Instagram Shoppable Posts & Shopify As Your Business Best Friends

Instagram Shoppable Posts & Shopify As Your Business Best Friends

Shopping on Instagram officially is already a reality. The social network has set off a local Shopify integration via Instagram Shoppable Posts that allows tagging and shopping goods straightly from your Insta posts so easily. And even though first tried in autumn of 2016, this feature has been officially launched only recently. Currently, it’s available only in nine countries including Germany, Canada, the UK, Brazil, Spain, France, Australia, Italy, and the United States. InstaBF, the service providing Instagram likes, comments, and followers on a reliable and affordable basis, wants to introduce to your attention the importance of Instagram shoppable posts. Additionally, we’ll provide you with a brief guide how you can create these posts and make your business even more profitable. Just stay tuned!

Benefits of Instagram Shoppable Posts

Instagram shoppable posts’ global release boosted the total transformation of this casual social platform into a high-scale sales channel for brands and businesses. This feature immensely facilitated making purchases on Instagram. Now you don’t have to leave Instagram application, you can fulfill your entire buying process starting from discovering a pretty product and ending with its checkout directly on the shoppable post.

Surely, clickable stories and the links mentioned in the bio were a great benefit, yet neither can be compared with the power and convenience of shoppable posts. The traffic of consumers is sent to the business directly from these posts – convenient for both the consumer and the business. A couple of taps on the post and the desired product is purchased!

Creating Shoppable Posts

Before we turn to the instructions, we need to observe a few mandatory conditions implied by Instagram.

  • You need to be located in one of the nine countries this feature is active in (mentioned in the first paragraph of the article).
  • Your Instagram account should be business and not personal.
  • You have to obtain a Shopify store (a paid option).
  • Your Shopify store is to have a Facebook sales channel.
  • The latest Instagram version is required (either on Android or iOS).

After implementing all the steps mentioned above, it’s time to adding your Instagram sales channel to the Shopify store. The latter will link the products included in the Shopify to your Insta business profile. The necessary “+” button that will let you add an Instagram channel can be found in the Sales Channel section of Shopify. Afterward, you will be requested to log into your Facebook page and verify the Insta account there. All that will be left to you, is enabling the feature. For this, get to the Shopping section in your Instagram. You will get a notification, after which you will be able to link the product catalog of Shopify to your account.

Tagging Products

Not it’s high time to try Instagram Shoppable posts “in action”! There is absolutely no difference between the process of tagging other Instagram users and tagging products in posts. The Tag Products option is already available for all the posts you make in your business profile linked to the Shopify. In fact, this new affirmed feature can become a real game changer for Instagram businesses!

Small Business Aesthetics To Get Inspired by

Small Business Aesthetics To Get Inspired by

Instagram has become a grandiose platform for millions of brands to advertise their products, reach out to their current and possible clients, raise their reputation in the world of business. And if you plan to find your own place in the Instagram business world, it’s crucial to pick up the right aesthetic. Anyway, not all can succeed in this easily. Especially for you and other small business owners, who have selected Instagram as a means of communication between themselves and clients, we have separated five small businesses who have established fantastic visual strategies and made a great job in becoming popular on Instagram. Get inspired by the content they share and the unique aesthetics of their profiles.


1. Creative but True Like Goldenrod Pastries

Located in Nebraska, Goldenrod Pastries bakery manages to attract thousands of fans from around the country! And all this due to the magnificent aesthetic design they have picked up for their Instagram content. The brand mixes the studio-quality food photography and the lifestyle to get so impressive results! What amazes the most in this bakery, is that it always finds a way in its chase of marketing objectives to bring back the focus to the sugary goodness its customers adore the most. Every post made is fresh and creative, yet in the well-established style of Goldenrod Pastries. So, you shouldn’t stay far from your initial style either, so that your faithful clients don’t get confused, or even worse, get disappointed!


2. Playing with Colors Like Mokuyobi Threads

Colors make a significant impact on the brand aesthetics. A single glance at Mokuyobi Threads is enough to get ensured in it yourself. Pictured in Lisa Frank’s style, the fashion brand’s colors thrill, entice and make an impact. The LA brand uses the same gently bright color palette throughout their whole posting. The brand even makes the choice of models based on the colors it has picked up. The colors used evoke sweet memories within grown-ups, and kind emotions within the youth. And the brand makes great use of these feelings.

