Using Instagram Stories for e-commerce should become a part of your marketing strategy if you are running a business on this social media platform. You see, around 500 million Instagram users interact with Stories daily and this amount must be significant for you. However, beside the huge number of users, there are also many other reasons for incorporating Insta Stories to your marketing. Particularly which, we shall reveal right now on the blog of one of the most reputable Instagram and IGTV providers InstaBF! Ready? Let’s get it started!

  • Stories are located at the top of all users’ screens on Instagram. In case your brand uses Stories frequently, it has big chances to appear in the attention of your followers. The same can’t be said about regular posts which get buried down in the feed. 
  • With Stories, you can share customer content and keep your Instagram feed’s aesthetic on top. Having faithful customers who love your products/services so much that they share their experience on their account is great! And it’s even better when you can re-share their Stories thus letting other followers know how happy you can make people with your production. But if you have dedicated much time and funds on creating a mind-blowing Instagram aesthetic, you needn’t post shared content on your account. Stories become the perfect spot for that! You share UGC without disrupting your feed’s aesthetic.
  • In 2019 people have started to value authentic content more than those polished photo-shopped images celebrities post. Despite this, no brand or influencer would like to appear unprofessional on Instagram and post unfiltered content on their feed. Right for this, you can use Stories. The latter is an excellent venue to share that less polished content your followers may expect. This can be behind-the-scene videos/photos, live updates of an event organized by your brand or which your team attended, etc.  
  • Stories bring the sense of urgency you can make use of. As every Instagram Story is actual only for twenty-four hours, any promotion you share here will be layered on the spot! There’s absolutely no need to remind about the urgency of the content you share as your followers will feel the urgency to act on their own. 



Using Instagram Stories for E-commerce


Instagram Stories have several mini-features each of which can give you the advantage to take for your e-commerce brand. These are:



Using Story Highlights to save and categorize Stories


Story highlights allow brands to organize their content better. This way you can create a Highlight for new product launches or another one for frequently asked questions. 



Using the Swipe Up feature to take your viewers right to the product page


The Swipe Up feature, which is available for Instagram users having more than 10k followers, eliminates the necessity for customer to exit Instagram to find your product on your brand’s website later. Once buying products becomes convenient, both you and your customers will benefit. 


Using Stories Polls to get thoroughly free insights into your clients’ opinions.


Instagram Stories Polls give e-commerce brands a fantastic opportunity to get feedback from customers entirely free of charge! Besides, making your fans more engaged means making them more likely buyers.