No matter whether you are new to running a business on Instagram or you have already managed to go up the mountain and are back, there are always some new tools that can change the game. They are definitely worth your while. However, it may take quite much time to find those life-changing and time-saving tools unless you are following InstaBF’s blog. By the way, we are the service that offers several packages of IG and IGTV likes, comments, views and followers on inexpensive costs. In fact, we have already selected several new software options that can bring back to you your spare time. Use them along with other time-tested applications and you will promote your business significantly!




The first online tool worth considering is Mailshake. With the help of this tool, you get much more time to reap the rewards of your marketing campaigns instead of chasing those users which might even not care about your business! Use the tool to plan out targeted email campaigns with brief sequences. Just recall how many times you kept on chasing up an Instagram influencer or a PR agent to collaborate with before you finally understood no deal was to be made.

So, if you are working alone on your Gram business, Mailshake can become your best friend in utilizing your time wisely. It will put you in touch with particularly those influencers or PR specialists, who respond to your email. Looking exactly like you are responding in real time, the pre-programmed adjustable emails will be sent out in a timeline.  

The tool is payable.


It’s definitely a hard thing to promote various things on Gram and simultaneously track the progress your marketing has. can become a useful solution in such situations. This tool allows creating a custom landing page based on the brand colors you’ve been using and sending it to Insta users instead of the traditional link they can find in your bio. This way it becomes possible to link to many pages involving the booking page, pricing page, or email opt-in landing page. Just imagine how convenient that will be to use a single easy-to-copy-paste link to direct followers to your target pages!



Go Postie


Are you working alone on your Instagram business and can’t afford any human workers, yet? Do you feel exhausted? Well, Postie can become your savior. This tool will help you automatically create email content and promote your brand even more efficiently. Whether you use this tool for only a part of emails or all of them, be certain your clients will like the way Postie interacts with them – it’s not a hard sell but a friendly chat.



Acuity Scheduling


Whether you run your business on Instagram, Facebook or any other social network, you will greatly benefit from Acuity scheduling. This is a multi-functional tool that will help you manage your DMs, book clients in for a service, invoicing and payment for your services/products. Other benefits of this Instagram tool for saving time on marketing include customizing client questionnaires, setting up various booking types and prices for them, scheduling email reminders both for yourself and your clients, etc.