Plan the colors of your brand to reinvigorate your strategy and set up an enchanting aesthetic.


3. Being Trickily Original Like Molasses Books

Molasses Books Brooklyn shop is widely popular on Instagram due to the unique aesthetic it has adopted. Its peculiar style is lo-fi paperback. The choice of the latter was so smart that at the first sight, you doubt whether you are watching a real book cover or a flyer for an event. The brand used this particular style deliberately, otherwise, it would look clogged with diverse colors, art directions, and styles. The advice of the brand is to integrate the look of a certain event, production line, etc., with the rest of the aesthetic of your Instagram profile.

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of other amazing small brands with impressive aesthetics. However, InstaBF chose these particular three brands to showcase how original a brand aesthetic of a small business can be! Getting inspired from them, incorporating some of their ideas into your own brand’s aesthetic, as well as making use of InstaBF’s unique offer, you are sure to increase the popularity of your brand! By the way, by saying “the unique offer” we mean the chance of ordering as many views, comments or followers as you may need at an affordable price!

Setting a Business Profile on Instagram

Setting a Business Profile on Instagram

Business profile on Instagram has a number of advantages in comparison to personal profiles, chiefly when the matter concerns businesses. Confirming to the statistics, around fifteen million business profiles were set last year! This profile type allows businesses not only look more professional but also get analytic about their posts and followers, add active links to their stories, as well as promote advertisements via posts. And if you too are considering to switch to a business profile yet don’t know how to, InstaBF is going to unveil this right away! Composed of three steps, this is not so complicated task. Here are them:

Step 1: Creating a Facebook Page

The first step you need to undertake to turn your Insta profile from personal to business is making a Facebook page. For this, go to your Facebook account and click on the “Create Page”. The latter can be found in the drop-down menu. Afterward, you will be required to select the business category. Here we have four options to choose from according to your business type. Select proper photos for your Facebook cover and profile. After you have implemented all the actions described here, it’s time to pass to the next step.

Step 2: Linking Facebook to Instagram

Log to your Insta account and head to the profile page. In the top corner to the right of the page, you will get the “gear”. Click on it to get an access to the settings. Then, get the “Switch to Business Profile” and press it to proceed to your Facebook page. Remember that your Instagram account should necessarily be switched to Public. Make sure it’s not Private.

Look into your settings menu and find out whether you are stated as admin. If not, switch it. Only this way your Facebook page will appear as an option when tapping “Continue As”. Once you find your Facebook Page and choose it, go to “Next”.

Step 3: Setting Business Profile

Now, when you are in the final stage of turning your Insta personal account to a business one, you’ll be required to add your contact data. This involves telephone number, email, and address. This info is requested so that customers can easily get in touch with you. Once you are sure you stated accurate information, click on “Done” and enjoy the opportunities that only Instagram business profile can supply you. You wonder which? Let’s find out together!

Features of Business Profile

The business profile gives users a ton of advanced features that can all be very beneficial to businesses. The major features, however, are Instagram Insights, ads, promoted posts, contact button, active links added to Instagram stories. The latter, however, is possible only in case you have 10 000+ followers. Remember that if you still don’t have that 10 000+ followers to make use of this feature, InstaBF offers the best solution – get them right here and right now! InstaBF offers different packages of Instagram likes, comments, and followers catered to our clients’ needs. All these accounts are real-looking ones with active engagements.

With the help of business profile features, a business can grow the list of emails, drive huge traffic, and sell more products or services it offers. So, as long as businesses are not obliged to pay to have their posts delivered to their audience as sponsored posts on Instagram like they do on Facebook, the business profile is all-way advantageous!

