and get quite not a bad profit for that.



Real Estate

Real estate is a huge multi-million dollar industry. The power of Instagram in this industry, meanwhile, is often underestimated. In fact, registering to a real estate agency and getting properties under your responsibility to sell, you can promote them right on your Instagram account. Concentrate on attracting target audience and let them see the best images of the properties under sale on your account.



Event Photographer


You know well that the whole idea of this social network was built around images. And like it was right at the beginning, today to this platform is great for professional photographers. If you cover events as a photographer or fulfill custom photo sessions, the best means of promoting your talent and services is Instagram.

Why You Should Move Your Business to Instagram

Why You Should Move Your Business to Instagram

Instagram is on the lips of everyone nowadays! This social media platform has gained such popularity which it didn’t have before. The only fact that there are over one billion active monthly users of Instagram is enough to imagine how popular the service is around the world. And despite this, there are still businesses which have only Facebook accounts. And if you belong to the category of those people, you should immediately change your point of view. Instagram is in fact much more influential than you would ever think. So, do you still wonder why your business should appear on the Instagram social network? Then let InstaBF explain you point by point how you will benefit by moving your business to Instagram. Prior to that, we would also like to inform you that InstaBF offers as many Instagram and IGTV (already) likes, comments, views, and followers as you may need. Just choose the package that best meets your requirements and enjoy a quick rise in your engagement.


The Fastest-Growing Social Media


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat … Can you guess from one attempt which of these popular social platforms grows the fastest? Yes, that’s right – Instagram! Every minute the number of new accounts and active users rise at a tremendous speed! Just count, between September of 2017 to June of 2018, Instagram increased its active user count by two hundred million thus reaching the magic 1 billion! And if Facebook has twice as much active users as Instagram, its popularity seems t have started to decrease. In fact, Facebook has started to age, while younger Instagram has only started its growth to the Olympus! Accordingly, your chances to achieve your customers are higher with Instagram.


Instagram is Where Beautiful People Are


If your business is targeted at young population, using Instagram is much more expedient than any other social network. As compared with Facebook, which is currently struggling to hold on to its young owners, Instagram is attracting more and more cool kids!


The Ease of Use

Instagram is not only very easy to use but also to find other users and brands. With the help of hashtags, geotagging, as well as random offers and ads, you can expose your business to a great number of people from around the world. Doing this, meanwhile, you don’t trespass anyone’s privacy. Additionally, here customers are not only allowed but also encouraged to participate in their favorite brands’ promotions. So, there’s no surprise that some viral businesses have gained a tremendous reputation through Instagram only last year.


The Medium of This Age


It’s counted that this year video advertising will grow by 25% in the States alone and Instagram is standing right in the center of this! The quality visual content was always the core of Instagram’s success, and now it has started to roll out video content for advertisements, too. It’s been proved that regardless of age, people prefer visual content to written one. And if the latter can appear dull for the young, while interactive advertising is too innovative for middle-aged people, visual content serves as a perfect point for all ages.


Better than Amazon?


Instagram is a great platform for driving international business. Sometimes international shipping costs more than the goods themselves. To solve this situation, business owners collaborate with those of foreign countries to sell products right through Instagram. By posting the image of the sold item and interesting a customer, they receive the payment through a local transfer system and deliver the item to the customer. After detecting this, the Instagram social network launched a shopping service in the States along with the native payment method and keeps on expanding the service to other countries. As a result, businesses can save much money on creating websites.

Dos and Don’ts on Instagram for Business Account Owners

Dos and Don’ts on Instagram for Business Account Owners

If you are running an Instagram account for promoting your business, then you should approach the task with great responsibility. Every step you make should be well considered and schemed. And if you wonder exactly what you should do and what not on Instagram, InstaBF is going to make everything vivid. Before that, we would like to remind you that whenever you need an extra “bunch” of new followers, you can apply to InstaBF. This is a leading service that provides Instagram likes, comments, and followers at a sensible price. All the accounts of this service are real-looking ones with active engagements.



Dos on Instagram


  1. The first “do” of Instagram is constantly checking the insights. The strategy you adopt for running a successful business Instagram account should be flexible enough to give you space for maneuvers. In fact, Instagram users are unpredictable and even the most accurately-schemed strategy may appear inefficient. Hence, it’s crucial to regularly check the data of your Instagram insights (website clicks, top posts, profile views, impressions etc.). The latter will show you which tactics work better and should be kept, and which are better to abandon.
  2. The next “do” is showing your human side. Statistics show that users are more attracted to those accounts which contain everyday life content and don’t look too artificial. For this, include behind-the-scenes content or posts related particularly to you and not merely your brand (even if it’s your business account).
  3. The third “Instagram do” is related to changing the link in the Bio. As you know, there can be no links in the captions, hence using your only chance is more than crucial. Change the link in your bio as needed for reflecting our current marketing efforts.
  4. And the last “do” we’ll recommend to our Instagram users, is devoting enough time to engaging with followers. Don’t deceive yourself with the thought you can get along with solely posting. Nurturing relationships with your followers, as well as current clients and potential followers is a must for leading a succeeded Instagram strategy.


Don’ts on Instagram


  1. The first advice not to do on Instagram is posting like there’s no tomorrow. Even if you have a huge stuff to share and communicate with your followers, don’t do it at once. Be certain, your followers won’t like their feeds spammed with only your posts. Instead, create a consistent post rate as a component of a long-term strategy. This will bring you more followers and a better engagement.
  2. Another “don’t” concerns posting photos which don’t satisfy you. The visual platform Instagram won’t forgive you even a single “not so good” photo posted. Wishy-washy, shaky or blurry images can only win you negative reactions. Hence, make sure every single post (exceptionally high quality) you make adheres to your brand’s aesthetics and cohesive style.
  3. And the final “don’t-do” advice for Instagram business account owners is not to be too promotional. Undoubtedly, the foremost purpose of your account is to promote your brand and boost your sales. Yet, pushing too hard on that purpose may lead you to lose your followers and potential customers. There are a place and a time for selling, stick to that and do never make pressure on your followers.