2018 Olympic Games: New Opportunities for Instagram Businesses

2018 Olympic Games: New Opportunities for Instagram Businesses

Creating an accessible means for sports fans to follow the Olympic Games and feel a part of this sports festival is not the only merit Instagram Stories have. Due to this platform, multiple businesses found a way of increasing their popularity around the whole world. A massive “march” has begun to persuade athletes to partner with diverse brands, mostly those selling sports goods. Winter Olympic Games and Instagram together are a great tool for businesses to reach up to fresh and engaged audiences. Not making use of the tons of opportunities Instagram Stories feature has opened to businesses would be the greatest mistake! With a good approach, a brand can cooperate with athletes, who are capable of reaching to thousands of users with only one photo/video posted in the Stories. Businesses can translate this type of collaborations into conversions for their business and scores of brand new followers. InstaBF wants to present to your attention a couple of bright examples of successful cooperation between brands and sportsmen. But before that, it will be definitely great for you to have a look at our special offer. InstaBF offers as many likes, comments, and followers as you would like to get. And all this at an inexpensive cost. InstaBF provides exceptionally real-looking profiles, hence you needn’t worry about shadowbans.

Here are a few successful examples:

  • One of the best examples of an effective partnership between athletes and brands is that between Mark McMorris, a Canadian snowboarder and RBC. The bronze medalist actively advertised the Avion Card of the brand throughout the entire Olympic Games. And once Mark made a Story with the Card, RBC immediately boosted that post thus getting to even more of Mark’s followers!
  • Another example can be seen by the collaboration between Tessa Virtue, Figure Skating gold medalist, and Hudson Bay. She proudly wears the brand’s Virtue x Victory jacket and illustrates that fact on her Instagram Stories. This way the brand creates an immense interest among Instagram users about the behind-the-scenes content and promotes its products to potential customers.

Importance of The Right Influencer Choice

Influencer marketing together with Instagram Stories is in the top of the popularity right now. And this type of business partnering with influencers, that is athletes, in this case, tends to grow even more in the course of time. And as there are far more “precious” influencers today involved in the Olympic Games than ordinary ones. However, it’s also crucial to pick up the right athlete. For instance, a company selling snowboarding apparel shouldn’t find it rational to cooperate with a figure skater. Brand relevance in these cases is crucial not to appear inauthentic.

Creative Ways of Using Carousel Posts for Businesses

Creative Ways of Using Carousel Posts for Businesses

In the beginning of this year, Instagram introduced a new trend – carousel posts. It quickly got popular and is today widely used by businesses. As time passes, they find different ways to incorporate this trend into their marketing strategy. And if you want to learn a couple of ways how to make benefit from Instagram carousel posts, too, you are welcome to InstaBF! Besides providing its customers with an opportunity to increase the number of their followers, likes, and comments, it will also give some really helpful advice pieces. So, if you have already ordered your “portion” of likes from InstaBF, let’s consider several most creative ways of making carousel posts serve your business.

Launching New Product Lines

No matter if you have a new collection of skin care products or sports apparel, the opportunity of sharing several photographs of the products in one post will definitely drive much interest and, consequently, sales. By adding multiple photos in one post instead of spamming your potential customers or followers with them one by one, you are going to add much value and style to them.

Posting Full-Length Videos

Perhaps it won’t be a surprise to you if we tell that videos are much more popular with Instagram users than photos. Many businesses make use of this fact, yet, unfortunately, the sixty-second limit entails some difficulty. Carousel posts offer a smart and attractive alternative to posting full-length videos. Now brands can share as many as ten videos of their new products in one single post! It’s really beneficial!

Carousel Posts: Before & After Sequences

Taking before & after photos is really widespread today. There are multiple applications for this, yet it’s also possible to pass by them and do it directly with your carousel post. This is an utmost straightforward task that requires absolutely no special skills! Just choose the photos or videos in the right order, add an attractive caption and enjoy your likes! Moreover, Instagram makes it possible to post several before & after photos in one single post. It’s great for posting tutorials on photo-editing, for instance.

Sharing Event Photos

Businesses, just like regular users, find posting event photos/videos quite a good strategic step. And if you have an intention not to spam your followers, but keep them engaged without any force, applying a carousel post appears the best flexible way out.  And don’t forget to mention and even tag the important participants of the event in the caption of your post.

Driving Traffic

It’s no secret that multiple outstanding businesses use the platform of Instagram for driving traffic to their official websites or blogs. Admit it, Instagram is a great tool to reach out to potential customers. And now carousel posts are widely used for the same purpose. These posts tease potential customers making them click your link for more information.

You, as a business owner, can also showcase the positive reviews left by your customers in a carousel post to encourage others to try your products, too. Be sure, this will have a tremendous influence on your business’s development.